Cody Lane destroyed
Length: 30:23
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Comment #1966 - By proud son on 13/04/2017
she's my mom's idol
Comment #1965 - By inconu on 16/03/2017
Vous ete mort
Comment #1964 - By MissouriBob on 05/03/2017
Damn this is sexy. Those guys really know how to show a whore a good time. And Cody Lane knows her place in life.
Comment #1963 - By Donald Trump on 07/02/2017
Loved the bit where they detached her false leg and beat her with it. I came so hard I banned all Muslims.
Comment #1962 - By fucke this fucking 3 dogs on 31/01/2017
Three mad dogs raped this poor human being you forgotten it and Nkm villains in the film Dear Fuck you and your mum prostitutes you downfall nasty
Comment #1961 - By cuntspankingmyfav on 31/12/2016
The screaming ruined it for me .. too much of a highr pitch
Comment #1960 - By Dpstr on 23/09/2016
bestimmt gute action hier, aber find die olle scheiße
Comment #1959 - By Gimmione on 27/08/2016
Damn I cummed a fountain.
Comment #1958 - By The Daily Rapist on 16/07/2016
Comments made my day AHAHAHA !! Porn community is awsome !!
Comment #1957 - By Virgin-onanist on 11/05/2016
lets just see
Comment #1956 - By Incel4life on 07/04/2016
yeha the terrible music ruin it
Comment #1955 - By WTF on 14/01/2016
What the fuck these shitheads Son of fucking assholes she is a fucking HUMAN
Comment #1954 - By Matthefucker on 24/11/2015
yes! what a bitch! more girls like her!
Comment #1953 - By shut up on 19/11/2015
Its porn people. Acting, no body cries anout people dying in horror movies. Chill
Comment #1952 - By An0911 on 15/11/2015
What a fuck I really like it
Comment #1951 - By tampafreak on 02/11/2015
Love the face at the end. love doing this to young girls.
Comment #1950 - By Dacoach68 on 27/10/2015
What an ungrateful bitch. She has three men teaching her how to use the only things of value she has (holes) and she's screaming and fighting. Bitch is lucky they didn't leave her next to a dumpster.
Comment #1949 - By Desertdweller32 on 08/09/2015
Think I'm in love
Comment #1948 - By Vishalkerala on 01/09/2015
A perfect masterpiece....No words...
Comment #1947 - By Lord_hams on 06/08/2015
I love these romantic scenes where the girl is treated like a princess.
Some of the comments here are funny. I've slapped and throatfucked my whores harder and this, and each and every one of them loved it and came back for more.
Comment #1946 - By Her father on 03/07/2015
Great job!
Comment #1945 - By Xnxx on 28/06/2015
Is that a fucking pirate???
Comment #1944 - By Coalesce99 on 22/06/2015
Also what's with the music? Did someone get a time machine and travel back to 1989, and enlist their services of my brother and his keyboard? Oh and this bitch's screams. Yikes! If she didn't have a cock (or 2 or 3) in her mouth, the guys should have gagged her.
Comment #1943 - By Coalesce99 on 22/06/2015
What she deserved (and I would have liked to have seen) is for the guys to shave her head and eyebrows, and then rape her anus. Then have a couple of guys cover her bald head with their man-seed, and have the last one finish her off with a good old fashioned donkey punch. Then as she lay unconscious on the floor, have the guys urinate on her to "mark" her as their territory.
Comment #1942 - By Coalesce99 on 22/06/2015
i agree with Abap. Tame. She didn't even have to endure double anal. I did enjoy seeing her slapped around so much though. Especially all the face slapping. It would have been nice to see the guys spit in her face a bit. Or perhaps she could have taken a regulation-sized baseball bat in the asshole. I really like this whore, but I disagree with some of my fellow posters. She didn't get what she deserved.
Comment #1941 - By A woman on 01/06/2015
Love that shit ! Came twice in 3 minutes :)
Comment #1940 - By Slutman171 on 19/05/2015
Bitches should be like tis one. She enjoyed every single moment of her ordeal. Hats off to her
Comment #1939 - By Craveitall on 10/05/2015
This bitch is a natural born slut. She is a fuckpig built to be used, degraded and abused. She can be proud of herself.
Comment #1938 - By johnson on 30/04/2015
Perfect wife material
Comment #1937 - By FUCK THIS VIDEO on 13/04/2015
Comment #1936 - By Mrxy1983 on 16/03/2015
she got wasted, hehe
Comment #1935 - By Vika_g on 18/02/2015
Comment #1934 - By mr. steal yo girl on 13/02/2015
See... This is the shit I fantasize about.. I wish my fucking wife would let me fuck her like this. She would be overflowing with my cum. Trust me I've got enough to fill every one of her orphases.
Comment #1933 - By Wtf on 10/02/2015
Isn't this sexual assault
Comment #1932 - By skeetz on 08/02/2015
Dam that pussy proly got retired after this
Comment #1931 - By Superiorvenon82 on 05/02/2015
The stupid dumb cunt got what she was born for to be used as fuck meat
Comment #1930 - By Calm down on 23/01/2015
It's just porn
Comment #1929 - By vkjcbxhv on 23/01/2015
who ever thinks this is messed up is some drake ass nigga. this is good shit cuz fuckk yall talking bout
Comment #1928 - By Abap on 19/01/2015
Yawn, her fake screams and the over dramatic music kills it for me. This is video is pretty tame.
Comment #1927 - By Blowjo101 on 06/01/2015
thats a good girl, daddy is proud of his little fuck doll ;>
Comment #1926 - By Uhhhh on 06/01/2015
Comment #1925 - By Poor girl on 23/12/2014
Her pussy isn't even wet and they're just going in here ass no l use. This is fucked up. Straight rape. Her body language is like she's being tortured
Comment #1924 - By Men are worse than pigs on 17/12/2014
All the women and kids who do porn deserve whatever they get. They're bodies are destroyed and everything else including thier dignity and self respect and chances of getting married. No man wants a woman that everyone they can watch get ran through like a dirty dumpster like this. Dirty ass bitches
Comment #1923 - By Good on 08/12/2014
That's what you call a good bitch
Comment #1922 - By amy on 07/12/2014
Even if this is roleplay, there is something seriously messed up about how much the men enjoy beating her up, the reasons that she would consent to being treated this way, and how we enjoy watching it. Dehumanization...what allowed the Nazis to do what they did to their victims is exactly what is happening here.
Comment #1921 - By lola on 03/12/2014
Yep I still think one of my faves (:
Comment #1920 - By dasdsa on 23/11/2014
very funny
Comment #1919 - By Bukkake-sluts-forever on 13/11/2014
Fucking cunt's awesome
Comment #1918 - By Abap on 12/11/2014
Hate these over dramatic cunts screaming like the Japs
Comment #1917 - By OMG on 08/11/2014
@Holy Shit
Me too...
Comment #1916 - By Fellatrice on 23/10/2014
Please stop white-knighting. Has it ever occurred to you that this gets her off? If this happens without consent, then that’s when you SHOULD be morally outraged. But stop acting like women can't make adult choices.
Some of us actually enjoy rough sex. Enjoying 'abusive' sex does not make you a bad person as long as you can compartmentalize. Know your boundaries, play with your dark, twisted side among consenting adults and be a kind, good, decent person the rest of the time.
Comment #1915 - By Fellatrice on 23/10/2014
The slapping, 'bullying' and manhandling was super hot. The self-choking was dumb. She's got a nasal voice that's irritating too.
Comment #1914 - By Holy Shit on 23/09/2014
I've never seen so many comments on 1 vid...
Comment #1913 - By lol on 23/09/2014
fake but awesome
Comment #1912 - By LOL on 22/09/2014
All I have to say is thank god for daddy issues LMFAO!! XD
Comment #1911 - By HARD WORKER on 22/09/2014
Comment #1910 - By lol on 22/09/2014
Rape or nah
Comment #1909 - By yeah on 22/09/2014
slap dat bitch
Comment #1908 - By Danny on 22/09/2014
The music does not go well with this video
Comment #1907 - By ROFL on 22/09/2014
Take a look all the Dumb Mother Fuckers who think she got raped.
LOL, stupid fools... oops tautology!
Comment #1906 - By Dave on 22/09/2014
Sexy gril
Comment #1905 - By Carlos on 22/09/2014
Fcking bastards wtf is this
Comment #1904 - By Lel on 22/09/2014
The background music sounds like it's from a sci fi thriller
Comment #1903 - By Really? on 22/09/2014
report button? It's consentual porn. Shut up.
Comment #1902 - By wtffff on 22/09/2014
J??ust where is the fucking shit report button
Comment #1901 - By well on 22/09/2014
she's destroyed? i'm destroyed. Women agree to do this. These porn broads know what they are getting into
Comment #1900 - By wtf on 22/09/2014
Wtf is this where is the report button
Comment #1899 - By earrings on 22/09/2014
Wouldn't be wearing those dangly fuckers if i knew i was getting subjected to that
Comment #1898 - By hashtag on 22/09/2014
Comment #1897 - By lola on 22/09/2014
Comment #1896 - By Phil on 22/09/2014
She has Perfect Tits!!!
Comment #1895 - By Sext8nillou1 on 10/09/2014
what was the safe word?
Comment #1894 - By Ninja Master B on 01/09/2014
It's not rape.. She likes it and is used to it ..
It's all staged
Comment #1893 - By Fortismortis on 29/08/2014
This shit is fucking sick these guys should go to prison for life
Comment #1892 - By mann on 27/08/2014
man i came so hard1
Comment #1891 - By Sexybigguy on 25/08/2014
Loveahugeone Darude-Sandstorm
Comment #1890 - By Tiennou on 25/08/2014
Fuck yeah!!!!! All women should be treated like that!
Comment #1889 - By ********* on 18/08/2014
Burn in hell motherfuckers thats a lame for you son of a bitches cock-suckers motherfuckers
Comment #1888 - By Af75 on 07/08/2014
Cody is lovely once again but the dude with the beard is disgusting and makes this unwatchable
Comment #1887 - By Loveahugeone on 01/08/2014
can someone please tell me what that backround music is?, it is simply too good
Comment #1886 - By lame on 20/07/2014
How can you do anything with this not sexy at all
Comment #1885 - By Wishes on 19/07/2014
I wish I was one among those three son of mother fuckin' asses.
Comment #1884 - By Amy on 06/07/2014
I love how her tits flop around when the guys are fucking the shit out of her, but especially when they slap them.
Comment #1883 - By boring... on 15/06/2014
bad acting...
Comment #1882 - By Fucking awesome on 15/04/2014
Cody lane is the best
Comment #1881 - By Sharingher on 08/01/2014
So... was she teasing their cocks too much? lmao
Comment #1880 - By seriously on 14/12/2013
Are you "good guys" somehow retarded? Of course she's enjoying it. She even chokes herself in the end! Watch other Videos of her where she is gangbanged by even more guys, it's all the same.
Comment #1879 - By GOD on 13/12/2013
i love porn
Comment #1878 - By damn on 02/12/2013
This video is really funny. Haha she gets pissed at one point. Too brutal for me to Jack off to but its a pretty funny video to watch after
Comment #1877 - By in the end on 05/11/2013
that shit was actually fucking gross and funny at the same time haa and i still came though.
Comment #1876 - By hey on 04/11/2013
she is not married
Comment #1875 - By Catseye on 29/10/2013
this video is so brutal...its like they forcing here!!shes not enjoying it!!even if shes a porn star.. i feel sorry for her...
Comment #1874 - By jizbro on 26/10/2013
I would have fucked her mouth and stuck my dick deep inside throat
Comment #1873 - By Countrywigglin on 25/10/2013
Only thing that could improve this video would be some mutilation! They should have cut her whore tits off and pissed on her while she bled. SHould have fucked her loose, disgusting cunt with a rusty knife.
Comment #1872 - By gfgr on 25/10/2013
This music is so fuckin scary
Comment #1871 - By zcx on 17/10/2013
way too brutal.. i still came though.
Comment #1870 - By Forcedfreak on 04/10/2013
I love this video! It's one of my favorites. All you guys hating on Cody lane, grow up. She's getting paid for this, it's not rape, this video was made for a certain demographic. People like this stuff. Ps I'm a chick, and this shit really turns me on ;)
Comment #1869 - By Kal-el-kryptonsfinest on 27/09/2013
You see, despite your impotent, misplaced outrage, these women you are defending would denounce you for removing their option, their own choice to be the best, gutter-mouthed, cumdumpsters they always wanted to be. This is the legacy of women's liberation and feminism whether you realize it or not. You think they are victims?
Comment #1868 - By Kal-el-kryptonsfinest on 27/09/2013
Passionone, your simplistic analysis of these men overlooks one simple fact. These women CHOSE, and in some cases fought for these parts, or even stood in line to wait their turn to perform them. In your glorious rage, you would use on these producers what they never use on their talent; use force.
Comment #1867 - By Passionone on 27/09/2013
MEN who MAKE & ENJOY these types of films & ENCOURAGE this kind of ABUSE of WOMEN are sexist, chauvinistic ASSHOLE wimps! They should all get a taste of their own medicine, & I would HAPPILY VOLUNTEER to smack their balls until tears fall out their heartless souls of satan eyes! I would get great pleasure RAMMING their tight asses & throats with the BIGGEST strapon DILDOS ever INVENTED! They all should be forced to lick clean a dog's ass after deficating, but the dog would be offended!!!
Comment #1866 - By paugigante on 27/09/2013
queria foder ela assim se ela nao engolisse a minha porra ia levar pau na cara ia fazer ela gemer muito
Comment #1865 - By mattzzz on 27/09/2013
Love the way you guys fucked her me n my roommates would of done the same
Comment #1864 - By Basterd on 26/09/2013
2400 comments that's the largest ever lolll
Comment #1863 - By ghskrkfuc on 22/09/2013
Fuckin hot would love to fuck cody the same way
Comment #1862 - By woah on 22/09/2013
Holy shit this is a lot of comments
Comment #1861 - By lol on 20/09/2013
fear the beard bitch
Comment #1860 - By Bigcockmanpo on 10/09/2013
This is fucking tight. It would be a lot better if they fucking cut her throat afterwards and we could watch her cough and choke on her own blood as she bleeds out and dies. sigh...
Comment #1859 - By big cockman on 09/09/2013
Fuck I would love to join a group of other guys and destroy a stupid cunt like that....use every hole and leave her overflowing with cum. Fuck the facials BREED THE BITCH
Comment #1858 - By ._. on 05/09/2013
maybe the pornvid ever!
Comment #1857 - By That was awesome on 19/07/2013
One of my all time faves - thanx Cody!
Comment #1856 - By Horny guy on 19/07/2013
my left ear really enjoyed this
Comment #1855 - By Athuk on 17/07/2013
I don't think she is dong this only for Money.......Can any one can go this extend to get paid......when they are capable of doing that without this much pain....
I believe she is doing this because she want it....!!!
This world is composed several MAD people, she just proved it
Comment #1854 - By pierce1127 on 16/07/2013
Copy you ever come to pottsville pa I'll treat you right no girl should be treated like that
Comment #1853 - By No Mercy on 16/07/2013
Pornstars don't deserve anything. Only this.
Comment #1852 - By she died :'( on 16/07/2013
A guy came in her troat and cloged up her lungs. She sufficated. R.I.P. CODY
Comment #1851 - By yep on 16/07/2013
Huh is right
Comment #1850 - By she loved it on 15/07/2013
she loved ityou dunbass and all pornstars deserve nothing less
Comment #1849 - By EWWWW on 15/07/2013
She didnt wanted to have sex like that
those guys SUCKS!
Comment #1848 - By Xray jones on 15/07/2013
Haha that shit was hella funny wen one of the guys was tryin 2 get her too eat his ass. Even she was lookin like alright ur going 2 far
Comment #1847 - By name on 15/07/2013
Name of song? Can't shazam it cause all the screaming and crying lol and yes you white knights shes a who're and loves the abuse and gets paid for it
Comment #1846 - By GoonerLP on 15/07/2013
I love taht shit!
Comment #1845 - By SexySaxman on 15/07/2013
Comment #1844 - By I don't care on 15/07/2013
I'd love to fuck her hard
Especially make her gag
Comment #1843 - By whore on 15/07/2013
She's a pornstar she deserves it and likes it
Comment #1842 - By vegeta on 15/07/2013
The comments must be
OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment #1841 - By who cares on 15/07/2013
Love it everytime this vid is reposted Cody lane is a fucking boss
Comment #1840 - By link on 15/07/2013
I love fucking like this
Comment #1839 - By jack on 15/07/2013
ive seen worse
Comment #1838 - By Ghhjj on 15/07/2013
Free webcam shows at
Comment #1837 - By ilovecock on 14/07/2013
Poor chick I felt really bad watching diz video :/
Comment #1836 - By Face it guys on 14/07/2013
You wish you could get away doing this to your women
Comment #1835 - By HapPENIS is a wet cunt mama! on 14/07/2013
Rape or consenual. Roughest treatment ive seen haha. Go gym get a penis enlarger then start wasting bitches u fucking pussys. No girl wants a small soft cock manbitch
Comment #1834 - By Ummmm... on 14/07/2013
What the fuck did I just see?!
Comment #1833 - By nope on 14/07/2013
I think Jay was in there. I wonder where silent Bob was
Comment #1832 - By aww on 14/07/2013
This is soo fucking good! The best porn video I've ever seen!
Comment #1831 - By lol on 14/07/2013
never seen a vid with so manycomments
Comment #1830 - By wow on 14/07/2013
.. that was really dark. the music made it better. fuckin great.
Comment #1829 - By Barack Obama on 13/07/2013
I wanna fuck my wife
Comment #1828 - By Su putamadre on 13/07/2013
No mamen,, creia q los animales no se filmaban, q no podian, pero estaba equivocado,perdon a los pobres animales por la comparacion
Comment #1827 - By Fucking pansies on 13/07/2013
Everyone freaking out about this saying its 'rape', how could she like this, etc, y'all need to grow a pair! Some people actually love shit like this! I love being spanked, slapped, choked, all that. When my boyfriend and I have sex if he chokes me I want more, if he slaps me I'm moaning louder and begging for more. Everyone has their weird fetishes!
Comment #1826 - By True story on 13/07/2013
She was raped in her ass when she was a kid...
Comment #1825 - By I know this is acting on 13/07/2013
But damn, it is hella brutal
Comment #1824 - By well... on 13/07/2013
that escalated quickly
Comment #1823 - By re:What the fuck on 12/07/2013
Go shoot yourself in the balls, you holier than thou idiot. Going to hell? Oh.. so you are the person who decides this. Not God. Not Christ. YOU do. Oh.. and an internet tough guy! IF you knew them you would fuck them up! OHHHHHH!
You won't do shit. You posted that rant AFTER you popped 3 loads and felt guilty.
Comment #1822 - By %uD83D%uDC8E on 12/07/2013
She's a good actor
Comment #1821 - By Tom on 12/07/2013
Cody Lane has made thousands from shooting scenes like this, she has made many an interview stating the enjoyment she receives from it.
Comment #1820 - By dude on 12/07/2013
theres an advertisement on the side with this same girl
Comment #1819 - By honestly on 12/07/2013
why the fuck does she still do this?
Comment #1818 - By ollñp0 on 11/07/2013
Comment #1817 - By bob on 11/07/2013
That didn't look consensual.
Comment #1816 - By helpless girl on 11/07/2013
She doesntn want to do it you fools. She has to for money
Comment #1815 - By Johnny Blaze on 11/07/2013
choke your fucking self... choke your fucking self lol 28:00.... wtf did i just watch
Comment #1814 - By tyler the creator on 11/07/2013
Comment #1813 - By Woahthere on 11/07/2013
Comment #1812 - By omfg on 11/07/2013
rape ?!?!?!?!? omfg, leave that girl...
Comment #1811 - By Damn on 11/07/2013
For a sadist, this is pretty fucked up
Comment #1810 - By i dont get it on 11/07/2013
She wouldnt be doing it if she didnt like ._.
Comment #1809 - By Got off on 11/07/2013
Totally did to this video.
Comment #1808 - By holy shit! on 11/07/2013
i feel bad for her. they shouldn't be hitting her & choking her & shit. i cant watch this knowing that this really happens to people every day. this is a fucked up world we live in.
Comment #1807 - By what the fuck. on 11/07/2013
yea...... i dont think im ever watching porn again... -_-
Comment #1806 - By Micheal on 11/07/2013
I like funking bitchs
Comment #1805 - By really?... -__- on 11/07/2013
that poor girl :/ i cant sit here and masturbate to her getting raped! this is just awful. i know shes dong this for money but damn! i think she deserves like a million dollars to endure this shit. i wonder how her parents feel and i wonder how the all feel when they go home.
Comment #1804 - By lol on 11/07/2013
wtf is up with that music
Comment #1803 - By Safeword? on 11/07/2013
OMFG YOU FUCKING RETARDS! They have SAFEWORDS that she can say to STOP ALL ACTIVITY. God DAMN you people are slow.
Comment #1802 - By fuk yea on 11/07/2013
the lane legacy lives
Comment #1801 - By fucked up on 11/07/2013
This vid is fucked up dude!!!!! That poor girl, I'm sure this was fucking horrible for her...those guys are disgusting!!!!!
Comment #1800 - By disturbed on 11/07/2013
That's what I felt 3 minutes into this shit...not acting. Sick
Comment #1799 - By Slappy on 11/07/2013
I'd be lying if I said I didn't like this
Comment #1798 - By Sonia on 11/07/2013
Comment #1797 - By Take it on 10/07/2013
Comment #1796 - By God damn Ads on 10/07/2013
Ads ruining the video, can't even see it...
Comment #1795 - By Awesome on 10/07/2013
This shit is awesome lol.. She's obviously getting paid a shit ton for this.
Comment #1794 - By MICHAEL JORDAN on 10/07/2013
Comment #1793 - By re"Poor girl on 10/07/2013
You full of shit loser. You only posted that after you beat off to her 3 times while your kids watched.
Comment #1792 - By LOL at all the idiots on 10/07/2013
I'm a fan of Cody Lane, all her fans are laughing at you idiots complaining about this video. It's not rape, Cody Lane is known for her hardcore style
Comment #1791 - By People are stupid on 10/07/2013
Haven't you seen her other vids? She likes abuvise sex.. Idiots she isn't Alexa's Texas or someone who prefers one guy only
Comment #1790 - By Why is she alive on 10/07/2013
at the end. Leave no witnesses. Choke them out when you cum in their bottom.
Comment #1789 - By yea on 10/07/2013
ouch in the ass
Comment #1788 - By THiS IS RAPE on 10/07/2013
Not cool at all if you see tears that means stop and only punks do women like that
Comment #1787 - By Nini on 10/07/2013
This was so sexy
Comment #1786 - By RiKi on 10/07/2013
2327 comments I think we like to beat our girl friends.
Comment #1785 - By DUDE on 09/07/2013
anyway if they are just actors that one coke head realy loved it o.O
Comment #1784 - By real on 09/07/2013
Lol this is real. The title is Cody lane destroyed and that's what happened
Comment #1783 - By Dave on 09/07/2013
Its all just acting
Comment #1782 - By ANONYME on 09/07/2013
Comment #1781 - By I like it on 09/07/2013
My new fav
Comment #1780 - By Sooo on 09/07/2013
This was the last time we ever seen Cody lane walk
Comment #1779 - By Dirk diggler on 09/07/2013
So phony and fake!!
