Comment #953 - By UK Hero on 23/03/2015
At least she isn't shagging an ugly, big-lipped black baboon and making more half-race rapists and murderers. We have enough already.
Comment #952 - By awsome on 23/03/2015
As fucked up as this is. at the same time this is fuckin awesome...
Comment #951 - By Grand Wizard on 23/03/2015
I actually prefer my dogs be german.
Comment #950 - By this is sick on 23/03/2015
Wheres the report button for this mess?
Comment #949 - By z4R on 23/03/2015
And u people think. are. the best in this planet,what a shame, look backwards when you see a latino.
Comment #948 - By bored lesbo on 23/03/2015
It was something new to me :D and i loved the video XD ps- i'm black.
Comment #947 - By Goober on 23/03/2015
Racism arguments but not animal cruelty? lol thought there be at least one peta member on here.
Comment #946 - By Wtf on 23/03/2015
What the fuck did I just watch
Comment #945 - By lol on 23/03/2015
Comment #944 - By hybridblackky on 23/03/2015
@Captain porn... All we see is white people when we type in beastiality xDD. Nice try
Comment #943 - By Nasty White People on 23/03/2015
Bestiality !!!!!! White Power !!!!!!!
Comment #942 - By @Captain Porn on 23/03/2015
I searched & mostly got whites... This is white people shit point & blank.
Comment #941 - By BLACK GUY on 23/03/2015
We dont give a fuck if you dont like us... you do this on our videos everyday, so GET OVER IT CRACKERS!
Comment #940 - By Captain Porn on 23/03/2015
Not sure what's going on with these comments but there are beast vids with black men and woman fucking or getting fucked by animals. Just so you know whites ain't the only people that do this shit, I'm guessing most of you are city guys where racism is a plenty.
Comment #939 - By lololol on 23/03/2015
Comment #938 - By Whitey strikes again on 23/03/2015
Yup, another white doing some fucked up shit.
Comment #937 - By Nasty fuck on 23/03/2015
Ate there any more videos of this but longer on xnxx
Comment #936 - By 3 Words on 23/03/2015
Hot. As. Fuck.
Comment #935 - By unknown on 23/03/2015
This is fuck up who would do it with there dog
Comment #934 - By Whites on 23/03/2015
Majority of pedophiles: white.
Incest videos: white.
Beastiality videoes: white.
Comment #933 - By Wow. on 23/03/2015
These comments are fucked and make me hate black people even more, not every white person likes this shit and does this shit you racist antique farm equipment. They better take this shit off this site soon.
Comment #932 - By RACIST COMMENT on 23/03/2015
Comment #931 - By The Internet on 23/03/2015
Wow this video has come so far in so little time. And maybe, just maybe we've all gotten a little closer together as a family.
Comment #930 - By @Abe Lincoln on 23/03/2015
Awww whats wrong little whitey upset cus you whites are animal fucking scum? You asswipes do this shit all the time when there is a black video on the front page so STFU, lmao.
Comment #929 - By Very hot vidfeo on 23/03/2015
You guys keep pretending like you didn't jerk off while typing negative comments..
This video was hot as hell and I won't share any videos with you fake fucks!
Comment #928 - By Delete on 23/03/2015
Comment #927 - By Abe Lincoln on 23/03/2015
After reading these comments, Black people should of never been freed from slavery.
Comment #926 - By Bob Lincoln on 23/03/2015
Where can i find more videos like this?? This shit is hot
Comment #925 - By @LYNCH MASTER on 23/03/2015
You are bad at trolling only thing you are showing is your low I.Q.
Comment #924 - By LYNCH MASTER on 23/03/2015
Jokes on y'all mother fuckers I'm actually black, but I can't stand niggers, black people are cool tho
Comment #923 - By beastiality > gay porn on 23/03/2015
i would much rather watch beastiality than gay porn ANY DAY... who ever says gay porn is better is a fucking FAGGOT!
Comment #922 - By kill whitey on 23/03/2015
White devils are a plague on this planet.
Comment #921 - By Pedos & Beastys on 23/03/2015
Bunch kid touchers and dog fuckers. Whites are sick.
Comment #920 - By crack up on 23/03/2015
fuckin hilarious
Comment #919 - By Bruh on 23/03/2015
Comment #918 - By @LYNCH MASTER on 23/03/2015
Thats right... Dance moonkey.... DANCE! Dumb ass crackers make me laugh xD
Comment #917 - By Rah on 23/03/2015
Comment #916 - By Rage on 23/03/2015
No black man in this video, yet the insecure little dicked whites have to bash the brothers.
It must suck when evidence like this proves whites are the disease.
Comment #915 - By If a person fucks a cracker on 23/03/2015
Its the same as fucking a dog. Crackers are pigs. Don't believe me look at Donald Sterling.
Comment #914 - By DogWomanLover69 on 23/03/2015
What a beautiful union. This fills my heart with joy, and her cervix with doggy love. :)
Comment #913 - By I like it on 23/03/2015
To be honest I watch so much port that the soft shit doesn't get me anymore and for some reason I can cum to this I know there has to be people that feel the same
Comment #912 - By American on 23/03/2015
Notice how she is American as well? You can't blame this on some poor Eastern European either. Also, she loved this and has done it before.
Comment #911 - By dee on 23/03/2015
Dumb ass you don't realize your from here either
Comment #910 - By why are pills white on 23/03/2015
because they work
Comment #909 - By wow on 23/03/2015
raceism in porn comments how pathetic, you clicked it so you like it dosnt matter what color you are so stfu and watch you are all as dirty as the last comment for watching anyways. also race has nothing to do with porn some of you are clearly drop outs
Comment #908 - By Makes Sense on 23/03/2015
This video is proof that an animal considers white people at its equal. Which is why whites treat their dogs like family and blacks treat their dogs as animals and put them in dog fights.
Comment #907 - By ...N.... on 23/03/2015
What the absolute fuck.
Comment #906 - By THE TRUTH on 23/03/2015
White people telling us that "if we dont like it then dont clik on it" yet you click on the black videos everyday talking the same shit... Shutup. This is funny as fuck! Also disgusting.
Comment #905 - By White "Supremacy" on 23/03/2015
Here it is people - the supremacy of whites.
Comment #904 - By woah on 23/03/2015
Isn't beastiality illegal? Cause I'm pretty sure that it is
Comment #903 - By Doggy knot!!!! on 23/03/2015
All up in that pussy
Comment #902 - By THE TRUTH on 23/03/2015
White people telling us that "if we dont like it then dont clik on it" yet you click on the black videos everyday talking the same shit... Shutup. This is funny as fuck!
Comment #901 - By Dumbass on 23/03/2015
You must fuck dogs a lot you sick ass "awww criter"""
Comment #900 - By WHITE CHICKS on 23/03/2015
White women are filthy whores. They will fuck anything with a pulse and that includes animals. You think this is bad, there are thousands of videos of white chicks fucking HORSES lolollololol!
Comment #899 - By awww critter on 23/03/2015
knew what to do right away,and that was he was gunna get sum pussy. he probably blew his doggy load all up in her soping wet pussy. then he cleaned up his mess nice and good.
Comment #898 - By Dumbass on 23/03/2015
I came before the dog did
Comment #897 - By wuuuuuuuut on 23/03/2015
Comment #896 - By WOWwow on 23/03/2015
Man. Fucking dogs fuck more women than me.
Comment #895 - By Mannie on 23/03/2015
Why a dog when she could have more fun with a man? Even a woman. sick
Comment #894 - By well on 23/03/2015
that escalated quickly
Comment #893 - By ewww on 23/03/2015
ewww just ewww
Comment #892 - By ok... on 23/03/2015
Now im not sayn all whiyes are dumb or blacks are superior or any of that racist stuff (i think), but ive never seen a black person do this.....
Comment #891 - By i liked this on 23/03/2015
I was really turned on... more often than watching normal porn
Comment #890 - By Asdfgjguiii on 23/03/2015
What the fuck yo this isn't porn nor is it fucking right . Ugh fucking disgusting
Comment #889 - By report on 23/03/2015
White people are disgusting
Comment #888 - By If you on 23/03/2015
Don't like white people go back and starve in Africa. No food stamps for you there!
Comment #887 - By derp on 23/03/2015
obviously so do a lot of black people because they clicked the link took the time to comment and yet the video has 99% approval rating smh
Comment #886 - By add on 23/03/2015
moreeeeeeeee pleaseeeeee
Comment #885 - By XNXX..... on 23/03/2015
Will let niggers type anything they want, but delete when a white person does the same typing!
Comment #884 - By sickk bitch!!!! on 23/03/2015
Nasty sickk Bitch
Comment #883 - By Lol on 23/03/2015
white people are stupid, nasty, ugly pieces of shits who do this kind of shit. You all are disgusting
Comment #882 - By I'm on 23/03/2015
Whites love taboo
Comment #881 - By inzane on 23/03/2015
Whites hold this L
Comment #880 - By Weirdest fap on 23/03/2015
Comment #879 - By this guy on 23/03/2015
ya know ill be rippinv my eyes out cuz this is just Japanese
Comment #878 - By buck on 23/03/2015
You know it takes all types to make the world go around. I'll tell you like I tell everyone else. If you don't want to see something like this then don't click on it. They shouldn't take any video off their site because it offends someone. Your on a pork site not on some religious site get over it already
Comment #877 - By cochino on 23/03/2015
Chick is from new York l no her
Comment #876 - By that sad moment on 23/03/2015
when dog has more game than you
Comment #875 - By youfapfap,com sucks on 23/03/2015
As soon as I went on I started getting pop ups about viruses.
Comment #874 - By creature on 23/03/2015
haha wtf
Comment #873 - By Tony on 23/03/2015
Lol the perverts who come on this site everyday (I do too) are suddenly high on morals and want this video removed lol Porn is porn. Don't watch it if u don't want too
Comment #872 - By RekingUranus on 23/03/2015
Love how all you nazi bitches gotta bring racial shit into this...just two months backa hispanic girl fucking a horse was put up here and taken down, also seen an indian guy fucking a goat, and a black girl sucking dog cock. So for all of you racist sluts and shitbags, may you all be sodomized by a Clydesdale horse and forced to eat the shit creampie. Suck it motherfuckers!
Comment #871 - By JokeOfTheDay on 23/03/2015
Well, i guess that was a real doggy-style. lol
Comment #870 - By The Dog on 23/03/2015
"" Bend down and touch your toes, whoare. I'll show you where the wild goose goes... Yeah, take it and squeal like a piggy. ""
Comment #869 - By Jessica on 23/03/2015
I would never try this but it is kinda hot lol
Comment #868 - By Hard as fuck on 23/03/2015
Was curious about this after seeing the thumbnail so I clicked on it, damn I was surprised how hard this made my cock. I thought I was going to be grossed out, but I was turned on and wanting to see much more.
Comment #867 - By MissCorn Muffin on 23/03/2015
You guys want this removed but its ok to see the videos here that show women n men drinking piss or guys fucking girls up their doody hole? hypocrites.
I would rather have a dog fuck me then most men I have met!!
Comment #866 - By Josh on 23/03/2015
This kinda turned me on
Comment #865 - By Wtf was that on 23/03/2015
Remove it please
Comment #864 - By Really? on 23/03/2015
Everyone saw the thumbnail so why would you click on this if you didn't want to see it
Comment #863 - By wow on 23/03/2015
Just as bad a guy having a dog lick peanut butter off his balls( bucky larson movie)
Comment #862 - By wtf on 23/03/2015
so this is what they call doggy-style uh?
Comment #861 - By yoyo on 23/03/2015
Comment #860 - By ...%uD83D%uDE02%uD83D%uDE31%uD on 23/03/2015
Only in America %uD83D%uDE2B%uD83D%uDE29
Comment #859 - By wtf on 23/03/2015
Please remove this shit
Comment #858 - By mike on 23/03/2015
What the fuck just what the fuck why is this on here I thought the sickos had their own websites for this kinda fucked up shit
Comment #857 - By Pussy on 23/03/2015
This dog gets more pussy than me...
Comment #856 - By Wtfxnxx on 23/03/2015
I'm very disgusted that they let this shit on here
Comment #855 - By Neanderthals doing what they d on 23/03/2015
No wonder dogs are mans (whites) best friend. Blacks history is of Kings and Queens in Africa. Neaderthal subhuman whites have fucking dogs/wolves for centuries. You filthy subhuman shits. Take your biased way of thinking back to your caves and let the rest of us get on with our lives.
