C� saindo pra fora
Length: 01:01


Comment #1114 - By Josafajose on 27/01/2017
que cu escroto, depois dessa vou fechar essa janela, amanha eu entro de novo!!!
Comment #1113 - By Ahmad on 21/01/2017
انا لا استطيع ان اتخيل الحياة دون السكس اريد فتاة تعطيني سكس وبشكل مستمر
Comment #1112 - By Ahmad on 21/01/2017
ولا اروع من السكس
Comment #1111 - By Grhan on 10/01/2017
Amei quero uma mulher assim ou pior do que isso
Comment #1110 - By Miri on 06/01/2017
What happened with her ass hole ????
Comment #1109 - By Magrelo173 on 16/11/2016
Prazerosa que tesão de mulher gostosa
Comment #1108 - By Maylson on 26/10/2016
Oh jesus que lindo este video amei. Mulher linda de coragem e isso ai garota, si é feliz fazendo isso tem mais é que fazer mesmo. Fiquei morrendo de vontade de passar um pedaço de pizza no cu dela e comer. Imagina que delicia.
Comment #1107 - By mnbv on 23/09/2016
Comment #1106 - By Dosentier on 09/09/2016
Comment #1105 - By Maria3332 on 26/08/2016
isso se chama emorroida....
Comment #1104 - By Vinicius277 on 07/08/2016
Comment #1103 - By Magrelo173 on 05/09/2015
tasty anus this woman put it over there
Comment #1102 - By Donjuanpicudocomedor on 17/03/2015
que desgraça feia velho kkkk
Comment #1101 - By Murdockrj on 12/03/2015
O cu dela parece uma couve-flor!!!!!
Um dia ainda pego um assim pra eu dilacerar!!!!!!!
Comment #1100 - By London on 25/01/2015
Ough I love it really!
Comment #1099 - By thanks im stoping masturbation on 13/01/2015
i will never masturbate
stop masturbation for ever
Comment #1098 - By If shocked on 12/01/2015
search for HotKinkyJo and also DirtyGardenGirl.
Comment #1097 - By Jina on 12/01/2015
Tex me if ur hot
Seven twenty
Twofourthree twentyseventhirty
I'm 21
Comment #1096 - By xnxx on 12/01/2015
fucking disgusting,,
Comment #1095 - By Judy on 12/01/2015
Don't be disgusted this is the new generation
Soon all your kids would be doin this shit
Comment #1094 - By anna scott on 12/01/2015
Is this som kaind virus in her ass? is she sick?
Comment #1093 - By hero on 12/01/2015
She almost turned inside out broooo
Comment #1092 - By Im blind now on 12/01/2015
That was fucked up
Comment #1091 - By omg on 12/01/2015
I hawe to show this to my mom. Something is wrong here
Comment #1090 - By ace on 12/01/2015
that's nasty as hell no class
Comment #1089 - By 111 on 12/01/2015
boner death in 3...2...1
Comment #1088 - By omg lol on 12/01/2015
im go 2 just kill myself that is so wrong on so meany lvls
Comment #1087 - By yaww! on 13/12/2014
Where is the brown curry filling?
Comment #1086 - By dat 1 on 13/12/2014
That is some funny shit for real!
Comment #1085 - By HAD ENOUGH on 12/12/2014
THATS IT !...IM GOING to take a long trip to CHINA and become a Zen monk.. NO more sex for me AFTER WATCHING THIS SHIT !.. the world is fucked up !
Comment #1084 - By Dat 1 on 12/12/2014
I thought predator was going to pop out lol.
Comment #1083 - By This is on 12/12/2014
Fuuuuucking insane ew ew ew ew ew this shits nastyyyyyyyyyy lol
Comment #1082 - By Oh no! on 12/12/2014
This was way to nasty
Comment #1081 - By DickIsDead on 12/12/2014
you need medical assistance!!! now!!!! why are you people watching this!? she needs assistance!!! HELP HER!! fuck!
Comment #1080 - By disgusting on 12/12/2014
What the fuck getcthis shit off of here like who gets horny watching this crap and 8D====8D=====8D get lost what do you post on evry cmmnt. You suck your gay and thatcsite sucks cause is don't exist. Assshole I fuck your mom through your sisters mouth out the back of her ugly skull
Comment #1079 - By omg on 12/12/2014
Ew wtf My dick just committed suicide
Comment #1078 - By anon on 12/12/2014
WTF did I just watch?
Comment #1077 - By miiiereerdaa on 12/12/2014
Malvado, esto es otro nivel , QUE ASCO !!
Comment #1076 - By who wants on 12/12/2014
Some of that chorizo? Anyone? Get your prolapse here!prolapse!
Comment #1075 - By Small dick on 12/12/2014
This was so nasty
Comment #1074 - By Ewwwy on 12/12/2014
This makes me wanna puke
Comment #1073 - By /uhm.. on 12/12/2014
Please go to a medical professional.
Comment #1072 - By haha on 12/12/2014
She has a pink sock!!
Comment #1071 - By yo man on 12/12/2014
she is professional and very clean aswell as you can see
that aint nasty but NASTY!
Comment #1070 - By hags hdjs on 12/12/2014
That's fucking nasty
Comment #1069 - By lala on 11/12/2014
Comment #1068 - By LOVED THIS ! on 11/12/2014
Loved this video looks like she's shitting a red pepper.
Comment #1067 - By Losers on 11/12/2014
all you shocked porn virgins are adorable. Look up hotkinkyjo and dirtygardengirl. actually just search 'prolapse' a ton of girls do this now.
Comment #1066 - By DONT WATCH on 11/12/2014
Comment #1065 - By PUTA MIERDA on 11/12/2014
Comment #1064 - By Mbc on 11/12/2014
Pior que esse V
Comment #1063 - By Gagging on 11/12/2014
This shit is so fucking disgusting
Comment #1062 - By Ellen Degeneres on 11/12/2014
Comment #1061 - By Ummm on 11/12/2014
Excuse mei think need yo ass cheacked out cuz thats not normal
Comment #1060 - By Alright. on 11/12/2014
I'm pretty much done with porn for the rest of my life. If you think about it, porn is really messed up. I'm going to attend all my classes now, study more and get a girlfriend. People who enjoyed this are mentally ill. No other explanation.
Comment #1059 - By Remember on 11/12/2014
Don't feed it after midnight!
Comment #1058 - By nice on 11/12/2014
I would clean that rosebud!
Comment #1057 - By That shit is disgusting and di on 11/12/2014
That nasty bitch needs a doctor, not a dick. *vomits violently*
Comment #1056 - By Jack on 11/12/2014
Comment #1055 - By afomyia on 03/10/2014
fuking sexy
Comment #1054 - By Contranatural on 14/09/2014
pero que ricoooooooooo como le dejo el culo!! fantastico
Comment #1053 - By kingstar1235 on 07/08/2014
Omfg! That moment when the cum came out of her ass and slide down her pussy :')
Comment #1052 - By Baianogostoso on 28/06/2014
Eu tou achando q ela deu o cú a um jumento
Comment #1051 - By Adoulf Hittler on 11/06/2014
I would like that bum hole ........
Comment #1050 - By WHAT THE on 22/04/2014
Comment #1049 - By ahhhh on 29/03/2014
ahhhhhhh Akwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Comment #1048 - By holy shit on 21/06/2013
WHAT THE FUCK DID I JUST SEE!!! what the fuck is wrong with her ass is she an alien or what?
Comment #1047 - By BARACK OBAMA on 21/06/2013
Comment #1046 - By Shiet on 21/06/2013
My sides holy shit.
Comment #1045 - By Erm.... on 18/06/2013
What the fuck was that?
Comment #1044 - By Disgusting on 18/06/2013
What the fuck. You people disgust me.
Comment #1043 - By Dr. Fap on 02/06/2013
That is called a prolapsed rectum.
Comment #1042 - By TheShitz on 06/04/2013
I need to relax now
Comment #1041 - By Gross on 12/03/2013
This shit made me stop mid fap, put away the lotion, and close the window. That shit is just fucking gross.
Comment #1040 - By Please explain on 11/03/2013
Can someone please tell me WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING HERE.
Comment #1039 - By stop this flick on 11/03/2013
this is so nasty but all you anal lovers watch what you ask4 smdh
Comment #1038 - By OMFG! on 11/03/2013
She needs to see a doctor, ASAP!
Comment #1037 - By disturbed on 11/03/2013
This is fucking disturbing
Comment #1036 - By amazing on 11/03/2013
this made me so so hard , i love the look of prolaped b hole , ffff thats hot...
Comment #1035 - By adse on 11/03/2013
Comment #1034 - By sally on 11/03/2013
What the hell is that in her asshole
Comment #1033 - By Anal on 11/03/2013
This is a prolapsed rectum. It happens to gay men and women who do anal. It doesn't hurt but It's annoying when it hangs down.
Comment #1032 - By im blind on 11/03/2013
what the fuck i cant look at my girls asshole again
Comment #1031 - By E money on 11/03/2013
Who is this pornstar? Shes a hot little freak bitch, and in quite a few films...? My kinda chic! Anyone know her name?...
Comment #1030 - By lol on 11/03/2013
Have fun in the ambulance YOU SICK BITCH
Comment #1029 - By slut on 11/03/2013
daamn bitch has gotta brain growin out her daaamn asshole
Comment #1028 - By grossedout on 11/03/2013
Man what the fuck is this nasty shit!
Comment #1027 - By Dewayne on 11/03/2013
Rick Golding let me Fuck her to
Comment #1026 - By -________________________- on 11/03/2013
What the fuck did i just watch..
Comment #1025 - By mike on 11/03/2013
wat happen
Comment #1024 - By this guy on 11/03/2013
i really wish i could slurp the cum from her prolapse.
Comment #1023 - By june buq on 11/03/2013
what the fuck she qot qoinq on ?
Comment #1022 - By wow lol on 11/03/2013
this is goatse girl and there are other shock sites
Comment #1021 - By Everyone that's on 11/03/2013
Called ANAL PROLAPS. there's worse ones if you search it up
Comment #1020 - By ... on 11/03/2013
alien in there??
Comment #1019 - By WHY! on 11/03/2013
why would you even watch this i did but i threw up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment #1018 - By Richard on 11/03/2013
Hmmmm,i guess nowadays babies are coming from the anus...very suspicious!
Comment #1017 - By Well on 11/03/2013
That got me hard. wtf is wrong with me.
Comment #1016 - By ............. on 11/03/2013
AVP bowel edition...
Comment #1015 - By .......... on 11/03/2013
What.................... fuck.................... that coming out of her ass
Comment #1014 - By good lord on 11/03/2013
This bitch needs obamacare
Comment #1013 - By it's official on 11/03/2013
My dicks never getting hard again
Comment #1012 - By lee on 11/03/2013
Been looking for this clip for years.
Comment #1011 - By .... on 10/03/2013
Why did i even watch this ... Why ..
Comment #1010 - By omg on 10/03/2013
what the fucking fuck
Comment #1009 - By josh j on 10/03/2013
That is fucking scary for a porn site
Comment #1008 - By janusz maj on 10/03/2013
Jezu niee ;__; wgl kto kreci takie cos. Lewaki. Wywiezc na mateczke rosyje i rozstrzelac
Comment #1007 - By like hel nO on 10/03/2013
ewW! meh gHad! erotic much?
Comment #1006 - By Gross on 10/03/2013
Did I just see part of her intestines getting pushed out...how is that even sexy?! Ewww go see a doctor!
Comment #1005 - By DUDE on 10/03/2013
Comment #1004 - By Terri on 10/03/2013
The shit was fucking gross!
Comment #1003 - By O.o on 10/03/2013
Comment #1002 - By This video. on 10/03/2013
Turns straights into gays and gays into mexicans... everyone goes down a notch.
Comment #1001 - By holy hell on 10/03/2013
what the fuck did i just watch?
Comment #1000 - By WTF on 10/03/2013
What on Earth is wrong with these people??
Seriously, was that an alien showing out her anus
Comment #999 - By da fuck??? on 10/03/2013
Damn who watches that shit so fucking gross i fucking threw up take that shit off
Comment #998 - By Hornyperson on 10/03/2013
hi I actually threw up right now the mild bubble and when it popped
Comment #997 - By lol on 10/03/2013
lol isn't this goatse girl from those shock sites
Comment #996 - By Why the fuck? on 10/03/2013
Who watches this shit and upvotes?
Comment #995 - By good times on 10/03/2013
I trued that before but never am I going to try that.again
Comment #994 - By WTF on 10/03/2013
2 words...Rectal Prolapse and i will never watch porn again.
Comment #993 - By nasty on 10/03/2013
please tell me wtf i just saw
Comment #992 - By wow on 10/03/2013
who is twisted director of the clip
Comment #991 - By nasty on 10/03/2013
What the fuck is this I want throw up she need a doctor or something cause that not normal or hot nobody want watch that shit take it off
Comment #990 - By Dave on 10/03/2013
Comment #989 - By De-rection on 10/03/2013
The ultimate gross-out. Completly forgot about cumming and went straight to bed. Thts enough porn for 1 life.