Comment #1778 - By quebec on 09/07/2013
so fuking fake those who believe thats are fucking dumbtards loll.. title is cody lane getting raped.. lol as if a pornstar would get raped for real so fucking dumb dont even know why i looked that
Comment #1777 - By Holy Crap on 09/07/2013
Well.... Thats fucked up!
Comment #1776 - By random sex guy on 09/07/2013
She isn't getting raped it's acting
Comment #1775 - By Guilt on 09/07/2013
The guilt... IT BURNS!
Comment #1774 - By Byah on 09/07/2013
Yup...this was definitely a guilty fap
Comment #1773 - By Hornymofo on 09/07/2013
Hardcore shit.
Comment #1772 - By WTF on 09/07/2013
Comment #1771 - By Dafuq on 09/07/2013
Dafuq did I just watched? Is she still alive?
Comment #1770 - By fred96 on 09/07/2013
my favorite video
Comment #1769 - By omg on 09/07/2013
lol 2300 coments WTF
Comment #1768 - By wtf on 09/07/2013
jesus christ this is disgusting
Comment #1767 - By Bullwinkle. on 09/07/2013
STFU all you all. At the end, she never made a bolt for the door or tried to escape, no.
She obviously gets off on this shit.
Comment #1766 - By AAARGH! on 09/07/2013
I spies me the Sea Captain. Ahoy matey!
Comment #1765 - By True story on 09/07/2013
She was raped in her ass when she was a kid...true story
Comment #1764 - By its not rape on 09/07/2013
its brutal porn people .-.
Comment #1763 - By Brian on 09/07/2013
U are all getting
Comment #1762 - By me dio asco on 09/07/2013
la verdad una mierda . se que esta actuado pero la verdad no pudeo creer como una actriz se haga pasar por esto
Comment #1761 - By Fuck You Ya on 09/07/2013
Fuck You And Yea Sheet Liked
Comment #1760 - By Superb video on 09/07/2013
Would have been better seeing her teeth get knocked out and shit. Even a few punches to the kidneys
Comment #1759 - By Yea on 09/07/2013
Someone's probably fucked nataly baby by now lol
Comment #1758 - By hey guys on 09/07/2013
Have you noticed natily baby isn't here anymore
Comment #1757 - By Omg on 09/07/2013
The beginning just broke my heart. This is so fucked up.
Comment #1756 - By ... on 09/07/2013
What people fan do for money, that's terrible !
Comment #1755 - By ugh on 09/07/2013
Ew I almost puked at the end. Not as gross as the sasha grey one though. That was nasty. Looked like spider webs
Comment #1754 - By Bil on 09/07/2013
May god be with her
Comment #1753 - By Berry MahCockiner on 09/07/2013
(__)__)=======D ~~~~~~~
Comment #1752 - By hey zak on 09/07/2013
this is porn, not meant for kids.
Comment #1751 - By Zack.... on 09/07/2013
.... Thank you very much.
Comment #1750 - By Bad Cody on 09/07/2013
These guys ever hear of lube?!? How much do they have to pay to get her to agree to something like this?
Comment #1749 - By This ain't right on 09/07/2013
This is fucked up, I would've shot those guys
Comment #1748 - By Hubby on 09/07/2013
Love to watch guys do this with my wife. She enjoys it and I love watching it.
Comment #1747 - By balcan boy on 09/07/2013
Actors, x)
Comment #1746 - By wtf on 09/07/2013
this is kind pf disturbing
Comment #1745 - By wtf on 08/07/2013
Fucking fat bastards. That shouldn't be fucking legal
Comment #1744 - By Itotallyhatedit on 08/07/2013
Totally hated, yet I still got off from it... going to hell for sure
Comment #1743 - By holy shit on 08/07/2013
it's just horrible
Comment #1742 - By .... on 08/07/2013
this is what daddy issues looks like, what a sloot
Comment #1741 - By C'mon on 08/07/2013
If you watch the whole thing, you'll hear her say she wants to taste it, she is obviously enjoying it so don't feel sorry
Comment #1740 - By Greg's Wong on 08/07/2013
talk about abuse... she's fuckin ruined after this session.
Comment #1739 - By ... on 08/07/2013
Zamnnnnn, They fucked the shit out of her .
Comment #1738 - By Fuck!!!! on 08/07/2013
They made her swallow all that shit!!!
Comment #1737 - By Dude on 08/07/2013
Coke head
Comment #1736 - By wtf? on 08/07/2013
The music in the background was like fucking mario at the bowser castle
Comment #1735 - By Violeur on 08/07/2013
Je leur fais la meme chose mais ya pas d'argent...juste des menaces de morts et quelques coups bien placés...
Comment #1734 - By Blaa on 08/07/2013
she was fucked hard
Comment #1733 - By abusive porn sucks on 08/07/2013
regardless if it was acted rape, she was clearly not comfortable at the beginning and she was abused in this scene. not kosher at all, guys that made this should get a beat down
Comment #1732 - By *insert name* on 08/07/2013
The music didn't help.
Comment #1731 - By kees on 08/07/2013
ik wil haar ook zo verkrachten heerlijk dit
Comment #1730 - By Loser on 08/07/2013
This is a movie where actors make it look like rap. It is not real rape.
Comment #1729 - By toni on 08/07/2013
Comment #1728 - By OMG LMAO on 08/07/2013
WHATTHEHELL - Your comment is the internet's best comment of the year, i'm still howling.
Comment #1727 - By John on 08/07/2013
Well...that was horrible
Comment #1726 - By Go fuck yourself on 08/07/2013
I would love to beat the fuck out of all three of those ducking pussies!!!
Comment #1725 - By Disgusting on 08/07/2013
Makes me feel sick.
Comment #1724 - By Cody Lane on 08/07/2013
Shes known for performing in rather "intense" videos like this one, look her up. She knew exactly what she signed up for, THIS IS NOT RAPE. Some individuals have foot fetishes, anal preference, etc. while a few people (men AND women; of different ages) enjoy humiliation, brutality porn. This sub genre of porn is not for everyone, next time keep rude comments about the viewers enjoying this to yourself.
Comment #1723 - By You know on 08/07/2013
This isn't even
Comment #1722 - By Jimmy on 08/07/2013
Why is her face as red as a beet.
Comment #1721 - By hahaha on 08/07/2013
this music in the background is hilarious
Comment #1720 - By ummm on 08/07/2013
Feel sick.
Comment #1719 - By president wesker on 08/07/2013
c'est quoi la muusique ?! what the song ??
Comment #1718 - By nfùalqzf on 08/07/2013
kinda feel bad watching this
Comment #1717 - By Jim on 08/07/2013
What's with the pirate in this video?
Comment #1716 - By VLADIMIR PUTIN on 08/07/2013
Comment #1715 - By Kevin on 08/07/2013
This is crazy. Tis is a big shit.
Comment #1714 - By Comment on 08/07/2013
Your dick will fall off randomly while your jack off to this vid.. trololololololol .
Comment #1713 - By ummm on 08/07/2013
whats with the weird as fuck music playing?
Comment #1712 - By They deserve it on 08/07/2013
Bitches aint nothing but hoes and tricks
Comment #1711 - By Nat on 08/07/2013
That's disgusting ! You people are freaks
Comment #1710 - By girl in hat on 08/07/2013
name?? --girls on the right in hat
Comment #1709 - By Derisat on 08/07/2013
Mine and my GF's favorite video on xnxx
Comment #1708 - By This is awful on 08/07/2013
Who would possibly do this shit for money?
Comment #1707 - By Celebrity Death-Match Referee on 08/07/2013
I'll allow it.
Comment #1706 - By That slut on 08/07/2013
Enjoyed it, she knew she deserved it
Comment #1705 - By malllaaaaa on 08/07/2013
Low -.-
Comment #1704 - By Wtf on 08/07/2013
This is shit. Those men deserve to get fucked as hard as they fucked her. The things that happen to women is stupid and should be stopped. However there are assholes like these guys.
Comment #1703 - By NO. on 08/07/2013
As soon as I saw this double penetration, I paused this shit.
Comment #1702 - By Accually iz Dolan on 08/07/2013
Raep Tiem
Comment #1701 - By questions? on 08/07/2013
This video was kinda rapey
Comment #1700 - By soash on 08/07/2013
i was more interested in the music... anyone know the tune
Comment #1699 - By Balcan boy on 08/07/2013
Comment #1698 - By juan on 08/07/2013
mi comentario al respecto pues los que firmaron este video junto com los protagonistas som unos hijos de puta y cobardes esta bes se pasaron hijos de puta y semeresen seles denunsie alas autoridades soy amante ala pornografia pero esta bes se pasaron a una mujer no sele trata de esa manera mendigos
Comment #1697 - By your quin on 08/07/2013
Best video ever.
Comment #1696 - By camrider on 08/07/2013
I think these kinds of videos are illegal in the UK. There should be a warning, or something.
Comment #1695 - By Casper on 08/07/2013
@See Magnet, this chick is a porn star. She chose to do this video. She knew what she was getting into. This wasn't against her will.
Comment #1694 - By lol on 08/07/2013
old white guy haha
Comment #1693 - By Lol on 08/07/2013
Fuck off bitch
Comment #1692 - By See magnet on 08/07/2013
This is really abusive and Fucked up women should not be tested this way this video should be removed
Comment #1691 - By not guna lie on 08/07/2013
that was kinda brutal, shit even pirates wanted some of the action
Comment #1690 - By What the FUCK on 08/07/2013
This is really fucked up! Don't get me wrong, I love porn, but this is just plain and simple fucked up !!!!
Comment #1689 - By correction on 08/07/2013
2010 she retired
Comment #1688 - By Cindy on 08/07/2013
D asshole is as wide as d pussy, no friction, disgusting
Comment #1687 - By For your curiosity on 08/07/2013
It is easier to google Cody lane. All those videos she didand since being retired in 2006, she is only worth 300 thousand. Makes you wonder how much they get paid on average per movie?
Comment #1686 - By For your curiosity on 08/07/2013
Cody lane is from Louisville, Kentucky but her real name is Carla Rebecca rushing born November 28 1986. She has starred in at least 56 films. I found this info on imbd.
Comment #1685 - By jiggler on 08/07/2013
Ever occur to you people that some women get off on this kinda treatment? Search for public shame on here and you'll see. Also, she's a fucking porn star! She damn well could have said no.
Comment #1684 - By 15 mex boii on 08/07/2013
Fuck this vid made my cock explode :D i downloaded it for later
Comment #1683 - By EVO 9 on 08/07/2013
Damn that was brutal
Comment #1682 - By XNXX Administrator on 08/07/2013
Attention! This video and the user are violating XNXX terms of service. If you're viewing this video please stop. Your IP-address has been logged.
Comment #1681 - By Tman on 08/07/2013
Yeah it looks alot like her... Ah mass effect 3.
Comment #1680 - By Ggggggupg on 08/07/2013
Is it just me or does Diana Allers from Mass Effect 3 look a bit like her?
Comment #1679 - By Woahh on 08/07/2013
Wow alot of comments
Comment #1678 - By Dr.Mr.Horse on 08/07/2013
The background music sounds like a b movie horror film. Without the music this porn seems very tame.
Comment #1677 - By hsdghg on 08/07/2013
I only dont like that they try to choke her to death but that aside i give this 8/10
Comment #1676 - By lol on 08/07/2013
if you guys hate this video then why watch it? lol fucking amtures
Comment #1675 - By manlybeing on 08/07/2013
In all actuality u could kinda see some hint on when they were taking it easy. Wernt easy to spot but still -.-
Comment #1674 - By Chris on 08/07/2013
Rape, my ass. She signed up for this shit. She wanted to be brutalized. Rape? Please.
Comment #1673 - By this is horrible on 08/07/2013
This is fucking rape. Get this off the website
Comment #1672 - By 999999 on 08/07/2013
that;s just discusting and dog
Comment #1671 - By Alex on 08/07/2013
I was laughing the whole time.
Shit was funny
Comment #1670 - By WTF on 08/07/2013
The music made me feel like i was being hypnotized into wanting to beat up women
Comment #1669 - By NormalDude on 08/07/2013
This is sick. If you enjoy this brutality and degradation, you should get yourself checked too.
Comment #1668 - By Naomi on 08/07/2013
For all the guys who think this is hot: You all can go fuck yourselves woman shouldn't be treated like this I hope you all just drop dead and go to hell.
Comment #1667 - By @SlickDick on 08/07/2013
You're a JACKASS!! Did you understand that? Well!!! ASSHOLE!!!
Comment #1666 - By who qives a fuck on 08/07/2013
This is bullshit
Comment #1665 - By Rape much? on 08/07/2013
Pornstar or not this kinda seems too far.
Comment #1664 - By OBAMA on 08/07/2013
She win
Comment #1663 - By horrible on 08/07/2013
hate it. no flow. what a waste of time
Comment #1662 - By Rocko on 08/07/2013
A lovely young cum dumpster for sure
Comment #1661 - By Cody Lane is the best on 08/07/2013
She gives a great performance here
Comment #1660 - By SlickDick on 08/07/2013
Finally women treate the way they should
Comment #1659 - By Hampster rumper 128 on 08/07/2013
Bit messed up, for extra fun try this on your pets, if you do this too a kitten or puppy dont forget the cellotape so as not to burst the fuckas, really pisses off the folks...
Comment #1658 - By haha20 on 08/07/2013
little slut loved every second of it, it was so hot when she was chocking on cock
Comment #1657 - By Wonder on 08/07/2013
I wonder how old she is!?
Comment #1656 - By Omg on 08/07/2013
It's snookie
Comment #1655 - By fuck Mexican on 08/07/2013
All Mexican women should be treated this way all of the time except a lil worse. I hope Mexican sees this
Comment #1654 - By lol on 08/07/2013
im sure her father is very proud
Comment #1653 - By Hmmmm on 08/07/2013
Am I a bad person for jacking off to this
Comment #1652 - By remorseful on 08/07/2013
I have deep concerns about myself after watching this
Comment #1651 - By EWWW on 08/07/2013
This bitch is fucking ugly. I can't believe they actually pay her. Seriously SHE IS SO FUCKING UGLY!!!!!!! DIE SLUT DIE DIE DIE
Comment #1650 - By Jimmeh on 08/07/2013
Well this is kinda brutal
Comment #1649 - By @Rape on 08/07/2013
You realise she's fakin' it right? Right down to her age? Cody Lane is a famous prn star, what rock have you been living under? >.>;;
Comment #1648 - By Rape on 08/07/2013
dafuq was that?? how can people enjoy that? i am scared as hellmright now and the music is even more scary... man and the old mens in the vid who fuck that women
Comment #1647 - By zatttt on 08/07/2013
wooooooooooooow i like it
Comment #1646 - By 2035th on 08/07/2013
w much comments will there be??
Comment #1645 - By From Everywhere on 08/07/2013
Comment #1644 - By cool on 08/07/2013
this would be great if it were 5 chicks doing that to me, so I see how it rules for her.
Comment #1643 - By ttt on 08/07/2013
wat d fuck
Comment #1642 - By nice on 08/07/2013
front page again, you go glenncoco
Comment #1641 - By 666 on 08/07/2013
You know when your bored you read comments and make one on a porno that you must be really bored
Comment #1640 - By Good until on 08/07/2013
Until it ended up being three schlongs. Get the shit out of here nobody wants to see a bunch of cocks
Comment #1639 - By Cody lane on 08/07/2013
I love her I would love to fuck her like that
Comment #1638 - By XNXX on 08/07/2013
What a depressing video description...
Comment #1637 - By Yup on 08/07/2013
This is too violent. Like what the hell is this?
Comment #1636 - By stupid fucks on 08/07/2013
Comment #1635 - By fuk yiu all!!!saints on 08/07/2013
wtf get off you mom computer go fuk your self mother fucker
Comment #1634 - By Gawd damn on 08/07/2013
Is it just me or did any of you guys and girls had a tear on your because they way she was getting treated
Comment #1633 - By boreing...... on 08/07/2013
Comment #1632 - By guy on 07/07/2013
If her mother watched this...
Comment #1631 - By yawn on 07/07/2013
boring. too much screaming
Comment #1630 - By 1999 comments on 07/07/2013
Comment #1629 - By DBZ on 07/07/2013
Why does the background music sound like a DBZ fight scene
Comment #1628 - By James on 07/07/2013
to harsh for my likeing xP
Comment #1627 - By Damn on 07/07/2013
Her Dad must be proud of her
Comment #1626 - By omg on 07/07/2013
Comment #1625 - By Fuck you on 07/07/2013
Hey tough guys if I could ever catch you useless fucken retards man the place you would end up where no one would here you scream as ants and wild animals would eat you live. You stupid fucks
Comment #1624 - By WHO IS SHE on 07/07/2013
Comment #1623 - By pop on 07/07/2013
Comment #1622 - By Srbenda on 07/07/2013
Yeaa.. Fuck that bich...!!
Comment #1621 - By wish is was back to what it us on 07/07/2013
Knowed cody before she started porn she was fun to hang out with now she is better than u
Comment #1620 - By @sorry on 07/07/2013
dont be supetstitious. many peoples parents are already dead.
Comment #1619 - By Damn on 07/07/2013
I didn't like this at all
Comment #1618 - By Pretty brutal... on 07/07/2013
But I've seen worse
Comment #1617 - By Datfucktard on 07/07/2013
Damn destroyed
Comment #1616 - By Koby Bryant on 07/07/2013
Perfect. This is how I treat all my women
Comment #1615 - By dumbasses on 07/07/2013
She agreed to this damn everyone actin like she really did get raped. She is and actress she new what she was getting her self into. Still nasty tho
Comment #1614 - By DIE!! on 07/07/2013
Burn u motherfuckers this girl didnt enjoy at all-.-
Comment #1613 - By Die on 07/07/2013
Those 3 guys just burn in hell, that's where dumbasses like this belong! If I was her I would of slice his balls open!
Comment #1612 - By @sorry on 07/07/2013
No, actually thank you, I was kinda getting old of those guys anyway.
Comment #1611 - By GGG on 07/07/2013
Don't you just love those Kentucky girls
Comment #1610 - By OSAMA BIN LADEN on 07/07/2013
Comment #1609 - By Raptor on 07/07/2013
Kinda felt bad for her... Still hot tho
Comment #1608 - By Hal on 07/07/2013
This video got my dick from soft to hard in about .2 seconds.
Comment #1607 - By LEBRON JAMES on 07/07/2013
1953 COMMENTS...WTF!!!!
Comment #1606 - By horney on 07/07/2013
oooooooh I would like to be treated like this
Comment #1605 - By rofl on 07/07/2013
So what does your daughter do with her life? Oh ya know... get destroyed in pornos.
Comment #1604 - By Texas on 07/07/2013
Cody lane has been saying she is 19 for the past four years lol...I remember her in high school
Comment #1603 - By Stevie Gerrard on 07/07/2013
Bet her parents are well proud
Comment #1602 - By Vacationist on 07/07/2013
That pussy is on vacation. Hit the ass!!!
Comment #1601 - By Lol on 07/07/2013
Now she is marriage material
Comment #1600 - By yope on 07/07/2013
poor girl
Comment #1599 - By Wow on 07/07/2013
I slightly gagged at the end when she gargled the jizz and swallowed it thats the first time i nearly gagged from porn
Comment #1598 - By bigcock987 on 07/07/2013
this video is freaky and violent i like it :D
Comment #1597 - By rapefantasydumbasses on 07/07/2013
Enjoy with a side of Scream by Avenged Sevenfold.
Comment #1596 - By False Advertisement on 07/07/2013
Cody wasn't destroyed. She's still alive at end of the video. Lame :/
Comment #1595 - By YIPPY! on 27/06/2013
Comment #1594 - By Slowrollit on 15/05/2013
I wanna meet her
Comment #1593 - By Lol on 11/05/2013
She must really hate herself to. Put herself through this
Comment #1592 - By bullshit on 24/04/2013
They should have used a closed fist and really drew back on that cunt
Comment #1591 - By its 18 only here ppl on 22/04/2013
maybe some people should stop watching porn
Comment #1590 - By ¿¿¿ on 22/04/2013
does anyone know the name of the girl
Comment #1589 - By Roughfucked on 16/04/2013
one of the most intense scenes ive seen..but its not rape! Like said before they are briefed she knew she would be slapped and degraded, Just got to remind yourselves of that. Im a women and this shit turns me on...!
Comment #1588 - By god damn on 11/04/2013
Comment #1587 - By Cocky Lane on 02/04/2013
Your ass is grass man and I'm the grass man you Fucking Heeeden!!
Comment #1586 - By bro on 16/03/2013
this is what we calld love
Comment #1585 - By Oh god-big Sean on 03/03/2013
Shits too violent wtf. Still. A aged to squeeze one off
Comment #1584 - By NONAME on 22/02/2013
Comment #1583 - By SOMEONE HELP on 15/02/2013
Is there any videos of Cody Lane just having normal sex? like geniune, good, loving sex? I would like to see that.
Comment #1582 - By Neverman on 07/02/2013
thats just fucked up!!!
Comment #1581 - By 1920th Comment on 02/02/2013
This is indeed the 1920th Comment... Can't wait to see The 2000th Comment... This is indeed insane... I've never seen a xnxx Video with more comments than that ! Did anybody ?
Comment #1580 - By damn on 02/02/2013
Comment #1579 - By lifelessmonopoly on 16/01/2013
Damn, She Got Beat Df Up ,
Comment #1578 - By Look at the comments!! on 22/12/2012
Almost 1920 comments, insane! This video is famous though, it made Cody Lane's career
Comment #1577 - By rape's advocate on 02/12/2012
this is awesome should be illegal
Comment #1576 - By Laura on 27/11/2012
I wish they had shoved it into her ass dry :) mmm I want this
Comment #1575 - By Barak Obama on 02/11/2012
Bitch got nailed!
Comment #1574 - By from russia with love on 31/10/2012
OHHH holy shit
this is cruel
Comment #1573 - By Alex on 28/10/2012
Not sure if mortal kombat or porn.
Comment #1572 - By disapointed on 21/10/2012
this video made me jizz so quick
Comment #1571 - By this is annoying on 14/10/2012
the music fucking ruins the video man
Comment #1570 - By joe on 29/09/2012
She needs to be fisted
Comment #1569 - By huey on 22/09/2012
They didnt beat her enough
Comment #1568 - By Poppy on 15/09/2012
Music fuckin ruins it
Comment #1567 - By Lolol on 08/09/2012
Putting the D in Cody...
Comment #1566 - By 1903th Comment on 31/08/2012
Newell's Old Boys 1903
Comment #1565 - By Topchef on 20/08/2012
she is brillant. im happy for her, she found a womens place in life.
Comment #1564 - By SexualHarassmentPanda on 20/08/2012
Holy shit! I never seen so many comments on an XNXX video before. All comments aside, this Cody Lane video was banned in 18 different countries.