Comment #854 - By bung da booce on 23/03/2015
Its nota dog, its a new form of alto mecinic veeberator. But really, sick. Probably a high hippy on lsd
Comment #853 - By Damn on 23/03/2015
This is some funny shit.
Comment #852 - By EWWWWWW on 23/03/2015
You filthy paleskin pink apes are the most disqusting race to walk the earth
Comment #851 - By The fucking fuck on 23/03/2015
is that not illegal and that is fucked up
Comment #850 - By Whhyyyyyy?????? on 23/03/2015
I busted dat nut! whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Comment #849 - By Goober on 23/03/2015
I fucked a black whale and she won't leave me alone now.
Comment #848 - By ,... on 23/03/2015
What the fuck
Comment #847 - By Report? on 23/03/2015
Yeah... Reported
Comment #846 - By crazy on 23/03/2015
Comment #845 - By white cultrure on 23/03/2015
Whites.. Nothing new..move along mah folks
Comment #844 - By Big Black on 23/03/2015
Watched it twice and jerked off both times.
Comment #843 - By Nothing on 23/03/2015
you honkeys could say will take away from this video. You dog fucking fools.
Comment #842 - By Observer on 23/03/2015
A smart girl like her keeps the shirt on to avoid scratches...socks help too.
Comment #841 - By Punny on 23/03/2015
I guess you could say she's a real bitch! *ba dum tss*
Comment #840 - By What the Fuck on 23/03/2015
i never thought this sight would have anything like this on it well time to never come back
Comment #839 - By o_o on 23/03/2015
Comment #838 - By Inutted on 23/03/2015
..... Wtf ......
Comment #837 - By 1011 on 23/03/2015
Yeah I'm the lucky winner
Comment #836 - By 1009 on 23/03/2015
This shit is nasty but I guess if you like it
Comment #835 - By More animal videos on 23/03/2015
Am I the only one that got a harder boner than I would with any other video??
Comment #834 - By Ahhh on 23/03/2015
We know spring is here when a young lady is outside getting fucked by her pooch.
Comment #833 - By bleh on 23/03/2015
@swedishkilla.. No one wants to visit your sick sites
Comment #832 - By omg :-) on 23/03/2015
What the name of this video i wanna see the full version of this video
Comment #831 - By Relax on 23/03/2015
She is just horny and not going to have puppies.
Comment #830 - By I came on 23/03/2015
Comment #829 - By its over 1000 on 23/03/2015
Comment #828 - By Mother bitches on 23/03/2015
Comment 997
Comment #827 - By 1000??? on 23/03/2015
Yup it happens
Comment #826 - By 1000 comments on 23/03/2015
So close
Comment #825 - By spankarama on 23/03/2015
It's a white chick but trust me she likes black dudes.. why else would she fuck an animal?? Hahahaha
Comment #824 - By damn on 23/03/2015
Girls be like dick is dick
Comment #823 - By Wtf on 23/03/2015
This is fucked up
Comment #822 - By Disgusting on 23/03/2015
Not gonna lie I got hard
Comment #821 - By .... on 22/03/2015
Profoundly disgusting.
Comment #820 - By 99 PAGES on 22/03/2015
Comment #819 - By Only in America on 22/03/2015
Could a vid of a chick being fucked by a dog become an argument about race
Comment #818 - By wtf on 22/03/2015
did not see the video, but wtf??????
Comment #817 - By Darn on 22/03/2015
A bit short as she wasn't sealed by his knott.
Comment #816 - By Lmao on 22/03/2015
OMG so funny xD
Comment #815 - By sad on 22/03/2015
This is going to have over a 1000 comments by the end of the day. We all suck at life.
Comment #814 - By why did the white guy cross th on 22/03/2015
He had to go to work
Comment #813 - By chance on 22/03/2015
hardest nut busted..ever
Comment #812 - By nolie on 22/03/2015
It's out there, google it.
Comment #811 - By Lmfao on 22/03/2015
wtf I don't know whether to laugh or be grossed out
Comment #810 - By ummmm.... on 22/03/2015
I haven't seen any black girls doing this.. Stop trying to justify this video you sick fucks
Comment #809 - By Cal. on 22/03/2015
Will there be more of the same as this? And remember we have our likes and dislikes porn is for those with an open mine. So stop smoking which one is killing you?
Comment #808 - By truth on 22/03/2015
Black chicks do this too, but nobody want to watchthat.
Comment #807 - By WHAT THE PRESENT FUCK on 22/03/2015
Americans illegalized weed but made beastiality legal. I need to gtfo this Country
Comment #806 - By another rascist jk on 22/03/2015
cleaner then niggers pussy still
Comment #805 - By Curious on 22/03/2015
Why do white people hate jews? Jews are white da fucj
Comment #804 - By history class on 22/03/2015
Google who the "moors" were if you think this is just "white ppl shit" all races are fucked up, whites folks just tape it.
Comment #803 - By alex on 22/03/2015
any girls wanna Kick! Bugatti_100
Comment #802 - By Lol on 22/03/2015
Comment #801 - By SoulEmpty on 22/03/2015
White girls are stepping up from white guys Dick's I see
Comment #800 - By your all sick on 22/03/2015
She may be white, but you fucking clicked on it... And watched... Doeant make you much better.
Comment #799 - By Wow on 22/03/2015
The dog clearly knew what was bouta happen. She probably fucks that dog often..smh
Comment #798 - By joshfromqueens on 22/03/2015
white black asian, all yall nasty mofos just whacked off to it. assholes
Comment #797 - By ANOCYBMOUS on 22/03/2015
Dumbass people, anybody who likes this,'re in need of help. Nobody's perfect but cook really?
Comment #796 - By Gone Girl on 22/03/2015
And they said I was crazy. Look at this crazy bitch.
Comment #795 - By guy below on 22/03/2015
rednecks know how to work a computer?
Comment #794 - By really? on 22/03/2015
Black people can afford internet?
Comment #793 - By kkk for life on 22/03/2015
hail adolf
Comment #792 - By blll on 22/03/2015
Stupididty has no race, this bitch is dumb but she just happens to be white. I've seen black people (and ALL kinds of races for that fact) do far worse on videos with others cheering them on.
Comment #791 - By somebody new on 22/03/2015
every race does this... Get over it... Still hate Jews tho lol
Comment #790 - By Keep it! on 22/03/2015
We need more like this on here!!
Comment #789 - By two cents on 22/03/2015
We are all a little racist white people are hateful blacks are ignorant mexicans are lazy and arabs are bombs if u dont like it find a bridge and jump I wont miss you
Comment #788 - By Racists are funny on 22/03/2015
Lmao how can there be racists on porn? Like you gonna see black people all the time on porn so why are you even watching black porn. Lmao stupid racists.
Comment #787 - By Rick on 22/03/2015
all fucking niggers must fucking hang
Comment #786 - By wtf on 22/03/2015
Comment #785 - By brute on 22/03/2015
Lol @ "this is how you join the KKK"
Comment #784 - By lol on 22/03/2015
so funny when white people get mad at other races fucking their women! This is a fricken dog! lolololololol...
Comment #783 - By LOL on 22/03/2015
The devil was known for fucking animals... So is this where the term "white devil" came from? LOL!
Comment #782 - By white people are nasty? on 22/03/2015
nigger porn includes 2 apes fucking
Comment #781 - By Punny on 22/03/2015
I guess you could say she's a real bitch! *bu dum tss*
Comment #780 - By kill whitey on 22/03/2015
White devils, turn in your human card. You have been kicked out of the human race.
Comment #779 - By wtf on 22/03/2015
Once you go dog...
Comment #778 - By LOL on 22/03/2015
Crackers take the fuck L
Comment #777 - By U Mad Bro? on 22/03/2015
Lol, white people on black videos everyday talking shit, but the minute there is a video of them fucking up... They try to defend it. Classic bigotry. This is some true white people shit.
Comment #776 - By whitey on 22/03/2015
Still cleaner than a niggers pussy...
Comment #775 - By Wtf on 22/03/2015
Shoes dirty ase shot for doing that bruhh
Comment #774 - By Fucking Stupid Lonley Bitch Ho on 22/03/2015
What the actual fuck? Girl get a life!
Comment #773 - By lol" on 22/03/2015
Ohh,So that's how you join the kkk I was wondering have they recruiting there members" that makes I understand lol"
Comment #772 - By Yo mama on 22/03/2015
Only white people do that shit! Point,blank
Comment #771 - By Someone on 22/03/2015
White People..... they'll Do Anything For A Good Fuck.. :3
Comment #770 - By This is on 22/03/2015
The honkeys true nature. See how she was talking to it like it was actually human? Because honkeys think dogs are humans. When honkeys say "mans best friend" means they fuck them at night and think they are human.
Comment #769 - By Chinatown Yao on 22/03/2015
Why fuck dog? Why you no eat? :/
Comment #768 - By question on 22/03/2015
How does the dog know what to do have they done this before?
Comment #767 - By im shamed that on 22/03/2015
it turned me on
Comment #766 - By that was a good one on 22/03/2015
Comment #765 - By fuckboy on 22/03/2015
they should allow
Comment #764 - By not illegal on 22/03/2015
go to school (i went to a weird school)
Comment #763 - By someone on 22/03/2015
well... that doesn't tend to end up here often... not that im complaining.
Comment #762 - By Beastiality on 22/03/2015
That's my girl
Comment #761 - By lol on 22/03/2015
White people true nature! You white bitches are disgusting
Comment #760 - By Omg on 22/03/2015
Soo wrong
Comment #759 - By Grand Wizard on 22/03/2015
Here yee, here yee, I the grand wizard of the kkk would like to say, ah this is just a typical day in the life of us white people.
Comment #758 - By T-Bone on 22/03/2015
Damn. The dog lasted longer than I usually do. At least I can cum three times a minute.
Comment #757 - By White people on 22/03/2015
fucking white people
Comment #756 - By priorities on 22/03/2015
when you care more about whats on your porn website over; poverty, murder, rape, shit I think weed legalization is more important and I don't even smoke.
Comment #755 - By slut1996 on 22/03/2015
Im wondering if shes going to have puppies after that fuck
Comment #754 - By dont take it down on 22/03/2015
Even though this isn't my cup off tea it is for some people. Don't like it? Don't look. If I don't like foot porn should all of it be taken down? beastiality isn't illegal, surprisingly its only illegal in 13 U.S. states
Comment #753 - By blacks fuck dogs too on 22/03/2015
pretty sure if you search dog or animal on this site theres a black girl doing the same damn thing
Comment #752 - By get your hotdog? on 22/03/2015
Comment #751 - By bubby on 22/03/2015
so good made my day
Comment #750 - By disgusting on 22/03/2015
fucking gross take this down
Comment #749 - By i think more on wiggas on 22/03/2015
Klue Klux Klan! Wu tang clang!
Comment #748 - By xnxx on 22/03/2015
Wow i think its wierd but i wanna see more
Comment #747 - By The Fall of Man on 22/03/2015
903 comments. Excellent.
Comment #746 - By most comments on 22/03/2015
Are from niggers. Black panthers!!
Comment #745 - By that includes you on 22/03/2015
Comment #744 - By Wow on 22/03/2015
There would be this many comments
Comment #743 - By kill whitey on 22/03/2015
White devils are sub human. %uD83D%uDE08
Comment #742 - By yup on 22/03/2015
Yeah ... Sick.. Let's just keep the daddy daughter mommy son overwhelming number of postings that dominate the most viewed... Retards,
Comment #741 - By typical on 22/03/2015
Typical white whore, her little dick white hubby can't get it up, so she fucks the dog.
Comment #740 - By Luv it on 22/03/2015
I have cum so hard to this video. I hope to see alot more of these. F27
Comment #739 - By excited on 22/03/2015
I'm glad they allow these videos. I really enjoy them
Comment #738 - By hold up on 22/03/2015
Hold up white people fucking dogs now. I thought they would stop at pedophilia but damn, you Fuckers crazy as fuck
Comment #737 - By wtf on 22/03/2015
What did i just whached i feel disgusted by the way that dog gets more pussy that i do thats very sad
Comment #736 - By A backward step on 22/03/2015
I'm Disgusted !
Comment #735 - By Blah on 22/03/2015
No one likes this videos but it still say 100% rating
Comment #734 - By true that! on 22/03/2015
And let a white guy fucks a black dude as well!