Comment #988 - By My fuckin eyes on 09/03/2013
No more porn for me this video nedd deleted
Comment #987 - By Alex on 09/03/2013
Fucking hell I would go the doctor babe
Comment #986 - By Slapped Bitch on 09/03/2013
That is just fucking nasty.
Even my dead ancestors vomited.
Comment #985 - By Lol on 09/03/2013
Just came and vomitted at the same time
Comment #984 - By kaenme on 09/03/2013
wath is it ??? :OOOO
Comment #983 - By so hot on 09/03/2013
omg i came all over place for this... more please
Comment #982 - By Seriously on 09/03/2013
I vomited...
Comment #981 - By awful on 09/03/2013
Comment #980 - By 123 on 09/03/2013
this is just sick
Comment #979 - By First timer. on 09/03/2013
That's just nasty. I'm curious about trying it with my husband for the first time but this video is a case for not doing it.
Comment #978 - By eewww on 09/03/2013
that's the reason anal sex is disgustin
Comment #977 - By fuck face on 09/03/2013
id be like, call an ambulance!
Comment #976 - By willywonka25 on 09/03/2013
that is Mila Queen of Nasty they used to call her...she was around early to mid 90's. she was from the Ukraine....that bitch was beyond buck wild. nobody could touch her
Comment #975 - By really on 09/03/2013
honestly this is kinda impressive that and she's bend ass fucked to much
Comment #974 - By clap-a-herp-a-litis on 09/03/2013
What the actual fukk!!?? Did I just see her asshole gasp for air!? Laugh smooth the fukk out loud omg everybody! Chit choot em choot dat muda fuka!
Comment #973 - By damn curiousity on 09/03/2013
Damn it I just puked on my dick
Comment #972 - By Edwin on 09/03/2013
What is the porn actresses name
Comment #971 - By Prof. de Língua Portuguesa on 09/03/2013
Não, não, ta saindo para dentro.
Comment #970 - By lolypop on 09/03/2013
Burn ta shit with fire!
Comment #969 - By black n beautiful on 09/03/2013
Nataly who gives a fuck I hope a black n beautiful man wouldn't want to fuck it fatttt ass
Comment #968 - By Wtf on 09/03/2013
So she can turn her ass inside out?
Comment #967 - By fucking hilarious on 09/03/2013
Comment #966 - By Robert Cleveland on 09/03/2013
Why th FUCK is this rated 98%??? i think i threw up a little watching this.
Comment #965 - By WTF ? on 09/03/2013
What the fuck is this shit ?!
Comment #964 - By Gross on 09/03/2013
Never having sex again
Comment #963 - By joey on 09/03/2013
I Call this the blooming onion lol
Comment #962 - By Bloody Farts on 09/03/2013
......I think I am going to throw up. Who the fuck posts this kind of stuff? Why is it on the front page?!!
Comment #961 - By Should I? on 09/03/2013
uuugghhhh do i want to watch this? probably not... damn human nature of curiosity
Comment #960 - By He went in dry on 09/03/2013
Omg it's the movie teeth all over again. just in the ass this time
Comment #959 - By jerker on 09/03/2013
love it. that is why women have assholes. what other reason would they have one?
Comment #958 - By Nuclear bombed on 09/03/2013
No more porn for me. It is disgusting. I realized what an idiot I was for watching porn all these years. I am going to live a real life and marry a woman.
Comment #957 - By She ate at on 09/03/2013
She ate at Chili's and when she woke up, there was blood and shit all over her sheets and her asshole looked like an orangutang anus.
Comment #956 - By 3DPGD on 09/03/2013
3D pig.
Comment #955 - By wow on 09/03/2013
I'm horny now
Comment #954 - By Omg on 09/03/2013
This is sick
Comment #953 - By gfs on 09/03/2013
Comment #952 - By OMF on 09/03/2013
Oh My Fuck this is disgusting wtf were they thinking when they posted this shit literally
Comment #951 - By Omg on 09/03/2013
Most disgusting thing I've ever seen in my life and hopefully the most disgusting I ever see
Comment #950 - By xxx on 09/03/2013
Comment #949 - By fly_ry on 09/03/2013
Comment #948 - By load on 09/03/2013
damn shit's disgusting how can he fuck her
Comment #947 - By omg on 09/03/2013
bye bye boner
Comment #946 - By CompletelyDickDead... on 09/03/2013
My name says it all.... Goodbye enjoyful sex life... Im never going to look at an asshole the same....
Comment #945 - By -_- on 08/03/2013
That's some nasty shit -_________- take it off
Comment #944 - By Audrey on 08/03/2013
I am not against the gays and homossexuals generally speaking!!! But this is what happens when the people go against their own nature!!!!
Comment #943 - By wtf on 08/03/2013
Why does this have such a high like rating.
Comment #942 - By Cardiff Wales David on 08/03/2013
That is fucking grim, blud!
Comment #941 - By gigi henson on 08/03/2013
I Think She Did Anal Too Often! D:
Comment #940 - By Elijah Bottomley on 08/03/2013
Fucking Discusting
Comment #939 - By o.o on 08/03/2013
did this bitch just push her ass hole out.?!
Comment #938 - By wtf on 08/03/2013
take this shit off line and never post it again. mother fuckers whoever post it
Comment #937 - By Fuck!? on 08/03/2013
What the fuck is on her butt!?
Comment #936 - By Jose on 08/03/2013
Its prolaspe. I have it because im gay. It doesnt hurt but it feels weird :/ She needs to go to the doctor soon.
Comment #935 - By truth on 08/03/2013
U need to get a life
Comment #934 - By came on 08/03/2013
Damn I've never cum so fast. That was freaking hot.
Comment #933 - By Fucking dickheads on 08/03/2013
Ewwwww wtf. Thats that shit i donnt likee
Comment #932 - By Youknowit on 08/03/2013
I'm afraid those arent camel ears
Comment #931 - By Patrick on 08/03/2013
Thanks now Im never goin to get hard
Comment #930 - By lol on 08/03/2013
Dont even wanna look
Comment #929 - By scared virgin girl on 08/03/2013
This made me want to become a nun. No sex ever and I'm not joking.
Comment #928 - By UHHG on 08/03/2013
whoever jerked off to that is desperated
Comment #927 - By ewww on 08/03/2013
Comment #926 - By Wtf yo on 08/03/2013
Nasty nasty nasty nasty nasty
Comment #925 - By Freel on 08/03/2013
Odd nasty crap
Comment #924 - By heff on 08/03/2013
why u heff to be mad?
Comment #923 - By Ewwwwwwwww on 08/03/2013
That's when you know your over fucked !!
Comment #922 - By Aww on 08/03/2013
Narsty shit
Comment #921 - By hungree on 08/03/2013
looks yummy
Comment #920 - By WTF!! on 08/03/2013
thats so fucking gross, my ass hurt me just watching that shit
Comment #919 - By da faq on 08/03/2013
Did I just watch.... what is life..how did I get here.. oh no
Comment #918 - By gandu muthal on 08/03/2013
subs se behtreen boobs or moti gand wali hoti ha
Comment #917 - By crymaaan on 08/03/2013
one question: why?
Comment #916 - By OMG on 08/03/2013
Crazy shit !!! Ugh this is rly ulgy .....
Comment #915 - By doc8 on 08/03/2013
Comment #914 - By Chris Dorner on 08/03/2013
Comment #913 - By IFOUNDNATHALY on 08/03/2013
Comment #912 - By WTF Dude on 08/03/2013
That Is The Ugliest Shit Ever OMFG Ill Be Gay Now Own
Comment #911 - By memon dost on 08/03/2013
yar ye xnxx ki video kyun nai chalti hai
Comment #910 - By now that's on 08/03/2013
some good porn
Comment #909 - By tiffany on 08/03/2013
Wtf happend
Comment #908 - By morad on 08/03/2013
Comment #907 - By NATALIEBABY on 08/03/2013
That looks like Nataliebaby's ass...actually wait, that is nattaliebaby..
Comment #906 - By anal lover on 08/03/2013
Anybody know where I could find the whole scene?
Comment #905 - By anal lover on 08/03/2013
I like it. Nice and nasty destroyed shit hole
Comment #904 - By nads on 08/03/2013
Looks like someone is gonna be in diapers when she's older
Comment #903 - By James on 08/03/2013
Comment #902 - By What the fuck on 08/03/2013
Am I doing with my life?
Comment #901 - By what am i doing on 08/03/2013
with my life
Comment #900 - By NeverSeenIt on 08/03/2013
Yo it's called Rectal Prolapse I think,she will soon get a pink sock and die ,she probably already is dead and shitted out her intestines
Comment #899 - By Huh on 08/03/2013
did an alien juss spit out her ass??
Comment #898 - By Poop on 08/03/2013
This is the brown waffle
Comment #897 - By Harry Styles on 08/03/2013
Uuurgghhhh wtf
Comment #896 - By phoebe2 on 08/03/2013
i agree truly with phoebe
Comment #895 - By latin bitch on 08/03/2013
disgusting, remove this shit
Comment #894 - By rick james mutha.fuckas on 08/03/2013
wtf did i just see.......
Comment #893 - By to Sara on 08/03/2013
If you take it up the ass all the time this is what your future asshole will look like-PROLAPSE!
Comment #892 - By Fuck on 08/03/2013
This is the hottest thing I've ever seen
Comment #891 - By wtf on 08/03/2013
What the hell happened to her ass?
Comment #890 - By holy on 08/03/2013
this just made me want to stop watching anal porn. im turned off and done for today
Comment #889 - By Was the ass hole died? on 08/03/2013
Im just wondering 8=)
Comment #888 - By Sara on 08/03/2013
I get it up the ass all the time, and yet my ass hole doesn't look like that. Thats just fin weird.
Comment #887 - By front page ? on 08/03/2013
what the hell are you thinking xnxx
Comment #886 - By MOVE PLEAS on 08/03/2013
Comment #885 - By disgusting on 08/03/2013
this is disgusting, i have to throw up.
Comment #884 - By Phil N. Errup on 08/03/2013
All of you making comments about how sick this is...you'll search it again. You know you will lol!
Comment #883 - By qwerty on 08/03/2013
to much anal without lubricant, poor girl -.-
Comment #882 - By WTF!! on 08/03/2013
this is like some alien vs predator shit..
Comment #881 - By LavaBoy on 08/03/2013
Volcano's ass
Comment #880 - By It's like.. on 08/03/2013
Revenge of the Asshole?
Comment #879 - By aaaaaa on 08/03/2013
how could anyone like thisss????
Comment #878 - By WowZer on 08/03/2013
The sad thing about this is that she is not even famous for getting her butthole blown out
Comment #877 - By Please on 08/03/2013
Comment #876 - By ???!!?!?!?!? on 08/03/2013
Fuck's sake this is the last thing you need to see when you're trying to wack a quick one off! Delete this off the homepage!
Comment #875 - By Casey on 08/03/2013
I'm going to throw up. Why would he even stick his dick in that disgusting hole. #thats gross
Comment #874 - By wtf on 08/03/2013
this bitch just turned her asshole inside out?
Comment #873 - By >.< on 08/03/2013
that which is seen cannot be unseen D:
Comment #872 - By WhatTheFuck? on 08/03/2013
This is possibly the most disgusting thing I have ever seen...
Comment #871 - By AHHHHHHhhh on 08/03/2013
Alien pussy !!
Comment #870 - By nope... on 08/03/2013
Still horny
Comment #869 - By Dafuq?... on 08/03/2013
did her ass explode?
Comment #868 - By damn! on 08/03/2013
i just threw up in my mouth, who the f... posts sh.. like this?
Comment #867 - By Fucking idiot girls on 08/03/2013
Pink had it EXACTLY right with her song 'Stupid Girls'. THIS is one of those girls she was talking about. Fucking moron doing that to herself that little amount of money. Porn stars do not make shit today compared to old school girls.
Comment #866 - By OK, WELL, THAT'S on 08/03/2013
enough internet for tonight...
Comment #865 - By ahmed on 08/03/2013
Comment #864 - By fuckyou on 08/03/2013
vile beyond belief. im considering suicide after seeing this. no chance I can jerk off now. fuck you for uploading this sickening rubbish
Comment #863 - By loco on 08/03/2013
i want to marry her this was love at first sight she is so beautiful and very angelic
Comment #862 - By oh.. my.. lucifer.. on 08/03/2013
is this what a Pink Sock is?! Dx like fuck! my tummy hurts now. :'(
Comment #861 - By wow.... on 08/03/2013
supa... weird.... and sexy....
my goodness....
Comment #860 - By Ria on 08/03/2013
Gross! If I was a guy I won't stick my dick in that! It's not normal! Eww!
Comment #859 - By this my friends on 08/03/2013
Is what you call a bad case of roid rage....hemroid rage
Comment #858 - By Shit covered snot on 08/03/2013
I am so turned on that I am in the mood to strangle a wild dog! YEAH! I am going to fuck one of my goats in the ass until it looks like this. Then I am going to shove cooked lima beans up it's ass and let it shit them all warm and all in my open mouth! Yummy! Then I am going to Dairy Queen with my girlfriend. Eat ice cream and make out with her! YEAH! Won't tell her she is getting goat ass juice in her mouth.