Comment #1563 - By yes on 04/07/2012
1900th comment i win
Comment #1562 - By DANIEL BRYAN on 22/06/2012
Comment #1561 - By Ronald Mcdonald on 19/06/2012
i gave her a McDick
Comment #1560 - By To Sin on 09/06/2012
Lol iknow right
Comment #1559 - By 8in on 02/06/2012
there was a guy who looked like a hobo, i dont think he was an actor
Comment #1558 - By KidCock on 30/05/2012
I quite enjoyed it, like a Sir.
Comment #1557 - By muaha on 28/05/2012
can you say "Favorited"?
Comment #1556 - By OH MY GOD! on 21/05/2012
Comment #1555 - By Popeye on 18/05/2012
bitch getting fucked by a pirate
Comment #1554 - By damn on 16/05/2012
I feel bad for her dad, poor slut she was hot before this
Comment #1553 - By Better Than You on 15/05/2012
I liked this so much, i tried to do it to someone irl... Didnt work out
Comment #1552 - By seriously? on 15/05/2012
No one forced you whiny little bitches to watch. Shut the fuck up complaining whether you agree or not she got paid to do it her fucking choice
Comment #1551 - By hahaha on 07/05/2012
LMFAO hahaha got 2 love the first ever comment !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment #1550 - By jup on 06/05/2012
this is grose i can't jerk at this sickminded if you like this
Comment #1549 - By Cool on 06/05/2012
This is cool!!!!!!!
Comment #1548 - By Yuck on 06/05/2012
I felt kinda sad about this
Comment #1547 - By Sad on 06/05/2012
this almost made me stop watching porn, almost
Comment #1546 - By sex on 05/05/2012
oh my god RAPE!!!
Comment #1545 - By CHADY on 05/05/2012
Comment #1544 - By Aguyjerkinoff on 05/05/2012
This is just fucking horrible! It makes me wanna throw up...
Comment #1543 - By uce AD on 05/05/2012
it can be more hardcore
Comment #1542 - By fuck on 05/05/2012
ta nar bolioche mu n nowsh nuud min ainalna ta narig
Comment #1541 - By Bobby Roode on 05/05/2012
More girls need to get dicked like this bitch.
Comment #1540 - By lol on 05/05/2012
She fixed her hair so you could see more of her face in the beginning.
Comment #1539 - By jayslay45 on 05/05/2012
there is such thing as a porn actress having some dignity. this isn't a good example.
Comment #1538 - By bonesdaily on 05/05/2012
pretty good acting for a porno most suck
Comment #1537 - By Way to softcore... on 05/05/2012
Am I the only one who thought it could have been rougher?
Comment #1536 - By peewee herman on 05/05/2012
Ok guys calm down I know a lot of pornstars get raped but the thing is, she is in SO MANY other vids like this, she just happens to be a goddess at roleplaying rape, so calm down n beat off a little lol
Comment #1535 - By cody lane on 05/05/2012
fuck all of you
Comment #1534 - By LMFAO on 05/05/2012
She is hot
Comment #1533 - By LMAO on 04/05/2012
Lol at the guy who says its his daughter
Comment #1532 - By Straightjacketfr on 04/05/2012
Okay, it looks like she is getting raped and all, but did you even think to look at the parts where she does most of the work and is fingering herself while getting nailed in the ass? THINK
Comment #1531 - By Calm down on 04/05/2012
She is in alot of videos like this
Comment #1530 - By SUNNY on 04/05/2012
Comment #1529 - By Kath on 04/05/2012
Honestly... why can't I get raped like that!!??
Comment #1528 - By asdat0r on 04/05/2012
that's how all the bitches should be treated
Comment #1527 - By ur mother u fucker on 04/05/2012
thiz thing iznt joke thz iz inspiring guys 2 abuse women y d fuck iz diz allowed ????????????? thiz iz nt fair atol fuck u men those asshles ryt in d porn u blady jerks i hate guys wid diz shit thinking who loves such prn basterds
Comment #1526 - By i can't, just can't on 04/05/2012
I can't jerk to this. I likea little choke but this is fucked up. even if it is acting.
Comment #1525 - By NEMO.. on 04/05/2012
Comment #1524 - By Guy on 04/05/2012
Seriously, why aren't there more videos like this?
Comment #1523 - By Music on 04/05/2012
LMAO!!! When he music started playing xD
Comment #1522 - By Dmt on 04/05/2012
Wiseman you're an idiot this was all an act you lame ass fuck FYI this video was kind of lame though
Comment #1521 - By xxcxx on 04/05/2012
holy shit, that was intense.. but they're only actors
Comment #1520 - By LOL on 04/05/2012
What Asholes
Comment #1519 - By So... on 04/05/2012
Seems legit.
Comment #1518 - By me likey on 04/05/2012
Comment #1517 - By biitchhheeees on 04/05/2012
shes obviously a part of the slapahoe tribe
Comment #1516 - By DONG on 04/05/2012
She likes it little bit
Comment #1515 - By oh dear on 04/05/2012
well that was horrifying
Comment #1514 - By Omg on 04/05/2012
I lost a wood to this..
Comment #1513 - By wiseman on 04/05/2012
The people who say %u201Dshe wanted it%u201D are stupid dumb fucks. She obviously is being raped but you say that she wanted it just so it justifies you jacking of to a helpless girl. You fucking people disgust me
Comment #1512 - By peroo yoo on 04/05/2012
damnn but how much shorty got paid though??
Comment #1511 - By lol on 04/05/2012
Imagine her father seeing this.
Comment #1510 - By Welp. on 04/05/2012
I came to this and then regretted it.
Comment #1509 - By CharlesCPussy on 04/05/2012
I want to destroy that chick
Comment #1508 - By anon on 04/05/2012
I jacked to this and enjoyed it.
Comment #1507 - By wtff on 04/05/2012
Dang she got railed
Comment #1506 - By fafads on 04/05/2012
I like how people say in their comments this is wrong etc. is that after they had an orgasm
also christians wtf are you doing here commenting and watching with stuff after you cum and then condom others
Comment #1505 - By this was on 04/05/2012
2 funny
Comment #1504 - By Barbra Streisand on 04/05/2012
That aswell rustled my jimmies...
Comment #1503 - By Jimmy russel on 04/05/2012
That really rustled my jimmies
Comment #1502 - By idiots on 03/05/2012
she was paid huge amounts of money to act like this, you think any of this shit is real?
Comment #1501 - By NFSKing on 03/05/2012
I came right when she stared the rimjob. That does not normally turn me on.
Comment #1500 - By oh yeah on 03/05/2012
my cock pumped with so much blood when i saw her getting whorized like that.
Comment #1499 - By WTF on 03/05/2012
Motherfucking Bastards
Comment #1498 - By Alexis on 03/05/2012
Sometimes I like it rough. Not that rough:(
Comment #1497 - By Mean on 03/05/2012
I would just bite down poor girl
Comment #1496 - By wtf on 03/05/2012
This shit is so bad, if u get turned on by this ur a huge homo. I mean theres way to much dick in this video.
Comment #1495 - By Frenzy on 03/05/2012
Man, that girl was boom Banged BITCHS
Comment #1494 - By sex on 03/05/2012
i love sex with mature hard
Comment #1493 - By fuck off on 03/05/2012
if this is real those guys are the worst pigs ive ever seen and if this is fake she is the best actor ive ever seen..
your mothers suck cocks :)
Comment #1492 - By lafox on 03/05/2012
That's horrible. That girl was treated horribly.
Comment #1491 - By horny on 03/05/2012
this is so fucking hot
Comment #1490 - By Eric cartamn on 03/05/2012
Comment #1489 - By Mike on 03/05/2012
She lokks a bit like Miley Cyrus
Comment #1488 - By Trucker on 03/05/2012
the best video ever. my dick was rock hard through the whole thing
Comment #1487 - By Uhm on 03/05/2012
This bitch is so fucking ugly and this entire video was the worst video I've ever seen.
Comment #1486 - By Horny Assyrian on 03/05/2012
she is fucking hot slut
Comment #1485 - By pornstar on 03/05/2012
this is a fetish and or fantasy porn. They were all paid and willing. But it makes you think guys who get off on treating women so ... are fuct up
Comment #1484 - By wow on 03/05/2012
what a bitch
Comment #1483 - By Eric cartman on 03/05/2012
Da fuk is this
Comment #1482 - By blackhairedchick on 03/05/2012
Comment #1481 - By question on 03/05/2012
were can i find more videos like this ???
Comment #1480 - By nisa on 03/05/2012
I came so fast
Comment #1479 - By Wrong Site. on 03/05/2012
I was only looking for waffle recipes and I stumbled into this. o.o
Comment #1478 - By What the fuck on 03/05/2012
Did I just watched! Tsk :(
Comment #1477 - By Srsly guise on 03/05/2012
Guys really. She's paid and willing. So fuck off.
Comment #1476 - By wowww on 03/05/2012
gotta say feel srry for her....
Comment #1475 - By putita on 03/05/2012
hija de puta se lo merece
Comment #1474 - By ben on 03/05/2012
I want to fuck this 3guys in the ass. Look like tight.
Comment #1473 - By I bet on 03/05/2012
Someone didn't get any hugs growing up,lol
Comment #1472 - By Big jim on 03/05/2012
I like it
Comment #1471 - By Wtf on 03/05/2012
Comment #1470 - By Oh fuck on 03/05/2012
I cant belive i fapped(0.0)
Comment #1469 - By Bishop on 02/05/2012
You guys is pussies mang. I've seen far worse porn on this site.
Comment #1468 - By Rape!!!!! on 02/05/2012
This is not at all cool. Who would post this? Why would she let these nasty old perves even touch her?
Comment #1467 - By Malcolm Muggeridge on 02/05/2012
Imagine if she was your daughter and you saw this! ouch
Comment #1466 - By neezie on 02/05/2012
Damn i didn't like that, so i didn't watch the whole thing. She wanted it and if you didn't like it should have turned it off. Simple as that.
Comment #1465 - By Not enjoying this at all on 02/05/2012
''not enjoying'' who would want to be abusively helplessly destroyed like by a bunch bum looking hippy freaks.
Comment #1464 - By timmy on 02/05/2012
im ony 6 lo
Comment #1463 - By evil on 02/05/2012
This was terrible o hope they take it down
Comment #1462 - By ??? on 02/05/2012
Comment #1461 - By lol on 02/05/2012
the music was just as good as the porn :P
Comment #1460 - By fuckdat on 02/05/2012
this was a bit fucked up. yeah she helped with putting dicks in places but if i were in a room with 4 guys i think i would just have to.
Comment #1459 - By Never gonna watch porn again on 02/05/2012
Never gonna watch porn again
Comment #1458 - By not rape on 02/05/2012
No ones holding her hed at 1:40 when she deep throats a guy and she helped take her clothes off some women get off on this shit. Btw didnt read the title huh
Comment #1457 - By wow on 02/05/2012
wtf i dont get it. does she want it or not ???!!
Comment #1456 - By Michael on 02/05/2012
Hahaha that one guy tried to get her to lick his ass, but got totally rejected!
Comment #1455 - By Jak on 02/05/2012
Good video, but Id prefer stomping on her head until she dies before cumming on her broken dead face.
Comment #1454 - By Rape on 02/05/2012
Nuff said.
Comment #1453 - By Jorden on 02/05/2012
Comment #1452 - By r u joking on 02/05/2012
having a bitch lick your ass feels great
Comment #1451 - By Lucky on 02/05/2012
If u guys Dnt love girl why fucken have sex when u guys Dnt fucken love them treat them like fucken slave bitch
Comment #1450 - By fappityfap on 02/05/2012
I found this extremely easy to fap to
Comment #1449 - By 3wtf on 02/05/2012
what the fucking fuck did i just fapped to? i cannot believe this crap my mind is too fucked up now anyone know how to rehab from this and stop this adicction?
Comment #1448 - By Goddess on 02/05/2012
This was unbarable to watch, this was rape! I hope all people involved in hurting this girl are torchured and beaten and their dicks cut off with a dull knife.
Comment #1447 - By TTYT on 02/05/2012
Comment #1446 - By Hey Dumbasses on 02/05/2012
She either signed up for every part of this or sued the production company into oblivion. Hint, she didn't sue
Comment #1445 - By wtf on 02/05/2012
What was with the guy putting his ass on her face
Comment #1444 - By anonymous on 02/05/2012
I bet her parents are proud
Comment #1443 - By Wtf on 02/05/2012
Wtf is this stuff. I nearly threw up
Comment #1442 - By Perra on 02/05/2012
Pinches putos hijos de la chingada se pasaron de verga pinches jotos badamas porque es mujer pueden con ella pero si fura un hombre les parte toda su puta madre algun dia la van a pagar pendajos mejor vallanse a violar a su mama o si no yo lo ago
Comment #1441 - By kora on 02/05/2012
i want 2 fuck shyla stylez like this.
Comment #1440 - By xnxx on 02/05/2012
wow prison porn
Comment #1439 - By bob on 02/05/2012
What's up with the dude dressed like a pirate
Comment #1438 - By wtf on 02/05/2012
Just because she was forced to sign a consent form doesn't mean it wasn't rape.
Comment #1437 - By haha on 02/05/2012
Comment #1436 - By LoL on 02/05/2012
Bit wierd. What was with the pirate? loool
Comment #1435 - By Big dick bandit on 02/05/2012
My dick big
Comment #1434 - By Wtf on 02/05/2012
Damn hardcore porn
Comment #1433 - By Motherbitch on 02/05/2012
This never happens to me and I never write comments but when I was watching this I was thinking imagine if my wife... Ergh... Or imagine if you saw your daughter... Fuck this...
Comment #1432 - By LOL! on 02/05/2012
I hope you guys all know, this isn't rape. These are all porn stars, and it's ALL A SHOW. If the girl felt uncomfortable at anytime, they would stop recording, RIGHT AWAY, and this WOULDN'T BE ONLINE. IDIOTS.
Comment #1431 - By Cannot fap on 02/05/2012
This is just horribly revolting. There's porn, then there's rape. Though she may enjoy this, how I view her says otherwise.
Comment #1430 - By MOAR!!! on 02/05/2012
sexy good job
Comment #1429 - By Joe on 01/05/2012
Damn the things people will do for money
Comment #1428 - By nobu on 01/05/2012
Holy fucking shit! I think that express the sentiment of most of our post, whether good or bad. Get that money bitch I'm not mad at you!
Comment #1427 - By miley cyrus on 01/05/2012
this luks like her ^^^ that was shit for her man
Comment #1426 - By Nice Guy on 01/05/2012
Such A Beautiful Girl Gone To WASTE!
Comment #1425 - By Innocence on 01/05/2012
Er...slut much???
Comment #1424 - By ææææææ on 01/05/2012
This is rape..
Comment #1423 - By wtf on 01/05/2012
what human on earth can like this sh..
xnxx should delete it immediatly
Comment #1422 - By Playb on 01/05/2012
This is bad , even if its not real it still is fucked up . Damn i just lost my boner and i cant get it back up this is so disquesting
Comment #1421 - By just me? on 01/05/2012
is it just me or does she have a dirty face?
Comment #1420 - By jorge on 01/05/2012
k menga aca donde estoy para cojerla y meterle el pito a la boca
Comment #1419 - By cam on 01/05/2012
This turns me on sooooo much. I would love to treat her like that!
Comment #1418 - By GeeZus on 01/05/2012
Bitch is Bitch
She really got destoryed!
Comment #1417 - By Fake on 01/05/2012
She has a safe word if it gets to rough
Comment #1416 - By Butt Plug on 01/05/2012
This is just weird and a huge turn off
Comment #1415 - By Big dick blick on 01/05/2012
That was disgusting and wrong.....
Comment #1414 - By just a dude on 01/05/2012
I wonder how much she got paid for a video like this. 10-20k? She enjoys the money, thats for sure
Comment #1413 - By Ridiculous on 01/05/2012
This video is so stupid. We are supposed to believe that she is being raped. Yet at the beginning she helps them remove her own top and at the end she's chocking herself. Dumb retarded bitch.
Comment #1412 - By flow on 01/05/2012
Did anyone get where she is from lol
Comment #1411 - By lol on 01/05/2012
this is all faked rofl
Comment #1410 - By Bad boy 21 on 01/05/2012
This shit is horrible how are you going to jerk off on this shit with 3 guys You mothafucking assholes
Comment #1409 - By yes on 01/05/2012
so glad porn like this exists
Comment #1408 - By tut tut on 01/05/2012
go bitch go!!
Comment #1407 - By Tut tut on 01/05/2012
Your never see me treat a women like that. And if I saw a women being treated like that
Comment #1406 - By Juiced on 01/05/2012
Wow i couldnt watch the whole thing....pure insanity
Comment #1405 - By Dicky Jones on 01/05/2012
me and my homie fucked the shit out a girl like this last night!! She loved every fuckin minute of it!
Comment #1404 - By tards on 01/05/2012
she's a porn star and this is staged, settle down moral crusaders
Comment #1403 - By 8===D on 01/05/2012
This bitch has more that once video xD
Comment #1402 - By lol on 01/05/2012
something is seriously wrong with you people to get off on this.
Comment #1401 - By jhiuhiuh on 01/05/2012
Comment #1400 - By horrible on 01/05/2012
how did she survived that for 30 min
Comment #1399 - By jjjjjjjjjjj on 01/05/2012
yay u r a dick
Comment #1398 - By Yay on 01/05/2012
65% percent of people like this c: Dafuq is wrong with you guys?
Comment #1397 - By this bitch on 01/05/2012
This bitch is a fucking slut. Like damn have sum for respect for urself
Comment #1396 - By Rape? on 01/05/2012
First I was in to it but after a while it was just to far and it actually mad me feel sad..
Comment #1395 - By Buddy on 01/05/2012
Something fucky is going on here....
Comment #1394 - By Abdominal sonographer on 01/05/2012
Comment #1393 - By Bigblackman on 01/05/2012
Hottest video I have EVER seen in all my life destroyed that little whore
Comment #1392 - By lmao on 01/05/2012
i think the music is hilarious lmfaoooooooo
Comment #1391 - By hm... on 01/05/2012
She had my sympathy at first... but then I saw the tramp stamp... and the clit piercing... and her masturbating... and the fact that she probably got paid plenty to act like that. I just hope those walls are sound proof or that they're somewhere secluded.
Comment #1390 - By DeezNuts on 01/05/2012
Did I Just Witness.... Rape?
Comment #1389 - By lol on 01/05/2012
its funny cuz she gets paid 4 this trolololololol
Comment #1388 - By MrLong on 01/05/2012
honestly shes hot but that was a little too much lol
Comment #1387 - By Wow on 01/05/2012
That was messed up
Comment #1386 - By What the fuck on 01/05/2012
That went tooooo far!!!
Comment #1385 - By No. on 01/05/2012
Just no.
Comment #1384 - By bob on 01/05/2012
this is so hot i wanna tear her pussy apart more then what these guys did
Comment #1383 - By Ole Jim Jim on 01/05/2012
Wow that shit was no joke.
Comment #1382 - By Lickysticky on 01/05/2012
She must have enjoyed it
Comment #1381 - By My name is Mary on 01/05/2012
and i got to say this is HOT never been treated like that but omg so many dicks, and that biker looking guy is HOT she got paid and hates EVERY SECOND
Comment #1380 - By dicky on 01/05/2012
as you said, simply amazing, best porno ever
Comment #1379 - By Red Vixen on 01/05/2012
I feel like I'm not supposed to enjoy this... So why do I keep playing with myself? Simply amazing.
Comment #1378 - By whoops on 01/05/2012
a woman never should accept money for doing this.. this has NOTHING to do with sex anymore.. fucking bastard
Comment #1377 - By not worry bout it on 01/05/2012
she is sexy af
Comment #1376 - By italia on 01/05/2012

GI love her stinky pussy
Comment #1375 - By LikeItRough on 01/05/2012
Mmm, aside from the terrible music, I came 6 times to this. :P x
Comment #1374 - By King pain on 30/04/2012
This is how u pleasure a slutty whore!!
Comment #1373 - By YosexyAssDaddy on 30/04/2012
Shits fucked up but I just had 10 orgasms...SLUTTY BITCH.
Comment #1372 - By S3xy_Killer on 30/04/2012
i hate this fkin kind of sex....stupid lady...
Comment #1371 - By WTF on 30/04/2012
That shits fucked up, phone the RSPCA for animal abuse!
Comment #1370 - By dolan on 30/04/2012
that sucked...
Comment #1369 - By 1666 on 30/04/2012
Comment #1368 - By dad on 30/04/2012
Her father must be so proud for raising such a piece of shit this bitch is, lower than dirt, poop is more valuable than her. HAH
Comment #1367 - By Wookie on 30/04/2012
Kony 2012
Comment #1366 - By nicky on 30/04/2012
i never knew the people who came to this site were such pussies, if you think this is rough then i'd say quit watching porn now cause its a slippery slope to puke, piss, fisting, and max hardcore
Comment #1365 - By Zenit on 30/04/2012
porn for sociopaths...
Comment #1364 - By foe hamma deluxe on 30/04/2012
Really she was choking her self to get off and she loved it though they obviously missed the choking part Cody does not do normal shit anyways she does the shit every girl wishes they could but girls feel that's slutty so they don't at least she's a real bitch!
Comment #1363 - By Trucker on 30/04/2012
i love this. she got paid a lot for this one
Comment #1362 - By i have no sympathy on 30/04/2012
for this bitch. She knew what she was getting herself in to.
pity they never applied the baseball bat at the end to finish her off.
Comment #1361 - By I liked it on 30/04/2012
But the music was awks
Comment #1360 - By f this on 30/04/2012
wtf going on not cool yo why is this up on xnxx
Comment #1359 - By KingFish on 30/04/2012
Cool story bro
Comment #1358 - By Wow on 30/04/2012
what the fuck... this so fucked up.
Comment #1357 - By wtf on 30/04/2012
this is weird. and creepy. and fucked up on so many levels.
Comment #1356 - By jjjjjjjjjjjj on 30/04/2012
u r losers. id do it for real when she leaves the studio
Comment #1355 - By ... on 30/04/2012
Comment #1354 - By SheDidItForTehLulz on 30/04/2012
Comment #1353 - By Takeshita on 30/04/2012
Very disturbing, not anything I'll ever want to do or see again.
Comment #1352 - By jack on 30/04/2012
This isnt anywhere near porn but she did agree to the contract
Comment #1351 - By cristian on 30/04/2012
este video e uma porcaria
Comment #1350 - By Kisa on 30/04/2012
Oh. My. God. This has got to be my favorite video out there. xD I wish I were in her shoes. Fuck, I'd cum so much! Btw guys, this is not real rape. If I were in porn, heck yes I'd agree to do something like this. And I'd put on one hell of a show, and still enjoy every minute of it. Even porn stars have their own paraphilias! I think Cody Lane has one for being abused. If she didn't enjoy it, she wouldn't be doing porns like this in the first place.
Comment #1349 - By Vladimir on 30/04/2012
She gives adult film actresses a bad name LOL. Crappy clip, definitely not sexy. Dumb sluts, worlds full of them haha.
Comment #1348 - By This Bitch on 30/04/2012
Is Forever Dirty In My Eyes From Now On. They Really Did Destroy Her LMAO
this isnt sexy at all..
Comment #1347 - By Lawrence Bittaker on 30/04/2012
I like the part where she is being raped
Comment #1346 - By major woody on 30/04/2012
this is crap!...just gives the freaks ideas..