Comment #733 - By Weeee on 22/03/2015
A black dude could stick his dick in that giant hole and swordfight that doggy dick.
Comment #732 - By how about on 22/03/2015
A black guy fuck a white dude so we all get along for once. ROFL
Comment #731 - By Ridiculous on 22/03/2015
I saw a video like this before and they got rid of it. I'm surprised this on is still on here. But this is still dumb as hell and isn't necessary.
Comment #730 - By saddle up that high horse ! on 22/03/2015
A lot of peeps bring their morality to a porn site lol
Comment #729 - By blacks on 22/03/2015
Black people fuck the dog
Comment #728 - By WHY on 22/03/2015
Comment #727 - By >_> on 22/03/2015
Took long enough for one of these videos to get here.
Comment #726 - By fap on 22/03/2015
fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fapfap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap
Comment #725 - By First time watching Porn on 22/03/2015
So this is how people are made ? People have sex with dogs wtf it all makes sense now :D
Comment #724 - By kill whitey on 22/03/2015
This why the white devil race is going extinct. Bunch of inbred fuck nuts.
Comment #723 - By I'm asian on 22/03/2015
I'm asian and dogs are meant to be eaten not Fucked. Stupid white dumb fucks!
Comment #722 - By Sick on 22/03/2015
I can't believe you white people get off to this shit, sick race of degenerates. White people not only fuck their families but they're fucking the family dog too lmao
Comment #721 - By sick on 22/03/2015
all this dick in the world and she wants to fuck a dog most. Guys are dog . Fuck one of them . Sick sick sick . She needs help .
Comment #720 - By Nasty ass people on 22/03/2015
Figures it's a white girl
Comment #719 - By Mazdaboy on 22/03/2015
What if she gets pregnant yikes
Comment #718 - By Yum on 22/03/2015
I want to lick her pussy.
Comment #717 - By WTF on 22/03/2015
She luvs her thats doggystyle
Comment #716 - By this is how we niggas on 22/03/2015
Roll! Black beastiality!
Comment #715 - By Well on 22/03/2015
at least the dogs white
Comment #714 - By Jojo lied to us... on 22/03/2015
Then why is it a white woman with the dog an every time research beastiality white woman pop up all over the the others races is holding the camera stupid lol..
Comment #713 - By black guys on 22/03/2015
like fat and ugly white women, thanks for taking them off of our hands #mongo
Comment #712 - By nasty on 22/03/2015
gross should be taken down where the report button on this site?
Comment #711 - By jerry on 22/03/2015
And they call it puppy love
Comment #710 - By i dont really understand on 22/03/2015
how ppl are so scandalized by watch porn, and this is the first time you seen this shit?? google death by horsecock you niggervirgins
Comment #709 - By ??????? on 22/03/2015
WWhat is girl name
Comment #708 - By THAT'S FUCKING DISGUSTING on 22/03/2015
Comment #707 - By what's the big deal on 22/03/2015
Typical white people behavior. Their men f*ck kids and their women f*ck animals.
Comment #706 - By holy fucking shit on 22/03/2015
im into some fucked up shit but at least its fake cartoons and cgi. this is just plain wrong and disgusting! you should fucking get some help! fucking sick shit.
Comment #705 - By jojo on 22/03/2015
Actually white ppl are in the lowest percent for having sex with family or animals as more white ppl live in populated areas of the world Africa and south America are in the highest percent for these 2 types of fucked up living so get facts straight before you accuse other races of problems your own race has
Comment #704 - By MOAR on 22/03/2015
Comment #703 - By Jimmy on 22/03/2015
Darling your dog is a wonderful lover
Comment #702 - By lucky on 22/03/2015
dog he is getting pussy while I jack off watching him get pussy
Comment #701 - By Tyrone on 22/03/2015
I clicked on this thinking it was a joke. Clearly I was wrong. I can't express in words just how sick and sad this is. Someone said it's just a DOG. All that partake in this filth should have your heads examined.
Comment #700 - By Animal humping honkey on 22/03/2015
Disgusting animal humping honkeys.
Comment #699 - By white ppl fck dogs on 22/03/2015
White ppl fck animals. Then they wNna hate on blk ppl. Yall disgust me.
Comment #698 - By Grandmother on 22/03/2015
I don't approve of this, but I do like her hat.
Comment #697 - By wowow on 22/03/2015
Post more of these
Comment #696 - By Ralph...(faceplam) on 22/03/2015
You are aware that all of mankind are apes right?
Comment #695 - By freak on 22/03/2015
I missed to this
Comment #694 - By Pffft on 22/03/2015
It's just a dog, not like she is doing a donkey or a horse..relax and enjoy.
Comment #693 - By Smexy 101 on 22/03/2015
Great! Now I think horrible things about my dog!
Comment #692 - By www on 22/03/2015
Hay its just a way to love your dog
Comment #691 - By lol WTF on 22/03/2015
Might wanna take this down before a lot of young girls whom are home alone (since their parents are at work or something) that sneak and watch porn see this and get some disturbing thoughts about the family dog.
Comment #690 - By dick in mo on 22/03/2015
Need some more
Comment #689 - By why on 22/03/2015
Why even complain when you clearly clicked on a dog fucking a girl?
You're going to hell, either way.
Comment #688 - By dick on 22/03/2015
Luv that
Comment #687 - By lovedit on 22/03/2015
no lie had this shit looping and i came so fuck hard it went on fae btw im 15
Comment #686 - By Mmmm on 22/03/2015
Fresh dog sperm in her womb won't knock her up.
Comment #685 - By duff @ Wtf on 22/03/2015
It may not unhealthy beastiality issues, it could simply be him/her trolling you, if so they're doing a damn fine job of it.
Also, plenty of people of hispanic descent do this too, look up Luxuretv, you'll see.
Comment #684 - By Outofline on 22/03/2015
Only white people do shit like this LMAO.
Comment #683 - By What on 22/03/2015
Lol my dog left the room. No way man!
Comment #682 - By T-Bone on 22/03/2015
This is what dogs call fucking human style.
Comment #681 - By Lester on 22/03/2015
My wife is black and she enjoys our pitbulls cock.
Comment #680 - By hothothot on 22/03/2015
I love this shit so much. <3
Comment #679 - By The dog was like on 22/03/2015
assume the position
Comment #678 - By Lol on 22/03/2015
No creampie?? smh
Comment #677 - By omgwtf on 22/03/2015
WTF, how is this allowed on here?
Comment #676 - By What i want to know on 22/03/2015
Is how the fk did this turn me on?...
Comment #675 - By lmao on 22/03/2015
i love how niggers form a minority of the population of america yet commit the majority of its crimes
Comment #674 - By biteme2015 on 22/03/2015
Lucky ass dog Rofdlmao! !!
Comment #673 - By Baba Booey on 22/03/2015
I wonder if she got pregnant?
Comment #672 - By xxx on 22/03/2015
This is really real.. you white people are disgusting
Comment #671 - By Mr. Satan on 22/03/2015
This is seriously fucked up. Remove this nasty shit
Comment #670 - By anon on 22/03/2015
yeah delete that
Comment #669 - By biteme2015 on 22/03/2015
There doesn't appear to be a full length video. Even home website has same length video.
Comment #668 - By anon on 22/03/2015
Wasn't too bad!!
Comment #667 - By dam shame on 22/03/2015
Only white people do this shit
Comment #666 - By Horny on 22/03/2015
this video actually turned me on
Comment #665 - By Damn on 22/03/2015
I wanted to see her tits.
Comment #664 - By Wtf on 22/03/2015
Why is this shit on here damn who ever uploaded this on here has real mental issues with beastiality
Comment #663 - By Craig on 22/03/2015
This is strange shit
Comment #662 - By Fucking honkeys on 22/03/2015
Fucking dog humping honkeys
Comment #661 - By honest joe on 22/03/2015
they need to have more of these in here
Comment #660 - By obama on 22/03/2015
I fap 2 it
Comment #659 - By this shit on 22/03/2015
Needs to be deleted. Wtf is wrong with people.
Comment #658 - By Welp on 22/03/2015
To each their own I suppose. :|
Comment #657 - By likeitornot on 22/03/2015
"Fucking anything or anyone has nothing to do with race and everything to do with fucking. "
~George W. Bush.
Comment #656 - By Wtf on 22/03/2015
Why is this allowed
Comment #655 - By Dog Satisfied on 22/03/2015
A ass size like that compared to a dog is jackpot for dogs. We humans think of that ass as small. But then again hey someone uploaded animal porn relax. No one told you to click to watch the video dumbasses. LOL
Comment #654 - By The on 22/03/2015
US and allied military thermal cameras on attack helicopters catch sand niggers fucking sheep and donkeys all the time. Hell they even have those on youtube.
Comment #653 - By Wtf on 22/03/2015
Did that dog creampie her?
Comment #652 - By Stupid white people on 22/03/2015
White people are so dirty and disgusting. So desperate to fuck animals LOL thats why white women love our big black cocks just fuck them and leave there white asses lol
Comment #651 - By Haaaaa on 22/03/2015
She gonna have a half dog/human baby ... #joke
Comment #650 - By fucked up on 22/03/2015
this is beyond fucked up
Comment #649 - By Wtf on 22/03/2015
That was
Comment #648 - By tom on 22/03/2015
why wasn't this longer this shit gets mee hard weird as it maybe who is she is there any more somewhere
Comment #647 - By Regular on 22/03/2015
Why are people so pset pppl have been fucking animals since the beginning of time
Comment #646 - By What world to we live in on 22/03/2015
I nearly never comment on videos. But damn. This is just fucked up
Comment #645 - By Oooo on 22/03/2015
I'm going to church after watching this...bye
Comment #644 - By Mad on 22/03/2015
This is sick.. needs to deleted xnxx get your shit together
Comment #643 - By fuck pink inbreds on 22/03/2015
"Boowhoo, stop the racism" that's not what you honkeys were saying when you hung us from trees, eradicating Jews, stealing native land..etc etc... Fuck all you hypocrite honkey two face pink demons..I'm out
Comment #642 - By fdsfda on 22/03/2015
Whites fucks dog
Asians eat dogs
Blacks are dogs themselves, or maybe gorillas (dirty, violent and stupid)
Brazillias fucks horses
Comment #641 - By Pure ignorance on 22/03/2015
Take your head out of your enlightened ass and join the rest of us
Comment #640 - By What on 22/03/2015
He didn't even knott her...bad dog.
Comment #639 - By wtf on 22/03/2015
I'm so done rn she fucking a dog who does that her Dumbass can't get a real white boy to fuck her she gotta fuck a dog?!?! And what universe are you aloud to fuck a animal's? This should be in the news this just made me sick especially for half of y'all talking abt each other race go do something with yall life
Comment #638 - By White on 22/03/2015
This makes me ashamed to be white
Comment #637 - By Pure ignorance on 22/03/2015
Those racially motivated comments are just pure ignorance and immaturity rearing its ugly head. Enough already children.
Comment #636 - By White boy on 22/03/2015
I just fapped my pencil dick to this.
Comment #635 - By highclass on 22/03/2015
Oh my fucking god. I cannot believe this bitch fucked a dog. I am disgusted.
Comment #634 - By Wtf? on 22/03/2015
Wtf?? Xnxx is fucked!
Comment #633 - By Kevin on 22/03/2015
I fucked a fat black chick in the ass once.
Comment #632 - By Truth on 22/03/2015
So her man not satisfying her AT ALL?!
Comment #631 - By @judge races on 22/03/2015
you are one sided idiot, Shutup, bigot :)
Comment #630 - By uhh on 22/03/2015
Wtf did I just watch?
Comment #629 - By judge races on 22/03/2015
whites fuck dogs. blacks kill, rape, and harm other humans for fun. no matter what you monnkeys say you'll never be better than us. we can fuck dogs and still be better than you LOL!!
Comment #628 - By idiots on 22/03/2015
this shit is so vanilla, why do you care? did you not see the brazilian chick with a horse that was viral back in the day? God you people are dumb.
Comment #627 - By space on 22/03/2015
Well xnxx just lost a visitor
Comment #626 - By Ha ha on 22/03/2015
Stop the racism....the blacks will burn down another one of their cities in protest.
Comment #625 - By damn bruh on 22/03/2015
little nigga got it in good
Comment #624 - By el put on 22/03/2015
This is what most white people do I bet
Comment #623 - By omg on 22/03/2015
fucked wierdos
Comment #622 - By stan on 22/03/2015
Niggers are niggers and honkeys are honkeys /comment
Comment #621 - By society is EFFED on 22/03/2015
This better not start a trend IT BETTTER NOT!!!