Comment #857 - By I Bookmarked This on 08/03/2013
I was gonna jerk off until i seen this. Im so turned off now im going to go workout instead. USE THIS AS MOTIVATION.
Comment #856 - By PoopNFart Jr. on 08/03/2013
You know what would make this video better? If she had some massive diarrhea and I was there to rub it all over myself while I shoved my tongue deep into her asshole... Then I'd suck all the farts out of her and have her piss on my chest while I jerked off with vinegar while rubbing a goldfish under my balls
Comment #855 - By Angelica sick on 08/03/2013
This makes my asshole hurts I don't know why this is scary eww
Comment #854 - By Bethanyj on 08/03/2013
Hellllll no that is so nasty why did I watch this lol
Comment #853 - By yucki on 08/03/2013
Was horny but not anymore growse eh
Comment #852 - By The Questioner on 08/03/2013
Why do I think this is hot?
Comment #851 - By Drrrr on 08/03/2013
That's just vile. That's just gross as fuck. I'm scarred for life
Comment #850 - By rear admiral,, on 08/03/2013
nice plug for depends undergarments,,she is gonna need them,,,no thanks,,,
Comment #849 - By Blonde Lover on 08/03/2013
As you are stroking your rod, wishing to insert your cock into her steamy rosebud.You can shout out her name, Mila. BTW, I would LOVE to get sloppy seconds from her !!! ;P Wouln't you ??
Comment #848 - By Feeler on 08/03/2013
Ever feel like you know too much about a person too quickly?
Comment #847 - By Caesar on 08/03/2013
I came.
Comment #846 - By A CHALLENGER on 08/03/2013
Comment #845 - By Sterling Archer on 08/03/2013
What makes you think posting this video is ok?
Comment #844 - By xxx on 08/03/2013
Comment #843 - By trying to be 'edgy' on 08/03/2013
more like just sad and stale. imagine this girl when she is 55 and has that shit hanging out her thong bikini on the beach.
Comment #842 - By omfg wtf on 08/03/2013
This is worse than 2 girls 1 cup. This made me want to throw up. Disgusting. @natlybabe I swear to god gtfo you're annoying af
Comment #841 - By horny as on 08/03/2013
who is she ??? where can i find more of her??? sexy as f/#k
Comment #840 - By ash on 08/03/2013
does that woman has something of selfrespect? i know that she is doing it for the money but cmon is disgusting and it looks painful too. selsteem girls!!! selfsteem
Comment #839 - By Groos on 08/03/2013
Omfg I had to see it and never again will I watch it
Comment #838 - By Oh My Fucking God on 08/03/2013
That made my insides hurt ewww that shit is fucking nasty
Comment #837 - By OMFG on 08/03/2013
This is like wathcing Alien :O
Comment #836 - By wtf on 08/03/2013
is that?
Comment #835 - By Kirsten on 08/03/2013
She's obviously done anal thousands of times. I tried it once and my rectum didn't fall out. It didn't feel sexual so I doubt I'd do it again but I didn't prolapse from one time. Use your common sense. Everything in moderation.
Comment #834 - By wtf on 08/03/2013
Comment #833 - By shit on 08/03/2013
omg its the legendary anal flower!!!
Comment #832 - By ummm on 08/03/2013
im scared someone hold me preferably in my crouch region
Comment #831 - By Sheet on 08/03/2013
That's a nasty fuckin bitch
Comment #830 - By WTF!!! on 08/03/2013
Dont steal my name thunder and O MY GOD!!!! AHHHHHHH!!! :,c this changed anal for me for then next 20 minutes
Comment #829 - By o...m...g... on 08/03/2013
Comment #828 - By Wtf on 08/03/2013
This shit be ratchet
Comment #827 - By Umm on 08/03/2013
I'm scared to stick it in anal now
Comment #826 - By here what happened... on 08/03/2013
i came on this site to jerk off, i saw this video and decided to comment on this nasty shit, then i googled images for anal prolapses and lost the urge to jerk off and almost threw up the lemon tea i was drinking.
Comment #825 - By This is Nattily baby on 08/03/2013
Comment #824 - By daamn on 08/03/2013
i jacked off to it. Its hott
Comment #823 - By WTF on 08/03/2013
Comment #822 - By jacob on 08/03/2013
delete this video please
Comment #821 - By el rubio on 08/03/2013
esa muchacha da pena se le jodido la vida,cuando ella tenga mas edad posiblemente dios no lo qiuiera,podria sufrir de un cancel de colon,esa joven por estar jodiendose tiene un gran desgaro anal,devia estar en tratamiento medico si es que tiene solucion
Comment #820 - By Nhwaea on 08/03/2013
Ewwwww dats nasty amd does that hurt?
Comment #819 - By ... on 08/03/2013
this video ruin my day
Comment #818 - By O god on 08/03/2013
This video just turned me gay
Comment #817 - By THIS IS on 08/03/2013
the greatest video on here
Comment #816 - By this shit sucks on 08/03/2013
needs more farting. i want to see that meaty rose fart gurgle all that cum :) and then have another trashy whore sit on her prolapse and grind it with her pussy
Comment #815 - By type in the Search on 08/03/2013
Anal Prolapes. Your welcome :)
Comment #814 - By GRUNDLE SMASHER on 08/03/2013
I want to take my foot and stomp that shit back in there
Comment #813 - By MikeyMamao on 08/03/2013
Its like a porn version of Aliens. Instead of hatching out the stomach it hatched out the ass.
Comment #812 - By Raw675 on 08/03/2013
What has been seen cannot be unseen.
Comment #811 - By WTF on 08/03/2013
Serisouly, I am about to puke.
Comment #810 - By Haha & eww on 08/03/2013
Lmao at the comments..but anyway that us disturbingly nasty looking. Looks as though she's pushing out major hemroids!.
Comment #809 - By wtf on 08/03/2013
tht was really disturbing especially for me as a girl,teen
Comment #808 - By My fucking eyesss on 08/03/2013
Ahhhhhh *seizure*
Comment #807 - By Sarcastic on 08/03/2013
That is cute.
Comment #806 - By Dude on 08/03/2013
I came here for a wank, not gunna happen now......
Comment #805 - By Emm.. on 08/03/2013
What the fuck did I just watch.
Comment #804 - By Disgusting on 08/03/2013
Who wants to look at this disgusting bullshit I for one can say not I. DISGUSTING BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!
Comment #803 - By bigdude on 08/03/2013
Never seen anything like that before. School me
Comment #802 - By Fuck on 08/03/2013
Why did I watch this omg wtf not good should get a doctor god wtf man going to dream about that 4 a while
Comment #801 - By kkk on 08/03/2013
I eat out but holes like that all the time
Comment #800 - By vile on 08/03/2013
Comment #799 - By Gross on 08/03/2013
It's called prolapsing
Comment #798 - By Why? on 08/03/2013
Nuff said
Comment #797 - By Hitman on 08/03/2013
This girl needs to be put down and after seeing this ill do it for free. Poor thing
Comment #796 - By Holy shit on 08/03/2013
That fucking thing looks like it devours cocks! NEVER DOING ANAL AGAIN!
Comment #795 - By Fapper on 08/03/2013
Comment #794 - By GAWD DAMN!!! on 08/03/2013
That dude must have wear that ASS OUT!!!
Comment #793 - By blah on 08/03/2013
what the fuck was that like a giant fucking blood pool. then her asshole rose out of her ass . that is impossible
Comment #792 - By Herbert on 08/03/2013
Comment #791 - By Machine on 08/03/2013
He should have licked his own cum off of her dissented anus
Comment #790 - By Dirty on 08/03/2013
Dirty fucking bastards!
Comment #789 - By Caylalouise on 08/03/2013
It's great
Comment #788 - By fuck you on 08/03/2013
Most annoying video ever watched.
Comment #787 - By fappula on 08/03/2013
I fapped to it. But you need a warm up first...
Comment #786 - By xxx on 08/03/2013
Comment #785 - By Honestly on 08/03/2013
Would u not go to the gym because you dont want huge bodybuilder muscles? Not gonna happen. Its takes years of training to achieve that. Same with rosebuds, just cuz your b/f sticks his knob up your ass a few times a week isn't going to make you rosebud or damage the wall lining. Thats down to fingernails or something else. Some amateurs out there!
Comment #784 - By bagel boobs on 08/03/2013
Comment #783 - By WTF?!?!???! on 08/03/2013
I'm about to vomit! Holy fuck balls?!?!!
Comment #782 - By hmm on 07/03/2013
Comment #781 - By nojo on 07/03/2013
Comment #780 - By re: Emma on 07/03/2013
I half way believe you are a female.
Comment #779 - By Prolapse on 07/03/2013
Prolapse is more common now because porn has made men want anal sex from women. This just used to be between men. You can see rectal prolapse pictures if you google it. The rectum comes out the vagina and ruins vaginal sex too.
Comment #778 - By Will on 07/03/2013
Haha what the hell is that thing
Comment #777 - By Killin_You_Hoess on 07/03/2013
That's fuckkng sick! I will never have anal sex.'
Comment #776 - By omg on 07/03/2013
dude thts sick smh anl sex has got to stop asap on girls dont give a damm with gay dude thts the only hole they got lol but seriously that has got to stop
Comment #775 - By Darren on 07/03/2013
Holy fuck I never seen tht b4
Comment #774 - By lonelypussyeater on 07/03/2013
This is a porn site.
Comment #773 - By GospelGirl1225 on 07/03/2013
Comment #772 - By Illuminati... on 07/03/2013
Illuminati everywhere...
Comment #771 - By Woman with prolapse on 07/03/2013
This happens from anal sex and if you have a baby and the dr. cuts you your rectum will eventually fall out of your vagina- prolapse. If a guy wants anal sex DUMP him. Unfortunately, I speak from experience.
Comment #770 - By The truth on 07/03/2013
I try to accept all fetishes, but this is the most disturbing thing I have ever seen.
Comment #769 - By A regular boy on 07/03/2013
Comment #768 - By gross on 07/03/2013
Comment #767 - By ddd on 07/03/2013
shiet, the zerg are everywhere!!
Comment #766 - By wtf on 07/03/2013
omg i want to cut my dick after this video wtf is that red shit coming out of her arse hole
Comment #765 - By Fucking nasty on 07/03/2013
Fucking nasty
Comment #764 - By dephuq on 07/03/2013
Dear gosh WHY!!
Comment #763 - By How cute on 07/03/2013
Its like a cum volcano
Comment #762 - By YES on 07/03/2013
Comment #761 - By lol on 07/03/2013
Nasty ass omg
Comment #760 - By peperoni on 07/03/2013
did I just see a peperoni pizza with 3 cheese come out of that ass?
Comment #759 - By Momimu on 07/03/2013
Comment #758 - By Holy fucking shit on 07/03/2013
That was the nastiest shit ever
Comment #757 - By LOL on 07/03/2013
I showed my friend this and he threw up all over my floor! LOL
Comment #756 - By Wtf on 07/03/2013
Sick and unnatural....this chick should see a dr...that cant be healthy
Comment #755 - By Ass Player on 07/03/2013
That is super HOT!
I would have licked her rosebud to make her shudder. My ass bitch likes two cocks up her hole cumming to make her have an orgasm.
The truth is next day her hole will ne tighter than if she was an anal virgin.
Comment #754 - By Is she dumb on 07/03/2013
Nobody wanna she that. THE FUCK
Comment #753 - By What did i just watched on 07/03/2013
Y would someone post this sh*t up??
Comment #752 - By what the fuck on 07/03/2013
nooooooooooooo why would someone upload this shit
Comment #751 - By latinachick on 07/03/2013
Total turn off...she must be loose or she took the biggest dump of her life before that
Comment #750 - By EARL on 07/03/2013
Comment #749 - By Dafuq on 07/03/2013
I going to have nightmares
Comment #748 - By what tha fuck on 07/03/2013
What the fuck did I just watch
Comment #747 - By Huehuehuehuehue on 07/03/2013
@Jim Jones
The greatest sicko of them all.. The chosen fappah!
It's sort of ironic for me to say that since I watch porn :L
Comment #746 - By bad on 07/03/2013
Comment #745 - By Jim Jones on 07/03/2013
How does one masturbate to this?
Comment #744 - By Eww on 07/03/2013
Eww its like something from The Thing
Comment #743 - By Fuck this, I'm out! on 07/03/2013
This is why I don't go on this sight anymore.....
Comment #742 - By @ladies on 20/02/2013
Don't worry gals this doesn't always or usually happen this wonderful lady just knows how to push out hard....
Comment #741 - By ass fucked on 07/03/2012
And then this ALIEN thing pops out and ......
Comment #740 - By xxx on 31/12/2011
wow that was a jaw droper ewww
Comment #739 - By O_O on 07/12/2011
Essa ai já é experi no pompoarismo hein...