Comment #1345 - By gig on 30/04/2012
Weird. very weird and wrong.
Comment #1344 - By hA? on 30/04/2012
Dafuq is this shit ?
Comment #1343 - By jjjjjjjjjjjjj on 30/04/2012
oh yeah the vid, not enough head punching
Comment #1342 - By jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj on 30/04/2012
im gonna tear your arsehole snoopy then lick ur balls. tell charlie brown u r my whore now
Comment #1341 - By lame on 30/04/2012
just cos she agreed to it and got paid doesnt make the clip any better its still overly aggressive and ppl who enjoy it have got problems...
Comment #1340 - By u serious? on 30/04/2012
How much money did she get paid to agree to this??? Hopefully was worth it for her cuz damn she got her ass beaten
Comment #1339 - By damn... on 30/04/2012
i dont even understand this. how is this sexy?
Comment #1338 - By Wtf? on 30/04/2012
This should be banned, nothing good about this at all, must give the werido's out there a thrill! Discusting!
Comment #1337 - By idoits on 30/04/2012
no she didnt die she carried on for a few years after!
Comment #1336 - By Ininbidh on 30/04/2012
Fap fap fap fap
Comment #1335 - By MeLikeTitties on 30/04/2012
Did anyone find out how old she is?
Comment #1334 - By WTFguy on 30/04/2012
jjjjjjjjjjjjj lol dude wtf? and what the F*ck is with this vid?
Comment #1333 - By morons on 30/04/2012
what size of those cocks dude even my middle finger is bigger than their baby dicks bah...
Comment #1332 - By wtf on 30/04/2012
what the fuck is wrong with these idiots! Don't they have any kind og empathy?
Comment #1331 - By jjjjjjjjjjjjjjj on 30/04/2012
i cant quite cum. why cant they make her go purple yeah that does it. if i could get my hands on snoopy i would destroy him. oh yeah id choke that dog real god. tear his fucking ears and everything
Comment #1330 - By sad but true on 30/04/2012
what you guys didn`t know is: this nice woman died after this act ! its true cause it was just a act but after this he got a headshot !
no fucking joke
Comment #1329 - By MIKE on 30/04/2012
this is too hard for hard to her beat and her cry make me sick.the guy are too ash on her
Comment #1328 - By mb1 on 30/04/2012
this is fuking bad should b removed tbh
Comment #1327 - By cody lane on 30/04/2012
her videos always get so many comments
Comment #1326 - By Gross on 30/04/2012
This is sick!!!
Comment #1325 - By omfg on 30/04/2012
That's sick, awfull and disgusting
Comment #1324 - By omfg on 30/04/2012
Comment #1323 - By Stop bitching on 30/04/2012
What people don't realize is that, this is an act, she knew what was coming to her, and she agreed with them and signed a contract. If it gets too serious for either her or the males, they have a safe word to stop it all. This is not rape, simply a act (And she's getting payed shitloads for doing this) Happy Fapping
Comment #1322 - By Idiots on 30/04/2012
Shut up and enjoy the porn !
Comment #1321 - By malakas on 30/04/2012
ti malakia itan auti?
Comment #1320 - By Parents on 30/04/2012
Just imagine her parents seeing that.
Fuck that shit up
Comment #1319 - By !!! on 30/04/2012
this is rape, not porn
Comment #1318 - By just great on 30/04/2012
i came 5 times
Comment #1317 - By 6969 on 30/04/2012
horan får vad hon förtjänar
Comment #1316 - By josh on 30/04/2012
awesome!! haters gonna hate
Comment #1315 - By Wow on 30/04/2012
Jerk off to this.
Feel bad afterward.
Comment #1314 - By phenoix on 30/04/2012
ok im a dom and i think thats over the top i agree with Boner_Lost those guys should be charged
Comment #1313 - By The man on 30/04/2012
Gay so gay....
Comment #1312 - By Dicky Jones on 30/04/2012
Crazy thing is I know girls that love getting fucked like this!!
Comment #1311 - By Boner-Lost on 30/04/2012
Comment #1310 - By Yes on 30/04/2012
Smack that hoe fuck her fast and hard reach the ass and pussy
Comment #1309 - By Kids on 30/04/2012
Stay in school
Comment #1308 - By thor on 30/04/2012
porn like this is dangerous to some people.
Comment #1307 - By Juliana on 30/04/2012
Hottest. Video. Ever. Fuck the haters
Comment #1306 - By ????? on 30/04/2012
who likes this shit? that is fuckin awful, poor girl nearly beat to death
Comment #1305 - By sandi on 30/04/2012
fuck i wish i was her!
Comment #1304 - By lol,, on 30/04/2012
Well, I know what SHE would do for a klondike bar(;
Comment #1303 - By Dex on 30/04/2012
what the fuck???
Comment #1302 - By Just on 30/04/2012
I really didn't know that porn had gotten this accepting
Comment #1301 - By shame boner on 30/04/2012
well, i came. but it felt bad. guess i'll go back to studying for my history final now.
Comment #1300 - By Alexis on 30/04/2012
Don't listen to Abradix. I've never cheated and got dick on the side and I think this is disgusting and scary.
Comment #1299 - By lol on 30/04/2012
talk about low self-esteem drug whore.
Comment #1298 - By Disowned after this on 30/04/2012
Parents must be proud...
Comment #1297 - By Andrew lane on 30/04/2012
Thats my little girl!
Comment #1296 - By drew on 30/04/2012
belive it or not im oneof those guys that fucked her
Comment #1295 - By fuckers on 30/04/2012
it is so nice to fuck this dirty slut
Comment #1294 - By Yes Please! on 30/04/2012
I fantasize about getting fucked up like this all of the time.
Comment #1293 - By Some guy.... on 30/04/2012
Yeah, I'd hate to be her dad too. He lives in the same neighborhood as my family. She hung herself in his house about a year and a half ago. Of course Cody lane is a stage name...
Comment #1292 - By dino on 30/04/2012
No mamen se pasan pero bueno a si les gusta agunas mujeres LOL
Comment #1291 - By tai on 30/04/2012
she got paid shes a pornstar get over it. the music is fuckin annoying.
Comment #1290 - By hardon on 30/04/2012
wheres the original? without the music
Comment #1289 - By Da fuq did I just see on 30/04/2012
Id hate to be her dad
Comment #1288 - By fucked up on 30/04/2012
this is really sad and a shit porn
Comment #1287 - By josh on 30/04/2012
most of u guys r dum it's all acting porn is fake like a movie matter in fact it is a movie so what the fuck is the problem , like if u think it's wrong get the fuck out of xnxx
Comment #1286 - By Wow on 30/04/2012
Lol you all are so dumb she is a porn star that signed up for a hardcore scene, che couldve said get the fuck off of me im leaving at anytime. chill out
Comment #1285 - By Logic on 30/04/2012
She consented to this, you morons.
Comment #1284 - By reppin pittsburgh on 30/04/2012
best porn ever
Comment #1283 - By WTF on 30/04/2012
This shit is disturbing and i can't believe i'm commenting on a porn video haha
Comment #1282 - By exactly on 30/04/2012
she loves this kinda fucked up shit.. she's a dirty fucking whore...
Comment #1281 - By fkn retards on 30/04/2012
yous are all fkn retards there a few of her video's like this shes acting...
Comment #1280 - By Skrillex on 30/04/2012
I love the band Dubstep. Those guys rule!!
Comment #1279 - By Pillow Pumper on 30/04/2012
I sware to anyone who has ever done this to anyone or thought about doing it or likes the idea of it. You will suffer for it. This is such a disgrace to all things human and anyone who took part in that porno besides that poor girl should rot in jail for the rest of their pethetic lives.. And though she signed up for it, such an extent of brutality toward another person is completely unjustified no matter the terms. Those men are animials and karma shall have its way with them..
Comment #1278 - By Wtf did I watch on 30/04/2012
I feel bad for watching even a little a bit of this
Comment #1277 - By I Jizzed on 30/04/2012
Thats What Happens Wen u sell your soul to illuminati
Comment #1276 - By Asian girl lover on 30/04/2012
I hate this shit
Comment #1275 - By Wonderful on 30/04/2012
This is a beautiful thing. I'am proud to have watched this wonderful masterpiece!
Comment #1274 - By Scared Guy on 30/04/2012
I am freaking scared after this holy shiz...
Comment #1273 - By missy on 30/04/2012
and M
Comment #1272 - By fucked up on 30/04/2012
Delete thus from your history and throw your computer out the window then hit it 27 times with a hammer and burn it so nobody ever knows u fucking watched this
Comment #1271 - By wayne on 30/04/2012
just another porno slut thats all nice job guys
Comment #1270 - By Grrr on 30/04/2012
I hate when I see video's like this. Those guys deserve to Rot in hell girls r suppost to be treated with kind and care not fucking man handled. Fuck these guys
Comment #1269 - By missy on 30/04/2012
Some people like it rough (giving AND receiving) Besides, she consented and got paid. I liked it, and I want to be on the receiving end. FFS, it's called S
Comment #1268 - By Eat my ass on 30/04/2012
WTF idgaf who tf they are I wouldnt let any of that shut happen!!!!!!!
Comment #1267 - By WTF on 30/04/2012
WOW some stuff people put on here is realy realy realy fucked up.
Comment #1266 - By WTF on 30/04/2012
thts just sick her parents must b so happy with this and if u masterbaited during this ur fucked up
Comment #1265 - By Dumbasses on 30/04/2012
Comment #1264 - By mehhh on 30/04/2012
me do not like pseudo-rape scene
Comment #1263 - By lol on 30/04/2012
She could have taking that pounding in her sleep.... she was paid to act that way...... smh
Comment #1262 - By blackguy on 30/04/2012
oh yea
Comment #1261 - By Bob on 30/04/2012
This isn't really all that bad. I masturbated to it.
Comment #1260 - By 8N!gGrz1Np0Rn on 30/04/2012
Sore Tomorrow?
Comment #1259 - By Ram on 30/04/2012
I need help because I have actually enjoyed this :D
Comment #1258 - By Champion on 30/04/2012
Her parents must be real proud...
Comment #1257 - By Wow on 30/04/2012
Thats messed you cant have plessure unless she has plessure if u masturbated to this you really are sick
Comment #1256 - By Guy on 30/04/2012
Why spank he ass and face? It get red and nasty. Nobody wants that
Comment #1255 - By gtfo on 30/04/2012
this isn't rape, she's a paid actress who consented you dumb fucks.
Comment #1254 - By good video on 30/04/2012
advice: listen to the left headphone only if you want the screaming alone without the music
Comment #1253 - By disguting on 30/04/2012
Anybody who masterbated on this is SICK
Comment #1252 - By i love sex on 30/04/2012
good fuck
Comment #1251 - By nihao on 30/04/2012
this is how i fuck my wife everyday
Comment #1250 - By nasty on 30/04/2012
Comment #1249 - By Dude.... on 30/04/2012
Whether she's acting or not... eewww not a fucking turn on
Comment #1248 - By 1st Anal on 30/04/2012
I wish I could get my first anal like that
Comment #1247 - By call the cops on 30/04/2012
Comment #1246 - By dhgdhd on 30/04/2012
she forgot the safeword
Comment #1245 - By wtf on 30/04/2012
Oh god most of you are really stupid
She's a pornstar, and SHE'S ACTING here.
Look when she opens her shirt alone
Look when she doesn't put up a fight
Comment #1244 - By .... on 29/04/2012
She is even opening her shirt at the start, ofc it'S fake omfg
Comment #1243 - By gross on 29/04/2012
Comment #1242 - By love it on 29/04/2012
this is so good
Comment #1241 - By gross on 29/04/2012
gross she let a fuckin fat guy and a hobo fuck her fhl lol
Comment #1240 - By Discusting on 29/04/2012
This is discusting
Comment #1239 - By fcking sick on 29/04/2012
Comment #1238 - By john on 29/04/2012
disgusting. Sick.
Comment #1237 - By seriously guys on 29/04/2012
if it really wasnt a setup, do you think itd still be up by now?
Comment #1236 - By guest on 29/04/2012
wow wtf is this even legal
Comment #1235 - By MR.little on 29/04/2012
dislike and forget
Comment #1234 - By stevakos on 29/04/2012
now she is a red head hahahahhaha xD
Comment #1233 - By bob on 29/04/2012
Why are they slapping her making her cry can someone tell me that
Comment #1232 - By gundt rafi on 29/04/2012
LOOOOOL this shit cray
Comment #1231 - By leroy on 29/04/2012
i'd like to see 4 wmen taking one of these guys and slapping the shit out of his balls..sticking rods up his ass..and sitting on his face so he couldnt breath..these guys are pathetic
Comment #1230 - By omg on 29/04/2012
she is a major porn star r u seriosuly saying this isnt fake...she has like 8 of these videos!!
Comment #1229 - By Porn is stupid on 29/04/2012
This is sad and disgusting... And for all you people who say it's "setup" and "fake" ... You know it's not.... She wasn't acting... You guys just don't want to feel bad about this sickening behaviour...
Comment #1228 - By Pikachu on 29/04/2012
Pika pi pi pik pika pikachu :)
Comment #1227 - By She loved that shit on 29/04/2012
Slut loved it it's all a setup btw people
Comment #1226 - By Sad on 29/04/2012
Now show it to her parents...... -_-
Comment #1225 - By Fake!!! on 29/04/2012
100% fake!!! Of course it's wrong... Because it's fake
Comment #1224 - By Silkiu on 29/04/2012
This is wrong ... I cant fap fap fap on videos like this
Comment #1223 - By gogo on 29/04/2012
This might be illegal to watch. What a culture the West has grown.
Comment #1222 - By wow on 29/04/2012
wanked over this 5 times today :)
Comment #1221 - By Fff on 29/04/2012
Dam I don't think she went with this all the way
Comment #1220 - By Devil on 29/04/2012
She sold her soul and it was cheap.
Comment #1219 - By lol wut ? on 29/04/2012
this is rape!
Comment #1218 - By dam.. on 29/04/2012
poor girl i know shes a pornstar but i think she gave up around the end thats not acting
Comment #1217 - By Ferreci on 29/04/2012
Hatun Pert Oldu Amk :(
Comment #1216 - By Random guy on 29/04/2012
The most retarded shit is the guy that looks like a fucking pirate.
Comment #1215 - By Ferreci on 29/04/2012
K%u0131z Pert Oldu Amk :(
Comment #1214 - By Ron Swanson on 29/04/2012
So many people complaining about this video. You guys would shit your pants if you saw a Max Hardcore video then. lol
Comment #1213 - By Layas on 29/04/2012
Fuk its x x x x x x fuk boys xD lol the girl died
Comment #1212 - By why on 29/04/2012
why is she screaming? not like shes in pain or anything, im sure shes taken cock before
Comment #1211 - By Fuk off on 29/04/2012
This was not a turn on or sexxy at all
Comment #1210 - By Well.. on 29/04/2012
She sounded like a squealing pig for half of it... Yeah...
Comment #1209 - By jackhoff on 29/04/2012
Someone give the poor girl some money already... Jesus..
Comment #1208 - By awesome on 29/04/2012
I would rate this video 100% if it wasn't for the awful music.
Comment #1207 - By Haha on 29/04/2012
Serves her right for being a pornstar
Comment #1206 - By Morron on 29/04/2012
Hi im a morron.
Comment #1205 - By kambozo on 29/04/2012
that was fucking creepy
Comment #1204 - By Paige on 29/04/2012
This didn't exactly make me want to have sex. I'm glad I'm a virgin and now I wish I'd been born a lesbian.
Comment #1203 - By Lol on 29/04/2012
Bitch loved it
Comment #1202 - By Just saying on 29/04/2012
Ok I like the fast and hard pounding and humping but the choking was a little weird
Comment #1201 - By %u0425 on 29/04/2012
Jack Sparrow detected
Comment #1200 - By whoa on 29/04/2012
Manhandled like a bitch
Comment #1199 - By hahahhaha on 29/04/2012
the bitch hat es verdient
Comment #1198 - By NEVER on 29/04/2012
I´m never going to this sick site again
Comment #1197 - By Hm. on 29/04/2012
Do you think she ever just masturbates? Like, regularily. One finger and that's it? Would be weird when she does this shit.
Comment #1196 - By Puja on 29/04/2012
Comment #1195 - By can anyone on 29/04/2012
direct me to some similar scenes?
Comment #1194 - By WOW on 29/04/2012
This video makes me so fucking hard !
Comment #1193 - By Masterchief on 29/04/2012
Wait a secondddd... THIS ISN'T HALO 4!
Comment #1192 - By Sorry on 29/04/2012
Sorry about your sister dude
Comment #1191 - By ahaha on 29/04/2012
in the begenning she sya 19 years and she starts doing deep trhoat she says 18 ahah
Comment #1190 - By sister on 29/04/2012
Comment #1189 - By hey moron todd on 29/04/2012
its a fuckin act dumbass
Comment #1188 - By your_next on 29/04/2012
why??? Because fuck ya thats why!
Comment #1187 - By Todd on 29/04/2012
Anyone against this is a captain save a ho. This is the occupation she chose. She prolly does it in her personal life for free. At least she is getting paid. I dated a girl who was in porn and she would fuck any guy that talked to her for free.
Comment #1186 - By haha on 29/04/2012
the fat 1 is so getting hory
Comment #1185 - By James on 29/04/2012
This would have been boring without the music
Comment #1184 - By ... on 29/04/2012
Oh my God, this is so fucking ugly! You have to respect a woman! Don´t hurt her!
Comment #1183 - By jim on 29/04/2012
yes the fucking whore got it like she wanted nice and rough, that is how whores like her need to be treated and fucked, i wish i was there pounding that ass as well, smack that slut a little to.
Comment #1182 - By Comingsoon on 29/04/2012
Dude is gay as shit
Comment #1181 - By reggie on 29/04/2012
i like when he jams his dick up her ass and she screams
Comment #1180 - By ray on 29/04/2012
i wouldnt stand that annoying scream, i'd tend to beat her till she looses councisness. fuckin bitch deserves it, they should have stomped her head
Comment #1179 - By fake on 29/04/2012
Fake ahalala
Comment #1178 - By jhon on 29/04/2012
this is so bad yaar
this is too much next time she will die
Comment #1177 - By campianu on 29/04/2012
e ok
Comment #1176 - By pervert on 29/04/2012
thats how women should be treated, thats how i treat em like shit,
Comment #1175 - By Raven on 29/04/2012
Haha, I remember this video.
At v, she actually wants to be abused. No actual film crew would film such a thing without the consent of all parties or be faced with being sued.
Comment #1174 - By vhj on 29/04/2012
omg lol
Comment #1173 - By Bad sucker on 29/04/2012
Stupid woman the beat her and she suck their dicks ? This isn't ok
Comment #1172 - By JBL on 29/04/2012
if the bitch screams like that who would resist a temptation to beat the fuck out of her. i want to smash her head so hard when i watch this video
Comment #1171 - By Lady ettiquete 101 on 29/04/2012
How to treat women :)
Comment #1170 - By omar on 29/04/2012
i know this is fake but that was just too brutal. basically areeing with wow
Comment #1169 - By Just asking on 29/04/2012
Did anyone else see that pirate?
Comment #1168 - By re mr coolguy on 29/04/2012
A its a definition not an opion and B your opinion dosent matter
Comment #1167 - By Solon on 29/04/2012
Comment #1166 - By Mmmm on 29/04/2012
She clearly enjoyed it she never once said no or stop
Comment #1165 - By looker on 29/04/2012
she looks like a female version of ron jeremy!
Comment #1164 - By old fashion sex on 29/04/2012
lol she was paid to be raped.what a world the dollar is very powerful. i hope she got paid enough
Comment #1163 - By Jullo07 on 29/04/2012
F***ck :S
Comment #1162 - By Payne on 29/04/2012
If you all look up Cody Lane - Messy Gangbang, you'll see the same girl and the same guys doing something different.
This is called a "scene", and it's done with "actors".
Comment #1161 - By Randy on 29/04/2012
Comment #1160 - By I would bang on 29/04/2012
Her shes hot man any 1 no her numba
Comment #1159 - By foz on 29/04/2012
she loves it otherwise she wouldnt have signed up for it
Comment #1158 - By xxx on 29/04/2012
she got raped................... you dont say
Comment #1157 - By Dayum on 29/04/2012
She got wrecked
Comment #1156 - By Sami civak on 29/04/2012
azzlack for ever
Comment #1155 - By lol on 29/04/2012
i couldn't masturbate but the music really helped me lol
Comment #1154 - By Dude D Girl on 29/04/2012
Yes Right "Think Woman" because the Men are Equally Stupid and they will certainly not allow anyone to do Such kind of act with their "Mother", "Sister" or "Wife" they look like "Jungle Animals"; If possible for me I will stop all these Stupid Devil (Satanic) Activities!!! :(
Comment #1153 - By Mr Cool Guy on 29/04/2012
This is actually rape... In my opinion
Comment #1152 - By Think Woman on 29/04/2012
This is "Totlal Humilation" of a Person but these Stupid Women Still Continue their Business; it is a business without any Respect and Grace; Still these kind of Women Continue and Come towards "God"!!!
Comment #1151 - By Borat on 29/04/2012
It's Nice. I Like it.
Comment #1150 - By gari on 29/04/2012
no lo he podido ver
Comment #1149 - By Paki man on 29/04/2012
Wow id fuck her so hard but i would fuck georgia oleary so hard search her shes better than cody
Comment #1148 - By LUV IT on 29/04/2012
this shit is awesome yet so hard to find... just in case you all don't know this is all willing all the shit like this is it's just hot because it doesn't seem like it
Comment #1147 - By Black mumba on 29/04/2012
Oi you man search Chi Chi Mudenda ! Sexiest bitch around
Comment #1146 - By ...damn on 29/04/2012
i feel like a sick fuck after watching this, but it came soooo fast...
Comment #1145 - By wcec on 29/04/2012
I lasted 2 minutes. This is amazig.
Comment #1144 - By homo sapiens on 29/04/2012
the name of that creatueres is "human"...silly name isnt it ?
Comment #1143 - By lol at the on 29/04/2012
Doom soundtrack
Comment #1142 - By delete on 29/04/2012
This shit
Comment #1141 - By FBI on 29/04/2012
Comment #1140 - By fucking pirates on 29/04/2012
In October 2007 Surewood and another driver were charged with murder and vehicular manslaughter after a road-rage incident that led to the death of a 5-year-old boy, the coma of his infant sister and the mother who lost one leg. [
Comment #1139 - By holf fuk on 29/04/2012
i came in like a minute jeezes that was the best ive seen in a while
Comment #1138 - By lmao on 29/04/2012
These guys are my heroes
Comment #1137 - By Mr manperson on 29/04/2012
Comment #1136 - By fps russia on 29/04/2012
im hunting them down
Comment #1135 - By damn on 29/04/2012
hervoice annoys me
Comment #1134 - By loltastic on 29/04/2012
all i have to say is pimpin aint easy but choking that bitch was nessacary
Comment #1133 - By Fukkyuh on 29/04/2012
That is fuked up;O
Comment #1132 - By to Jesus on 29/04/2012
You're right to be creeped out by the pirate. He's Brian Surewood. Look on wiki and you'll see he murdered a 5 year old boy and is in prison now.