Comment #620 - By Godfry on 22/03/2015
Quite common in Europe with older women actually.
Comment #619 - By I hate myself on 22/03/2015
I just jerked my little dick to a video of a lady having sex with the dog man I hate my life I wish I was black so I can have a nice big cock and get sexy white girls
Comment #618 - By pppp on 22/03/2015
Who needs a vibrator
Comment #617 - By Animal porn? And thank you on 22/03/2015
Wtf was the dogs dick in her like wtf is wrong with with her she should go fuck the elephants instead they got bigger dicks
And girl wtf thanks for ruining my porn day
Comment #616 - By RE:justyouraveragestoner on 22/03/2015
Go ahead and find the video. The video is not fake. This is typical in the white world. Funny how you fool always talk peace when your race is on the spotlight for stuff like this.
Comment #615 - By ??? on 22/03/2015
Comment #614 - By bruhh on 22/03/2015
If you got off to this..kill yourself
Comment #613 - By Big dick on 22/03/2015
I've been dipping and dabbing on this site when I need to fap but I've never thought they would start adding beastiality on here. I'm not one to judge what others like and think it's kinda cool that the site is expanding. Seriously I'm interested in seeing some new crazy shit just because
Comment #612 - By Bob Bones on 22/03/2015
I think two big men ganging up on a young girl fucking her in all holes in a rough cruel manner is over the line and wrong. But what did you expect to see w/a cover picture of a dog fucking a woman? But yeah it's too much.
Comment #611 - By mxc on 22/03/2015
This dog from here to HOLLYWOOD. Next to madonna.
Comment #610 - By WOOOOOW!!!! on 22/03/2015
Honkys love fucking dogs, their family members, and shooting up schools
Comment #609 - By wtf on 22/03/2015
this is fucking disgusting
Comment #608 - By whites love to commit suicide on 22/03/2015
white rednecks are you proud of this
Comment #607 - By These comments on 22/03/2015
Are freaking hilarious. But this video is hella weird O.o
Comment #606 - By whites love to commit suicide on 22/03/2015
burn in hell ugly disgusting redneck whites
Comment #605 - By prs on 22/03/2015
This is what the illuminaty people do .on there free time.
Comment #604 - By Cum Stains on 22/03/2015
What amazes me is that in less than one day there are 744 comments and still counting. YOU SICK BASTARDS ! Oh by the way the dogs name is Stains, come stains, come
Comment #603 - By BOB on 22/03/2015
She got doggie creampied wonder if the camara man eat it.
Comment #602 - By wtf on 22/03/2015
I already seen this video 20 times....trying to learn pointers from the labrador.
Comment #601 - By The Truth on 22/03/2015
Only white people.... LMAO.
Comment #600 - By Mmmmm on 22/03/2015
I love niggers so hard
Comment #599 - By Amanda on 22/03/2015
Burn in hell niggers!
Comment #598 - By wtf on 22/03/2015
You can tell she's from texas
Comment #597 - By rover69 on 22/03/2015
It's all about the 4play
Comment #596 - By OG mudbone on 22/03/2015
Lol this is legal in some states guys xDD LMAFO
Comment #595 - By This is how on 22/03/2015
Honkeys really invented aids. Not in some lab.
Comment #594 - By #stopwhitepeople2015 on 22/03/2015
What the fuck is wrong with y'all?
Comment #593 - By caleb on 22/03/2015
my dog and i used o suck another
Comment #592 - By lmfao on 22/03/2015
id tap that dog hahaha jk
Comment #591 - By I dont give a Fuck on 22/03/2015
where is the full video?
Comment #590 - By XXX-666 on 22/03/2015
Dogs name??????
Comment #589 - By One pump chump! on 22/03/2015
Dem shoes doe
Comment #588 - By LOL WTH on 22/03/2015
That's terrible, poor dog LMAOO
Comment #587 - By Nice on 22/03/2015
Every girl needs a good dog.
Comment #586 - By Take it down on 22/03/2015
I thought it was fake but nope real. Now take it down before FBI takes you down
Comment #585 - By Dirty honkeys on 22/03/2015
Stop fucking animals.
Comment #584 - By tiger. on 22/03/2015
What a waste of pussy.i can do better job than the labrador.
Comment #583 - By tupin on 22/03/2015
Typical stoner comment.. Move along
Comment #582 - By Anon on 22/03/2015
this was just starting to get good too
Comment #581 - By dickweed on 22/03/2015
words of wisdom
Comment #580 - By Just a Guy on 22/03/2015
I thought this would be fake but... I am ashamed...
Comment #579 - By JustYourAverageStoner on 22/03/2015
Oh and by the way...if all of you are commenting that means all of you must have watched the video yourself so before you start sayin shit about niggers and honkeys why don't you check yourself out cuz you're really getting into arguments over the computer over a fake ass porn video...I'll guarentee that I could find a video like this with a black person too so why don't you guys grow up and just beat your dick to whatever the fuck kind of videos you like and shut the fuck up
Comment #578 - By Damn on 22/03/2015
That is a really loose pussy. Hard telling what else has been in there.
Comment #577 - By Ass beater on 22/03/2015
A lot of people need there ass beat on here.
Comment #576 - By THAT'S MY DAWG! on 22/03/2015
That's my dog?!?!
Comment #575 - By JustYourAverageStoner on 22/03/2015
I don't know why you guys really waste your time commenting on porn videos like it really matters who's black or white or fucking the video if you want to and don't watch it if you don't its that simple...half of the are fake anyway you dumbfucks...I'm white and I think everyone that's commenting has no life so have a nice day :)
Comment #574 - By horrible on 22/03/2015
at first its illegal second its discusting
Comment #573 - By what on 22/03/2015
Isn't this illegal?
Comment #572 - By John on 22/03/2015
Comment #571 - By Worm on 22/03/2015
Hell, Dogs will fuck anything just like black guys do.
Comment #570 - By WTF on 22/03/2015
Comment #569 - By lol on 22/03/2015
theres so much unnecessary racism plus its not like she broke any laws
Comment #568 - By Dumb on 22/03/2015
What the fuck !? Stupid white bitch
Comment #567 - By Otto on 22/03/2015
At least he hit her pussy unlike niggers who prefer fucking the shit hole.
Comment #566 - By love animals on 22/03/2015
we all love animals in our own way dont be a hater be a lover. this is one way to love you go get them girl
Comment #565 - By lol on 22/03/2015
why are there racist white people commenting? stupid morons...
Comment #564 - By HONKEYS on 22/03/2015
Day in the life of a white devil... Fuck sister, Fuck mother, Fuck brother, Fuck father, Fuck cousin, Fuck gay bf, molest little girls, serial kill a few people, do Meth, clean trailer, do racist shit and finally Fuck dog.
Comment #563 - By tupin on 22/03/2015
@Nasty ass chick.... Yea but its honkeys who started it.. There's no black people in the video and they are first to get ma being racist towards us WTF..i say fuck em .. Fuck these inbreds no remorse
Comment #562 - By I hate being black on 22/03/2015
White people make fun of my bad grammar:(
Note:my white friend typed this.
Comment #561 - By Nasty ass chick on 22/03/2015
This bitch is fucking a dog and most of you idiots are talking shit bout race ! Smh dumbasses!
Comment #560 - By Amp on 22/03/2015
WTH white slut!!!!
Comment #559 - By Dog on 22/03/2015
Comment #558 - By Lol @ racist on 22/03/2015
People, dog porn has been here. Look @ all the "bbc" porn.
Comment #557 - By Ms. Kim on 22/03/2015
What a frisky dog he is.
Comment #556 - By wtf on 22/03/2015
I want to fuck my dog! This was hot
Comment #555 - By Allie on 22/03/2015
Comment #554 - By WTF on 22/03/2015
What sought of dog was that ?
A lucky dog! !!!
Comment #553 - By White ppl (SMH) on 22/03/2015
Hide you dogs from white ppl
Comment #552 - By allo on 22/03/2015
Comment #551 - By Amanda on 22/03/2015
Comment #550 - By I hate being white on 22/03/2015
My name says it all...goodbye world :(((
Comment #549 - By ??? on 22/03/2015
about dam time they get animal porn
Comment #548 - By Fred on 22/03/2015
I fuck my lil black neighbor piggy now and then.
Comment #547 - By Disgusting on 22/03/2015
This is so gross ..
Comment #546 - By god hates whitez on 22/03/2015
White people do
-scat porn, fuck animals,molest... I'm done. I don't need to say anymore. Sick race at that
Comment #545 - By Well on 22/03/2015
He is getting some pussy which is more than the rest of us here are at the moment.
Comment #544 - By Typical honkey responce on 22/03/2015
I found this hot and I fapped to this.
Comment #543 - By damn! on 22/03/2015
That dog is really going at it
Comment #542 - By I'm black on 22/03/2015
I'm black and i wish slavery still existed because my welfare check only covers my crack expenses :(
Comment #541 - By this is not animal cruelty on 22/03/2015
more we need more videos like this! I want to see some white b****** getting f***** by horses. I guess a black guy will do.
Comment #540 - By Sad on 22/03/2015
This dog gets more pussy than me
Comment #539 - By Bob on 22/03/2015
Sis did the dog last night and some black guy is eating her pussy now I just noticed.
Comment #538 - By -_______- on 22/03/2015
I came here to beat my dick but after seeing this I dont want to anymore
Comment #537 - By Wow! on 22/03/2015
Some people just need help
Comment #536 - By nice!!! on 22/03/2015
Did anybody see the video of the white guy that got fucked by the horse and died! now that shit was funny lololol
Comment #535 - By wtf wtf wtf on 22/03/2015
wtf did i just watch
Comment #534 - By WOW on 22/03/2015
White people take the L forever
Comment #533 - By Horrible on 22/03/2015
No knott,no spunk= no fun.
Comment #532 - By viewer on 22/03/2015
thats why its good to use condomn we never know who 's who sick brain people
Comment #531 - By I'm white on 22/03/2015
I'm white and my gf is a sheep, don't judge us :/
Comment #530 - By Mark chance on 22/03/2015
Damn I wish I was that dog
Comment #529 - By chill out on 22/03/2015
Y'all need to stop the racist shit.. Were all human this is fucked up regardless if they arr black or white.. Also stop being hypocrites, im sure most of you have rubbed one out at least once to each race..
Comment #528 - By I'm white on 22/03/2015
and fucking niggers is worse!
Comment #527 - By this... on 22/03/2015
is legal in some states up north. marriage to animals is legal in some states.
Comment #526 - By I'm white on 22/03/2015
I'm white and I rather fuck my horse.
Comment #525 - By the law on 22/03/2015
Comment #524 - By lmfao on 22/03/2015
niggers imbreed in the jungles with other apes
Comment #523 - By LMAOOOOOOOOOO on 22/03/2015
Crackers fuck dogs and their sisters
Comment #522 - By llllllllllllllllllllllllllllll on 22/03/2015
Only peckerwoodz like this
Comment #521 - By nice on 22/03/2015
I fucked my horse on the ranch three times a month,she likes it
Comment #520 - By lol on 22/03/2015
We came on xnxx to fap. Stop making this about race and fap one out
Comment #519 - By pacmaan on 22/03/2015
Can't look at white girls the same....
Comment #518 - By PIG SKIN HONKEY on 22/03/2015
Typical dirty ass pigskin honkey behavior
Comment #517 - By Tim on 22/03/2015
My sister enjoys dog sex and black guys too.
Comment #516 - By alot racist on 22/03/2015
i like being white i mean who doesn't like playing for a winning team.
Comment #515 - By concerned citizen on 22/03/2015
wtf! You people need to be in jail
Comment #514 - By wthisthis on 22/03/2015
Some white people are weird as fuck..(some) not racist
Comment #513 - By BLACKS ARE RIGHT.... on 22/03/2015
White people are truly fucked up we even have women who are sick enough to fuck niggers! Now that's truly fucked up!
Comment #512 - By This Video on 22/03/2015
This took the word doggy style and added a whole new interpretation and definition to it didn't it?
Comment #511 - By tiger. on 22/03/2015
Who needs boyfriends
Comment #510 - By ... on 22/03/2015
lmao at retarded niggers thinking they can't be racist.