Comment #738 - By -.- on 16/11/2011
Comment #737 - By comegetit on 02/11/2011
i got your cream pie for ya, right here
Comment #736 - By haha on 04/09/2011
he fucking jacked off on it haha!! this is the worst thing i ever saw
Comment #735 - By Random_Female_ on 18/07/2011
I will never have anal sex.... NEVER.
Comment #734 - By Brasileiro on 13/06/2011
Vergonha esperimenta colocar nomes de outros paises no Search
Depois me fala qual a diferença!!!
Comment #733 - By abcd on 03/06/2011
eu acho q ela ta meio arromdada eim
Comment #732 - By Babuino on 18/03/2011
Parece o cu de um babuino
Comment #731 - By Fucked up on 13/03/2011
Oh , that;s just fucked up who'd wonan see that
Comment #730 - By Dtx on 13/03/2011
I want to fuck that ass deep till it bleeds , that's hot !!! She's fit !!!
Comment #729 - By Maximiliant40 on 10/03/2011
übrigens auf xm0ps gibts deutsche videos
Comment #728 - By didsjd on 09/03/2011
sensual *o*
Comment #727 - By whoa on 21/02/2011
Somebody call the rectum police. A major offense has occurred.
Comment #726 - By Kent Brockman on 09/02/2011
Oh, that's fucked up...why do I want to get in there and lick it all up?
Comment #725 - By HOly fuck on 24/01/2011
the fuck was that? sick bich.
Comment #724 - By Padrillo on 14/01/2011
Así deberian estar todos los culos
Comment #723 - By Spartan on 21/11/2010
This is Volcanus!!
Comment #722 - By oh shit on 21/11/2010
oh shit
Comment #721 - By grooso on 01/10/2010
que porra é isso meu irmão , que nojo cara e ainda o cara come sera
Comment #720 - By medicine on 24/09/2010
this comes from years of anal abuse =thats y we dont go anal sex the anus comes out muscles fatigue and the list is bigger
Comment #719 - By yoman on 24/09/2010
i kind of like
Comment #718 - By greshnadadish on 24/09/2010
Comment #717 - By LOL on 24/09/2010
lol whut
Comment #716 - By joy on 01/09/2010
vari vari hot
Comment #715 - By yyyy on 01/09/2010
Feel good when somebody Miss u. Feel better when somebody Loves u. But feel best when somebody never forgets u.
Comment #714 - By DarsH on 31/08/2010
Comment #713 - By koskos on 31/08/2010
Comment #712 - By Trivicum on 17/08/2010
they couldn't have just shown it, they had to have a guy jack off in it lol
Comment #711 - By Error on 17/08/2010
Bizarro, eu dispenso uma dessas tranqüilo.
Comment #710 - By yachh!!! on 26/07/2010
disgusting !!!!!! someone pls take out this shit!!!!!
Comment #709 - By khn on 22/07/2010
é a gonorreia corroendo
Comment #708 - By Jaubert on 26/06/2010
Zero bala, novinha! è a primeira vez dela
Comment #707 - By ewwwwe on 17/06/2010
Comment #706 - By asd on 15/06/2010
Comment #705 - By carapapa on 21/05/2010
Pañales para toda la vida.
Comment #704 - By omfg on 15/05/2010
saindo pra fora??...
Comment #703 - By Lexicon on 29/04/2010
They call her "Blossom."
Comment #702 - By marz on 05/04/2010
Anal Infection.
Comment #701 - By ??? on 04/04/2010
that shit is fuckin crazy
Comment #700 - By shozib on 26/03/2010
Comment #699 - By Alex on 02/02/2010
incredible sweet ass. So big and nassty. So sexi to fuck in while she pushed this shit out!
Comment #698 - By Andresa on 15/01/2010
thats fuckin disgusting
Comment #697 - By ?????????? on 15/01/2010
this shit not cool
Comment #696 - By rabbit on 15/01/2010
is that a rose coming out of her arse?
Comment #695 - By adix on 15/01/2010
zamla hadi
Comment #694 - By bah salomao on 15/01/2010
I m adult
Comment #693 - By omg on 15/01/2010
thats some fucked up shit!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment #692 - By wow on 15/01/2010
that was weird
Comment #691 - By student on 14/01/2010
Comment #690 - By soufiane on 14/01/2010
Comment #689 - By frty on 14/01/2010
Comment #688 - By Smartie on 14/01/2010
That's her brain cuming out, looool
Comment #687 - By mohcin on 14/01/2010
Comment #686 - By sexy man on 14/01/2010
wat ahot ass
Comment #685 - By LOL on 14/01/2010
This shit is fucking gross. I can spit more than what that dude jizzed
Comment #684 - By oussama on 14/01/2010
i want sex womanfor sex
Comment #683 - By fodass on 14/01/2010
mas que buraco do cu masi anormal!! vomitei me todo quando vi essa merda!! fodas q site de merda mesmo!!
Comment #682 - By singh on 14/01/2010
fudi padti
Comment #681 - By sexgod on 14/01/2010
ok thts jst nasty
Comment #680 - By vambo on 14/01/2010
i think i see her brain
Comment #679 - By j;DJ; on 14/01/2010
hwbswhjb V
Comment #678 - By RPW on 14/01/2010
Guess this is what they mean by "Shiting your ass out"....LOL
Comment #677 - By Anubis on 14/01/2010
Comment #676 - By zxz on 14/01/2010
u guys clickd it
Comment #675 - By shit on 14/01/2010
its called anal fistulae. basically she is fucked and will not have a normal anus again. this shit also happens to weight lifters
Comment #674 - By WOW on 14/01/2010
holy fuck that is gross
Comment #673 - By hey really on 14/01/2010
not that im syaing this is cool but dude u clicked on it
Comment #672 - By Really?!?... on 14/01/2010
I could do without this revolting shit, here I am dick in hand ready to feed my porn addiction and BAM! some asshole goes and posts this SHIT! I AM SO PISSED OFF RIGHT NOW! It's probably some religious right asshole who intended that exact reaction! FUCK!
Comment #671 - By Fariha on 14/01/2010
i am fucked
Comment #670 - By Fuck on 14/01/2010
What. The. Fuck.
Comment #669 - By kokoslow on 14/01/2010
`nice cook n big tits
i like that
Comment #668 - By hell yeah on 14/01/2010
that chick is down to party
Comment #667 - By ah fuck on 14/01/2010
looks like a fuckin alien or somethin,revoltin
Comment #666 - By marian on 13/01/2010
This clip is not normal. Sick and discusting
Comment #665 - By WTF??? on 13/01/2010
this video is sick!! desgusting!! make me puke fucking anormal butthole!!! ewwweewww
Comment #664 - By o.o on 13/01/2010
all of u guys R SICK seriously
Comment #663 - By Ridiculous on 13/01/2010
Seriously, what is with all the nasty fucked up colons poppin' out of buttholes porn??? Gross.
Comment #662 - By WTF on 13/01/2010
i hate this shit
Comment #661 - By dsgstd on 13/01/2010
This girl needs to seek medical attention...immediately.
Comment #660 - By LUV on 13/01/2010
Comment #659 - By xbox on 13/01/2010
Comment #658 - By nasty on 13/01/2010
Comment #657 - By wdad on 13/01/2010
yeah fuck me
Comment #656 - By kRISTA P. on 13/01/2010
Comment #655 - By wtf is tht?! on 13/01/2010
seriously wtf is tht?
Comment #654 - By habib on 13/01/2010
Comment #653 - By commsense on 13/01/2010
why is this really hot to me?i have problems cause i know i should be disgusted.
Comment #652 - By xxs on 13/01/2010
Comment #651 - By kamran on 13/01/2010
sex is life
Comment #650 - By wtf on 13/01/2010
Comment #649 - By ohhhhhhhhhh on 13/01/2010
and thats what i get for even clicing on dis shit!
Comment #648 - By blaarharghalrahgh on 13/01/2010
Pretty sure this kind of shit belongs on efukt or that's phucked. Not xnxx
Comment #647 - By Mmmmmm... on 13/01/2010
How'd you like to bury your face in that cherry pie?
Comment #646 - By putra on 13/01/2010
no comment
Comment #645 - By ugh! on 13/01/2010
Just think...some people like this and it turns them on. They probably want to toss her salad...ugh...ugh...ugh
Comment #644 - By joe on 13/01/2010
that is some fucking sick shit
Comment #643 - By crazy on 13/01/2010
id fuck nthat hore
Comment #642 - By Jazz on 13/01/2010
My mate showed me this round his place, and i bottled him for it!!
Comment #641 - By max on 13/01/2010
This is really nasty.
I dont undrstand how anyone can get any pleasure from watching this kind of thing yuck.
Comment #640 - By woah. on 13/01/2010
pretty sure i just died a little. lmao.
Comment #639 - By normal on 13/01/2010
wtf????? that ashole is disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!! shit!!!!!!
Comment #638 - By Lmao on 13/01/2010
I didnt know that an asshole could breathe
Comment #637 - By fuck man on 13/01/2010
i hope youll die bitch, realy that was very nasty!!
Comment #636 - By .... on 13/01/2010
... that shit was nasty
Comment #635 - By akbar on 13/01/2010
for the endest night
Comment #634 - By GREAT CLIP EVER on 12/01/2010
WTF are you folks so pissed about? I hope you do stop using this FREE site! This is awesome shit! I would love to fuck that ass!
Comment #633 - By WTFOMFG on 12/01/2010
not using this site again.
Comment #632 - By bullet on 12/01/2010
WTF!! Elephant List, you did it again, WOW
Comment #631 - By ffhedhf on 12/01/2010
that is the nastiest shit ive ever seen
Comment #630 - By wtf on 12/01/2010
this shit is nasty
Comment #629 - By i wish on 12/01/2010
i could eat out one of those lovly pies
Comment #628 - By LOL on 12/01/2010
OMG.. THE OTHER 1 SAy It's wonderfull..
omg man u suck...
i will never use thise site again : /
Comment #627 - By Myheadhurts on 12/01/2010
No, nope ! Not no now now i'm gonna throw up
Comment #626 - By EWWW on 12/01/2010
Comment #625 - By what the fuck on 12/01/2010
just happened to her ass
Comment #624 - By ksbpa on 12/01/2010
fucking hell,, for a second i thought she'll turn herself inside out :S
Comment #623 - By EEEEEWWWWWWW on 12/01/2010
Comment #622 - By FUCK. on 12/01/2010
Comment #621 - By Sam Guy on 12/01/2010
Oh my God, this is on 2 girls 1 cup level!
Comment #620 - By haha on 12/01/2010
Is her name blossom?
Comment #619 - By arash on 12/01/2010
hi it wonderfull
Comment #618 - By hosam on 12/01/2010
Comment #617 - By nasty on 12/01/2010
shit like this is why i stopped comming to this site
Comment #616 - By lampard on 12/01/2010
is good
Comment #615 - By WHAT THE FUCK on 12/01/2010
scarred for life. seriously. D:
Comment #614 - By abdougose on 12/01/2010
Comment #613 - By dix on 12/01/2010
Comment #612 - By xbox on 12/01/2010
Comment #611 - By umm... on 12/01/2010
My dick just shribbled a bit...
Comment #610 - By disturbed on 12/01/2010
that was disgusting.
Comment #609 - By xnxx on 12/01/2010
Comment #608 - By Scarred for life on 12/01/2010
That thing just fucking popped out of no where!
Comment #607 - By fawzy on 12/01/2010
Comment #606 - By MissSj on 12/01/2010
Omg,that's sick! How can that be exciting?? I'm feeling sick right now. I've neven seen something like that. Absolutely horrible.
Comment #605 - By Really on 12/01/2010
i seriously can't believe they allow this shit on the site.
Comment #604 - By ghv on 12/01/2010
Comment #603 - By Werdna on 12/01/2010
Haha this sucks... how could he fuck such a thing.
Comment #602 - By startime on 12/01/2010
Comment #601 - By LOOOL>! on 12/01/2010
Comment #600 - By w6tf on 12/01/2010
ever seen alien vs Predator?
Whats the reason I thinked abpout this movie in this moment?
Comment #599 - By .... on 12/01/2010
Bruh what the fuck you did??? did you go too deep dats not nromal man she looks like shes in pain
Comment #598 - By lol on 12/01/2010
I'll NOT watch this ... the still is more than disturbing....
Comment #597 - By fè(rj'- on 12/01/2010
Comment #596 - By OMGSSSSS on 12/01/2010
Comment #595 - By wtf on 12/01/2010
...but really, what the fuck??
Comment #594 - By bettina on 12/01/2010
This film is so very disgusting.... Gross.... really awfull
Comment #593 - By ... on 12/01/2010
now i don't wanna fuck girls in ass :(
Comment #592 - By sick on 12/01/2010
is there a doctor in the house? this girl needs help.
Comment #591 - By yuck on 12/01/2010
that really is disgusting
Comment #590 - By what tha blood on 12/01/2010
Comment #589 - By -.- on 12/01/2010
shit, orrible, fucking video...
Comment #588 - By moses on 12/01/2010
Whata Dirty Biatchhh
Comment #587 - By Grant on 12/01/2010
That is her intestine showing out guys. Probably because of too much anal...