Comment #1131 - By wtf on 29/04/2012
this wants bannin u bunch of assholes think ur funny do ya
Comment #1130 - By yeah on 29/04/2012
definantly deleting searcg histroy
Comment #1129 - By lol on 29/04/2012
This bitch won't shut the fuck up!!!
Comment #1128 - By Alex on 29/04/2012
its real if you shove your dick in a girls ass she'll scream
Comment #1127 - By cody lane fan 99 on 29/04/2012
this cody lane slut loves getting raped just go watch her videos :D shes hot and and sexy body too
Comment #1126 - By WTF on 29/04/2012
Why did they put a hobo in the video
Comment #1125 - By Real? on 29/04/2012
Looks real enough to me. I mean, it's not CGI or a hologram or anything. Those nasty men did those nasty things to that nasty porn actress.
Comment #1124 - By lolol on 29/04/2012
reminds of me this girl i once dated....wel stalked but same thing right??
Comment #1123 - By Jesus on 29/04/2012
Out of this entire video...The pirate is the only thing that creeped me out.
Comment #1122 - By Mitt Romney on 29/04/2012
I approve this message
Comment #1121 - By gabirow on 29/04/2012
mano esses caras aqui ja estavam mortos
Comment #1120 - By FBI on 29/04/2012
I am Agent TROLOLOLO and i Aprove this video
Comment #1119 - By bad acting on 29/04/2012
too much slapping
just stick ur cock in her holes idiots
Comment #1118 - By lol on 29/04/2012
who's idea was it to put the hobo in?
Comment #1117 - By well... on 29/04/2012
If you think this is real, you haven't seen other Cody Lane videos. She likes this funked up shizz.
Comment #1116 - By John on 29/04/2012
Where are you from Raul??
Comment #1115 - By Mad amateur on 29/04/2012
These guys suck..
Comment #1114 - By on your mom on 29/04/2012
1-800- choke tha hoe
Comment #1113 - By funny on 29/04/2012
this is funny
Comment #1112 - By Masterbater on 29/04/2012
What the fuck
Comment #1111 - By re stupid people on 29/04/2012
dumbass you spelled prophet wrong and of course its fake
Comment #1110 - By Stupid People on 29/04/2012
Lol at the people who actually think this is real.They are the same people who think jesus was actually a real profit that could walk on water lmao
Comment #1109 - By The reason for music on 29/04/2012
This scene is on videobox and it did not have music in it, however from people complaining because it is disturbing they added music. This video turns me on though I find it hot!
Comment #1108 - By your name on 29/04/2012
Comment #1107 - By Wowzas on 29/04/2012
WTF is up with the gay music that is the same for half an hour
Comment #1106 - By Fake on 29/04/2012
lol look at 1:14. she takes her top off willingly. totally fake
Comment #1105 - By Dude.... on 29/04/2012
Porn like that should not exist this is discusting
Comment #1104 - By MMF on 29/04/2012
Daddy must be REAL proud!
Comment #1103 - By obvious on 29/04/2012
obviously this isnt real. She wouldnt actually suck them off she would probably bite
Comment #1102 - By Nice Guy on 29/04/2012
I guess these are real men and not "nice guys"? XD
Comment #1101 - By Shit on 29/04/2012
Bunch of fucking violent fucks
Comment #1100 - By L734 on 29/04/2012
Cody loves being raped rough and hard by several guy's at once and that is what makes her such a hott porn star. I'd love to have my way with her!
Comment #1099 - By WTF on 29/04/2012
She is screaming like she really is being raped, no pornstar is that good
Comment #1098 - By damm on 29/04/2012
I wish I could fuck cody lane like dat
Comment #1097 - By up yours on 29/04/2012
i hate shit like this
Comment #1096 - By 1337 on 29/04/2012
Woo! 1337 th comment!
Comment #1095 - By wish on 29/04/2012 wish that could me....lucky slut forsure
Comment #1094 - By Pirateeee on 29/04/2012
Arghhh,plunder the bootay with me mateeeeys!
Comment #1093 - By mike on 27/03/2012
not something that is my cup of tea, makes u feel uncomfortable after a while
Comment #1092 - By Maannnn on 07/03/2012
Who would add this dumb ass music
Comment #1091 - By YEAHHHH!! on 26/02/2012
that's what i call wild sex
Comment #1090 - By wiegert on 22/02/2012
think twice if you wanna be a porn actress...
Comment #1089 - By God on 19/02/2012
Live the pirate!!!
Comment #1088 - By fuck on 11/02/2012
Why couldnt they have a double creampie?
one in her ass and pussy
Comment #1087 - By Stalion on 10/02/2012
She must regret it O_o
Comment #1086 - By Niguana on 06/02/2012
She has a bright future ahead of her! :D
Comment #1085 - By dwa on 06/02/2012
Diffrent then my ususall taste but awesome !
Comment #1084 - By Turkish on 02/02/2012
I guess I'm on the weird part of xnxx again..
Comment #1083 - By coolio on 01/02/2012
im sure this is how justin bieber gets fucked everyday
Comment #1082 - By comment king 2 on 30/01/2012
very stupid
Comment #1081 - By Phil on 29/01/2012
Rspusts that care! See how they unbutton her top rather the traditional ripping method! Love the fucking pirate
Comment #1080 - By Bell end on 29/01/2012
What the fuck is jack sparrow doing?? Fucking brilliant!!
Comment #1079 - By Comment king on 06/01/2012
You all are fucking stupid for posting a comment on porn.
Comment #1078 - By Kkk on 02/01/2012
The best bit of this is that fucking pirate!!! More pirate porn please!!!!
Comment #1077 - By I'm a girl on 29/12/2011
And I came at 12:41 :)
Comment #1076 - By oufff on 28/12/2011
c fucker en criss voyons
Comment #1075 - By DJ Retched Kat on 10/12/2011
Comment #1074 - By Cody lane on 05/12/2011
Loved every second of this. Wish I'd been there to slam that little cunt's tight ass and slap her fat tits!
Comment #1073 - By likman666[black african] on 29/11/2011
it doesnt matter if it was actin this shit was fucked up for those who enjoyed it u need a shrink
Comment #1072 - By *sigh* on 23/11/2011
you think this shit is low? look at a Kelly Wells' video.
Comment #1071 - By toshi on 31/10/2011
she is my sister and i am proud of her
Comment #1070 - By Pjs on 24/10/2011
I love that fucking pirate!!!
Comment #1069 - By Men, on 23/10/2011
I believe we have found a better alternative to water boarding.
Comment #1068 - By alex on 21/10/2011
all you guys bitching about this movie are fucking stupid dont call it fake its not to be real and if you dont like it watch something else you load of crybabys and if it was real the guys would have punched her and she would have been bleeding you stupid morons its called role playing you fucking idiots
Comment #1067 - By JAS on 20/10/2011
this city boy need to go too the country with whores like that
Comment #1066 - By bubble on 14/10/2011
i'd love to fuck a granny that way. any nominations?
Comment #1065 - By hunter on 10/10/2011
GO dirty pirate go....
Comment #1064 - By whore on 07/10/2011
Comment #1063 - By hahahhaha on 02/10/2011
Comment #1062 - By Damnn on 29/09/2011
I'm sure her dad is so proud of her
Comment #1061 - By lol on 24/09/2011
i like the part where he rubs is butthole on her face
Comment #1060 - By agree with hey dipshits on 11/09/2011
u are right man in every word u say !
Comment #1059 - By chop your nuts off on 07/09/2011
if you disliked this video so much and you honestly think its rape, just do us all a favor and chop your nuts off so you dont contaminate the rest of the world eith your punk ass seed
Comment #1058 - By wtf on 04/09/2011
poor cody lane
Comment #1057 - By lol on 04/09/2011
did she died?
Comment #1056 - By you guys are idiots on 25/08/2011
it's not supposed to be 'real..' stop calling it fake.
Comment #1055 - By xxxcodylanexxx on 24/08/2011
I jack off to this daily
Comment #1054 - By reply to "reply to kdfg" on 24/08/2011
Man, it's incredible how bitches will do anything for money.... well I guess she enjoys it afterall..
Comment #1053 - By wow on 23/08/2011
Couldnt jack off to this...way too fucking out there. Those who can should be monitored by the FBI
Comment #1052 - By Choking? on 23/08/2011
no fucking thanks
Comment #1051 - By Reply to kfdg on 23/08/2011
Because she's completely whacked out of her skull, drugs, and childhood sexual abuse
Comment #1050 - By duuuude on 22/08/2011
FUCKING BITCHIES !! take that fucking slut
Comment #1049 - By duh on 19/08/2011
obviously fake or they woulda tore that pussy up too.
Comment #1048 - By Wackafalck is dull cunt on 14/08/2011
haha ofcourse it's fucking fake! you wan't something real?...go to another website you dumb sick fuck.
Comment #1047 - By wackaflack on 10/08/2011
u can tell this is fake cuz she takes her own shirt off
Comment #1046 - By Master Baiter on 07/08/2011
Love the pirate!!!
Comment #1045 - By its so on 03/08/2011
Comment #1044 - By kfgd on 02/08/2011
I wonder why in the fucking fuck would someone ever accept to do a scene like this one.
Comment #1043 - By hahaha on 02/08/2011
this is the way how to fuck girls
Comment #1042 - By Just a girl on 01/08/2011
Love this video! And to all you assholes that think this is real - this is Cody Lane! Watch her other videos! She's a whore.
Comment #1041 - By shane on 01/08/2011
i would love to marry her
Comment #1040 - By The pirate on 27/07/2011
She fucking loved it ship mate
Comment #1039 - By This shit on 25/07/2011
Is disgusting if ulike this u are a freak
Comment #1038 - By Anon on 24/07/2011
Lol it's times like this she probably wishes she had done better in school.
Comment #1037 - By Unknown on 23/07/2011
Time to beat my meat
Comment #1036 - By Fred on 19/07/2011
The pirate is funny as fuck!! "ha araggh ship mate"
Comment #1035 - By Bang tidy on 18/07/2011
Is that a fucking pirate??
Comment #1034 - By yeaaa on 18/07/2011
um rape?
Comment #1033 - By rob on 15/07/2011
god damn cunt deserves to be treated this way.
Comment #1032 - By cxycy on 14/07/2011
Comment #1031 - By pfucking on 08/07/2011
that hornny bitch doesnt deserve better; id like to put my giant cock in her fuckin pussy
Comment #1030 - By mrblackdick on 04/07/2011
I'm never seeing this shit again
Comment #1029 - By lol on 06/06/2011
whats up with the ppl acting like FBI.. pathetic lil kids
Comment #1028 - By StotheZ on 06/06/2011
And that's the way the cookie crumbles!
Comment #1027 - By Denis on 29/05/2011
Her fault for being so hot.
Comment #1026 - By Matt on 20/05/2011
That's the way to treat a 'lady'.
Comment #1025 - By AMAZING on 17/05/2011
Comment #1024 - By noor on 12/05/2011
WoOow its so hut ..!!:D
Comment #1023 - By JennyFear on 11/05/2011
As a sadomasochist, I loved this! Also, it's fake, but the pain might not be, especially if they went in dry.
Comment #1022 - By bert stead on 09/05/2011
hahaha her dad must be so proud!
Comment #1021 - By Armselig on 06/05/2011
da wird mir ja schlecht
Comment #1020 - By kitty on 05/05/2011
as a women found that so fucking hot! i came like 4 times
Comment #1019 - By Andrew on 05/05/2011
Take it! you dumb useless fucking whore slut!
Comment #1018 - By Ummmm on 03/05/2011
UMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM too difficult to watch
Comment #1017 - By naote on 03/05/2011
I just want to take this little slut lesh her up and peirce her nipples toung and clit and keep her as a slave
Comment #1016 - By zack on 28/04/2011
Do work.
Comment #1015 - By ahole on 28/04/2011
real or not, i came like krakatoa
Comment #1014 - By troll on 27/04/2011
they have no manners
Comment #1013 - By genau on 25/04/2011
billig gemacht...
Comment #1012 - By anon on 14/04/2011
mommy taught me never to hit girls :P lol
Comment #1011 - By crysxyz on 13/04/2011
incredible !
Comment #1010 - By all girls shu on 09/04/2011
be fffeded like this
Comment #1009 - By Fact is on 06/04/2011
All porn can lead to rapeee and bullshit. Sooo technically, if this is wrong.. Then all porn is wrong. She agree'd. She knew whatever pain she may have been in. She knew what she'd have to do. And she never said no.. She couldve said stop. But she didnt, sooo.. Imma go clean myself up(:
Comment #1008 - By anon on 04/04/2011
I know this may seem wrong to some of you, but keep in mind that she is a professional, she acts like this in some other vids. she's not in any REAL pain, but she is just very good at acting like it.
Comment #1007 - By Mceizeo on 02/04/2011
Amazing this is the trophy of hardcore high quality pr0n thank you Cody!!!!!
Comment #1006 - By Kleisthenes on 29/03/2011
Hot. I wish I was her.
Comment #1005 - By xXx on 26/03/2011
Comment #1004 - By NOMAMEN on 26/03/2011
Comment #1003 - By soso on 19/03/2011
fuk mor
Comment #1002 - By my master on 19/03/2011
does this to me all the time... i have to be a whore in order to pleasure him. im only a slut
Comment #1001 - By jheat on 16/03/2011
Who cares if she wanted it. Slapping and choking ain't cool.
Comment #1000 - By cuntlane on 12/03/2011
Comment #999 - By yeah on 05/03/2011
if it were me i woulda slit her throat afterwards
Comment #998 - By boner man on 02/03/2011
damn her screams give me the biggest boner ever
Comment #997 - By Dan on 27/02/2011
one of those guys looked like a dirty ass pirate
Comment #996 - By wow like wow on 27/02/2011
thats horrible
Comment #995 - By "YOGI" on 25/02/2011
There is an fbi warning at the front of this so it was a filmed porn in a studio. She got what she got paid for she knew what was going to happen.
Comment #994 - By WTf?!? on 22/02/2011
wait is this wrong if this video didnt give me a boner? I mean was she enjoying it because WTF?!!?!?!?
Comment #993 - By MATADOR on 21/02/2011
S H E L I K E S !!!!
Comment #992 - By Trey on 20/02/2011
the choking was a little to hardcore, u can tell by how red her face got, but otherwise i loved it, i know 1 or 2 girls that love when i give it to them like this, i love it, pure raw degrading sex!!! (with all due respect to the women)
Comment #991 - By jesus on 17/02/2011
fuck if u dont like it quit beatin ur meat to it, ur on xnxx for a reason u kno this shit on here is raunchy. grow the fuck up
Comment #990 - By Captain Molengo on 13/02/2011
This crap isn't banned in US or UK... you can buy it online or in stores.
Comment #989 - By ha! on 12/02/2011
dude your moms 22? lmao epic fail
Comment #988 - By steve on 11/02/2011
fucking music ruins it
Comment #987 - By Ihr Huren on 10/02/2011
I came at 22.09
Comment #986 - By vicky on 10/02/2011
Comment #985 - By uhhh on 09/02/2011
this shit isnt banned and she wasnt too young at the time,it called teen line the blue can buy it on any porn site
Comment #984 - By mubarack on 06/02/2011
i came at 12:19
Comment #983 - By vbbnv on 04/02/2011
wow a flame war on a porn site
Comment #982 - By Cody lane destroyed - banned m on 03/02/2011
Cody lane destroyed - banned movie in us and uk
Comment #981 - By Doctor on 02/02/2011
Her screams are so... EROTIC!!!!
Comment #980 - By digger dan on 31/01/2011
tough broad
Comment #979 - By Big Jimmy on 31/01/2011
She is fucking hot but i didnt think that it was the rightest video ever but since she wanted it, she deserved it.
Comment #978 - By ... on 31/01/2011
she almost fainted btw...whether she got paid or not..this is wrong
Comment #977 - By nina on 31/01/2011
okay did u guys see her other video, she is a pornstar and fuck, she fucking want it, and was payed for it so shut the fuck up. im gonna stick my hand up her ass.
Comment #976 - By Nope on 30/01/2011
Not rape.1.she took off her own shirt. 2.she lifted her hips so they can take off her shorts. 3.she fingered herself. 4. She held her legs open. 5. She NEVER SAID NO.
Comment #975 - By angel on 30/01/2011
qe pena qe no haigan autoridades qe controlen esto
Comment #974 - By lol on 30/01/2011
HAAA "suck the dick" lmao. classic
Comment #973 - By if the guys were girls on 30/01/2011
and i was a guy, i would have myself a great time.
Comment #972 - By yea on 30/01/2011
U can say this is fake but it gives a wrong influence on ppl. this isnt right and u all know it. sadly these things DO happen 4 real!
Comment #971 - By wth on 30/01/2011
these guys should be raped like they raped her, let them screaaaaaam
Comment #970 - By jkko on 30/01/2011
Comment #969 - By Groosss on 30/01/2011
What sick man would like that
Comment #968 - By mr brightside on 30/01/2011
well at least the pirate was happy
Comment #967 - By gagan on 30/01/2011
mja aa gya
Comment #966 - By Bren on 30/01/2011
I fantasize about being Cody Lane in this video!! Mmmmmmm
Comment #965 - By 50States on 30/01/2011
U.S.A!! U.S.A!! U.S.A!! U.S.A!! U.S.A!! U.S.A!! U.S.A!! U.S.A!! U.S.A!! U.S.A!! U.S.A!! U.S.A!!
Comment #964 - By Lololol on 30/01/2011
Lolololfunnyas shit
Comment #963 - By aszars on 30/01/2011
i ll
Comment #962 - By demise on 30/01/2011
man they hit her so bad shes turn all red!
Comment #961 - By somuch 2say on 30/01/2011
funny as hell at 6:45 and 10:45. if its banned in us how am i watching it. shes so hot i'd fuck her however she wants pay her to do it as well.
Comment #960 - By banning on 30/01/2011
The reason this was banned was b/c the music is so damn annoying.
Comment #959 - By Freddy on 30/01/2011
This is the shit I love. Always fantasize about wife and sis-in-law getting fucked by myself and a bunch of my buddies. I'm going to set this up, video tape it and share it with you wankers.
Comment #958 - By Noo on 29/01/2011
Sickly I thought it was tighttt
Comment #957 - By jemmy on 29/01/2011
so sweeeeeeeeet
Comment #956 - By JerkIt on 29/01/2011
I felt sorry for her, then remembered she got paid.
Comment #955 - By LOL on 29/01/2011
I find it amusing that the so called FBI comment. LOL If they were truly FBI one they would have just removed it and 2nd not told us jack when did the FBI ever be so open with information LOL
Comment #954 - By raymond on 29/01/2011
I love to see big dicks fucking her pussy. so high!
Comment #953 - By is it? on 29/01/2011
Is it fucked that i rubbed one out to that?
Comment #952 - By king on 29/01/2011
Comment #951 - By vasito on 29/01/2011
haha yup thats what women are for
Comment #950 - By zigzag on 29/01/2011
once a whore always a whore
Comment #949 - By Lawl on 29/01/2011
this is the shitt and its obviously fake DERp
Comment #948 - By like the video <3 on 29/01/2011
firtable this is crap she signed contracts and she's making money from sex but it's they really shouldn't treat her like that but she's a slut^^
Comment #947 - By rewafh on 29/01/2011
Comment #946 - By FBI on 29/01/2011
Comment #945 - By candy on 29/01/2011
this needs to be removed
Comment #944 - By AGENT GOMEZ(FBI) on 29/01/2011
Comment #943 - By masterpiece on 28/01/2011
this is my shit
Comment #942 - By jon on 28/01/2011
i love sex
Comment #941 - By ahem on 28/01/2011
these guys are fucking sick
Comment #940 - By curt 4 the goof on 28/01/2011
that said it was fake just look close fucknuts,mabey you should be there dicklick?
Comment #939 - By curt on 28/01/2011
i just wanna beat the living fuck out those cocksuckin guys,fuckin animals
Comment #938 - By walid on 28/01/2011
Comment #937 - By cristian on 28/01/2011
This is stupid actors,and very very bad video,remove damn
Comment #936 - By Anonym on 28/01/2011
You should really remove this video. I agree, sex is all about love, not this bullshit.
Comment #935 - By asdat0r on 28/01/2011
pornostar punishment.
Comment #934 - By porneater on 28/01/2011
i like this fuck
Comment #933 - By fuck her on 28/01/2011
she's gettin well paid 4 it
Comment #932 - By FATI on 28/01/2011
Comment #931 - By how can anyone like this??? on 28/01/2011
Remove this video. Sex is all about love not this bullshit.
Comment #930 - By nice on 28/01/2011
made me cum so much
Comment #929 - By !!! on 28/01/2011
a lot of her videos are like this though, i think she likes it fellas...
Comment #928 - By wow on 28/01/2011
this is ridiculous how is this not banned everywhere. take this shit off
Comment #927 - By The anti-sex on 28/01/2011
Why the fuck aint they bangin that pussy?! Funny though imagine her son wants to wank one day...
Comment #926 - By Xerif on 28/01/2011
This video is sick! Delete this from the internet!
Comment #925 - By Swaqqer on 28/01/2011
That bitch got wrecked! God damn, that's fucked up, Jesus Christ
Comment #924 - By cody lane on 28/01/2011
Comment #923 - By sexy on 28/01/2011
This is fucked up! Why would you peple watch this shit! You are all fuckin messed up! Get a fuckin lifeand stop watchin porn get a gf/bf mother fuckers! Bitchs.
Comment #922 - By G Bush on 27/01/2011
Lame ass video
Comment #921 - By mr. dongiveafuck on 27/01/2011
yeah. pretty cool though.
but, i feel sorry for her..
Comment #920 - By Amazing on 27/01/2011
This is the real deal right here yo
Comment #919 - By lexus on 27/01/2011
How low can a person go...
Comment #918 - By suck fuck swallow on 27/01/2011
I found this to be lame. Why was she lusting for cock. looks as though she was enjoying it.
Comment #917 - By unknown on 27/01/2011
stop being a pussy watch and shut up
Comment #916 - By ajay on 27/01/2011
Comment #915 - By good on 27/01/2011
good girl:)
Comment #914 - By mohamed on 27/01/2011
i love it
Comment #913 - By duh on 27/01/2011
she got paid for this.. she loves it!
Comment #912 - By coolguy on 27/01/2011
I hope she got paid well for that turn ..
Comment #911 - By Cody Lane on 27/01/2011
SCENE-Teen Line 1: The Blue room
Comment #910 - By shame on 27/01/2011
i hope she dont spend the 5 dollars she got for this all in one place
Comment #909 - By A woman on 27/01/2011
I'm a woman and this was hot! This is how I like to be treated.. IN BED ONLY!
Comment #908 - By fuck yea on 27/01/2011
this is how i treat all my girlfriends
Comment #907 - By disturbed on 27/01/2011
OMG did u see that guys beard it was dirty omg omg omg
Comment #906 - By Tony danza on 27/01/2011
bitch should've stayed in the kitchen
Comment #905 - By Disturbed on 27/01/2011
wtf? this is the sickest shit anyone who does this to a girl shuld be fuckin hung from a fuckin tree u sick fucks
Comment #904 - By mclovin on 27/01/2011
even though shes kinda fat cody lanes hella hot
Comment #903 - By juicy on 27/01/2011
this is fuckin sick!!! y even show this, anyone is bashin off to this needs to go get a fuckin grip
Comment #902 - By Person on 27/01/2011
OH MY GOD! This is the worst thing I've ever seen. Disgusting, degrading, offensive, sickening.