Comment #509 - By Nope on 22/03/2015
Aids jumped into the human population because whites love to fuck animals. As show here the dumb bitch talks and fucks her dog like he is a damn human. And going by the dog mannerism he probably fucks her a lot.
Comment #508 - By bob on 22/03/2015
Comment #507 - By White girls be like on 22/03/2015
Dick is dick
Comment #506 - By doggy style on 22/03/2015
Comment #505 - By Poppy on 22/03/2015
That dog has been in her pussy more than once.
Comment #504 - By WTF??? on 22/03/2015
White people the most disgusting race they sleep with animals & relatives no OTHER RACES do this I'm black NOT RACIST
Comment #503 - By WHITE POWER on 22/03/2015
All Niigers Need To Hang!
Comment #502 - By wtf on 22/03/2015
what in the name of ass did i just watch
Comment #501 - By fuck peckerwoodzfuckamerica on 22/03/2015
What a dirty fucking white bitch.. Filthy woodies just love fucking their pets guess that's why they always take em for a walk to get them nice and sweaty to fuck
Comment #500 - By I fuckin heart on 22/03/2015
that this is still up and still making people's heads explode!!
Comment #499 - By hot on 22/03/2015
this shit is hot. i fapped to it twice.
Comment #498 - By I fucking <3 science on 22/03/2015
It's a fact A girl cannot get pregnant from dog sperm if they did the genes are to incompatible and the embryo would die
Comment #497 - By Stop fucking animals on 22/03/2015
Site mods must be on vaycay or something, this shit is still up??
Comment #496 - By illegal on 22/03/2015
Comment #495 - By asian on 22/03/2015
oh shit! white and black people fighting each other in the comment section! *grabs popcorn*
Comment #494 - By COLONEL SANDERS on 22/03/2015
Comment #493 - By Damn on 22/03/2015
Comment #492 - By john on 22/03/2015
Comment #491 - By hahaha! on 22/03/2015
Comment #490 - By damn filthy crackers on 22/03/2015
Discusting fuckin honky.. yuck
Comment #489 - By This is how on 22/03/2015
Aids jumped into the human population. These fucking inbred HONKEYS. Blacks stop fucking this DOG FUCKERS!!!!!
Comment #488 - By Who let the dogs in on 22/03/2015
Who let the dogs in who who who
Comment #487 - By King B on 22/03/2015
nasty ass cracker Bitch!
Comment #486 - By LIONEL MESSI on 22/03/2015
Comment #485 - By No there isn't on 22/03/2015
So suck it up
Comment #484 - By really? on 22/03/2015
Is there no way to report a video?
Comment #483 - By uhhhhh on 22/03/2015
wtf why are you saying ban and gross u clicked the link fuckers
Comment #482 - By Ha Ha! on 22/03/2015
Your dog's dead!
Comment #481 - By black man on 22/03/2015
don't know why you brothers keep saying whitey only does this. my wife has two of her girlfriends come over,and they have lots of fun with our mastiff while I film it. were all black except the one lady is latino and asian.
Comment #480 - By I lost more than an erection on 22/03/2015
Whats fucked up is I just got done burying my fucking dog. Get this exhibitionist Off
Comment #479 - By report on 22/03/2015
How do you do report this to the ASPCA?
Comment #478 - By AND on 22/03/2015
You know what you are licking lmao :D
Comment #477 - By gdrgh on 22/03/2015
Fucking sick
Comment #476 - By Reasons to stop watching porn on 22/03/2015
Insert slippery slope argument here.
Comment #475 - By WTF on 22/03/2015
Comment #474 - By horny on 22/03/2015
Finally someone put animal sex on here I'd love it if my girlfriend agreed to me and my dog fuck her at the same time):-)
Comment #473 - By howdy on 22/03/2015
Fucks dog....but wont fuck certain guys because they dont have a job. Typical woman. Lol
Comment #472 - By poop on 22/03/2015
i kinda got a boner off this
Comment #471 - By really on 22/03/2015
Wtf does race have to do with anything
Comment #470 - By hahahaha on 22/03/2015
The dog wearing the hat is so funny "well hello there ma'am this seems to be a pleasant picnic"
Comment #469 - By Gross on 22/03/2015
What the fuck is wrong with people !
Comment #468 - By Typical on 22/03/2015
Honkey female white males fuck animals too.
Comment #467 - By texas on 22/03/2015
Comment #466 - By Nawwh on 22/03/2015
Comment #465 - By thakzyo on 22/03/2015
Thanks white people for ruining my porn appetite.. Hold this L by the way
Comment #464 - By to everyone viewing on 22/03/2015
Don't like what you just saw? Then stop fuckin watching it!!! No one asked your negative ass to be here.
Comment #463 - By Haters gon' hate! on 22/03/2015
All that puppy wanted was to get inside!!
Comment #462 - By smh on 22/03/2015
First time I actually seen footage. Omfg
Comment #461 - By Deaux on 22/03/2015
Why the hell do white people fuck animals
Comment #460 - By Cleveland on 22/03/2015
Oh thats just nasty
Comment #459 - By Hog on 22/03/2015
I smashed one out over that video and there's nothing that you can do about it!!!
Comment #458 - By nasty as shit on 22/03/2015
Comment #457 - By Flag happy fascists on 22/03/2015
Live and let live you brownshirt muthafuckas!
Comment #456 - By how is this still up on 22/03/2015
No flag button?
Comment #455 - By hjohog on 22/03/2015
Comment #454 - By smh on 22/03/2015
Comment #453 - By DespiteTheDogDick on 22/03/2015
Dressed, foreplay, undressing, some kissing; these two know more about lovemaking than most of the spitting, double ass banging, atm, porn robots that litter the landscape. That's the most human sex on the entire set. Shame.
Comment #452 - By WTF?!? on 22/03/2015
Fucking weird ass motherfuckers doing nasty ass shit like this are fucked up in the head for real!!!!
Comment #451 - By who voted good? on 22/03/2015
Comment #450 - By da fuck on 22/03/2015
white people
Comment #449 - By big black nigga on 22/03/2015
Her favorite doggy style
Comment #448 - By RONALD MCDONALD .. on 22/03/2015
Comment #447 - By wtf on 22/03/2015
This need to be ban. Whoever uploaded this needs stop
Comment #446 - By who voted good? on 22/03/2015
who voted good on this shit?
Comment #445 - By SANDRA on 22/03/2015
This reminds me of the good old times i would have with fifi .. he first would hump my leg and one day when i was coming out of the shower naked i went down doggy style and fif fucked me all night .. NO HUMAN MAN ever fucked me like that .. when fifi died it was like losing my husband ..
Comment #444 - By Wow.... on 22/03/2015
White people are so stupid yo
Comment #443 - By Eww on 22/03/2015
That bitch nasty
Comment #442 - By on 22/03/2015
just lost my horniness
Comment #441 - By splash on 22/03/2015
Lets see more
Comment #440 - By Fghjf on 22/03/2015
We need more of this %u2764%uFE0F%u2764%uFE0F
Comment #439 - By sweet on 22/03/2015
Hot video.....if u don't like it don't look at it.....loved the video
Comment #438 - By What did I just watch? on 22/03/2015
It was kinda hot but i don't know why? Lol... Whatever it'll probably be removed soon.
Comment #437 - By Uncle Puppy on 22/03/2015
That is one eager K9 bro!
Comment #436 - By random 11 year old on 22/03/2015
Lolololol Dan i feel ur pain
Comment #435 - By wtf on 22/03/2015
this is disgusting
Comment #434 - By Random 16 year old on 22/03/2015
I dont approve of this message
Comment #433 - By Gross on 22/03/2015
Comment #432 - By jeff on 22/03/2015
i cant fap to this
Comment #431 - By Shit on 22/03/2015
Comment #430 - By bestiality is illegal on 22/03/2015
One million views holy fuck.
Comment #429 - By HA HAAA on 22/03/2015
That's fuckin ace! Props to whoever uploaded this shit! What a kinky bitch.
Comment #428 - By Grows on 22/03/2015
this is nasty
Comment #427 - By in russia on 22/03/2015
in mother russia,the dogs mount you
Comment #426 - By KING on 22/03/2015
Comment #425 - By dan on 22/03/2015
Clicked this out of curiosity....I'm kind of sad, that dog gets more action than me.
Comment #424 - By dog on 22/03/2015
Woof woof
Comment #423 - By an older guy on 22/03/2015
you should show more of that type of video, there are some of us that think its hot, and are active in it !! VERY HOT
Comment #422 - By Woah on 22/03/2015
Bruh this shit is illegal dude
Comment #421 - By Wow on 22/03/2015
I didn't think they can show this
Comment #420 - By it..jiggles on 22/03/2015
well not using this site anymore..
Comment #419 - By Wtf on 22/03/2015
That's fucking nuts sad n funny
Comment #418 - By lol on 22/03/2015
inter species erotica... straight from tijuana mexico.. lol friggin hog
Comment #417 - By heezer on 22/03/2015
to all u niggletts out there ...there was a video last month where a black girl did the same thing with her dog !
Comment #416 - By wtf on 22/03/2015
what the fuck does this has to do with white or black ..its nasty period .
Comment #415 - By Truth on 22/03/2015
She's not half bad looking. Nice fat pussy. Hell i would have fucked her. I don't understand why girls do this.
Comment #414 - By dumb fucks on 22/03/2015
all u fuckers complaining u clicked on it
Comment #413 - By xx26 on 22/03/2015
U people are sick and this shit is nasty and wrong
Comment #412 - By logic on 22/03/2015
#ultimateFurry #StopTheWhiteHaters #GTFOComplainers #NoOneCares #LegalToWatch ##Hashtags
Comment #411 - By Animal Rights on 22/03/2015
There's some asshole who's going to say this is animal abuse. I hate sexually repressed idiots.
Comment #410 - By ,,,,,,,,,,, on 22/03/2015
typical Euro bitches
Comment #409 - By skeet on 22/03/2015
I just came so
Comment #408 - By Helpful on 22/03/2015
www , beastiegals , com is a good website for more of this
Comment #407 - By wow on 22/03/2015
surpsed it hsnt beeen removed
Comment #406 - By fuck on 22/03/2015
thes shit is kinda sexy to be real though
Comment #405 - By LOL on 22/03/2015
I like how a lot of people are talking aboiut how fucked up this is even though they new what they were clicking on
Comment #404 - By OMG on 22/03/2015
Where can I find more videos like this? SO HOT!!
Comment #403 - By FUCKWHITE on 22/03/2015
Comment #402 - By Wow on 22/03/2015
That was a quickie.
Comment #401 - By shiiitttnigggaaa on 22/03/2015
that's crazy how the dogs know even though she is human, must be like a scent thing and the dog can't even see her pussy. damn my curiosity has been peaked
Comment #400 - By craig on 22/03/2015
Smh...white people are fucked up...
Comment #399 - By Humane Society on 22/03/2015
This is some disgusting shit!! What if she get pregnant? Lmfaooo%uD83D%uDE05
Comment #398 - By Mmmmm on 22/03/2015
Casual sex
Comment #397 - By Wow on 22/03/2015
I guess I'm must be on the really REALLY deep weird side of youtube...
Comment #396 - By A real nigga on 22/03/2015
White people take another L
Comment #395 - By Report this is sick on 22/03/2015
Report this its sick
Comment #394 - By wth on 22/03/2015
Comment #393 - By SMH on 22/03/2015
What dogs will do for a beggin strip
Comment #392 - By ummm on 22/03/2015
doesnt matter what u say... In the end... You are still the same color as a big steaming pile of shit
Comment #391 - By Coco on 22/03/2015
Is this even legal? I'm so confused
Comment #390 - By What on 22/03/2015
Fuckin humans this is disgusting
Comment #389 - By To all white people on 22/03/2015
You can't say shit about blacks anymore lmao y'all crackers are fucked in the head.
Comment #388 - By Horny on 22/03/2015
I want some donkey dick.
Comment #387 - By Lol on 22/03/2015
A white bitch is fucking a dog and the whites on this video are calling blacks the n word. It clearly shows the pathological behavior of the white race.
Comment #386 - By Cindy on 22/03/2015
Dog lasted longer than my black guy did.
Comment #385 - By dafuck on 22/03/2015
Who the fuck upvotes this haha
Comment #384 - By I See on 22/03/2015
Now we know why girls love dogs.
Comment #383 - By Every once in a while on 22/03/2015
one of these videos pops up, usually its a horse, it will be taken down soon
Comment #382 - By dirty on 22/03/2015
Nasty ass WHITE Bitch..