Comment #586 - By honar on 12/01/2010
Comment #585 - By reiner on 12/01/2010
this ist the hottest girl ever...
Comment #584 - By wtfff on 12/01/2010
Comment #583 - By fuck on 12/01/2010
wate ma se poes is dai fok dis siek
Comment #582 - By Squadalah! on 12/01/2010
Its the goatse girl! run!
Comment #581 - By haha on 12/01/2010
majic pink sock
Comment #580 - By omfg on 12/01/2010
wtf guys this is so pathetic? wtf is that wat coming out her ass?
Comment #579 - By rony on 12/01/2010
nice movie
Comment #578 - By jim on 12/01/2010
what th fucks that all about
Comment #577 - By raj kariya on 12/01/2010
i want fuck

Comment #576 - By zaza on 12/01/2010
je sexe video
Comment #575 - By gross on 12/01/2010
that's just gross
Comment #574 - By WTF!! on 12/01/2010
Comment #573 - By me? on 12/01/2010
that was the hottest vid ever!!
Comment #572 - By momeno on 12/01/2010
that's so stnk
Comment #571 - By HappyJim on 12/01/2010
Wow,if only she could incorperate her prolapses into a ventriloquists act. Then she'd be on leno in a shot! lol
Comment #570 - By dolph on 12/01/2010
Comment #569 - By ma ki chut on 12/01/2010
bhosadi valo
madar chodo
Comment #568 - By Holy shiiiit!!! on 12/01/2010
It's just Ewwwww!!! whaaaaaaaaaaaaat da fuck?!!!!!
Comment #567 - By i know this guy on 12/01/2010
code your that gay guy with smaall stuff eh
Comment #566 - By code on 12/01/2010
That's just fuckin' gross. Anyone that likes ass fucking is a queer.
Comment #565 - By why? on 12/01/2010
Just fucken wrong
Comment #564 - By falcon on 12/01/2010
Comment #563 - By hani on 12/01/2010
ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh shit
Comment #562 - By john on 12/01/2010
i fuck it hard
Comment #561 - By wtf on 12/01/2010
can u say wide open...that shit is gross
Comment #560 - By hell no on 12/01/2010
fuck that what da fuk its wrong with all this ppls next time this bitch will shit out her stomach
Comment #559 - By crisco on 12/01/2010
The first successful transplant of a baboon ass to an anal whore...
I think she's in heat!!
Comment #558 - By oh shit on 12/01/2010
that was fucking disgusting...i need to forget i ever saw this. :'(
Comment #557 - By love it on 12/01/2010
Comment #556 - By Feedlot on 12/01/2010
Fuk,thats fukin sick.LMAO
Comment #555 - By sagar on 12/01/2010
good movie
Comment #554 - By Bad on 12/01/2010
Comment #553 - By rawr on 12/01/2010
Comment #552 - By Aussie Paul on 12/01/2010
That is so rude, Love to suck her hole when she does that (prolapses). Yum.
Comment #551 - By emrul on 12/01/2010
2i maghi tora ami chude
Comment #550 - By chatu on 12/01/2010
Comment #549 - By Miss B on 12/01/2010
this is fuckn sick. Take it off dickheads.
Comment #548 - By 4th channel on 12/01/2010
i... just came SO fucking hard. feels good man
Comment #547 - By wtf on 12/01/2010
wow thats some ass ........................
Comment #546 - By non on 12/01/2010
hahaha i love you guys so much. i swear to god this site has the best community ever. circle jerk anyone?
Comment #545 - By steve on 12/01/2010
ewww, eewwww, EEEWWWW!!!
Comment #544 - By SexyBitch on 12/01/2010
that was so fucking nasty it turned me off wow
Comment #543 - By wtf on 12/01/2010
this is wrong. why are there squids and prolapses on the first page ?
Comment #542 - By GROSS OMFG on 12/01/2010
Comment #541 - By why on 12/01/2010
it's so sad...
Comment #540 - By yeah on 12/01/2010
if you enjoy watching this you deserve a fucking bullet in the head.
Comment #539 - By Ray on 12/01/2010
WTFFFFFF???? People like this??
Comment #538 - By sad on 12/01/2010
Comment #537 - By what on 12/01/2010
the fuck
Comment #536 - By fuck on 12/01/2010
i did not consent to seeing this !
Comment #535 - By OMG on 12/01/2010
i think shes an alien
Comment #534 - By ... on 12/01/2010
imagine her shitting...
Comment #533 - By jerry on 26/11/2009
quien es la artista porno alguin sabe
Comment #532 - By ~#~ on 19/11/2009
that shit is serious
Comment #531 - By WOOOOOOOOOOOOOW on 05/11/2009
fucking disgusting
Comment #530 - By sanny mali on 28/10/2009
it rocks
Comment #529 - By nuttin on 28/10/2009
seriously this shit
should be deleted
Comment #528 - By babu on 28/10/2009
very nice
Comment #527 - By helan on 28/10/2009
very amezing
Comment #526 - By crazynagger on 28/10/2009
who the hell posts something like this? this site has its serious low points, this is one
Comment #525 - By wtf on 28/10/2009
Hey hun want to see what your dick did to my ass??
Comment #524 - By awesome on 28/10/2009
Comment #523 - By Iamavirgin on 28/10/2009
I've never been so disgusted in my entire life. I can't believe it's bloody poo!
Comment #522 - By will on 27/10/2009
so good
Comment #521 - By Gearld on 27/10/2009
Why the fuck is this video even still up?!!!!!!
Comment #520 - By Puff on 27/10/2009
its like an evil demon trying to escape her ass...
Comment #519 - By nana on 27/10/2009
Comment #518 - By Grossed out on 27/10/2009
Comment #517 - By disgusting on 27/10/2009
that shit is disgusting. she needs medical attention asap.
Comment #516 - By Jayster on 27/10/2009
Be careful she doesn't fart...she might have to check her drawers! Medically wrong! Sick porn right!
Comment #515 - By hardroack on 27/10/2009
oooohhh my
Comment #514 - By John on 27/10/2009
What the fuck ????
Comment #513 - By riight on 27/10/2009
Ewww! That was so gross..!
Comment #512 - By retched on 27/10/2009
hey fellas, thats what the mouth of a bloodworm looks like. I be damned if I would stick my dick in that.
Comment #511 - By rajesh on 27/10/2009
Comment #510 - By wteff? on 27/10/2009
Thanks, im Gay now.
Comment #509 - By rajesh on 27/10/2009
Comment #508 - By satish on 27/10/2009
i like it
Comment #507 - By Jay on 27/10/2009
That's just fuckin' wrong! I don't know what's worse...her prolapse or me with a hard on that can put a nail through concrete after seeing that!
Comment #506 - By deva on 27/10/2009
Comment #505 - By wow i just on 27/10/2009
i just realised thats so FUCKING GROSS AND BTW shes taking a shit its all blood and shit cause she had anal butt that is just fucking gross!!!! omg
Comment #504 - By gulab on 27/10/2009
only sexy movies
Comment #503 - By son of a bitch on 27/10/2009
that is fuking sik man her fukn large intestine kame out
Comment #502 - By xxxx on 27/10/2009
it is nasty!!
Comment #501 - By roxx on 27/10/2009
und was lernen wir daraus? nicht zu fest beim kacken andrücken XD
Comment #500 - By fah cue on 27/10/2009
that poor girl is gonna die from sepsis when she ruptures a hemorrhoid. Rectal prolapse is not sexy.
Comment #499 - By CHUNKY on 27/10/2009
Comment #498 - By redman on 27/10/2009
Comment #497 - By Heffa on 26/10/2009
Damn! Por Que Bitch
Comment #496 - By 7oway on 26/10/2009
maban liya la vidro la 9lawi
Comment #495 - By amit singh on 26/10/2009
Comment #494 - By AHHH!!! on 26/10/2009
Comment #493 - By ron on 26/10/2009
this makes me want to puke
Comment #492 - By elh on 26/10/2009
what the fuck is that?! i'd rather vomit seeing this than fuck her
Comment #491 - By mucho on 26/10/2009
tja ...ganz klar ein prolaps im anflug...pfui
aber abgespritzt hab ich trotzdem
Comment #490 - By xbox on 26/10/2009
Like to see more of her.
Comment #489 - By smit on 26/10/2009
Comment #488 - By raj on 26/10/2009
Comment #487 - By jamal on 26/10/2009
Comment #486 - By lawl on 26/10/2009
You think this shit is sick? Check out efukt or thatsphucked
Comment #485 - By wtf on 25/10/2009
Its a fucking alien
Comment #484 - By ridiculous on 25/10/2009
why are half the votes for this video good
Comment #483 - By Anon on 25/10/2009
Damn, anal usually gets me real turned on, but this...damn, that woman needs to go to a doctor if she thinks that is normal, preferably a head doctor.
Comment #482 - By oh my god on 25/10/2009
ok, thanks im gay now!
Comment #481 - By ... on 25/10/2009
my dick went soft in 2 seconds. I was so fckn horny and then BAM! i can't get my dick to rise now. thanks alot.
THIS WAS THE SICKEST GROSSEST DISGUSTING SHIT IVE EVER SEEN. And i didnt even watch the video. just the fucking picture. ok, now im going to throw up! Fucking pissy website.
Comment #480 - By oh shit on 25/10/2009
i almost threw the fuck up. thats disgusting. i would hate to be her asshole
Comment #479 - By cookies on 25/10/2009
i just lost my hard on..lol
Comment #478 - By younes on 25/10/2009
je nik
Comment #477 - By omg on 25/10/2009
I have never been that fucking disgusted in my life Delete that shit
Comment #476 - By Chris on 25/10/2009
If anyone can still jerk off after that then I've lost all hope for this world.
Comment #475 - By wtf on 25/10/2009
That looks infected
Comment #474 - By nono on 25/10/2009
je veux
Comment #473 - By Ehhh on 25/10/2009
Anal isnt a very good thing anymore.
Comment #472 - By rik on 25/10/2009
this shit is fuckin nastyyy
Comment #471 - By amged on 25/10/2009
Comment #470 - By mjz on 25/10/2009
thats no more porn that only sick.Why the admin dont delete this sick shit ???
Comment #469 - By uhhhhhh on 25/10/2009
shes gonna be sore.
Comment #468 - By movie on 25/10/2009
name of the movie?
Comment #467 - By wow on 25/10/2009
i think this vid may stop me from watching porn forever -.- gross shit
Comment #466 - By Where? on 24/10/2009
Where's the poop? Looks like a flower blooming hahahaha!!!
Comment #465 - By jack on 23/10/2009
this is some sick shit
Comment #464 - By What is this shit? on 23/10/2009
My vomit just vomitted because this is so repulsive.
Comment #463 - By Damn!! on 23/10/2009
Holy Fuck! If she pushes any harder her fuckin colon will come out her asshole!!!!
Comment #462 - By wtf on 22/10/2009
this is some sick shit
Comment #461 - By holy!!!! on 22/10/2009
omg i literally just threw up, that is fucking disgusting.
who the fuck can push there insides of there ass hole out?!?!?!?
Comment #460 - By yikes on 22/10/2009
Comment #459 - By Why did i watch this? on 22/10/2009
This is gross beyond belief
Comment #458 - By kacem-31 on 22/10/2009
Comment #457 - By ewww on 22/10/2009
OMFG, i think i am gna throw up, thats vile :O
Comment #456 - By pukd on 22/10/2009
that's fucken disgusting what tha fuck is that, it looks like shit
Comment #455 - By ouch on 22/10/2009
wonder how she shits with an arse like that, thats sum messed up crap
Comment #454 - By comerel on 22/10/2009
Comment #453 - By alittlebear on 22/10/2009
i think i just puked in my mouth a little...just a little...
Comment #452 - By lol on 22/10/2009
WTF never again...
supid thing...
Comment #451 - By that horrid on 22/10/2009
She is fucking sick..... that is most disgusting thing ever.
Comment #450 - By holy fuckkk on 22/10/2009
shit is nastyyyy. i don't know how anyone could even find that remotely attractive. she needs to stop taking it up the ass before her fuckin ass falls off or some shit.
Comment #449 - By fcgj566 on 22/10/2009
Comment #448 - By Gerk on 22/10/2009
Comment #447 - By hiat on 22/10/2009
i love it
Comment #446 - By Jenni on 22/10/2009
feed me Cimore! There's a lil shop of whores! I love softball bats up up my anus too! not!
Comment #445 - By franco on 22/10/2009
muy vueno
Comment #444 - By AAAAHH!! on 21/10/2009
Comment #443 - By what thefuck? on 21/10/2009
that is the grossest fucking thing ever.... her ass opens up and looks like an alien.... fuckin nasty
Comment #442 - By Brody on 21/10/2009
Now that's how you blow a kiss, pucker up butter cup!!!
Comment #441 - By So What If I Did on 21/10/2009
I would lick her clean... ...all of her.
Comment #440 - By WHATTHESHIT on 21/10/2009
I just vomited all over myself...
Comment #439 - By WOW on 21/10/2009
i just threw up a little. oh dear....YUCK!