Comment #901 - By crisp on 27/01/2011
ahahaha yes that was good, its educating film how to treat a whore i would like to punch her little harded
Comment #900 - By only me on 27/01/2011
Nice Vedeo
Comment #899 - By James on 26/01/2011
My friend sent me a link to this to piss me off and it worked. Anyone who watches this is sick and wrong. this is horrible. I had toturn it off straight away. Anybody who treats another person like that should be locked up until they learn how to respect other people.
Comment #898 - By tato on 26/01/2011
best of v
Comment #897 - By Omgwtfbbq on 26/01/2011
Comment #896 - By Angelica on 26/01/2011
i want a cock i can give msn
Comment #895 - By chad bryden on 26/01/2011
teens are the best
Comment #894 - By chadbryden on 26/01/2011
If she lost about 20 pounds she'd be the hottest girl ever.
Comment #893 - By Ronaldo on 26/01/2011
LFMAO = Lemon
Comment #892 - By dave x on 26/01/2011
im sure she agreed to it and signed contracts, but was just way in over her head xD
Comment #891 - By fake on 26/01/2011
fake and gay
Comment #890 - By sheela on 26/01/2011
Comment #889 - By laid on 26/01/2011
Comment #888 - By Whoaman on 26/01/2011
This shit is too far!!
Comment #887 - By xplosive on 26/01/2011
excellent video
Comment #886 - By AssMaster on 26/01/2011
Too bad they didn't all cum up her well used ass.
Comment #885 - By D00D on 26/01/2011
A banned porn movie lmao
Comment #884 - By lion on 26/01/2011
very sex
Comment #883 - By ssssss on 26/01/2011
Comment #882 - By adam on 26/01/2011
to sam:
this is what me and my friends did to your mom last night;D
Comment #881 - By WHOA on 26/01/2011
when you see the first guys face. he is the evil brother from the movie Little Nicky!
Comment #880 - By Didy711 on 26/01/2011
why the fuck is this film banned in the US
Comment #879 - By Stupid on 26/01/2011
You guys are so stupid, first she's getting paid, second she knew what she signed up for and third don't hate the dudes cause they are porn stars too. And if not they could have been so ,ouch more brutal. Real rapes are much worse
Comment #878 - By OMG on 26/01/2011
This honestly gave me the biggest hard on EVER!!
Comment #877 - By mikeeeee on 26/01/2011
lol if u think its real ur retarted... still hot
Comment #876 - By miguel on 26/01/2011
we all know this is staged and not rape. if it was rape, she would've definately said stop sometime...idiots.
Comment #875 - By WTF on 26/01/2011
Just goes to show u bitches will do anything for money. She is way to fucking hot to put up with that shit from a bunch of ass bag fuck wads!
Comment #874 - By WTF on 25/01/2011
i don't think she signed up for that...they tricked her
Comment #873 - By dickman on 25/01/2011
Comment #872 - By lol on 25/01/2011
im sure they had a safe word.
she liked this
Comment #871 - By omg on 25/01/2011
those guys piss me the fuck off, it shouldnt have been this fucking brutal..
Comment #870 - By At Greg on 25/01/2011
You sure right their going to hell...
Comment #869 - By duhhh on 25/01/2011
who cares if she gets paid? They treat her like crap and that makes them pricks
Comment #868 - By rakash on 25/01/2011
Hi nice Watching ur movies
Comment #867 - By claudinei on 25/01/2011
o seu filhos da puta que gosta de estrupar mulher se chego ve vc alguns dias eu de fazo sofrer tanto pior do que vc fez com o inocente e depois que vcs morreem vao tudo pra o inferno pra ser queimados e sofreem
e quem aprova tanbem vai junto
Comment #866 - By lol on 25/01/2011
she sounds like a frikkin tazmanian devil
Comment #865 - By egw... on 25/01/2011
malakes...gamw t mouni pou tous genise
Comment #864 - By greg on 25/01/2011
thoes guy r gping to hell
Comment #863 - By omg on 25/01/2011
the name says it all
Comment #862 - By cockloverguy on 25/01/2011
no girl or guy would refuse 3 cocks that nice
Comment #861 - By blahblahpew on 25/01/2011
Someone needs to sue XNXX
Comment #860 - By hot_chik on 25/01/2011
that's pure acting guys!
Comment #859 - By average on 25/01/2011
they treat her to nice. they should of been more rough and maybe cut her with blade also.
Comment #858 - By bob taylor on 25/01/2011
ohh so this is the real back door sluts 9!
Comment #857 - By warning on 25/01/2011
i live in the US and my computer was confiscated for watching this shit!!
Comment #856 - By mijoba on 25/01/2011
should be called "Squeal Like A Pig"
Comment #855 - By HAHAHAHAHA on 25/01/2011
Comment #854 - By wow on 24/01/2011
you fucking dipshits. shes earning her money. she clearly signed up for it. stop saying its disgusting when its clearly solid acting. All you people saying this is gross. stop watchng fucking porn and... welll just shutthe fuck up. is a video no a hate crime. fuck all you dumb asses.
Comment #853 - By Gfffhh on 24/01/2011
The poor woman
Comment #852 - By Notcool on 24/01/2011
Rape is not cool man
Comment #851 - By john on 24/01/2011
the film shoud end with a hot piss scene.
Comment #850 - By no way on 24/01/2011
these fuckers are fucked in the head seriusly
Comment #849 - By hayat on 24/01/2011
Comment #848 - By hafasgsr on 24/01/2011
How old are you??? Nineteen xD
Comment #847 - By shadow on 24/01/2011
Its fucking crazy...
Comment #846 - By wordfinder on 24/01/2011
she got "epistroyed"
or "penetroyed"
Comment #845 - By totally on 24/01/2011
her frist anal
Comment #844 - By My little pony on 24/01/2011
That was horrible i cud only watch it three times
Comment #843 - By gddd on 24/01/2011
Comment #842 - By Fuck on 24/01/2011
scripted or not thats fuckin sick! anyone who enjoys watching that shit needs to shoot themselves. sick bastards!
Comment #841 - By WTF on 24/01/2011
She is eating his thumb on the foot. HAHAH :D Sick shit!
Comment #840 - By BART on 24/01/2011
Comment #839 - By Will on 24/01/2011
Is that an Homeless guy with a long beard
Comment #838 - By uhhh? on 24/01/2011
someone needs to make a new word for how destroyed she got...
Comment #837 - By lol on 24/01/2011
I fucking rofld
Comment #836 - By fuck on 24/01/2011
man this rocks
Comment #835 - By thats quite tame on 24/01/2011
Compared to what Im used to these guys are quite gentle
Comment #834 - By Me. on 24/01/2011
I see nothing wrong with this
Comment #833 - By armen on 24/01/2011
Comment #832 - By annaddu on 24/01/2011
see all
Comment #831 - By mtotheg on 24/01/2011
i loved it, cody lane is so fuckin hot and the fact that she gets down like this makes her 100 times hotter
Comment #830 - By I agree on 24/01/2011
Theres some really sensual moments of enthusiasm expressed throughout the scene, and she is transformed to a higher state of being through her beautiful lovemaking experience. truly beautiful stuff, all women should aspire to this form of lovemaking.
Comment #829 - By its not rape on 24/01/2011
Its just making love with a lot of passion. She should feel truly loved and appreciated and all warm and fuzzy.
Comment #828 - By Shocked on 24/01/2011
Yo WTF is she dead??? That shit was too crazy
Comment #827 - By SexFanatic on 24/01/2011
o quh luklik my frend.. dis shit sexi
Comment #826 - By Fake Or Not .. on 24/01/2011
Those things with cocks and balls are just ridiculous to ACT /TREAT someone that way .
Comment #825 - By Win on 24/01/2011
Best family summer blockbuster evvaaar!!!
Comment #824 - By God on 24/01/2011
Horrible! Denigrate for a women...
Comment #823 - By slavegirl17 on 24/01/2011
Comment #822 - By slave on 24/01/2011
i need about 5 or 10 guys to fuck me like this.
Comment #821 - By body on 24/01/2011
Comment #820 - By dave on 23/01/2011
it is like seeing the wife taking cock on a sat after being in the swinger club
Comment #819 - By lama on 23/01/2011
Comment #818 - By felly on 23/01/2011
now dats crazy
Comment #817 - By asasda on 23/01/2011
Comment #816 - By leo on 23/01/2011
y ar very very kreyzi
Comment #815 - By at the person who wrote fake a on 23/01/2011
well shes a famous pornstar so it's obviously "fake" and they're all actors
but the abuse is real you dumb fuck
Comment #814 - By The guy with the beard on 23/01/2011
You guys are all just jealous
Comment #813 - By ezabel on 23/01/2011
Comment #812 - By sonu on 23/01/2011
i lke sexy video and fuking
Comment #811 - By MyTurn on 23/01/2011
I would love to get fucked like GBR fantasy!
Comment #810 - By ashutosh on 23/01/2011
i love sex video
Comment #809 - By SNOOKI on 23/01/2011
I jerked to this because she looked a little like snooki from jersey shore
Comment #808 - By FAKE AND GAY on 23/01/2011
LOL choke yourself
Comment #807 - By WoW on 23/01/2011
Well she did help even I caught that...but disturbing...what's the diff between a prostitute and a porn star?? The prostitute is prosicuted and the porn stars made famous:)
Comment #806 - By FAKE AS FUCK on 23/01/2011
if it were real then there wouldnt be cuts
Comment #805 - By Lul on 23/01/2011
This is why u dont fail yo dont fail yo history test
Comment #804 - By dickoo on 23/01/2011
fuck these guys and the one who has uploaded this video. they are definitely born of dadys shit not some womens vegina. slaps were real. even if it was scripted the director should be punished with the fucking actors.MF
Comment #803 - By Bart on 23/01/2011
Simpsons did it
Comment #802 - By twitch on 23/01/2011
the music reminds me of mission imposible lol
Comment #801 - By well either way on 23/01/2011
wether u think she knew she was gunna get smashed like that or not, she was still gettin her asshole wreckked so the screaming is real
Comment #800 - By fat man next door on 23/01/2011
she had it comeing
Comment #799 - By this is fucking wrong on 23/01/2011
WHAT THE FUCK!!! WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE Im GOING TO FUCKIN REPORT THEM TO THE COPS WITH WITH god damn society of Stoping abuse of sex these guys would be fucking there own dick they would be in jail so long........
Comment #798 - By dfggg on 23/01/2011
everyone on here is a fucking retard if you thought this was real. Thank you to the people who knew this was scripted.
Comment #797 - By sick on 23/01/2011
this is so sick i want to throw up
Comment #796 - By tish on 23/01/2011
I love being fucked and all, but if I actually told those guys to stop, and they kept going like that, I'd beat the shit out of them.
Comment #795 - By truly scarred on 23/01/2011
i dont know whats worse that she was informed of the kind of video it was
Comment #794 - By really? on 23/01/2011
this is pathetic....really...real or not no woman should be treated like that
Comment #793 - By Ahahah!! on 23/01/2011
Daddy must be proud of his little girl.hahah She can really take a dick
Comment #792 - By fucker on 23/01/2011
Comment #791 - By KJLLKL on 23/01/2011
Comment #790 - By AHMED on 23/01/2011
Comment #789 - By ... on 23/01/2011
this is the way 3 fat ugly white guys with little dicks get pussy
what was this chick thinking
Comment #788 - By Lit Dominican :D on 23/01/2011
roflmfao she died at the end lol tht bitch died for 5 seconds when she was gettin the cumshots while she chocked herself lol she had theworst grip ring around her neck tht shit caught wreck lol
Comment #787 - By To the comment below on 23/01/2011
Your a fucking idiot dude you try getting gang raped and then laughing after and eating cake. I dont know if it's goofing around to be beaten, and forcefully penetrated in the asshole.
Comment #786 - By Fav on 23/01/2011
My most fav vid on the net.
Comment #785 - By Hsjs on 23/01/2011
I fucking cam everywhere during thus
Comment #784 - By actually on 23/01/2011
this is most likely fake, because I have seen several unedited videos with Cody Lane pretty much similar to this, only after the dude cums, they are all talking like they had a great time, and they were goofin around
Comment #783 - By Wtf on 22/01/2011
Those guys shud be shot........ Dont know why she wud let them beat the fuk out of her like tht
Comment #782 - By richard on 22/01/2011
choking but very exciting
Comment #781 - By fazaldad on 22/01/2011
sex vedeo
Comment #780 - By Really? on 22/01/2011
That was fucked up. Idk why she would agree to that kinda thing. The guys are obviously fucked up in the head.
Comment #779 - By lol on 22/01/2011
pretty sure the background music wasnt in the original video recall seeing this w.o the B/G music
Comment #778 - By lol on 22/01/2011
all for a weeks supply of crack no doubt
Comment #777 - By jkj on 22/01/2011
hey should all be shot
Comment #776 - By Brittany on 22/01/2011
This is great stuff. My boyfriend and his buddies have their way with me all the time, and I enjoy getting fucking in the ass and licking their assholes. Like mother like daughter.
Comment #775 - By aftermasturbation_philosopher on 22/01/2011
yea all the people who hate this probably jerked off to it.
Comment #774 - By marina on 22/01/2011
queria poder ver
Comment #773 - By Master Blaster on 22/01/2011
And I'm sure she gets off on the pain, so don't try and call it cruel.
Comment #772 - By question on 22/01/2011
why would she sign up for that shit?
Comment #771 - By Morons on 22/01/2011
They should all be shot
Comment #770 - By nygjkykui on 22/01/2011
o8p/.kio8j kjyuiyyu
Comment #769 - By doenst matter on 22/01/2011
porn should teach better way to handle and have sex., not to propagate violent means resulting in utter fascinations bringing disgrace to humanity.. feels bad n helpless as ppl here are liking this video, its a disgrace..
Comment #768 - By Owchh on 22/01/2011
thats badd
Comment #767 - By amit on 22/01/2011
amit is good
Comment #766 - By mr. on 22/01/2011
luv it
Comment #765 - By from on 22/01/2011
from who is this i mean who did the movie
Comment #764 - By GUYS.THIS.IS.NOT.RAPE on 22/01/2011
READ THIS BEFORE POSTING YOUR PATHETIC COMMENTS. Cody Lane is quite coomonly known porn star. She did DPs before - but here during anal she screams like she had here hand cut... She is just not a bad actress, and BTW she wouldnt be doing some scene with elements of violation without reading the contract and agreeing. Otherwise she could just sue them we would know it.
Comment #763 - By kumar on 22/01/2011
super sex i am anjoy the in the sex movies
Comment #762 - By ass on 22/01/2011
Comment #761 - By Haha on 22/01/2011
Shes gunna get a sore throat :l
Comment #760 - By dexter on 22/01/2011
fabulous,very massive
Comment #759 - By dickhead444 on 22/01/2011
its called acting lol
Comment #758 - By hot shit on 22/01/2011
hot shit
Comment #757 - By meat on 22/01/2011
if its hot as fuck your mom shouldnt have been a 2 dollar crack whore when she was pregnant with youI didnt even watch it to know you have to be a fucking retard to jack off to this
Comment #756 - By dandan on 22/01/2011
very nonsense,i should not watch this at first this is just a waste of time. damn hell this is really fake....shit
Comment #755 - By zoff on 22/01/2011
Quessa è propria na TROIA!!!!!
Comment #754 - By ann on 22/01/2011
nice one
Comment #753 - By u r idiots on 22/01/2011
this is for entertainment = no an oscar
Comment #752 - By Cool on 22/01/2011
If you think she this was real then your fake.
Comment #751 - By TAZ on 22/01/2011
Comment #750 - By TAZ on 21/01/2011
You Sad TWATS! you whatch it
Comment #749 - By hambone on 21/01/2011
This is just wrong!
Comment #748 - By yanal on 21/01/2011
Comment #747 - By troll on 21/01/2011
this isnt human. she either sickly enjoys this and feels no pain or gets paid a LOT. the beard guy is picked from some hobo alley.
Comment #746 - By pay attention on 21/01/2011
to the small details. she is acting, she clearly enjoys it because she is always so willing to go for their cock its porn and its fantasy.
Comment #745 - By Cody Lane on 21/01/2011
I am now lesbian
Comment #744 - By fukedup on 21/01/2011
this is fucked up shit. but looks like she liked it
Comment #743 - By dalsim on 21/01/2011
no comment
Comment #742 - By moondog on 21/01/2011
Not pleasant.
Comment #741 - By CockSlappah on 21/01/2011
Hey, Chick. Not sure if you even watched the video, or not, but the video didn't even seem like play rape. She clearly guided those cocks. Jerked them while she was sucking them, put them inside her. Maybe it was rape, and she was just acting that way out of fear.
Comment #740 - By wasket on 21/01/2011
Comment #739 - By 3 words on 21/01/2011
Comment #738 - By fap fap on 21/01/2011
fap fap fap :3
vereh nice
Comment #737 - By music on 21/01/2011
sounds like its straight outa a james bond game
Comment #736 - By i came on 21/01/2011
Comment #735 - By What's up... on 21/01/2011
With the homeless pirate guy? I guess they ran outta money
Comment #734 - By All Girls on 21/01/2011
deserve to b loved like this
Comment #733 - By rock on 21/01/2011
fuck that bitch harder...tear her pussy...
Comment #732 - By Rudy on 21/01/2011
This is my favorite vid.
Comment #731 - By jessica on 21/01/2011
love it when guys remind us girls what we are for.
Comment #730 - By Sarah on 21/01/2011
i hate this because it's just a ...
Comment #729 - By killaz alone on 21/01/2011
wow that's what i like to see
bitches getting brutalised
Comment #728 - By wow on 21/01/2011
its just a movie like they say in the title "banned movie" so most likely its fake
Comment #727 - By wtf on 21/01/2011
This is Just Brutal
Comment #726 - By Fenrir on 21/01/2011
Damn the music is annoying!
Comment #725 - By david stern on 21/01/2011
I wish the men in my league did me good and dirty like this. Evrybdy enjy t'playoffs
Comment #724 - By .............................. on 21/01/2011
i felt no emotion watchin this
Comment #723 - By OMG HIDDEN on 21/01/2011
Honestly, I like good porn, but this.. I'm not sure if it's rape, or just her trying to get hurt, I really couldn't watch this, it was terrible. That is no way to treat a woman, anyone who can watch the whole thing needs to go see a councilor.
Comment #722 - By kunal on 21/01/2011
Comment #721 - By hahahaha on 21/01/2011
bitch got what she had coming. Shouldnt be a whore
Comment #720 - By tohi on 21/01/2011
Comment #719 - By tumbalooland on 21/01/2011
she had to lick his ass..og god and the smell and taste that wouldve lasted in her mouth..poor girl
Comment #718 - By andyyy on 21/01/2011
this is how we reduce women to sex objects,cody lane has esteem issues,i cant watch this coz its not how i can treat any woman
Comment #717 - By rety on 21/01/2011
you are shit.
Comment #716 - By roty on 21/01/2011
you are shit.the best shit.
Comment #715 - By fgh on 21/01/2011
Parents must be proud.
Comment #714 - By Greg on 21/01/2011
The Music Made This Really Bad. LOL.
Comment #713 - By Anonyme on 21/01/2011
You idoits do realize this is a fake right? Half this guys are in 10 other 'real' movies on this site... idoits...
Comment #712 - By Fake. on 21/01/2011
Guys, she was paid. I, personally, find it hot. There are safe words. Jesus, this is what porn stars do...some are just more hardcore than others. xD
Comment #711 - By Marty on 21/01/2011 I thought I could watch this somewhat..I was thinking oh just porn! But when they put it in her ass (I'm gay) and she's starts screaming! I know how it feels and mother fucker better start off slow! I feel so bad for her...I'm sure she didn't know what she was getting into. Damn...
Comment #710 - By gus on 21/01/2011
shes coke'd up! who wanna bet?
Comment #709 - By errrr on 21/01/2011
she was the one who signed up and got paid for it why are you feeling bad lmao
Comment #708 - By Blank on 21/01/2011
Yea..I can totally see why this was banned.
Comment #707 - By Same anonyme on 21/01/2011
Even if this vid is not real, it's still fuckn disrespectful. These guys are a bunch of assholes
Comment #706 - By Anonyme on 21/01/2011
I swear to God I will find out who these guys are and I promise I will beat them up. Poor girl !
Comment #705 - By kobe bryant on 21/01/2011
i didnt see anything wrong with it...
Comment #704 - By jalil on 21/01/2011
i like this
Comment #703 - By Rosco on 21/01/2011
Another man-pack with ugly circumcised dicks - no wonder they're so angry and violent.
Comment #702 - By rrrr on 21/01/2011
w/out sound its hot
Comment #701 - By stupid on 21/01/2011
its obviously not real. why the fuck would she just let it happen. duh. a fucking hott vid
Comment #700 - By babolu on 21/01/2011
u should be pursued and punished,fuckin'prksss
Comment #699 - By wow on 21/01/2011
she looks so hot at 28:05
Comment #698 - By awesome on 21/01/2011
This is how all sluts should be treated. So glad the sound is finally synced up so now I can bust a nut as soon as she screams in pain.
Comment #697 - By chou on 21/01/2011
this is nik zebi el helouf
Comment #696 - By a guy on 21/01/2011
if that was real, she'd be bleeding.. she fucking LOVED IT..
Comment #695 - By nasty ass shit on 21/01/2011
this is not even real sex. this is fucking shit.
Comment #694 - By yes on 21/01/2011
so hot
Comment #693 - By wtf on 21/01/2011
this vid suck
Comment #692 - By ha ha on 21/01/2011
typical dumb americans who think this is real! this is porn, all of them are actors, no one forced that girl to do anything.
Comment #691 - By Jerker 007 on 20/01/2011
What no condoms!!!
Comment #690 - By jonjon on 20/01/2011
this shit needs to get deleted.
Comment #689 - By memoo on 20/01/2011
this are veryy sexy
Comment #688 - By BOY on 20/01/2011
Yeah, and this is the reason I thank GOD I don't have a lil' sister!
Comment #687 - By LUNDBABA on 20/01/2011
laugh my ass off at that pirate dude.must be really desperate to get fucked by that clown.
Comment #686 - By music on 20/01/2011
if your wearing earphones just take out the right one and it makes this video better!
Comment #685 - By fucket on 20/01/2011
love it really do
Comment #684 - By lawawlawl on 20/01/2011
all these guys have tiny dicks, i bet she didnt even feel it
Comment #683 - By hmmmm on 20/01/2011
This music screams rape.
Comment #682 - By your name on 20/01/2011
A man who needs to have his hand around a womans throat to get off is usually the same kind of guy you see eating dog shit for a dare.
Comment #681 - By 13:05 on 20/01/2011
ass to pussy dick = yeast infection
Comment #680 - By americo on 20/01/2011
muy buenoooooo
Comment #679 - By fuck man on 20/01/2011
so dirtyy
Comment #678 - By me so what on 20/01/2011
i think she likes it
Comment #677 - By the man on 20/01/2011
and now: back to the kitchen...