Comment #381 - By Bob on 22/03/2015
A shame he didn't get the knott in and stretch her pussy real good.
Comment #380 - By Geez on 22/03/2015
Can't we report this video?
Comment #379 - By Love it on 22/03/2015
This is hot id date her
Comment #378 - By Disgusting on 22/03/2015
My friend showed me this video I reall think that's disgusting and if that girl can only get dick from her dog then we have a serious problem like wtf who does that with dog a fucking animal like she could get a disease I swear this shit is fucking nasty as hell
Comment #377 - By umm.. on 22/03/2015
Wow. Dirty whore. Didnt know this kind of stuff really existed. Looks like I found that part of the internet I didn't want to to be in... again.
Really though this is disturbing. I feel like I did something illegal watching this.
Comment #376 - By Wtf on 22/03/2015
Thus is sick
Comment #375 - By Mykal on 22/03/2015
Please provide more of this subject matter. Thanks.
Comment #374 - By help on 22/03/2015
www dot gay beast dot com
Comment #373 - By Mcdoggie on 22/03/2015
Can me and my dawgs fuck too?
Comment #372 - By Wet on 22/03/2015
Real doggy style. My client is swollen watching this. I'm about to cum
Comment #371 - By gross on 22/03/2015
id kill her if i saw her in real life i swear.. this is just wrong
Comment #370 - By wtaf on 22/03/2015
im embarrased to be the same race as this bitch
Comment #369 - By Comment on 22/03/2015
I got money saying "Her husband is the one working the camera"
Comment #368 - By Christian Jesus on 22/03/2015
Approves of this dog raping MUAHAHA!
Comment #367 - By Help on 22/03/2015
Anyone know any sites for this kinda like it
Comment #366 - By ha ha ha on 22/03/2015
ha ha why are people hating?? if gay porn is shown on this sight beastiality DEFINETLY can.i would rather watch this than gay porn but wouldnt prefer to watch either....most peple on here are hypocrits... lol
Comment #365 - By Kansas on 22/03/2015
Idk I wish i knew
Comment #364 - By Yakuza on 22/03/2015
Need more of these videos
Comment #363 - By Horny4beasts on 22/03/2015
What other sites have videos like this
Comment #362 - By Wrong on 22/03/2015
That is just wrong ... Just no...
Comment #361 - By Satan on 22/03/2015
I am raping your Mother right now, and you are watching these videos LOL! I own your fucking souls!
Comment #360 - By Whitegirlproblems on 22/03/2015
I wanna see more of that to short made me wet
Comment #359 - By ( %u0361 on 22/03/2015
( %u0361
Comment #358 - By All regular Americans on 22/03/2015
should open fire on animal fuckers.
Comment #357 - By Rifles on 22/03/2015
Will help take out animal fuckers.
Comment #356 - By Yagami The Bullied on 22/03/2015
You guys are mean. I only came here for Kappas and Forsen :^(
Comment #355 - By Finally on 22/03/2015
Every other type of porn is on here about time they got some beast.
Comment #354 - By Yagami the sex queen on 22/03/2015
Sucks cocks in hell while watching dog rape porn.
Comment #353 - By Murder on 22/03/2015
Animal fuckers using weaponry such as rifles.
Comment #352 - By Yagami the Tired on 22/03/2015
No, I don't have sex with anything. Sorry.
Comment #351 - By cj thatcher on 22/03/2015
Wow lol
Comment #350 - By Craig Price on 22/03/2015
Nigger Serial Killer stabber.
Comment #349 - By filth on 22/03/2015
white beasts..
Comment #348 - By @ Yagami the Cunt on 22/03/2015
Are you having sex with your kitten yet?
Comment #347 - By Hutning down on 22/03/2015
Animal fucking parasites.
Comment #346 - By honkey on 22/03/2015
whites love fucking their pets
Comment #345 - By Find the film maker on 22/03/2015
Walk in with a shotgun and stick it up to the face while shouting hateful words, then pull the trigger on the dog fuckers. Smile! :)
Comment #344 - By Satan on 22/03/2015
I am eating your souls as we type.
Comment #343 - By @ WOW on 22/03/2015
Worship the fucking DEVIL and burn in HADES!
Comment #342 - By WOW on 22/03/2015
All of these comments are crazy. you all are some hateful, satan filled motherfuckers. wht the hell happened in your lives to make u this way (get some jesus quick lol)
Comment #341 - By SEX WITH ANIMALS on 22/03/2015
Comment #340 - By anonymous 123 on 22/03/2015
in before the lock!
Comment #339 - By lmao on 22/03/2015
Air bud just tryna get his dick wet. Damn.
Comment #338 - By Obama Islam on 22/03/2015
Is a fucking mixed White Mom having nigger.
Comment #337 - By Oriental dog fuckers on 22/03/2015
Should be burned alive and spit on while they cry.
Comment #336 - By All white animal fuckers on 22/03/2015
Are on meth and should be shot in the forehead.
Comment #335 - By oTaino on 22/03/2015
white people are fucking gross
Comment #334 - By Multiple .45 ACP rounds on 22/03/2015
To the skulls of animal fuckers.
Comment #333 - By Caught fuckiing animals on 22/03/2015
And was shot in the back of the skull.
Comment #332 - By Black Race on 22/03/2015
Is burned alive as they deserve to be
Comment #331 - By This disease cunt on 22/03/2015
Has your mother's AIDS.
Comment #330 - By Set fire to on 22/03/2015
Those who have sex with animals.
Comment #329 - By All animal fuckers on 22/03/2015
Comment #328 - By Iikepotatoes on 22/03/2015
Comment #327 - By R_u_out_of_ur_mind? on 22/03/2015
Why ur fucking an animal? U might get some diseases..... Just fuck humans straight... Normal sex
Comment #326 - By Shoot dead on 22/03/2015
All fucking sex lovers catch them in the act and blast their skulls open wide. Like Somalian niggers did to American Marines.
Comment #325 - By @ Ebola jones respondant on 22/03/2015
You're clearly a fucking nigger.
Comment #324 - By dafuq on 22/03/2015
They took it to far with this one, go ahead and take the L
Comment #323 - By fkd on 22/03/2015
This is fkd
Comment #322 - By @ Ebola jones on 22/03/2015
You're clearly white
Comment #321 - By AIDS on 22/03/2015
From Niggers and gay parasites.
Fuck these dog sickos and get their herp.
Comment #320 - By Your average white guy on 22/03/2015
-___- white people we take an L for this... This is pathetic
Comment #319 - By lol on 22/03/2015
white dog fuckers are trying to turn it around lol fuck those animal fuckers
Comment #318 - By Google on 22/03/2015
Black Serial Killers
murder all dog fuckers.
Comment #317 - By fuck white garbage on 22/03/2015
Something is wrong in that race's head
Comment #316 - By honky beater on 22/03/2015
I always knew crackers were into some nasty shit but those motherfuckers took it too far
Comment #315 - By Shoot dead every on 22/03/2015
loser involved.
Comment #314 - By Disturbing on 22/03/2015
what the fuck is wrong with whites
Comment #313 - By jerome on 22/03/2015
sick white fucks
Comment #312 - By she on 22/03/2015
Is oriental, not caucasian.... the title is tiwaneese
Comment #311 - By the white girl on 22/03/2015
Man i love this
Comment #310 - By lol on 22/03/2015
This is what whites love what a sick race. Because the action of a few effect the whole race right white people, fucking chalkies
Comment #309 - By ohok ;-;. on 22/03/2015
Comment #308 - By dog on 22/03/2015
Shut up guys ...yo guys are jealus of me bark!!
Comment #307 - By Xnxx on 22/03/2015
This is disgusting. Please take it down.
Comment #306 - By whites are scum on 22/03/2015
Whites are scum lol
Comment #305 - By Scooby-Doo on 22/03/2015
Dog getting more action than me :(
Comment #304 - By whites are human garbage on 22/03/2015
Look at this white sick fucker having sex with whites are human trash XD
Comment #303 - By why on 22/03/2015
Wtf, that's rancid
Comment #302 - By WAT THE FUCKA on 22/03/2015
Comment #301 - By Wish I could watch in person! on 22/03/2015
I'd fuck her face while he took care of the pussy! Might even dp her :3 she'd be mine forever!!!
Comment #300 - By Sick Fucks Like Me on 22/03/2015
What's worse than a chick fucking a dog...? Sick fucks who watch chicks fuck dogs...
Comment #299 - By Cracker hater on 22/03/2015
Would be a white bitch...fucking crackers
Comment #298 - By was on 22/03/2015
that rea
Comment #297 - By fml as well on 22/03/2015
I seen a black crackhead chick suck off a dog once.... the dog was satisfied.
Comment #296 - By Da Dawg Pound on 22/03/2015
Lol this bitch is a real hoe I bet she fucks all the dogs in her neighborhood. Lmao this bitch really desperate for money to go and fuck a crusty ass dog dick. The struggle is real lol. That dog was like aight bitch im done get yo dirty ass out my face haha damn im dead xD
Comment #295 - By oh god... on 22/03/2015
Wat the fack did i just fap to... This is what ive become?! Lolfuckmylife
Comment #294 - By BadxBoy on 22/03/2015
Yoo.. Stfuu Haterz More of this thz girl got her brain fucked by dog Loll..
Comment #293 - By dan on 22/03/2015
white power.
Comment #292 - By --- on 22/03/2015
Xnxx pls take this down
Comment #291 - By Wtf did I just see.... on 22/03/2015
Fuck sales you white people are crazy as shit
Comment #290 - By Sean on 22/03/2015
This not that's bad
Comment #289 - By helper on 22/03/2015
She is talented, most girls need allot of help to get a dogs dick in them
Comment #288 - By Pray on 22/03/2015
Let the keyboard warriors come
Comment #287 - By limpy on 22/03/2015
wow people actually do this shit?
Comment #286 - By Iann on 22/03/2015
That was hot as fuck
Comment #285 - By WWJD on 22/03/2015
What Would Jesus Do, he should kill the bitch
Comment #284 - By A fucking dog? Really? on 22/03/2015
Not surprise it'ss always the white kids
Comment #283 - By black power on 22/03/2015
Nasty ass and all you racist bitches...suck my ass
Comment #282 - By Sweet Baby Jesus on 22/03/2015
Yes my brother, this lady is fucked the fuck up i pray for her AMEN
Comment #281 - By Sweet Baby Jesus on 22/03/2015
ooooh looord we need some saveing done in this world,Sweet Baby Jesus forgive me for my sins of watching this crazy ass shit and please Baby Jesus erase this shit from my mind AMEN lets start a prayer circle for this lady,lets hope her kids aren't as FUCKED UP
Comment #280 - By was on 22/03/2015
That real or fake
Comment #279 - By 0.o on 22/03/2015
What did I just see? I need eye bleach.
Comment #278 - By wuh... on 22/03/2015
Dude....C'mon. Gross.
Comment #277 - By confused on 22/03/2015
when did beastiality end up on here?
Comment #276 - By nigga what? on 22/03/2015
That shit fucked up bruh
Comment #275 - By lol on 22/03/2015
wow, that poooor dog, getting his fuck on, he must be hating that!
Comment #274 - By Ewwww on 22/03/2015
What the fuck!!!
Comment #273 - By How do on 22/03/2015
How does one report or flag
Comment #272 - By yuk on 22/03/2015
thats fucked up
Comment #271 - By afrobbc on 22/03/2015
that dog is fucking horny
Comment #270 - By Some random guy on 22/03/2015
Da shit what in the fuck did i just watch
Comment #269 - By Pretty cool actually on 22/03/2015
Nice dog... Whats wrong with you people, Doggy is Happy and Pussy is Happy, all good!
Comment #268 - By Needs to be removed on 22/03/2015
Comment #267 - By This is on 22/03/2015
Comment #266 - By LOL on 22/03/2015
Comment #265 - By Fred Garvin on 22/03/2015
Wasn't she a great sport? How about that...
Comment #264 - By jesus on 22/03/2015
what a bunch of normalfags on here
Comment #263 - By hmmm on 22/03/2015
Why watch if you already know what this is ?
Comment #262 - By YES on 22/03/2015
beast, although nothing amazing, on xnxx?
Comment #261 - By Stephanie4life on 22/03/2015
Niggers need to be rounded up and shipped back to Africa to starve in the sand with the rest of them since they hate whites and hate America so much. See ya, we don't need ya.