Comment #438 - By carlyromm on 21/10/2009
Comment #437 - By holyfuck on 21/10/2009
Her asshole if fucking imploding
Comment #436 - By poop head on 21/10/2009
i like it
Comment #435 - By wow on 21/10/2009
could potentially be the grossest thing i have ever seen.
Comment #434 - By ryan akaback on 21/10/2009
my asshole does that to.
Comment #433 - By Funky Jizzerbean on 21/10/2009
When i see this i can only think of broccoli dipperd in ketchup glazed with mayo. A tasty treat! mmmmm mmmm goooood!
Comment #432 - By sheren_lover20002000 on 21/10/2009
Comment #431 - By fucking gross on 21/10/2009
that was the most revolting thing ive ever seen
Comment #430 - By bzz on 21/10/2009
OMG o_O?! rofl
Comment #429 - By roger le vicieux on 21/10/2009
c'est dégeulasse , elle à l'ognonn rouge saignat 8-)
Comment #428 - By 11 YR OLD GIRL on 21/10/2009
Comment #427 - By holy shit on 21/10/2009
that was fucking..... disgusting
Comment #426 - By anonymous on 21/10/2009
i've got one like that
Comment #425 - By aps on 21/10/2009
i like sex
Comment #424 - By puke on 21/10/2009
Comment #423 - By gheragfd on 21/10/2009
what the fuck?! what the fuck was that?!??!
Comment #422 - By tole on 21/10/2009
Comment #421 - By oti on 21/10/2009
Comment #420 - By kota on 21/10/2009
Comment #419 - By Andri Sijabat on 21/10/2009
This the first time i open this site,,,
Comment #418 - By irli on 21/10/2009
Comment #417 - By sultan on 21/10/2009
i love to see this kind of movies
Comment #416 - By ram on 21/10/2009
good sex
Comment #415 - By DA FUCK? on 21/10/2009
Comment #414 - By amir on 21/10/2009
Comment #413 - By David Rockofeller on 21/10/2009
I'm in to this...
Comment #412 - By ahmad on 21/10/2009
Comment #411 - By OMFG on 20/10/2009
Comment #410 - By Nasty McNasty on 20/10/2009
I don't think I'll ever be able to get another again... Thanks a lot Mrs. Busted Boothole.
Comment #409 - By holy shit on 20/10/2009
i think i might puke
Comment #408 - By raj on 20/10/2009
an oindian 30 years old nice to watch porn movies
Comment #407 - By wtf on 20/10/2009
Comment #406 - By gay on 20/10/2009
i wanna die now
Comment #405 - By DAMMN!! on 20/10/2009
Ummm. Im so with you on this I can't think any other word either. and I defcantly dont have a weak stomach but yeah this did trigger a gag reflex!
Comment #404 - By Ummm on 20/10/2009
I have a fairly good vocab and I can't think of anything to say but....DAMN! I don't have a weak stomach but this definitely caused a gag reflex
Comment #403 - By HOLy... on 20/10/2009
Comment #402 - By what the fuck on 20/10/2009
that is nasty as fuck!
Comment #401 - By its wierd on 20/10/2009
its like a trainwrek its so horribl but i cant look away
Comment #400 - By hey on 20/10/2009
nasty SHIT!!!
Comment #399 - By wow on 20/10/2009
Comment #398 - By ffsf on 20/10/2009
damn thats hot
Comment #397 - By depends on 20/10/2009
someones ganna b in depends at an early age, anal leakage is no laughing matter
Comment #396 - By THE1 on 20/10/2009
Comment #395 - By you sick bastards on 20/10/2009
you are all fucking tramps.
you actually make me feel physically sick.
you all need mental help.
Comment #394 - By WTF!!!>!>!>!????! on 20/10/2009
Holy shit!!! *speechless*.........
Comment #393 - By dmjs on 20/10/2009
s nnam
Comment #392 - By zhzzj on 20/10/2009
Comment #391 - By fuck on 20/10/2009
well im done masturbating, sick fucks
Comment #390 - By bkitty on 20/10/2009
eww dats so fuckn grozz
Comment #389 - By C0CA1NE on 20/10/2009
It's so fucking hot. That girl is beautiful. I would lick every last bit of cum from her lovely ass.
Comment #388 - By goofy on 20/10/2009
That was a sick rose...
Comment #387 - By yo yo on 20/10/2009
dat wuz mad nasty i culdnt look at dat in person
Comment #386 - By WTF on 20/10/2009
yeah shes got something whose ass looks like that eww
Comment #385 - By WTF!!! on 20/10/2009
Comment #384 - By Meh on 20/10/2009
can't wait to see what her busted butt hole is going to look like in 20 years.
Comment #383 - By hihglife88 on 20/10/2009
i am no doctor...but i doubt that is healthy
Comment #382 - By pepe on 20/10/2009
i´d love to put my tounge in that rose
Comment #381 - By baran on 20/10/2009
çok süper
Comment #380 - By masta don froggy on 20/10/2009
dont her ass hurt?
Comment #379 - By westley on 20/10/2009
rha du trou2bal que ta, sale crade
Comment #378 - By Imperator on 20/10/2009
Comment #377 - By natasha the unclean on 20/10/2009
i think that's pretty hot. i would put my face in that.
Comment #376 - By lmfao on 20/10/2009
welp there goes my boner
Comment #375 - By ojhçb^npmbà on 20/10/2009
very good
Comment #374 - By OMG on 20/10/2009
Comment #373 - By mmmmmmm on 20/10/2009
Comment #372 - By eahuehuh on 20/10/2009
The guy got sifilis and doesnt know eahuaehe
Comment #371 - By wtf on 20/10/2009
50 % likes it wtf
Comment #370 - By anujkm450 on 20/10/2009
no coment
Comment #369 - By Sickning on 20/10/2009
Well I came, but only cos I was watching another vid and still had steam :-P. This is wrong, and I had thought I had seen some shit.
Comment #368 - By procto on 20/10/2009
that doesn't look like a happy colon
Comment #367 - By STD on 20/10/2009
Comment #366 - By i don't believe on 20/10/2009
that almost 5000 people approved of that! Complete rectal prolapse at its finest hour. Get some fucking surgury!
Comment #365 - By Dr House on 20/10/2009
Can't fix that shit. Christ! WTF holy shit. GTFO n0000000000000b!!!!!!!!!
Comment #364 - By Bob on 20/10/2009
I had a Chevy that blew out a rear main seal kinda like that...
Comment #363 - By sick on 20/10/2009
i threw up watchin that
Comment #362 - By cat on 20/10/2009
thats good fuck in ass i love it
Comment #361 - By ..... on 20/10/2009
Comment #360 - By jacko on 20/10/2009
what the fuck???
Comment #359 - By gga on 20/10/2009
c'est trop fort
Comment #358 - By TTT on 20/10/2009
Comment #357 - By wtf. on 20/10/2009
now we know where "alien" came from.
Comment #356 - By cprider on 20/10/2009
anal is usually fun, but this is just disturbing. i wouldn't even put this in the realm of sex.
Comment #355 - By vijay on 19/10/2009
just for man sex only
Comment #354 - By lil cock on 19/10/2009
when your on drugs you dont care your asshole is destoyed
Comment #353 - By raffy on 19/10/2009
Comment #352 - By jwife on 19/10/2009
this is beyond the epitome of nasty !!!!! smh ! fuckin disgustin. this should really be takin down
Comment #351 - By wow on 19/10/2009
that was the grossest thing ive ever seen in my life ! how many cocks did she take in her ass b4 it got that big, it was a ass volcano, how does she walk down the street with out shit falling out of her, ill never do anal again !
Comment #350 - By pornojoe on 19/10/2009
that is fuckin disgusting. who could possibly think that's a turn on??? Fuckin nasty!
Comment #349 - By Deadwood on 19/10/2009
Well...i'm done. with everything. ever.
Comment #348 - By yummm yumm on 19/10/2009
thats shit was fucking sexyyy now thats what u call anal sex
Comment #347 - By bill on 19/10/2009
what the fuck?? i dont get how that happend wouldnt she be bleeding OUR something
Comment #346 - By arg on 19/10/2009
i think if freddy kruger saw this he rip his eyes out an stay in the dream world
Comment #345 - By bebe on 19/10/2009
Comment #344 - By arg on 19/10/2009
i will never look at a woman the same way again im goin gay
Comment #343 - By bebe on 19/10/2009
wat da fuck!!!!!!!!!!she can shit again it will jus drop of without her knowing lol
Comment #342 - By ... on 19/10/2009
I am just at a loss for words as to how disgusting that was...
Comment #341 - By lkjkd on 19/10/2009
Comment #340 - By sypo kid on 19/10/2009
i never want to have anal sex again.
Comment #339 - By vic on 19/10/2009
ouch!i like that babe
Comment #338 - By Eraser on 19/10/2009
someone should drop a gernade off in there....do her a favor.
Comment #337 - By mkay on 19/10/2009
i am officaly done with online porn
Comment #336 - By nasty!!!!! on 19/10/2009
her but hole looks like a mushroom
Comment #335 - By Lovely! on 19/10/2009
let me suck on that juicey prolapse babe, shit in my mouth
Comment #334 - By robby on 19/10/2009
officially one of the most disgusting things i have ever seen.
Comment #333 - By wtf!!!!!!!! on 19/10/2009
yur sick in the head
Comment #332 - By eww on 19/10/2009
that is the worst thing that i have ever seen becides BME
Comment #331 - By smoker on 19/10/2009
It looks like an ash tray
Comment #330 - By Aiaia on 19/10/2009
Can't she get pregnant like that? It ran down her goods on the way up her body.
Comment #329 - By DUDE on 19/10/2009
that is some weared shit !
Comment #328 - By God on 19/10/2009
This ain't right
Comment #327 - By ahhhtimmy on 19/10/2009
that's the hottest shit i've ever seen! i want to bury my face in it yaa!
Comment #326 - By Doja Guy on 19/10/2009
Now I know where the predator came from!
Comment #325 - By mike on 19/10/2009
i liked it her ass looks like a rose bud love it when he came inside her ass and she pushed it out
Comment #324 - By COCK on 19/10/2009
Comment #323 - By KenJ on 19/10/2009
WTF, how in the hell is that sexi in any way, Now wonder Im gay.
Comment #322 - By omg on 19/10/2009
this is simply horrible! get it off!
Comment #321 - By ficker01 on 19/10/2009
that´s pretty cool...sehr geil...^^
Comment #320 - By sickest shit ever on 19/10/2009
im going to puke
Comment #319 - By WTF! on 19/10/2009
get this shit off here. im trying to get a boner. or at least take it off the front page.
Comment #318 - By chopsy on 19/10/2009
i would like to stuff that prolaps into my mouth and suck on it.
Comment #317 - By 7ouda on 19/10/2009
Comment #316 - By ewwwwwwww on 19/10/2009
wtf thats is so disgusting wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment #315 - By kotze on 19/10/2009
Ich kotz gleich...
Comment #314 - By crying in corner on 19/10/2009
Comment #313 - By Errrrks on 19/10/2009
this site needs to stop thinkin i want to look at fucked up shit
Comment #312 - By bey on 19/10/2009
no comments
Comment #311 - By ... on 19/10/2009
This ensures i'll never get a boner again.
Comment #310 - By lynn on 19/10/2009
what the hell
Comment #309 - By $ on 19/10/2009
OMG thats nasty whats wrong with people who doing/like THat??
Comment #308 - By misionary on 19/10/2009
have wanted to shake the sausage the last day, but this vid has been on top every time and made me lost all the mojo:P
Comment #307 - By hahahaha on 19/10/2009
that shits like a venus fly trap...haha
Comment #306 - By steev on 19/10/2009
wtf is wrong with this site lately
Comment #305 - By rezki on 19/10/2009
big ass
Comment #304 - By red sock on 19/10/2009
eww red sock sick!
Comment #303 - By Uhm on 19/10/2009
I almost gagged.
Comment #302 - By Twan on 19/10/2009
transformer lol
Comment #301 - By carmine on 19/10/2009
damn tht wrong on so many levels
Comment #300 - By idk on 19/10/2009
i dont know but this site has been putting pretty nasty shit on lateley. next is snuff. fuckn gross
Comment #299 - By hard nut on 19/10/2009
beautiful i want more
Comment #298 - By WTF on 19/10/2009
only a white bitch
Comment #297 - By OMG on 19/10/2009
WTF, that is WRONG!!!
Comment #296 - By noway on 19/10/2009
That all looks fun until you shit in a plastic bag glued to your stomach with a colostomy!
Comment #295 - By sas on 19/10/2009
Comment #294 - By rocco on 19/10/2009
fucking nasty shit, what the fuck has gone wrong with this site??
Comment #293 - By johneyy on 19/10/2009
Comment #292 - By karan on 19/10/2009
chodo randi ne .........
Comment #291 - By bdeezy712 on 19/10/2009
mmmmm her ass is so nice with all the blood yum
Comment #290 - By biju on 19/10/2009
very good
Comment #289 - By john on 19/10/2009
I just fucking threw up
Comment #288 - By sissy boy on 19/10/2009
mmmm i want to eat that juciy ass as she pushes it out id lick up all the cum
Comment #287 - By XNXXISNOWSHIT! on 19/10/2009
What the fuck has happened to this site now!