Comment #676 - By Just a girl on 20/01/2011
This bitch does this rough shit in all her porns. She's an anal queen.
Comment #675 - By Angry kid on 20/01/2011
Show this to her dad... "5 hours later" and her dad is in death row.
Nobody deserves that treatment regardless
Comment #674 - By DUMBASSES on 20/01/2011
For those of you saying that they are taking advantage of her, you're stupid she looks like she knows right from don't see her walking away do you???
Comment #673 - By lol on 20/01/2011
these guys r pussies no man does that to a woman
Comment #672 - By Sandra on 20/01/2011
Cum on guys, fuck me in the ass!
Comment #671 - By hani on 20/01/2011
Comment #670 - By gay on 20/01/2011
this shit was ok but the fuckin guy doesnt stfu
Comment #669 - By guest on 20/01/2011
wow this is shit. Like anal isn't second nature to this chick. Too much screaming. Too much moving. too much bullshit and too much pirate steve. fuck off.
Comment #668 - By lol on 20/01/2011
metal gear solid- Porno snake ;)
Comment #667 - By .!.!.!.!.!. on 20/01/2011
Das doch wiederlich!
Comment #666 - By mou7ssine on 20/01/2011
bigg ace
Comment #665 - By Ana on 20/01/2011
I love it. I wish I could be treated like that by my neighboors. They are 3 and bi. they are sooo hot
Comment #664 - By wtf on 20/01/2011
the music reminds me of metal gear solid
Comment #663 - By konkon on 20/01/2011
Comment #662 - By OPU on 20/01/2011
Comment #661 - By oeifowfh on 20/01/2011
this shit is too aggressive for my tastes.
Comment #660 - By lulz on 20/01/2011
bad acting. She keeps fixing her hair,
Comment #659 - By lord on 20/01/2011
very sexy
Comment #658 - By ur fucker on 20/01/2011
I love rough sex
Comment #657 - By Heyhey on 20/01/2011
I came at 13:10.
Comment #656 - By winston on 20/01/2011
HAHAHHA doser ur awesome
Comment #655 - By Doser on 20/01/2011
I feel disgusted with myself for jacking off to this.
Comment #654 - By wow? on 20/01/2011
how old r u? how old r u?
how old r u?
Comment #653 - By Wow. . . . on 20/01/2011
Idgaf is this shit is real or not but this shit is horrible! I can't believe they would make shit like this. I hate even more that some people find this shit hot in a way. What the fuck is wrong with this sick fucks.
Comment #652 - By Just on 20/01/2011
I agree with lol.
Comment #651 - By Limits on 20/01/2011
Some things are just not right...this video is very disturbing even for most people who visit this site.
Comment #650 - By Death on 20/01/2011
I hope these fucking douches get stuck in a locked room and have to drink their own cum to survive and the only way out is to do what they did to the girl, to each other. fucking dicks.
Comment #649 - By fcking messed up on 20/01/2011
wtf this is fcking messed up
Comment #648 - By d3x on 20/01/2011
lame :(
Comment #647 - By dang on 20/01/2011
poor girl...
Comment #646 - By Hard on 20/01/2011
A porn star with dignity, come on.
Comment #645 - By wtf on 20/01/2011
this is just wrong
Comment #644 - By awful on 20/01/2011
this pisses me off
Comment #643 - By yeah on 20/01/2011
the world is so messed up right now, cody too is paying her contribution.
Comment #642 - By Amana on 20/01/2011
My boner went away this is fucking Horrible... Cody lane has no dignity left
Comment #641 - By lololomg on 20/01/2011
its snookie
Comment #640 - By rthrth on 20/01/2011
this is fake. but such humiliation.. holy shit..
Comment #639 - By mora on 20/01/2011
soo good
Comment #638 - By man on top of the hill on 20/01/2011
now back in my day aint nobody give a fucking shit bout rape. every man for himself.
Comment #637 - By I hope thats fake on 20/01/2011
I hope thats fake!?
Comment #636 - By wow on 20/01/2011
i feel sorry for her, she must have had a bad life to have such little self respect
Comment #635 - By Nicklodeon on 20/01/2011
This kinda looks like Trina from "Victorious" on Nick
Comment #634 - By uno on 20/01/2011
i think her face is swelled up
Comment #633 - By truly on 20/01/2011
this girl knows what luv is...
Comment #632 - By FLACKO on 20/01/2011
Ive fucked cody lañe before
Comment #631 - By llollllll on 20/01/2011
the pirate at 4:00 was a lmao moment
Comment #630 - By Wow summa all are stupid on 20/01/2011
She's getting raped, but they conveniently have a hi0def camera and 3 guys more than willing to put their faces on the camera ... you all must've bust too many times on this site. Losing brain cells
Comment #629 - By lol on 20/01/2011
the bitch loved it
Comment #628 - By u a dumb ass or somthin??? on 19/01/2011
She's a porn star. she gets paid and enjoys it.
Comment #627 - By She could say "no" on 19/01/2011
She could say no, and leave if it were that bad she's totally fine.
Comment #626 - By brh on 19/01/2011
she must get paid a fuck load
Comment #625 - By /b/tard on 19/01/2011
/b/ros'd like this vid... but for this anon its little too violent... im failing at fapping all the tiem for bout 20 minutes... and i havent fappd for 2 days!
Comment #624 - By John on 19/01/2011
Put those guy in prison and let them get raped
Comment #623 - By omg on 19/01/2011
wtf fucking bastards, they got som probs in their head?!!?
Comment #622 - By Masterwolf67 on 19/01/2011
I live a D/S life with my pet,and i am very open minded, but this shit was sick,and wrong
Comment #621 - By ...... on 19/01/2011
this is sick... what she doing with sheself...
Comment #620 - By Anonamoose on 19/01/2011
Comment #619 - By holy shit on 19/01/2011
thoes guys are going to hell for sure
Comment #618 - By fuck you on 19/01/2011
calm down, guys, this is fake... watch it without sound... look at her eyes... this aint real... I ensure that!
Comment #617 - By porn lover on 19/01/2011
sick, just sick, the way some of you talk about this shit. THIS is not true pron!!!!!!
Comment #616 - By rachid on 19/01/2011
very haut sexy womene i want him
Comment #615 - By lun on 19/01/2011
waro fu na movie
Comment #614 - By ben roethlisberger on 19/01/2011
good video
Comment #613 - By coop on 19/01/2011
i couldnt even watch this i just felt bad for cody
Comment #612 - By WTF? on 19/01/2011
I'd be alright for it if that chick didn't work in my local Walmart.
Comment #611 - By GAY on 19/01/2011
Comment #610 - By Mr. Perterson on 19/01/2011
I think the ambience of the surrounding setting raised the mood just right, while the music just tops it off and gives a certain je ne sais quoi that is hard to find in these rough and tumble scenes. Good work here, I'd say from my professional practise it could be a certain 9.8/10.
Comment #609 - By peter file on 19/01/2011
Comment #608 - By hidden on 19/01/2011
hahahahah 2 dude and 1 pirate nice one
Comment #607 - By hwww on 19/01/2011
is prefect
Comment #606 - By sam_buttt20 on 19/01/2011
very bad
Comment #605 - By hahaha on 19/01/2011
she got raped by two dudes and a pirate?
Comment #604 - By wow on 19/01/2011
she´s hot
Comment #603 - By jack on 19/01/2011
except step daughter cries a LOT!
Comment #602 - By i loved it on 19/01/2011
Comment #601 - By sloppy on 19/01/2011
haha the music is like video game music. from like final fantasy
Comment #600 - By loll on 19/01/2011
love the wizard101 music playing in the backround haha
Comment #599 - By jewed on 19/01/2011
Comment #598 - By wow... on 19/01/2011
Maybe that will make her chose another career
Comment #597 - By deinemama on 19/01/2011
no god fucking
the ame girl
mader fucker
Comment #596 - By situation on 19/01/2011
acting or no acting i fucking love it!! proper porn!
Comment #595 - By afas on 19/01/2011
what no sound
Comment #594 - By GlupGlop on 19/01/2011
Kinda gay... I don't know
Comment #593 - By at a lost for words on 19/01/2011
Wow is all I can say. I hope they payed her well at good 20k or more. Most going to therapy.
Comment #592 - By John on 19/01/2011
Those guy's need the touch of there own mediance.
Comment #591 - By Kaza on 19/01/2011
What a band of idiots, ehh mabey let 1 of they fuck 3 ppl...
Comment #590 - By angry on 19/01/2011
I would love to take a fuckin bat to these bastards. Acting or not.
Comment #589 - By Yodudw on 19/01/2011
What a little slut.. Mommy and daddy would be proud.. :)
Comment #588 - By Ateek Sinha on 19/01/2011
I never like these kind video's in which women fucked so ruthlessly by these men in this video
Comment #587 - By lorrraaa on 19/01/2011
v bad movi
Comment #586 - By lol on 19/01/2011
did anyone else notice the cod4 music in the background?
Comment #585 - By good god! on 19/01/2011
hmm shit was a lil too extreme parents should be proud.
Comment #584 - By wow on 19/01/2011
Comment #583 - By himo on 19/01/2011
Comment #582 - By midou on 19/01/2011
Comment #581 - By Kate on 19/01/2011
This is so hot! Of course a fake/acting (look like she opend her blouse at the beginning :D), but I think it´s well done
Comment #580 - By Sandra on 19/01/2011
This is what I'd like for my birthday! To be treated like a slave bitch, to lick assholes, to have cum dripping down my cheeks is a wonderful fantasy. I especially like that guy with the cute beard - I want to have a baby with him.
Comment #579 - By fuck on 19/01/2011
i wanna be fucked like that... damnn. amazing!!!
Comment #578 - By Girlie on 19/01/2011
Loved it.... Don't care if u shouldn't... I wanna be fucked like that
Comment #577 - By xdf on 19/01/2011
Haha this shit is just too badly setup to be serious.
Comment #576 - By someONE on 19/01/2011
talking about hardCORE
Comment #575 - By SHIVAM on 19/01/2011
Comment #574 - By kat on 19/01/2011
Whats wrong with it, its acting and she loves it, I'm a chick and I came 3 times
Comment #573 - By God on 19/01/2011
Fuck you both.
Comment #572 - By George Washington on 19/01/2011
Abe your a dumb shit
Comment #571 - By Abraham Lincoln on 19/01/2011
This is not why I founded America. But helz ya I'll get down on some 18th century pussy. If only I wasn't shot... :(
Comment #570 - By Over The Edge on 19/01/2011
I've seen quite a bit of hardcore porn, but this just takes it way too far.
Comment #569 - By ojoj on 19/01/2011
I hope that bitch got a lot of money for that scene.
Comment #568 - By sadaf on 19/01/2011
Comment #567 - By Jghh on 19/01/2011
This is horrific. You guys are twisted. Take it off xnxx I say. Boner = dead.
Comment #566 - By Keeper on 19/01/2011
haha my penis likes this one
Comment #565 - By Charles lee ray on 19/01/2011
Fuck yea now this is my shit, they should have donkey punched this slut in the face while fucking her in her ass, this is my shit where can I find more?
Comment #564 - By cocksNrocks on 19/01/2011
that shit was fucking weird. my jaw is still on the floor. just insane. even if it is a porno, there has to be some kind of law against that?!?!
Comment #563 - By retards on 19/01/2011
If she was really being raped this would be evidence and not viewable to the general public. And I don't think she'd be playing with her pussy while being raped in the ass and mouth
Comment #562 - By she has really chubby cheeks a on 19/01/2011
she should stop screaming, if it werent for the screaming and acting like she hates it this would be considered ok.
Comment #561 - By pito on 19/01/2011
the foot to the head was a nice thouch at 13:07
Comment #560 - By fuckinreally on 19/01/2011
dude i'm no saint but this shit is fucked up, i'll throw with all those motherfuckers, no one deserves that
Comment #559 - By dont judge on 19/01/2011
she's only looking for a daddy.
Comment #558 - By xxx on 19/01/2011
n b
Comment #557 - By beanballs on 19/01/2011
0M6 50 H4WT
Comment #556 - By ??? on 19/01/2011
that shyt is so fake
Comment #555 - By A jack on 19/01/2011
That's fucked up
Comment #554 - By gbbhb on 19/01/2011
what sick fuck would enjoy this garbage?
Comment #553 - By rose on 19/01/2011
very interesting vedio
Comment #552 - By Mr.Proper on 19/01/2011
I say that is not a proper way to handle a woman. She should have been put into the kitched after her use.
Comment #551 - By wow on 19/01/2011
she likes this.. what a slut..
Comment #550 - By A guy on 19/01/2011
I think this takes tape fantasies a little to far
Comment #549 - By brit guy on 19/01/2011
wish i was cody lane doing this - would have kept my boots on though ;o)
Comment #548 - By haha on 19/01/2011
totaly fake!!!!!! haha fucking hilarious
Comment #547 - By lmfao at yeahhhh on 19/01/2011
two below me. hahahah. i agree.
Comment #546 - By stupid on 19/01/2011
I hope she's making good money cause that shit was intense!
Comment #545 - By yeahhhh on 19/01/2011
Watching this when you're not horny makes you realize it's pretty fucked up. Watch it when you're horny and it's pretty awesome.
Comment #544 - By Ross on 19/01/2011
This shy is so fck up....
Comment #543 - By lkjhbuh binu on 19/01/2011
Comment #542 - By Teacher on 19/01/2011
This is how ducks do it!
Comment #541 - By why would i tell people my nam on 19/01/2011
Comment #540 - By She did this to herself on 19/01/2011
You want to show your body off and flaunt it all over town as a "hot girl", you gotta be punished.
Comment #539 - By ruffrider on 19/01/2011
this is totally fake, but maybe the uploaders should just mention the actual name of the porn film so viewers could judge for themselves and not feel like shit for enjoying rough porn
Comment #538 - By mofo on 19/01/2011
this is so fake
Comment #537 - By hmmm on 19/01/2011
legalised rape?
Comment #536 - By MeNu on 19/01/2011
I hope they took her out for a nice dinner after that.
Comment #535 - By just sad on 19/01/2011
this is probably one of the videos with the most honest reaction of the female pornstar.
She doesn't enjoy it.
Like most of them.
Comment #534 - By Aphex Twin FTW on 19/01/2011
Hey, this music sounds like Aphex Twin, cool. BTW I came hard while jerking to this.
Comment #533 - By mad on 19/01/2011
wtf i feel like fucking up all three of u mother fuckers i hope yall get yalls one day stupied pussys
Comment #532 - By Owned on 19/01/2011
Bitch you deserved that fuckin' shit all the way. ALL WOMEN NEED TO GET TREATED LIKE THIS!
Comment #531 - By wow on 19/01/2011
i couldnt tell if she liked it or what
Comment #530 - By Yum on 19/01/2011
That video is hot, never cum so fast in my life
Comment #529 - By WTF is a name on 19/01/2011
Seems legal.
Comment #528 - By RER on 19/01/2011
Comment #527 - By dug on 19/01/2011
mom must be proud
Comment #526 - By buhuah on 19/01/2011
ALL you fuckin Basterds make me sick. your fuckin dick should be cut for this video!!!
Comment #525 - By Cthulhu on 19/01/2011
The part where she's suffocating herself is particulary interesting.
Comment #524 - By hoe on 19/01/2011
she is a fucking cu
Comment #523 - By this is awesome on 19/01/2011
she liked it...
Comment #522 - By Death2lo on 19/01/2011
this is just fuck up
Comment #521 - By m00t on 19/01/2011
It's ok guys, She likes it rough
Comment #520 - By mojo sc on 19/01/2011
trickiest want ever
Comment #519 - By fuck on 18/01/2011
whoever likes this shit is a fucking tool cos this is just sick!!!
Comment #518 - By 3232 on 18/01/2011
She likes it rough, judging by the scene with her boyfriend where he treats her like that. Also, if it wasn't for the weird ass music, and the added screams it wouldn't seem so fucked.
Comment #517 - By son of rocco on 18/01/2011
yeah i reckon she enjoyed being treated rough. some bitches get off on that shit also, thats life. i gag i slap my bitch daily, which is a worry sometimes.
Comment #516 - By DUMB JUNKIE BITCH on 18/01/2011
Why put youself this low for money? Of course you took drugs thats why you look fucked.... Not even worth it.
Comment #515 - By WTF FO'real?!?!? on 18/01/2011
whats all this shit about its acting and she is a pornstar?!?!?! you mean she didnt really get raped? now im just seriosly bumed out :(
Comment #514 - By omg on 18/01/2011
worse than 2 girls one cup
Comment #513 - By Borry on 18/01/2011
I agree with Paj 100% WE WANT COFFEE RON!
Comment #512 - By DEAVED on 18/01/2011
Comment #511 - By wtf on 18/01/2011
the fuck?
Comment #510 - By i dont think she likes it on 18/01/2011
but she likes the money she gets for it
Comment #509 - By porn lover on 18/01/2011
you guys that like this, are sick fuckers!!
Comment #508 - By sick on 18/01/2011
i cam 2 times fuk ...
Comment #507 - By blahblah on 18/01/2011
the ending was nasty
Comment #506 - By scrappy on 18/01/2011
that dirty cunt is fucking loving it.
Comment #505 - By fuck it on 18/01/2011
this is still sick
Comment #504 - By WOW on 18/01/2011
You guys are all retarded if you thought this was real, SHES A PORN STAR, SHE WAS ACTING......
Comment #503 - By paul wayne on 18/01/2011
paj you dont know how to treat woman because your a loser never seen real pussy
Comment #502 - By the situation on 18/01/2011
i fucking loved it
Comment #501 - By Paj on 18/01/2011
This is an amazing video. shows how you should treat women. if only the rest of our society was as great as this.
Comment #500 - By SlutLover on 18/01/2011
Quit ur bitchin. They treated her like Queen. They didn't piss on her!
Comment #499 - By fuck it! on 18/01/2011
I fap to it and I came! Deal with my cum!
Comment #498 - By aleandro on 18/01/2011
she got payed for it , it was her choice and she's still in porn she didn't really got a trauma from it...
so I don't blame them for making this
Comment #497 - By wtf? on 18/01/2011
what the fuck is wrong wit these guys? i didnt even get a boner this is that fucked. honestly xnxx should take this off their site.
Comment #496 - By WTF on 18/01/2011
This is soo fucked up i dont even know how people get off on this :S
Comment #495 - By WTF on 18/01/2011
i dont know how people can get off on this
Comment #494 - By shitty video on 18/01/2011
I'm not okay with this.
Comment #493 - By nobby on 18/01/2011
sandy can i have your number please???
Comment #492 - By John on 18/01/2011
I think those guys need to get fuck in the ass for that.
Comment #491 - By dani on 18/01/2011
is good
Comment #490 - By blk gl on 18/01/2011
dis is sum gud shit!!! need more like dis one
Comment #489 - By creepy on 18/01/2011
I spot a pirate in a porno
Comment #488 - By ewrw on 18/01/2011
Comment #487 - By Ernest on 18/01/2011
i love bots my pennis i going dowu i want her number
Comment #486 - By Dragon on 18/01/2011
jeez I want to be in my bed with that hot girl <33
Comment #485 - By salman on 18/01/2011
i love this .. every woman in world should be treated like this .. love brutal rapes
Comment #484 - By MrSlap on 18/01/2011
Slap them melons!
Comment #483 - By porn luver on 18/01/2011
This was not very erotic. The fat guy and bandanna guy are in other pornos, maybe cause their assholes, what makes this a low grade bomb.
Comment #482 - By NiB on 18/01/2011
Comment #481 - By sirlolzalot on 18/01/2011
She got what was coming to her(she makes a lot of money for this, its her choice to be in it)
Comment #480 - By haha on 18/01/2011
I like how they added in the extra screaming...
Comment #479 - By this is stupid on 18/01/2011
why is she geting raped
Comment #478 - By wow on 18/01/2011
omfg, i feel terrible for playing this.
Comment #477 - By lolll on 18/01/2011
i lold
Comment #476 - By lanalabambala on 18/01/2011
for all who like that: this is no more funny! it s sick shit!
Comment #475 - By pff on 18/01/2011
Is there really someone who can't see it's just simple porn?
Comment #474 - By Roby on 18/01/2011
Very good
Comment #473 - By bitch on 18/01/2011
and that's what she deserves.
Comment #472 - By yay on 18/01/2011
this was awesome !
Comment #471 - By wow on 18/01/2011
over 9500 votes i can't believe how many sick fucks live in this world (head shake, face palm)
Comment #470 - By awesome on 18/01/2011
fake or not i came. she got slapped ALOT lol
Comment #469 - By lol on 18/01/2011
haha that was too funny
Comment #468 - By FAKE VID AND PAID on 18/01/2011
Comment #467 - By ............. on 18/01/2011
why is this bitch even living..
Comment #466 - By rape on 18/01/2011
this is horrible to watch
Comment #465 - By -.- on 18/01/2011
Please tell nobody actually enjoyed watching this...
Comment #464 - By j.s on 18/01/2011
her parents must be dead
Comment #463 - By lolaha on 18/01/2011
it's not good if it's real...
Comment #462 - By yes on 18/01/2011
All women should be gang raped at 12 so they know their place
Comment #461 - By lolz on 18/01/2011
her acting was quite good...up untill she helped them undo her top.. XD
Comment #460 - By poor guys on 18/01/2011
they end up touchin tummy sticks at one point or another sucks for them
Comment #459 - By ghj on 18/01/2011
her pussy looks so good why the ass
Comment #458 - By sick on 18/01/2011
even if fake, its sick
Comment #457 - By Malc on 18/01/2011
seen this theres another version on here at the end she says how she liked it. just look up cody lane blue room
Comment #456 - By Fake on 18/01/2011
bad acting is bad
Comment #455 - By lmao... on 18/01/2011
,.....well...she asked for it!!lol
Comment #454 - By lla on 18/01/2011
and this is how you make "love" (obviously theres pure affection between the 2.. uhm 4 parties involved :D)
Comment #453 - By Nobody will ever use their rea on 18/01/2011
Should i feel guilty about enjoying this? Probably, but i don't.
Comment #452 - By i for one on 18/01/2011
love being screwed like this
Comment #451 - By Alec on 18/01/2011
This video is fucked up. I wana find those guys nd brutally murder them
Comment #450 - By certainly on 18/01/2011
this is her job
Comment #449 - By mmm on 18/01/2011
Comment #448 - By i second that. on 18/01/2011
if you find this vid sexy, here is what you must do: 1 - find a car. 2- jump in front of it.
sick people
Comment #447 - By dumb bitch at 11:31 pm on 18/01/2011
your trash bitch shut your mouth u saw the banned movies title if u dont like it dont watch dumbass bitch!!!
Comment #446 - By nabil on 18/01/2011
i want to know a girl
Comment #445 - By Ahmad on 18/01/2011
show the video
Comment #444 - By husband on 18/01/2011
Wish it was my wife being treated like this on the lounge room floor while I watched with a few mates...