Comment #260 - By ??? on 22/03/2015
The good ole 18th century
Comment #259 - By White women will fuck anything on 22/03/2015
White women started fucking niggers and now they're fucking dogs too? Gross.
Comment #258 - By Ewww on 22/03/2015
Dang dis bitch going straight to hell for that shit no lie
Comment #257 - By kill all dog like this on 22/03/2015
her goal is hell,I'm 100% sure
Comment #256 - By ??? on 22/03/2015
What did i just watch...i just wanted to watch a chick get tag teamed beat my dick then go to sleep i just feel dirty now
Comment #255 - By There are on 22/03/2015
a lot of more bestiality lovers than people would like you to think.
Stop lying.. You guys jerked off to this video.
Comment #254 - By Danmm on 22/03/2015
All you bleach skinned worthless crackers are cum dumpsters. Fuck anything that moves. Spread disease. Whats next. Kill whitey.
Comment #253 - By wtf on 22/03/2015
report this shit
Comment #252 - By fucking bigot haters on 22/03/2015
Get over it if people don't like a certain race that's they're problem i see alot of black racists in these comments to niggers are no better we just call them out and insult them like they do us white people.
Comment #251 - By fucking bigots on 22/03/2015
Race doesnt matter, this bitch obviously had a mental issue.
Comment #250 - By old man fuckersnapper on 22/03/2015
Back in my day, your sorry ass would he labeled a witchfor this ol' fashioned fucked up shit!
Comment #249 - By Love it. on 22/03/2015
It's time to see more videos like this on here! Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Comment #248 - By MANN on 22/03/2015
Im white i have to agree this is a disgrace to everything we are
Comment #247 - By Flagged on 22/03/2015
For once they actually did have something illegal, bestiality
Comment #246 - By #shade45 on 22/03/2015
White people Wednesday lol
Comment #245 - By DragonLord on 22/03/2015
I go to porn sites for the racism.
Comment #244 - By lol on 22/03/2015
This is crazy im 25yo virgin girls wont even beat me off, but they let their dogs get that pussy :(
Comment #243 - By maybe it's a problem on 22/03/2015
who else cum before the dog
Comment #242 - By Sir fuck on 22/03/2015
Comes to show how easy it is to fuck a cracker
Comment #241 - By Well on 22/03/2015
Comment #240 - By Werewolf on 22/03/2015
Comment #239 - By umm... on 22/03/2015
Comment #238 - By prayers on 22/03/2015
Only white people what a disgrace
Comment #237 - By well i dont get it on 22/03/2015
They show nasty niggers fucking white women and we all know niggers are basicaly gorillas so why is this video not ok to some of you?
Comment #236 - By help me on 22/03/2015
anyone know his name? hes cute!
Comment #235 - By Lmao on 22/03/2015
Takes 'doggy style' to a whole new level
Comment #234 - By Your Daddy on 22/03/2015
Really? This shit shouldn't be on here smh gross, I mean I'm all about fucking my younger cousin, but this is too far.
Comment #233 - By rancid on 22/03/2015
Really? Gross
Comment #232 - By King on 22/03/2015
feel bad how is she horny but she couldn't find somone to F..k her
Comment #231 - By the FUCK on 22/03/2015
y the fuck would u do this yhay poor dG
Comment #230 - By Should have on 22/03/2015
Blown his load on her face
Comment #229 - By no. no. no. on 22/03/2015
That is fucking nasty!!! Killed my vibe!!!
Comment #228 - By Really? on 22/03/2015
You can tell the dog has done it before bc he's trying to mount her before she gets ready. Shame, shame!
Comment #227 - By sara on 22/03/2015
Mans best friend lol
Comment #226 - By wtf on 22/03/2015
Last time I checked bestiality is illegal
Comment #225 - By Idk on 22/03/2015
My dick got hard I'm ashamed
Comment #224 - By well on 22/03/2015
That's fucked up to be on the front page
Comment #223 - By This is how on 22/03/2015
Aids jumped into the human population. WHITE PEOPLE!!!!
Comment #222 - By Why on 22/03/2015
Why should she be in jail she didnt force the dog just let it
Comment #221 - By Dafuq on 22/03/2015
What the fucks wrong with this white bitch?
Comment #220 - By Joe on 22/03/2015
Comment #219 - By Amber on 22/03/2015
I am sad for the dog and she is sick I only watched for secs bitch you need help real bad.. :-(
Comment #218 - By The Dog in the video on 22/03/2015
Y'all niggas need to stop hating. I fuck whoever I want to fuck. Bryan Griffin gets to and gets no shit from anyone? Y'all niggas got me fucked up
Comment #217 - By Sit ubu sit on 22/03/2015
Good dog
Comment #216 - By the on 22/03/2015
Jesus freak is hilarious, especially considering he/she clicked on a video obviously showing a dog fucking a human female. Fucking idiot.
Comment #215 - By wtf on 22/03/2015
She should be in jail along with the host of this illegal video
Comment #214 - By All i know.. on 22/03/2015
Is that Satan saves.
Comment #213 - By Bruh on 22/03/2015
White people are weird af
Comment #212 - By wtf.. on 22/03/2015
Comment #211 - By Mr Q on 22/03/2015
Lucky fucking dog
Comment #210 - By Jesus on 22/03/2015
Jesus... jesus.
Comment #209 - By Heywood on 22/03/2015
That poor dog. Would have been better off to sit on the sofa and lick his own nuts.
Comment #208 - By i69 on 22/03/2015
loved it. would like to see the end though.
Comment #207 - By Fart on 22/03/2015
Now that's what you call doggie style :B
Comment #206 - By Lol on 22/03/2015
Crazy white cracka asses, man.
Comment #205 - By wow wtf on 22/03/2015
Comment #204 - By ... on 22/03/2015
Is it wrong that this turns me on? I'm jealous of her..
Comment #203 - By guy dudeman on 22/03/2015
90% of you fags couldnt even get sex with an animal so what are you complaining about? sad lol
Comment #202 - By blah on 22/03/2015
What in the fuck did i just click on
Comment #201 - By God on 22/03/2015
I told you i did not create White people,they are the Devils handiwork,his failure at making something as beautiful as Black people.
Comment #200 - By dog fucker on 22/03/2015
Omg she soooo lucky
Comment #199 - By daman on 22/03/2015
Comment #198 - By Okay Bitch, on 22/03/2015
Comment #197 - By kill whitey on 22/03/2015
Day in the life of white devil. .... fuck mom, fuck dad, fuck sister, fuck nether, fuck cousin, fuck gay bf, molest little girls, serial kill a few people, do meth, sweep trailer, and fuck dog.
Comment #196 - By LOL on 22/03/2015
she's gonna have baby werewolves
Comment #195 - By john on 22/03/2015
this should be illegal along with gay marriage and incest
Comment #194 - By Big bearC: on 22/03/2015
No,this can't be,now they're tryinng to make werewolfs%uD83D%uDE02
Comment #193 - By freaked on 22/03/2015
I thought .... noo! Wth did I just see there??? So wrong
Comment #192 - By My nyas? on 22/03/2015
Holy shit wtf
Comment #191 - By RED on 22/03/2015
Don't like it then don't watch it, but I laughed.
Comment #190 - By LOL on 22/03/2015
There you go white boys your women at work.
Comment #189 - By The Fuck on 22/03/2015
Why does this have to have beastiality
Comment #188 - By Bruh on 22/03/2015
What the actual fuck.....
Comment #187 - By james on 22/03/2015
its about time this subject was posted on this site!
Comment #186 - By not the first time on 22/03/2015
Not the first time she has done that with the dog, he knew exactly where to go and what to do. Fuck that sweet pussy, I feel so wrong but busted so quick
Comment #185 - By This needs to be on 22/03/2015
Comment #184 - By steve on 22/03/2015
That dog wanted to fuck her
Comment #183 - By Everyone involved on 22/03/2015
In this video should be taken out back and executed.
Comment #182 - By Lilgirl on 22/03/2015
I want to have a puppy so bad.
Comment #181 - By Some humans on 22/03/2015
Require lead injections.
Comment #180 - By The FBI on 22/03/2015
Will rape the scum with bullets.
Comment #179 - By Kill on 22/03/2015
Every single person involved with this film.
Comment #178 - By EEk on 22/03/2015
My pussy closed up.
Comment #177 - By The same people on 22/03/2015
Have sex with kids.
Destroy them with firepower.
Comment #176 - By Open fire on 22/03/2015
Upon the lives of these people involved.
Comment #175 - By Shoot dead on 22/03/2015
The cunts who make these videos.
Comment #174 - By Take out on 22/03/2015
these humans with bullets.
Comment #173 - By Hahahahah on 22/03/2015
12 views and over 21 pages of comments
Comment #172 - By steve on 22/03/2015
Women love big dogs to fuck them
Comment #171 - By Damn on 22/03/2015
This a video that if it make you nut you gonna be real disappointed in yoself after CTFU
Comment #170 - By Wait a minute... on 22/03/2015
I thought he was Man's best friend...
Comment #169 - By just wait on it... on 22/03/2015
This video is finna be taken down.
Comment #168 - By I'm asian on 22/03/2015
I'm asian and even us weirdos don't do this shit. Fucking white people
Comment #167 - By Chinese niggas on 22/03/2015
The fuck is a "huan-luyen cho lam..."??
Comment #166 - By hot on 22/03/2015
this was so hot an a trun on
Comment #165 - By kill whitey on 22/03/2015
White women rather fuck dogs? The white devil race is doomed lol
Comment #164 - By just wondering on 22/03/2015
Is this sttuff illegal? Might sound ignorant but asking a serious Q
Comment #163 - By Lmao wow on 22/03/2015
This shouldn't be on here it really killed my mood
Comment #162 - By slave master on 22/03/2015
Comment #161 - By umm.. on 22/03/2015
pretty sure this is illegal.. just sayin
Comment #160 - By no fuksgiven on 22/03/2015
Lml how u gon be racist n ur race fuk animals wat in all fuks
Comment #159 - By Cesar millan on 22/03/2015
Im that dog's agent,
Comment #158 - By is it weird? on 22/03/2015
is it weird that I find this hot and it turns me on?
Comment #157 - By you're all pathetic on 22/03/2015
Report this and move on. This is a disgrace to humanity. There's no difference between this sicko and MICHAEL VICK - RACE BAITers.
Comment #156 - By Cesar millan on 22/03/2015
White man can fuck
Comment #155 - By i am sad on 22/03/2015
this motherfucking dog is getting more action than me.
Comment #154 - By fuck every color on 22/03/2015
whats up bi t c hez i hate every color im lucky im a alien from mars laters peace B i y ches
Comment #153 - By Freddo on 22/03/2015
You people are the best friends a guy could as for! :D
Comment #152 - By Cesar millan on 22/03/2015
White people all ways looking for cheep labor on their movies
Comment #151 - By Lol on 22/03/2015
The real version of doggy style :P
Comment #150 - By yes on 22/03/2015
Omfg yes finally
Open your eyes
This is sexy af
Comment #149 - By Cesar millan on 22/03/2015
Hi, im the dog whisperer. Im proud to trained that dog! White people pay me good money to train their dogs, keep watching my show
Comment #148 - By surprised on 22/03/2015
surprisingly, i was a little turned on by that shit
Comment #147 - By Hidden0ne on 22/03/2015
Well that was something
Comment #146 - By 911 was an inside job on 22/03/2015
jet fuel can't melt steel beams.
Comment #145 - By That guy on 22/03/2015
The thing that scares me the most is that the dog was like he was acting like he's done this again and again, and she acted the same...and it didn't look like she got paid or anything it looked completely voluntary. This is messed up
Comment #144 - By lol on 22/03/2015
I hate that this is going to be taken down because it's so hard to find shit is well made
Comment #143 - By lol on 22/03/2015
....what the fuck. smh
Comment #142 - By Big Al on 22/03/2015
What, no facial ending? Goddammit!
Comment #141 - By Camehere on 22/03/2015
Got some popcorn , gotta be ready to see the comments
Comment #140 - By Bust Down on 22/03/2015
Nasty bitch
Comment #139 - By John on 22/03/2015
wish I was that dog.
Comment #138 - By wtf on 22/03/2015
wht the hell?!
Comment #137 - By A random on 22/03/2015
Sadly, I beat my dick to this.