Comment #286 - By fuckd on 19/10/2009
this is so fucked
Comment #285 - By dsa on 19/10/2009
Comment #284 - By lol on 19/10/2009
now you guys know what an asshole looks like when its turned inside out ... not pretty. So gape ...
Comment #283 - By hhh on 19/10/2009
man that was gross realy gross..i recommend the fuckin adminstration of this site to get it off the front page and maybe of the whole site..
Comment #282 - By big dick john on 19/10/2009
fuckin nasty
Comment #281 - By abd on 19/10/2009
i wanna eat it when she pushes it out full of cum
Comment #280 - By Aaaaaaa on 19/10/2009
very sexy
Comment #279 - By big dick on 19/10/2009
this is fucken ugly
Comment #278 - By KrisPL on 19/10/2009
That looks like fuckin alien!!!
Comment #277 - By KryskaPL on 19/10/2009
Nice trick ^^
Comment #276 - By red on 19/10/2009
i wanna see
Comment #275 - By appu on 19/10/2009
Comment #274 - By Manu on 19/10/2009
Comment #273 - By Frank´s on 19/10/2009
Comment #272 - By Anonymous on 19/10/2009
This is called a prolapse for those of you who dont know Its disgusting and I came
Comment #271 - By Domintini on 19/10/2009
Not a lot of things gross me out, and I've seen some pretty nasty shit, this managed to gross me out. Not right, man. Just not right.
Comment #270 - By lmao on 19/10/2009
that was fucking awesome
Comment #269 - By sheperd on 19/10/2009
0.0 eewwwww thats fucking gross
Comment #268 - By player1616 on 19/10/2009
Comment #267 - By JDEE on 19/10/2009
This is just fucking sick... what the fuck happened there? that bitch's asshole just turned inside out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment #266 - By bgtt on 19/10/2009
Comment #265 - By lee on 19/10/2009
dude.. her guts and shit are coming out her ass.. this is not porn.. this should be off this fucking site.. im gonna fuckin puke..
Comment #264 - By younes on 19/10/2009
waw oooff
Comment #263 - By ader on 19/10/2009
i like this sex
Comment #262 - By lazybear on 19/10/2009
holy shit what is wrong with you!!
Comment #261 - By danimal on 19/10/2009
r u joking go to the doctor thats not right at all
Comment #260 - By sampath on 19/10/2009
Comment #259 - By amol on 19/10/2009
i like this movie
Comment #258 - By adsf on 19/10/2009
oh my god dude what the fuck is this shit doing on the front page
Comment #257 - By luckii on 19/10/2009
this is so nasty who would this turn on ill...nasty nasty digusting werid i'm at a lost for words
Comment #256 - By sigourney weaver on 19/10/2009
what the fuck is that an alien
Comment #255 - By sam on 19/10/2009
too hot
Comment #254 - By dkjd on 19/10/2009
i just died on the inside
Comment #253 - By Fuck me on 19/10/2009
I have noticed that the front page has gotten disgusting like the virgin fingering tiny dick huge balls and now this Im still gonna use this site but man do people want to see wierd fucked up shit these days
Comment #252 - By mnb on 19/10/2009
Comment #251 - By ... on 19/10/2009
What kind of sick ass shit was that, that is fucking nasty ass shit
Comment #250 - By paco on 19/10/2009
.....aaand now im going to throw up
Comment #249 - By alien on 19/10/2009
man that shit belongs in an alien movie or somthing
Comment #248 - By sahil on 19/10/2009
i love sex
Comment #247 - By wow! on 19/10/2009
Okay that was gross!
Comment #246 - By Mandinga on 19/10/2009
My penis hasnt spoke a word in weeks after this
Comment #245 - By elhijodelpapa on 18/10/2009
what a fuck!!!
Comment #244 - By what the fuck on 18/10/2009
bad hemorrhoids?
Comment #243 - By eugene on 18/10/2009
what the fuck oh my god! im done watching porn for good!
Comment #242 - By abcs on 18/10/2009
Que pinche asco no mamen!!!
Comment #241 - By rawr on 18/10/2009
how could you stick your dick in that.. thing! It looks like it could bite your dick off.
Comment #240 - By limpnoodlenow on 18/10/2009
Fire the editer, NOW.
Comment #239 - By SHIT... on 18/10/2009
Comment #238 - By zeuphil on 18/10/2009
yehhh nice video show me
Comment #237 - By moonlight on 18/10/2009
what. The. Fuck. And i thot the guy with huge balls and the tiny penis was weird
Comment #236 - By perv on 18/10/2009
I dont know whats wrong with you guys but this shit is hott!! XNXX should post more of this! You guys are just whimps and should stick to the playboy channel.
Comment #235 - By arg on 18/10/2009
its alive ahaha
Comment #234 - By puggiez on 18/10/2009
wow my boner just went away!!
Comment #233 - By grossed out on 18/10/2009
Comment #232 - By jack on 18/10/2009
what the fuck is wrong with xnxx? this is fucking nasty. they have been going down hill for the past few weeks. i don't know what's going on? who in their right mind would rub one out to this shit?
Comment #231 - By not cool on 18/10/2009
porno movie or horror movie. This shit should never happen
Comment #230 - By asel on 18/10/2009
Comment #229 - By nasty on 18/10/2009
this webstie xnxx is really going down been posting some dirty nasty shit lately
Comment #228 - By LOL on 18/10/2009
Comment #227 - By Amber on 18/10/2009
Uhmm.. Ew. loool.
Comment #226 - By discusting on 18/10/2009
this is horrible.
Comment #225 - By Hind on 18/10/2009
Love this
Comment #224 - By no thanks on 18/10/2009
if you think this is hot...and it gets u off... you need to be shot. enough said.
Comment #223 - By sammy on 18/10/2009
i love the sex pattern
Comment #222 - By n95 8gn on 18/10/2009
que cu feio....
Comment #221 - By gianba on 18/10/2009
what a disgusting video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Comment #220 - By ahmad on 18/10/2009
Comment #219 - By AAARGH! on 18/10/2009
It cannot be unseen!! :(
Comment #218 - By oh my . . . on 18/10/2009
i think ima hurl
Comment #217 - By MARTIN on 18/10/2009
i wish i can unsee that
Comment #216 - By well....... on 18/10/2009
thats one way to lose a boner
Comment #215 - By ... on 18/10/2009
Comment #214 - By anon on 18/10/2009
holy fucking shit .. that was the most disgusting thing ive seen so far .. I hope she dies from asshole infection or sth
Comment #213 - By purplehaze on 18/10/2009
her asshole is ripped...
Comment #212 - By really on 18/10/2009
yooo what the fuk was that wow grosssssssssss
Comment #211 - By OMG WHAT DA FACK on 18/10/2009
what the fuck is this
Comment #210 - By mentally scared 4 life on 18/10/2009
this is the 2nd most disgustin thing ive evr seen (rite next 2 2girls1cup) im nevr doin any girl in the butt EVER now
Comment #209 - By timo on 18/10/2009
that is not human!
Comment #208 - By damn on 18/10/2009
sick shit. I got a boner tho FML.
Comment #207 - By Eww on 18/10/2009
EW yo she just pushed the cum out ha ass
Comment #206 - By arg on 18/10/2009
houston we hve a problem
Comment #205 - By it just killed ma boner on 18/10/2009
that shit is nasty as fuck alian coming out her ass????
Comment #204 - By LMFAO on 18/10/2009
that hella nasty ugh!!
Comment #203 - By omfg on 18/10/2009
dude what the fuck
Comment #202 - By Catastrophe on 18/10/2009
Yeah she really should get that checked out..and never make a video like that EVER again
Comment #201 - By WOW.. on 18/10/2009
Wow i just threw up in my mouth a little
Comment #200 - By sagase on 18/10/2009
wat the fuck was that shit
Comment #199 - By sdkljfh on 18/10/2009
i think theres a problem
Comment #198 - By butt butler on 18/10/2009
get me my bib. After a few more cum loads up her ass I would like to give her a face ride.
Comment #197 - By OmG on 18/10/2009
I agree that is NOT normal.
Comment #196 - By EURGH! on 18/10/2009
Comment #195 - By opylocky on 18/10/2009
just fucking awesome, makes me horny knowing there is a chick out there who likes to get downright dirty. i would suck the spunk out of that asshole.
Comment #194 - By Omg on 18/10/2009
This is worse than 2 girls one cup
Comment #193 - By DOC FEELGOOD on 18/10/2009
Yeah, She should definitely. get that checked out!
Comment #192 - By lawrence on 18/10/2009
Comment #191 - By OMG on 18/10/2009
I feel so sick right now..
Comment #190 - By Butthole on 18/10/2009
Comment #189 - By CockSucker on 18/10/2009
tht is just so fucking wrong on soo many levels.
Comment #188 - By wtf on 18/10/2009
fucking sick
Comment #187 - By suckmydick on 18/10/2009
Oh man that was wrong!!
Comment #186 - By wtf on 18/10/2009
look at her...so proud of herslef. dumb bitch
Comment #185 - By WTF on 18/10/2009
WTF was that???!!!!
Comment #184 - By youknowwho on 18/10/2009
that was .... HORRIBLE
Comment #183 - By khaled on 18/10/2009
Comment #182 - By WTF! on 18/10/2009
WTF is worong, her ashole is like 3 times bigger than a normal and she acctually push so much that her shi**ing muscle gets out of her a'ss
Comment #181 - By alio on 18/10/2009
plz let me in
Comment #180 - By aspa on 18/10/2009
this is unique
Comment #179 - By zomg on 18/10/2009
And remember kids - dont stick a granade into your butthole
Comment #178 - By mattie on 18/10/2009
wtfffffffffffffff??????? anal fuck no more ahsuhuehauehaushauehuae
Comment #177 - By younes on 18/10/2009
je vx te voirrr
Comment #176 - By epic fail on 18/10/2009
Comment #175 - By incest is best on 18/10/2009
looks like my mom's butthole when I got done with it last night.
Comment #174 - By !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on 18/10/2009
Comment #173 - By milko on 18/10/2009
Comment #172 - By eww on 18/10/2009
thats fkin disgusting
Comment #171 - By holy crap on 18/10/2009
that is the worst shit i have ever seen, omg
Comment #170 - By Goddamn! on 18/10/2009
That bitch loves it in the ass I guess.
Comment #169 - By wtf on 18/10/2009
Comment #168 - By This on 18/10/2009
is fucking gross
Comment #167 - By mmmm on 18/10/2009
id eat out that juicey ass
Comment #166 - By Daddy! on 18/10/2009
u are all little bitches!!
Comment #165 - By WTF!!!!!!!!!!! on 18/10/2009
Comment #164 - By max5 on 18/10/2009
Comment #163 - By holy shit on 18/10/2009
is that the point when you realize youve had too much anal?
Comment #162 - By mca on 18/10/2009
strangely arousing though
Comment #161 - By mca on 18/10/2009
duuuuuuude! that shit is nasty!!
Comment #160 - By ewww on 18/10/2009
i just threw up get this shit off here
Comment #159 - By wtf on 18/10/2009
im scared for life fuck this
Comment #158 - By dickman on 18/10/2009
holy phuckin sheit dats
some gross ass shit
Comment #157 - By ... on 18/10/2009
this is the most fucking disgusting thing ive ever fucking seen
Comment #156 - By babar on 18/10/2009
was she play with dinamait?
Comment #155 - By fucking nasty on 18/10/2009
that is fucking disguisting
Comment #154 - By farman on 18/10/2009
i want lowd it
Comment #153 - By wow on 18/10/2009
that shit is nasty to da max
Comment #152 - By mine on 18/10/2009
thats just cross!!
Comment #151 - By mfejh43 on 18/10/2009
That's fucking gross. She should see a doctor about that....
Comment #150 - By impo on 18/10/2009
this videos owner has to pay me my lifetime impotent in cash.
Comment #149 - By Tim Carney on 18/10/2009
thats seriously so disgusting remove this video
Comment #148 - By TSKristy on 18/10/2009
Hottest Prolapse Ive seen, I wanna stick that ass in my mouth and suck that cum out
Comment #147 - By anae on 18/10/2009
wtf !!!! who gets off on that shit
Comment #146 - By d;l on 18/10/2009
what the fuck is wrong with her ass
Comment #145 - By simo on 18/10/2009
j'aime le sex bien
Comment #144 - By AwesomeFace on 18/10/2009
SHIT! This made me lose my boner
Comment #143 - By Give Her Help on 18/10/2009
I guess shell let anybody do anything to her. She down as hell. Now she has a sickness because of her drive for sex. But a broad thatll let you have your way with her is a must to have. But til ya ass pops out its self is unorthodox.
Comment #142 - By kenneth on 18/10/2009
nise and cool
Comment #141 - By lol on 18/10/2009
It's not THAT bad. Kinda cool when you think about it. That guy's cock got a good ride.
