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Comment #40 - By uncle nasty on 16/02/2017
Fuck that shit slow and deep fool try lasting a little longer , this one will appreciate it
Comment #39 - By Bad Daddy on 31/12/2016
I want to fuck winky pussy too
Comment #38 - By Retrocontroler on 04/12/2016
get em loaded, drunk and fuck em in every hole way to go dude. nice little ass piece.
Comment #37 - By John c caserta on 28/11/2016
Let's see that pussy clit
Comment #36 - By Jake on 06/11/2016
I love it when she got drunk after she got fuckin fired
Comment #35 - By Urbalw on 20/03/2016
rica putita
Comment #34 - By Chaos on 25/11/2015
Whts her name..?
Comment #33 - By Nati110 on 28/09/2015
Please anal video can be worth its ass right
Comment #32 - By Woulda been on 28/08/2015
better if she had passed out and he was eating her and she woke up with a shocked screaming orgasm.
Comment #31 - By Lavanyanirmala on 27/08/2015
@cockninjastudios - you guys are the best !
Comment #30 - By Gilstevens on 02/07/2015
And where was the creampie?
Comment #29 - By B0ba on 02/07/2015
Comment #28 - By Mike on 27/06/2015
Definitely cute.
Comment #27 - By isn't she on 11/06/2015
from Blair witch?
Comment #26 - By Cowboy2005 on 02/06/2015
Come on really her name can't actually be winkypussy
Comment #25 - By Pussygobbler102001 on 28/03/2015
i would love to fuck winkypussy
Comment #24 - By jadin on 21/03/2015
Comment #23 - By doood on 11/03/2015
i couldnt stop fucking laughing i didnt jerk i fucking laughed when he said "hey.. hey.. I don't give a shit if you're passed out.." keeps on fucking her LMFAO!!!
Comment #22 - By Chronictraceur on 06/03/2015
Comment #21 - By Hardon92 on 26/01/2015
#Thuglife ending
Comment #20 - By sami on 19/01/2015
Comment #19 - By Toocool21 on 01/01/2015
I don't care if you passed out...your gonna make me fucken cum ROFLMAO
Comment #18 - By Teezymidwest219 on 24/12/2014
its like there video taping there sexual relationship I since there going to be going separate ways very soon listen how in the newer vids of this series they both state in separte videos how she never gets to cum he's not getting her off enough but yet he always busts his nut His D game is getting weaker with time
Comment #17 - By pale creamy cunt craver on 21/12/2014
I personally just love her body, and clear pale skin with no freaking tatoos at all and a plump fat suckable meaty cunt, plus she does love her sweet fucking.
Comment #16 - By uhh on 15/12/2014
She goes by, winky pussy. Don't know why
Comment #15 - By " Big brother " on 19/11/2014
She's hot for a little sister, sucks for the dude though.he's so boring she falls a sleep. Hahahahha
Comment #14 - By Cockninjastudios on 15/11/2014
Her name is Winkypussy.
Comment #13 - By Andr3iu on 07/11/2014
What is fer fucking name ?
Comment #12 - By Tydaosantos on 30/10/2014
Mt bom
Comment #11 - By question on 15/08/2014
What is her name
Comment #10 - By Sucks for her.... on 25/07/2014
Got fired and fucked by two inches.....she has no luck at all!
Comment #9 - By SMH on 23/07/2014
All these "cockninja" videos is shit, they put clips on here so you can go to there website and pay for the whole movie...SMH and the bitch is ugly, and flat chested anyway...go put them videos on nonktube
Comment #8 - By Yuck on 11/07/2014
Your sister has no tits and buck teeth
Comment #7 - By Darkmatt on 06/07/2014
i agree she cute and very fuckable i like the whole series, i wish they had the whole thing together
Comment #6 - By This is Not on 28/06/2014
His Sister, obviously.
Comment #5 - By Maralex on 27/06/2014
haha rape xD
Comment #4 - By Elpeneloco007 on 27/06/2014
She is pretty 👌
Comment #3 - By Wow on 22/06/2014
This would be a lovely weekly webseries to watch. Comedy and porn combined.
Comment #2 - By Chickdy on 10/06/2014
Hahaha I don't care if you pass out I'll still cum on you that was gold
Comment #1 - By Zidders on 14/05/2014
I love all your videos so great. Wish there was more dialogue accenting the taboo of it tho. Keep mentioning how wrong, and taboo it is would make it so much hotter.
Video description: My sister is ready to fuck but she falls asleep half way through it. I don't care. I am going to cum anyway.