Comment #136 - By holy on 22/03/2015
Comment #135 - By that dood mbo on 22/03/2015
This dog gets more pussy than all these shit talkers on here lmao
Comment #134 - By WTF? on 22/03/2015
Comment #133 - By im black on 22/03/2015
and i love it
Comment #132 - By Omg on 22/03/2015
Where can I find more of these I could wank my dick to this
Comment #131 - By Mentor on 22/03/2015
Well that fucking ruined my erection
Comment #130 - By dangaloang on 22/03/2015
that dog can wear hats AND fuck bitches?
Comment #129 - By Thrusttter69 on 22/03/2015
That was hot were can I find more
Comment #128 - By ??? on 22/03/2015
the part that conserns me is that this turned me on
Comment #127 - By I am white on 22/03/2015
I am white and I am truly ashamed :/
Comment #126 - By oops on 22/03/2015
Clickd on wrong video
Comment #125 - By lex on 22/03/2015
White people are gross.
Comment #124 - By She is on 22/03/2015
Going to hell without a doubt.. Nasty beastiality bitch. Typical white crazy bitch
Comment #123 - By Wtf on 22/03/2015
White bitches anyone could fuck them even a dog :)
Comment #122 - By I just wanted to read the comm on 22/03/2015
Comment #121 - By happy on 22/03/2015
12 views, 140 comments , 238 yes votes, 132 no votes. something wrong with the addition
Comment #120 - By lololol on 22/03/2015
whiteys are so disgusting its not even funny. Sure glad i break my neighbor's windows from time to time . After seeing this i might just poison one of em.
Comment #119 - By The law on 22/03/2015
Isn't this illegal ? Was is it on here
Comment #118 - By Human on 22/03/2015
Figures blacks would be the ones trynna judge whites when they can't even act like civilized people
Comment #117 - By Why on 22/03/2015
Fucking why?
Comment #116 - By Oh look on 22/03/2015
White people mating with animals
Comment #115 - By Joe on 22/03/2015
Iwana be dog
Comment #114 - By the joker on 22/03/2015
Good video although I wish it would last longer
Comment #113 - By I'm gunna puke on 22/03/2015
Why is this on here?
Comment #112 - By Anonymous on 22/03/2015
Dogs are probably better than most men. They are definintly more loyal!
Comment #111 - By Yooo on 22/03/2015
White people are CRAZY!! O.o
Comment #110 - By WtF? on 22/03/2015
Only crackas and chinks do this shit. Fucked up. DELETE IT.
Comment #109 - By Wft on 22/03/2015
Da fuck is with the racists comments towards white people? I may be black, but still wft man?
Comment #108 - By Paino Taino on 22/03/2015
white people take your dog fucking somewhere else
Comment #107 - By hajaja on 22/03/2015
The dog gets more pussy then everyone here!
Comment #106 - By Squatch Hunter on 22/03/2015
Every morning I shit the bed. Sometimes not even on purpose.
Comment #105 - By kill whitey on 22/03/2015
No wonder white devils look like dogs.
Comment #104 - By it was a dare!!! on 22/03/2015
Didn't know she would actually do it
Comment #103 - By Only in the south... on 22/03/2015
looks like her brother was tired of fucking her, so he decided to film her and the dog.
Comment #102 - By #yolo on 22/03/2015
12 view and 123 comments
Comment #101 - By not allowed on 22/03/2015
This is a violation of the terns of service
Comment #100 - By fuck up on 22/03/2015
Man this is fucked
Comment #99 - By The Dog on 22/03/2015
You should see. We have two beautiful children. They are lovely. Woof Woof
Comment #98 - By when i saw the previews on 22/03/2015
I knew the comments would be interesting
Comment #97 - By Illegal vid on 22/03/2015
This is illegal take off
Comment #96 - By man on 22/03/2015
fuck you fag fag. lame ass site
Comment #95 - By anonymous on 22/03/2015
Haha this guy is posting these videos on purpose just like he did with the others
Comment #94 - By If ur against the white on 22/03/2015
Comment #93 - By dog fuckers on 22/03/2015
will be taken out and shot in the face.
Comment #92 - By We r anonymous on 22/03/2015
If you like bestiality go to pornsocket. Com
Comment #91 - By hunt down on 22/03/2015
and take the lives of these humans.
Comment #90 - By shoot on 22/03/2015
these humans dead.
Comment #89 - By FUCK OFF on 22/03/2015
Comment #88 - By really on 22/03/2015
The first dog porn star
Comment #87 - By haa on 22/03/2015
Yes love it and im black, better if it was a horse though..
Comment #86 - By love it on 22/03/2015
Thats awesome but so short :(
Comment #85 - By why on 22/03/2015
I dont get why you guys are hating on whites. I like being white. I love playing for a winning team
Comment #84 - By cam on 22/03/2015
Wtf this needs to be taken down that's messed up how do you report
Comment #83 - By kill whitey on 22/03/2015
White devils most disgusting race on the planet. Pathetic
Comment #82 - By tom on 22/03/2015
What the fuck?!
Comment #81 - By I'd fuk her in da mouth on 22/03/2015
I'd pay to watch this live
Comment #80 - By FUCK OFF on 22/03/2015
Comment #79 - By Elias on 22/03/2015
I'm sorry Jesus
Comment #78 - By hjn on 22/03/2015
Wtf delete
Comment #77 - By hey on 22/03/2015
It cuz she's white they love fucking animals
Comment #76 - By first 25 get nudes on 22/03/2015
Seven zero eight nine nine zero five five five three. Names Patricia hmu ;)
Comment #75 - By jose on 22/03/2015
O.o wtf
Comment #74 - By wtf on 22/03/2015
This is just as bad as a mudshark...
Comment #73 - By feaf on 22/03/2015
creepy and kind of attractive at the same time but mostly creepy not worth jerking to
Comment #72 - By ..... on 22/03/2015
thats horrible.
Comment #71 - By really on 22/03/2015
u r sick go to the doctor and get checked u might have a new disease because of that
Comment #70 - By No it's not animal abuse on 22/03/2015
I'm not saying this right. But when a dog mates other dog/human it's knot locks the two for 20-40 mins. It happens when a dog normally mates it doesn't cause bleeding or infection you dumb twat.
Comment #69 - By Yes on 22/03/2015
Finally so beastiity!!!!
Comment #68 - By Ol` Billy on 22/03/2015
Yoohoo i reckon any young guys want to get their peepees stroked by this old timer?
Comment #67 - By Just think for a minute on 22/03/2015
If this dog inpregnated this woman, what the final outcome would be
Comment #66 - By CDC on 22/03/2015
its people like this who cause new STDs to arise sickening truly ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
Comment #65 - By ant on 22/03/2015
So hot
Comment #64 - By u need help on 22/03/2015
Jest saying anyone that gets off to this need to talk to a doctor
Comment #63 - By ATTENTION on 22/03/2015
The next 5 people who comment like it up the asshole
Comment #62 - By This is in fact animal abuse on 22/03/2015
And also as the dog tries to pull out, as you can see the session is extremely short so the girl is never finished so she tries to keep it in.
Comment #61 - By CDC on 22/03/2015
hmm very disgusting these people are going to be the cause of new STDs and man can that shit spread and that lady should come in for a fuckin quarantine
Comment #60 - By Wtf on 22/03/2015
This is why their country has population control, to keep dumbasses like this from being born
Comment #59 - By This is in fact animal abuse on 22/03/2015
While the animal gets excited and fucks, his dick is not made for pussies, so it gets knotted and stuck inside the vagina, causing pain and bleeding from irritation.
Comment #58 - By what the fuck on 22/03/2015
That fucked in every way
Comment #57 - By I just came to comment on 22/03/2015
Sorry typo. "Hell I wish I was the dog". There we go. Now better jerk off before the vidoe is gone.
Comment #56 - By hey on 22/03/2015
Your bucktooth mama licked my nuts
Comment #55 - By Ultimate whore on 22/03/2015
She moaned like a bitch, she loved it.
Comment #54 - By hey on 22/03/2015
Shut your asshole
Comment #53 - By Bruhh on 22/03/2015
Come on this is just disgusting
Comment #52 - By I just came to comment on 22/03/2015
I find it funny to all the people that say this is animal abuse. Wow. letting a dog fuck you is really hurting him. Hell I wish it was the dog.
Comment #51 - By im shocked on 22/03/2015
curiousity killed the cat and this skank likes it doggy style
Comment #50 - By Uhhh...... on 22/03/2015
No just no
Comment #49 - By hey you on 22/03/2015
Shut da fuk up
Comment #48 - By White people on 22/03/2015
You some nasty fuckers
Comment #47 - By hey on 22/03/2015
Comment #46 - By oh shit on 22/03/2015
He lasted longer than me
Comment #45 - By lol on 22/03/2015
white ppl
Comment #44 - By WTF? on 22/03/2015
.....good luck getting boner out
Comment #43 - By dickwad on 22/03/2015
Pretty fucked up just wow
Comment #42 - By Strange on 22/03/2015
I just cummed to this. It feels weird afterwards.
Comment #41 - By truedat on 22/03/2015
all I could think was dogbabies
Comment #40 - By dickweed on 22/03/2015
wtf there are more comments then views
Comment #39 - By trailor park joe on 22/03/2015
he was gettin it in better than most muther fuckers on here. 10/10
Comment #38 - By ... on 22/03/2015
Comment #37 - By WTF on 22/03/2015
Comment #36 - By Mjuuh on 22/03/2015
How does a dog get more bitches than me
Comment #35 - By Ariana on 22/03/2015
That was so soooo kinky
Comment #34 - By Haha on 22/03/2015
Who else came on here to see the comments?
Comment #33 - By oh god no on 22/03/2015
i dont know if im excited or disgusted
Comment #32 - By ... on 22/03/2015
Really night
Comment #31 - By Oh Hell on 22/03/2015
That was a fast wank....He didn't even get the knott in to fill her with puppy sperm.
Comment #30 - By idk what im into anymore on 22/03/2015
cant believe i came to this
Comment #29 - By imagine on 22/03/2015
If this was ur next gf and you wouldn't even know she used to get slayed by her dog u have to walk and pick up its shit sometimes
Comment #28 - By Actually on 22/03/2015
This is quite common in New Zealand.
Comment #27 - By I am just here for the comment on 22/03/2015
Comment #26 - By F&G on 22/03/2015
Fake and gay
Comment #25 - By Haha on 22/03/2015
my dog gets more action that me Lmaooo
Comment #24 - By Hmmm on 22/03/2015
I saw a black girl fuck a dog once and her pussy was all messed up looking.
Comment #23 - By Jdhhdh on 22/03/2015
How's that animal abuse if the dog didn't want it he wouldn't have been so excited
Comment #22 - By wtf on 22/03/2015
I cnt get no pussy but a dog can ? we live with stupid women in this world
Comment #21 - By lol on 22/03/2015
Thats the real Dog whisper
Comment #20 - By Last on 22/03/2015
Comment #19 - By olderjungdude on 22/03/2015
Comment #18 - By curious on 22/03/2015
Where is everyone posting from? It is still the 21st here
Comment #17 - By FUUCK on 22/03/2015
That dog has better game than me
Comment #16 - By This should be illegal. on 22/03/2015
Someone needs to get this removed. This is animal abuse.
Comment #15 - By jeron on 22/03/2015
whites are fucking disgusting.
Comment #14 - By Horrified on 22/03/2015
What the actual fuck?
Comment #13 - By aussie guy on 22/03/2015
Wish that was my dog and wife
Comment #12 - By LOLOLOL on 22/03/2015
Comment #11 - By ummm on 22/03/2015
White bitches take this L lmao
Comment #10 - By harold on 22/03/2015
that dog gets more pussy than me
Comment #9 - By Lucky Dog on 22/03/2015
He's A Lucky Dog!
Comment #8 - By Wtf on 22/03/2015
This is one lonely ass woman...
Comment #7 - By hornyguy on 22/03/2015
That is awesome. More of that please!!!!!
Comment #6 - By Law on 22/03/2015
Legal to watch. Legal to own. Illegal to create.
Comment #5 - By Areyoufuckingkiddingme on 22/03/2015
how does this video get on to the frontpage? is this shit even legal? xnxx has some fucked up shit let me tell you
Comment #4 - By Rab on 22/03/2015
Fuck this nasty shit
Comment #3 - By Wtf is wrong wit ppl on 22/03/2015
Report this fckn nasty shit
Comment #2 - By Yamotha on 22/03/2015
What if the dog came inside her? Lmfao.
Comment #1 - By Babump on 17/03/2015