Comment #140 - By sjid on 18/10/2009
Comment #139 - By Cristi on 18/10/2009
Asta se caca imprastiat :)) ... cred ca i sa spart curu in doua
Comment #138 - By m jay on 18/10/2009
Comment #137 - By circleK on 18/10/2009
whenever I think I've seen everything... I just come here and bathe in how wrong I am.
Comment #136 - By mz4561313 on 18/10/2009
Comment #135 - By im good on 18/10/2009
who the fuck gets off on this?
Comment #134 - By wow on 18/10/2009
major colon damage
Comment #133 - By ouch on 18/10/2009
Rectal Prolapse.
Comment #132 - By Poopy Anus on 18/10/2009
I love when they prolapse, I want to cut it off and put it on a sandwich.
Comment #131 - By boom on 18/10/2009
Comment #130 - By Stony on 18/10/2009
I see a movie in her future, Alien vs Asshole.
Comment #129 - By gsrdrhsryuyj on 18/10/2009
Comment #128 - By ... on 18/10/2009
ewww fwaken nasty
Comment #127 - By Neuro-damage on 18/10/2009
wtf that was so cool
Comment #126 - By The guy that fucked your mothe on 18/10/2009
Pink Sock!
Comment #125 - By Nice on 18/10/2009
WoW. Man I really wanna lick that asshole
Comment #124 - By hasnain on 18/10/2009
i am a good person
Comment #123 - By okay on 18/10/2009
wtf was that?
Comment #122 - By asdasd on 18/10/2009
Comment #121 - By Greg on 18/10/2009
anal flower?
Comment #120 - By semen on 18/10/2009
she needs to stay away from horses
Comment #119 - By crazYboY on 18/10/2009
AA whats wrong with her asshole omg ! xDDD hahah
Comment #118 - By erbrbe on 18/10/2009
its like a flower HAHAHA
Comment #117 - By xxss on 18/10/2009
Comment #116 - By goatse on 18/10/2009
shit, that's one nasty goatse
Comment #115 - By aes on 18/10/2009
id cum deep in that
Comment #114 - By sandra on 18/10/2009
Comment #113 - By rtyyu on 18/10/2009
Comment #112 - By bigt on 18/10/2009
Comment #111 - By Losing faith on 18/10/2009
WTF is wrong with people. Go to the fucking doctor "asshole".
Comment #110 - By omfg on 18/10/2009
too nasty
Comment #109 - By r67irr on 18/10/2009
Comment #108 - By mhmm on 18/10/2009
i want to lick that
Comment #107 - By wtf on 18/10/2009
this is nasty, i dont beleve that man like this video
Comment #106 - By dope dick dre on 18/10/2009
Rekesha holla at me!
Comment #105 - By yyyy on 18/10/2009
Comment #104 - By RAKESHA on 18/10/2009
Comment #103 - By basquard on 18/10/2009
That was actually disturbing. Prolapsed rectum.
Comment #102 - By sohel on 18/10/2009
Comment #101 - By kuku on 18/10/2009
Comment #100 - By Tiff on 18/10/2009
OMG she flipped her colon inside out
Comment #99 - By Chris on 18/10/2009
Hot Video, I'd love to stick my mouth around her prolapsed ass and slup that cum out. She's got talent, best prolapse i've seen
Comment #98 - By That Guy on 18/10/2009
What is that, anal prolapse? That girl doesn't need a creampie, she needs a proctologist.
Comment #97 - By wow on 18/10/2009
thats one hell of a party trick
Comment #96 - By butuh on 18/10/2009
butuh org putih tak ade tamadun
Comment #95 - By UmMMMm on 18/10/2009
wow...i dont know if that was gross or if it was sexii..but inever seen no shyt like that
Comment #94 - By ... on 18/10/2009
That is just gross..
Comment #93 - By mickey on 18/10/2009
fuck, this site used to be better. then gay ass shit like this is put on here
Comment #92 - By dirtytouchpad on 18/10/2009
oh my god! thanks guys! i didn't even want to see this shit, it looks so gross, i just came to see what you would say; thanks for the laugh. i'm not pressing play so maybe i can still rub one out!
Comment #91 - By lkj on 18/10/2009
well that was some nasty shit.
Comment #90 - By idk on 18/10/2009
that was fuckin gross.. i wanna throw up after watchin that.. nasty!
Comment #89 - By wack on 18/10/2009
nasty shit
Comment #88 - By ewwww??? on 18/10/2009
that's disgusting. my dick went down the moment i saw that.
Comment #87 - By blk_cum on 18/10/2009
man i want to marry this bitch!! ASAP
Comment #86 - By amazing on 18/10/2009
whens shes old she'll probly be walking around with her intestines hanging out cause she cant hold them in LOL
Comment #85 - By WTH!?!!?!?!? on 18/10/2009
damn that just a turn off o_0
Comment #84 - By lolz on 18/10/2009
sad part is that one of us i getting turned on my dick just turned insideout from this gross shit
Comment #83 - By gstv on 18/10/2009
That is a real cream pie. yummy
Comment #82 - By Rocker on 18/10/2009
Her asshole is so SICK that she will not be able to hold shit in near future, she can die because her anal veins must be so fragile that can cause serious hemorrhage. How can someone enjoy the pain and harm to have an asshole like that?
Comment #81 - By cuz on 18/10/2009
that was some nasty shit i like sex as much as the next person but that is some real nasty shit
Comment #80 - By bbygirl on 18/10/2009
exactly this shit fucking vulgar and gross.why put this on internet?i didnt even watch the whole entire thing
Comment #79 - By disturbed on 18/10/2009
Wow? Uhh wtf was that?
Comment #78 - By fuckin gross on 18/10/2009
what the fuck is this nasty shit
Comment #77 - By vgdhgsil on 18/10/2009
Comment #76 - By WTF???? on 18/10/2009
I totally agree. Lately every time I come on this site there's really repulsive videos on the main page. This one made my stomach turn. Put these kinds of videos in it's own disgusting directory and keep them off the main page.
Comment #75 - By WHY?!?!?! on 17/10/2009
Is there some new program to discourage watching porn by putting disgusting shit on the front page? It's like xnxx is going in a different direction now.
Comment #74 - By Jfierce on 17/10/2009
I wonder if this whore thinks it'll be cool that she's wearing an adult diaper by the time she's 30. Fucking disgusting.
Comment #73 - By vijay on 17/10/2009
Comment #72 - By Salma on 17/10/2009
I like fuck
Comment #71 - By uhhh on 17/10/2009
soooooooooo do people get off to this shit????????
Comment #70 - By wtf on 17/10/2009
does it touch water when she shits?
Comment #69 - By wanting original on 17/10/2009
anyone know what move this is from i wana see the whole thing
Comment #68 - By wtf on 17/10/2009
does it touch the water when she shits?
Comment #67 - By ALIEN on 17/10/2009
Comment #66 - By NOOOOO on 17/10/2009
This video almost made me swear off sex for good. Porn GOOD, this video BAAAAD. Say it with me...
Comment #65 - By nasty leakage on 17/10/2009
this shit is nasty she probably leaks when going to the bathroom.
Comment #64 - By wtf kill me gouge my eyes out on 17/10/2009
how could u? Y would u?
Just no more plz no more of this disgustin fantasy ruinin SMUT yea i said it
Comment #63 - By hem er oid on 17/10/2009
Awesome. She makes me harder than advanced calculus.
Comment #62 - By Mmmm on 17/10/2009
Anal Prolapse is hot shit. I wish I had a big enough cock to prolapse my girlfriend so I could lick her pink sock. SO HOT keep the bizarre shit comin'.
Comment #61 - By remove it on 17/10/2009
this nasty video needs to be removed.
Comment #60 - By whiterhasta on 17/10/2009
Dude, fuck'n weak!
Comment #59 - By dude on 17/10/2009
that makes me not wanna do anal grate now bak to the loose hole
Comment #58 - By wtf on 17/10/2009
wow..just wow (i'm disgusted by the way)
Comment #57 - By dude on 17/10/2009
i think she just shit her asshole out
Comment #56 - By oh shit [2] on 17/10/2009
i think im gonna puke now
Comment #55 - By .......................... on 17/10/2009
What the fuck, i have never seen that before. Nasty as fuck dude. BARFFFF
Comment #54 - By ... on 17/10/2009
this shit was fckn disgusting!!!!
Comment #53 - By nunya on 17/10/2009
wow... uh... no?
Comment #52 - By ....... on 17/10/2009
yeah no more for me.im done fuckin my girl in the ass
Comment #51 - By scared on 17/10/2009
ewwwwww nasty
why didn't the camera break.
Comment #50 - By Sarah on 17/10/2009
Keep this shit coming! I love a pink sock. They needed a girl to lick up the cum off her pink sock.
Comment #49 - By tits mcgee on 17/10/2009
i am officially terrified.
Comment #48 - By molo on 17/10/2009
thats fucking disscusting man
Comment #47 - By rob166 on 17/10/2009
umm gros shit
Comment #46 - By SexyTiffany on 17/10/2009
who, what the shit what she must been trying to fart out the cum, EW, man and i never gona get fucked in the ass again
Comment #45 - By wow on 17/10/2009
i don't even want to anymore.
Comment #44 - By Scared man on 17/10/2009
...she has a messed up colon, or had 1 too many anal babies
Comment #43 - By Fuck on 17/10/2009
I think this just made me Asexual.
Comment #42 - By that guy on 17/10/2009
that shit got me soft quick
Comment #41 - By theshaman on 17/10/2009
Comment #40 - By HEMROIDS GALLORE on 17/10/2009
i must say she got a hole lot of HEMROIDS!! NASTY
Comment #39 - By ziddaci on 17/10/2009
thats not fromm regular anal, no way. that chick has to be into mega-large insertions
Comment #38 - By tbone on 17/10/2009
honestly who would have even thought to put this up here like i dont know a soul who would enjoy that cause i was so turned off i think my dick fell off
Comment #37 - By o.O? on 17/10/2009
Bloodclot! I think she's an alien or some shit
Comment #36 - By yup on 17/10/2009
Comment #35 - By Raiuke on 17/10/2009
That was fucking nasty i wanna go back in time and stop myself from watching this now
Comment #34 - By fuuuck on 17/10/2009
i forgot what that was called when the ass gets all like that
Comment #33 - By ??? on 17/10/2009
wow i dont know if im turned on or disturbed...
Comment #32 - By wtf on 17/10/2009
what the fuck bro, eww nastyest porn video ive seen in a long long time
Comment #31 - By Rad on 17/10/2009
I came... Just throwin that out there.
Comment #30 - By LMAO on 17/10/2009
that bitches ass was about to eat the shit of out that dudes dick lmao.
Comment #29 - By wow on 17/10/2009
thats nasty :S
Comment #28 - By idk on 17/10/2009
so would that be really tight or lose?
Comment #27 - By WTF? on 17/10/2009
the sad thing is that that would have been really hot if not for that gross ass thing. she needs to go to a doctor.
Comment #26 - By what the f on 17/10/2009
what was that omg.
Comment #25 - By bob on 17/10/2009
that is why i dont fuck a girl in the ass
Comment #24 - By jim allen on 17/10/2009
that bitch has bad hymroids she needs to get that checked asap
Comment #23 - By Holy Vagina on 17/10/2009
WTF...Did She Take A Shit From Her Anus Or Did I See A Women On Her Period ?
Comment #22 - By HAHA on 17/10/2009
Comment #21 - By leo on 17/10/2009
what fuck was that
Comment #20 - By sugarbob on 17/10/2009
What's the explanation for this site's new tragectory? Hackers? Developers sold their souls? Anybody know?
Comment #19 - By Frank on 17/10/2009
Comment #18 - By joe on 17/10/2009
somebody please tell me wat i jus saw
Comment #17 - By welickpussy on 17/10/2009
just totaly f***ed up s*** man!!!
Comment #16 - By BOB on 17/10/2009
Comment #15 - By not surprisingly on 17/10/2009
second guy can hardly cum after seeing that
Comment #14 - By ... on 17/10/2009
wow this is just aweful
Comment #13 - By metal mike on 17/10/2009
Comment #12 - By disgusting on 17/10/2009
wow,you know thats not even...sexual,who thinks this shit up
Comment #11 - By bubba on 17/10/2009
Comment #10 - By gross on 17/10/2009
wow this was like the best porno site and now they put some gross ass shit like this up bruh why they keep doin this?
Comment #9 - By WDF! on 17/10/2009
That is some fucked up shit.
Comment #8 - By dumb on 15/10/2009
Wow this is truly sex history
Comment #7 - By hah on 05/10/2009
what the fuk is wrong with her asshole!
Comment #6 - By carl on 21/09/2009
straight prolapsed as fuck
Comment #5 - By omg on 27/08/2009
that will haunt my dreams for weeks to cum
Comment #4 - By anon on 27/08/2009
that shit look infected
Comment #3 - By kpta on 26/08/2009
wtf... a mulher já tá tão arrombada que até o intestino dela tá saindo...
Comment #2 - By sp12 on 26/08/2009
what the fuck?
Comment #1 - By what on 25/08/2009
the fuck jjust happened