Comment #443 - By This Movie on 18/01/2011
Is called "Teen Line" but i cant find it anywhere. I guess it really was banned
Comment #442 - By hhh on 18/01/2011
Comment #441 - By north tiger on 18/01/2011
nice site i wanne to log
Comment #440 - By M****n on 18/01/2011
was für schwanzlose kerle stehen denn auf so nen scheiß? ekelhaft
Comment #439 - By fight on 18/01/2011
i like to fight the s*** hred now were are they
Comment #438 - By Joe Black on 18/01/2011
oh god..i love it,i´m glad this is fake, cause is a really fucking turn on, love the way she take it in the ass as she touch her pussy, she´s really enjoing it =D
Comment #437 - By geekfreek92 on 18/01/2011
haha the girl wanted it
Comment #436 - By mr. ten inch on 18/01/2011
the loud ass music in my right ear fucking sucked could of done with out that. And she needed to shut the fuck up
Comment #435 - By moron on 18/01/2011
lol.... this isn't real xD
Comment #434 - By yaaaaaaaaaa on 18/01/2011
Comment #433 - By Not rape on 18/01/2011
Cody Lane is a fucking porn actress. Even helps take her own shirt off. There are some dumbasses out there.
Comment #432 - By a random sadist on 18/01/2011
god i wish i was able to take it this far with that friend of mine, one hot masochistic girl
Comment #431 - By Porn on 18/01/2011
She wasn't raped. This is porn and she is choosing to be employed by this industry. This was just a stressful day at the office.
Comment #430 - By fucking assholes on 18/01/2011
I hope she quit tafter this.
Comment #429 - By ummmmm on 18/01/2011
u can obviously see her help take her clothes and boots off in the beginning!
Comment #428 - By mr. 9 on 18/01/2011
I Mean chill out ppl she likes that shit theres some ppl that do now dont watch if you dont like
Comment #427 - By GOD on 18/01/2011
damn at 3:10 they put some spit in the lens!!!
what a bitch i lol when she screamed!!!!
Comment #426 - By it WOULD HAVE BEEN GOOD on 18/01/2011
if it wasnt for that cheasy ass music! wtf!
Comment #425 - By Wtf on 18/01/2011
Wow if someone really jerked off to this, there penis would be shredded in half >_<
Comment #424 - By nnn on 18/01/2011
girls theses days are fucked up in the head but its hot
Comment #423 - By ..... on 18/01/2011
wtf. why would she even want to do such a thing
Comment #422 - By yumyum on 18/01/2011
This is hardcore porn fellows ... nice work but fake. Dont take it seriously... enjoy!
Comment #421 - By dre on 18/01/2011
So fuck ya'll all of ya'll
If ya'll don't like me blow me
Ya'll are gonna keep fuckin around wit me
And turn me back to the old me
ya'll are the reason Dre ain't been getting no sleep
Comment #420 - By opie on 18/01/2011
u stupid mother fucker, u obviously got ur cock in ur hand watchin this shit to. UR ON THE FUCKING SITE!! PUSSY.ASS.BITCH!! GFY
Comment #419 - By GGGGG on 18/01/2011
Comment #418 - By Awesome on 18/01/2011
great video must see
Comment #417 - By whoah on 18/01/2011
This was pretty hot in the beginning but they took it too far, I understand its fake but idk..a few mins in and I just felt bad for her. Those old guys are fcuking creeps too...
Comment #416 - By perv on 18/01/2011
After years of hardcore pornography this gives a certain value, it provides a sense that this is evil. this believe it or not isn't even close to the pinnacle of perversion.
Comment #415 - By John on 18/01/2011
She died
Comment #414 - By lolwut on 18/01/2011
her mother is so proud
Comment #413 - By Rofl. on 18/01/2011
She did it for money you idiots. Fuck off or jerk off
Comment #412 - By in your ass gross on 18/01/2011
to gross, if you don't like what the fuck are doing watching this site, i think you should be stone to death FUCKING GAY
Comment #411 - By lol on 18/01/2011
damn funny but i lost my hardon. thanks alot -.-
Comment #410 - By *** on 18/01/2011
That's is not a turn on, and yet they got payed, stupid
Comment #409 - By Neko on 18/01/2011
Lol I love the dramatic music.
Comment #408 - By Gross on 18/01/2011
women like this should be publically beaten then stoned.
Comment #407 - By synyster gates (not really) on 18/01/2011
dam bro i had a boner but after i saw this it idk how to explain this is fukin bull man dudes should hav gone little slower takin turns u no dam
Comment #406 - By tht shit on 18/01/2011
tht shit was awesome best shit ever can i rent her for a day
Comment #405 - By how can one find on 18/01/2011
this entertaining? It reminds me too much of what the vietcong would do before they fire a slug into the woman's head.
Comment #404 - By haha on 18/01/2011
who could feel bad for that slut?
Comment #403 - By Rocker on 18/01/2011
For all here: don't you be FUCKING STUPID. This was all planned and everybpdy got their paycheck for it. She KNEW and signed a contract for acting like this, she wanted and signed for it. Nobody was got by surprise.
Comment #402 - By Andy on 18/01/2011
I felt bad for Cody she always gets me off but I just wanted to help her in this video.
Comment #401 - By john on 18/01/2011
could of been better if they had bigger cocks
Comment #400 - By bloody on 18/01/2011
fukin animal their dick should be cut
Comment #399 - By ericka on 18/01/2011
this shows how lo stemm you have for your self in trying to make it onlife this is humiliation to its limit
Comment #398 - By WTF!!!!??? on 18/01/2011
i watched it thinkin how bad can it b and jesus chrisy is this shit bad :O
Comment #397 - By dood on 18/01/2011
exactly how could u not get off crazy to this
Comment #396 - By Wtf on 18/01/2011
couldnt even get off this is just sad, you guys are screwed in the head for trying to jerk to this
Comment #395 - By no music on 18/01/2011
put in headphones and only put in the left earbud, enjoy =)
Comment #394 - By KARMA on 18/01/2011
The dude with the crazy beard(Brian Surewood) is in jail for MURDER!!!
Comment #393 - By Cody Lane on 18/01/2011
Best night ever!
Comment #392 - By guest221 on 18/01/2011
Quite amusing. This is how women should be treated
Comment #391 - By jocker on 18/01/2011
fucking bitch.
Comment #390 - By mad on 18/01/2011
if you dont get an erection after seeing this you are not normal
Comment #389 - By music on 18/01/2011
the music rly ruined it for me and i dont see y people r freakin out about this
Comment #388 - By Damned on 18/01/2011
I'm headed for hell after fapping to this... see you all there.
Comment #387 - By right on on 18/01/2011
thumbs up. fucking excellent.
Comment #386 - By Stacy on 18/01/2011
It raped my already and I had the same thing ...
Comment #385 - By ...wooow... on 18/01/2011
that's just sick, in a bad way
Comment #384 - By observer on 18/01/2011
its pretty hard to watch ya know, but look shes a professional porn star and in tons of movies and clips. she oviously consented to this or it wouldnt exist on the net, and "get over it" knows the score lol, she keeps turnin for bj's n tht lmao
hope she got paid some good money for it.
and i bet it was hard to find some guys up for it.
Comment #383 - By weird on 18/01/2011
i didnt want to but i couldnt stop watching, and couldnt stop from jerking off to this
Comment #382 - By bad on 18/01/2011
fucking hard, her body turn to red with all of smacks, fuck, dont like
Comment #381 - By hah on 18/01/2011
lmao 1 young guy 1 middle aged guy and 1 fucking old piece of shit
Comment #380 - By qwerty on 18/01/2011
wow! how many money she take for this??
Comment #379 - By f u all on 18/01/2011
she loves it
Comment #378 - By BY THE BEARD OF ZUES!!!! on 18/01/2011
Comment #377 - By Bozo on 18/01/2011
Wow.. This is fucking horriable no wonder Its banned ..
Comment #376 - By Get over it on 18/01/2011
Can those saying its seriously not see the way she is in this? she holds her legs up now and then and even turns her head for the BJ's sometimes -.- This isn't real and those that belive it is need to get real
Comment #375 - By wtf on 18/01/2011
thats just fucking suppid
Comment #374 - By What's the issue? on 18/01/2011
What's wrong with this? She got paid for it, we got hard-ons, where's the issue?
Comment #373 - By cody lane on 18/01/2011
i am now a lesbian
Comment #372 - By dood on 18/01/2011
that was terrible but i had to watch it
Comment #371 - By Heyyyy on 18/01/2011
Not rugh enough....
Comment #370 - By Seriously on 18/01/2011
This isn't porn. This is just horrible and disgusting.
Comment #369 - By YES on 18/01/2011
Comment #368 - By ... on 18/01/2011
fuck this shit
Comment #367 - By aziizo on 18/01/2011
Comment #366 - By REALLY?! on 18/01/2011
Comment #365 - By Dude on 18/01/2011
How old is she again?
Comment #364 - By Aha on 18/01/2011
Stupid as fuck why the fuck is there an old man cant he get a heart attack from fucking hahaha she is hella hot and thats gay how his dick touched his balls i wouldve socked that fucker haha
Comment #363 - By o yes on 18/01/2011
these lads kow how to show a girl a good time
Comment #362 - By WTF! on 18/01/2011
why is there an old guy??
Comment #361 - By IT'S ACTING on 18/01/2011
You're all fucking retards, she's a porn star, so I'm pretty sure she likes that kind of treatment
Comment #360 - By 2121 on 18/01/2011
Excellent! Bunch of pussies on here crying about this cunt, wow!
Comment #359 - By dudes on 18/01/2011
cody lane is a dope pornstar she would have been loving every second of this
Comment #358 - By Fuckin retarded on 18/01/2011
Comment #357 - By wtf on 18/01/2011
jesus christ, whats wrong with people`?
Comment #356 - By jee on 18/01/2011
She's totally into it... :<
Comment #355 - By Captain Obvious on 17/01/2011
She gets paid fucking loads for this btw I heard a story. Don't you feel sorry for this hoe she knows what she's doing
Comment #354 - By Ouch! on 17/01/2011
I don't think she gonna want sex again not even for money bet she regrets tht
Comment #353 - By BunchOfFKtards on 17/01/2011
since when is "horribly staged and fake" the same as rape? If you think this is real antifreeze tastes yummy! Go chug some now :)
Comment #352 - By LIES!!!! on 17/01/2011
Why would there be an FBI warning for this if it was "banned".... banned my ass.
Comment #351 - By asd on 17/01/2011
My ex girlfriend would have loved to be part in this movie.
Comment #350 - By wowww on 17/01/2011
Is THAT really worth the money?? All 4 of those people are mentally FUCKED!
Comment #349 - By Hopsta on 17/01/2011
Listen that dum broad got paid. That shits awesome smack her upside the head for me boys. Dum broad. Me and my boys sit around a laugh our asses off at them. Good stuff!!!!
Comment #348 - By kjsldfkld on 17/01/2011
Not as bad as 3 guys 1 hammer. But it is bad.
Comment #347 - By safe word on 17/01/2011
they always have safe words.. calm down pussies
Comment #346 - By grge on 17/01/2011
Comment #345 - By I78 on 17/01/2011
that was boring
Comment #344 - By Nah on 17/01/2011
Nothing wrong with vids like this, she is a woman, its all they deserve afterall
Comment #343 - By kinda funny but unerotic. on 17/01/2011
masocist... she can really act...
if not...
then, ouch. wrecked.
Comment #342 - By bad on 17/01/2011
I prefer sasha grey like
Comment #341 - By make it hurt on 17/01/2011
yeah, wreck that bitch
Comment #340 - By cody lane on 17/01/2011
its acting, she didnt do anything no one else has done but the use of the background music, quick camera cuts and her overreactions really sold it
Comment #339 - By to much on 17/01/2011
to much
Comment #338 - By lol on 17/01/2011
she really need the money i guess. what a dumb whore
Comment #337 - By lsd on 17/01/2011
wen sie mal kinder hat.. tun die mir leid.. :O
Comment #336 - By motherfucker on 17/01/2011
that is sick
Comment #335 - By lol on 17/01/2011
Its funny how you guys get so serious about this woman, she is getting paid for this and she knew that it would be like this before she even started so shut up and get back to beating your wieners
Comment #334 - By Shes on 17/01/2011
Even if this is acting, shes totally Sick. Her cocaïne destroyer Her brain, to accept porn movie Like this one. But still, i enjoyed It. You guys CAN be surprised to know that some girls Have the "rape- fantasme". They just Want to be raped. M'y last sex friend was one of her haha xD
Comment #333 - By ...""" on 17/01/2011
they told her before what it would be like either she got really surprised an messed up by the way they did it or she acted good and enjoyed this shit. dunno..
Comment #332 - By cheese on 17/01/2011
this is brilliant i want more girls to be like her she did a good days work and she liked it
Comment #331 - By lol on 17/01/2011
I'd say it doesn't look like she doesn't want it. so give it to her boys!
Comment #330 - By misc on 17/01/2011
Comment #329 - By mom fucker on 17/01/2011
she got paid for this shit man aint so bad
Comment #328 - By anonomous on 17/01/2011
please have these guys executed like for real. so fucked up
Comment #327 - By pretty good on 17/01/2011
this porn was actually pretty good, pretty fucked up, but im still having a sherman!
Comment #326 - By asd on 17/01/2011
if i ever see one of those pussies i will beat his fucking ass up
Comment #325 - By esam on 17/01/2011
Comment #324 - By Dora the explorer on 17/01/2011
de piene in la ASSHOLE
Comment #323 - By one thing to say on 17/01/2011
Comment #322 - By WOOT on 17/01/2011
some crious r4p3´s goin on thar <3
Comment #321 - By donkey on 17/01/2011
Comment #320 - By Dude on 17/01/2011
LOOOL lots of religious guys here, WATCHING PORN...
Thats why am athiets, btw she acted very good
Comment #319 - By xxcxx on 17/01/2011
Thats' just n enjoying itot human. I like rude, but not that rude. Or at least, be rude, but make the actors smile and look like if she's
Comment #318 - By SLUTS DONT GET A SECOND CHANCE on 17/01/2011
Comment #317 - By said on 17/01/2011
i lik theis i lik entr with you
Comment #316 - By ...... on 17/01/2011
i likee porn butt... that is juss fucked upp
Comment #315 - By Nom on 17/01/2011
She knew it b4hand so tough shit on her.and the men are fucking weirdos that love pleasure and pain.they should do fuckin voodoo.
Comment #314 - By hahaha on 17/01/2011
woman are forever slaves to men
Comment #313 - By mickey mouse on 17/01/2011
suck that dick bitch
Comment #312 - By stdg on 17/01/2011
Comment #311 - By MoFo on 17/01/2011
Just a sweet anal oriented girl that enjoys every second of all that traffic in her ass hole.
Comment #310 - By it´s getting worse on 17/01/2011
this is what porn has become? sure its fake, but still it´s just sick crap. i never believed i would ever say this but this porn makes me not to jack off. jesus christ, what happened to good old fashioned porn?
Comment #309 - By blah on 17/01/2011
and people wondered why she quit, got addicted to cocaine and got arrested for it
Comment #308 - By lol on 17/01/2011
Comment #307 - By FBI on 17/01/2011
Comment #306 - By sex2die4 on 17/01/2011
this is porn!!!
Comment #305 - By FUCK on 17/01/2011
Comment #304 - By ash on 17/01/2011
those guys r fucking stuppid they raped her wtf
Comment #303 - By ldkjoifhieds on 17/01/2011
ohhh now i can see why it was banned
Comment #302 - By MUA HA HAAAA! on 17/01/2011
Comment #301 - By Chinadoll on 17/01/2011
OMFG, her screaming is so annoying!
Comment #300 - By omg on 17/01/2011
this is real you no omg i feel so bad
Comment #299 - By ash on 17/01/2011
This video is fucking sick its more like shes been raped its fucking wrong!
Comment #298 - By dumbasses on 17/01/2011
you guys are fucking stupid for thinking this is real. Half way through the video she says "FUCKING CHOKE ME HARDER YOU PUSSY!!!" so yeah she's just a fucking freaky pain lovin' bitch
Comment #297 - By dear background music... on 17/01/2011
Comment #296 - By itsbadbut.. on 17/01/2011
its a porn videooo chill out. someone people are into this sorta stuff. i found it to be a little extreme but the girl was in for it and played her part well
Comment #295 - By Smut on 17/01/2011
All porn should be like this :D
Comment #294 - By llll on 17/01/2011
that is sick shit///
Comment #293 - By fuckin pussy on 17/01/2011
hey brandon your a bitch she is a whore and whores dont have feelings
Comment #292 - By Mizzote on 17/01/2011
Proof that chivalry isn't dead!
Comment #291 - By unknown on 17/01/2011
this is disgusting. i cannot belive that someone can treat a woman like that. that makes me sick.
Comment #290 - By Ooh dear. on 17/01/2011
This is some fucked up shit. This didnt even make me hard at all. Shes not even enjoying it. Thumbs down.
Comment #289 - By on 17/01/2011
it's kinda hot, but at the same time i feel sorry for her. but hey, it's just a porno right? but my girlfriend would probably leave me if i tried that with her. lol.
Comment #288 - By jesus on 17/01/2011
I watched the whole thing and all i have to say is that these guys are all going to have a awesome time on earth but when they die they'll be in for a big surprise. Like the good book says "Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection. But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to use authority over the man"
She needed to not cry so much either.
Comment #287 - By rtret on 17/01/2011
Comment #286 - By Anonymouse on 17/01/2011
Snooki want snu snu
Okay death by snu snu
Comment #285 - By med on 17/01/2011
WTF lol that's....rlly rape...funny
Comment #284 - By essam on 17/01/2011
Comment #283 - By jax softcore on 17/01/2011
Ahh come on, didn't all you guys see the tears of joy? This shit didn't even go that hard
Comment #282 - By dan on 17/01/2011
she could have said "stop" at ANY time and they would have... quit whining.
Comment #281 - By female on 17/01/2011
this is disgusting.
Comment #280 - By Jake on 17/01/2011
This shit is garbage. If you clowns believe this is real, I guess you believe in the tooth fairy also. I would have fucked that bitch like the whore she is too!
Comment #279 - By j6810 on 17/01/2011
cum dumpster
Comment #278 - By MvWvM on 17/01/2011
I'd comment thoroughly on the lack of intelligence among the majority of commenters here, but the commenting here sucks, so nah.
Comment #277 - By Russian Cody on 17/01/2011
Ohhhh..she is so lucky girl!
Comment #276 - By wtf on 17/01/2011
this is soo fucking wrooong!!
Comment #275 - By Hardd on 17/01/2011
this is fuk all.. she cud prob take a fire extinguisher up that ass.. she wuda loved evry minute of it.. dirty bitch.. ida fuked her ass harder, realy make her cry
Comment #274 - By O lord on 17/01/2011
WTF thats sick m8
Comment #273 - By sonson on 17/01/2011
Comment #272 - By JSTxxx on 17/01/2011
if u dont like it dont watch it... she got paid for this and let it hapen its not rape... did u hear her saying stop at anypoint?
Comment #271 - By Bluster on 17/01/2011
Little Cody loves it and should get therapy. Intense sex and physical abuse can get some people off - the ones that need to join Cody at the shrink!
Comment #270 - By major woody on 17/01/2011
this is garbage!!id rather watch midgets fuck..
Comment #269 - By yup on 17/01/2011
Comment #268 - By Studmuffin on 17/01/2011
A bunch of sick,
perverted mother-fuckers aught to rot in hell for this! That girl would have sucked off every one of those guys and given them real pleasure!
Comment #267 - By Studmuffin on 17/01/2011
A bunch of sick,
perverted mother-fuckers aught to rot in hell for this!
Comment #266 - By cutter49 on 17/01/2011
I sure hope pretty little Cody got a monster payday from this. If she really did enjoy this she needs therapy, bad.
Comment #265 - By yeah on 17/01/2011
who wants to fuck me like that ?
Comment #264 - By weird... on 17/01/2011
I'm not against rought sex but if neither the girl or the flab dicks are into it, makes all the scene pointless and tiresome.
Comment #263 - By John Doe on 17/01/2011
Definately on drugs and all kinds of shit. So much that messed up about this video...
Comment #262 - By loves it on 17/01/2011
Comment #261 - By niki on 17/01/2011
yusz vivce xxxxxx lo ve bchi
Comment #260 - By alim on 17/01/2011
Comment #259 - By Bob on 17/01/2011
This is what sex should be like everytime.minus the 2 other dudes
Comment #258 - By ... on 17/01/2011
bet her mother would be proud
Comment #257 - By i <3 Cody on 17/01/2011
what's the deal?
this whore was paid well
and I had great fun
Comment #256 - By Ivan on 17/01/2011
There is nothing terrible. Shy has much money for this. And these men have filming in many numbers like x-vids. Relax and take pleasure.
Comment #255 - By dicker on 17/01/2011
Whaoue perfet
Comment #254 - By MvWvM on 17/01/2011
Nice vid. Wth is up with the crappy music, though?
When you read the words 'destroyed' and 'banned' - that should've been a hint that hey, maybe this video isn't for you.
Comment #253 - By ROCKSTAR on 17/01/2011
she had it coming to her lol man she loved it
Comment #252 - By jason on 17/01/2011
This Is Rape....The Girl Is Sreaminq For Dear Life
Comment #251 - By Randomchic on 17/01/2011
That was fucked up.
Comment #250 - By ddddddddddddddd on 17/01/2011
Comment #249 - By %u0418%u043B%u044C%u044F on 17/01/2011
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Comment #248 - By CUTTHEPENISOFF on 17/01/2011
if she does this voluntary she´s totally sick and the guys are it anyway
cut off their penis!
Comment #247 - By Rtfd on 17/01/2011
Comment #246 - By mexico on 17/01/2011
es hermoso
Comment #245 - By Bed Intruder Rapist on 17/01/2011
Best Porn Vid! I <3 it!
So super Hardcore!!
Comment #244 - By WTF on 17/01/2011
That's messed up.
Comment #243 - By saim on 17/01/2011
very sexy movei
Comment #242 - By Asian on 17/01/2011
It's terrible...
Comment #241 - By iknowbetterthanu on 17/01/2011
I was there when they shot that scene -- she was begging and crying for it. She absolutely loved it. Don't let the acting fool you.
Comment #240 - By what the fuck on 17/01/2011
this totally ruined my hard on and makes me want to puke
Comment #239 - By xxxpxxx on 17/01/2011
So ein unsinn, nur bemeitleidenswerte Spinner finden das gut!
Comment #238 - By wtf on 17/01/2011
is that fun
Comment #237 - By ccvxv on 17/01/2011
lol shi is dumb
Comment #236 - By Dorian on 17/01/2011
They are not slaping her they are beating her :( this video ruined my day :( all i wanted was some good porn :(
Comment #235 - By pissed off old dude on 17/01/2011
If I walked into a room and this was happening each guy would have his spine shot with my 45 colt
Comment #234 - By Euzebio on 17/01/2011
Comment #233 - By Tiffany on 17/01/2011
Shes getting It just like I love It.The fucking rougher the better!Wish I had some guys right now to rough me up.
Comment #232 - By lafy on 17/01/2011
Comment #231 - By vec on 17/01/2011
This is a movie it is fake
Comment #230 - By noobs on 17/01/2011
Don't know what the big deal is. This is clearly fake%u2026 go watch some Max Hardcore for something truly shocking. lrn2pr0n
Comment #229 - By Bullshit on 17/01/2011
All u fuckd up assholes who think she deserves it's your all gonna burn in hell like those guys theyy should take this off !
Comment #228 - By no. on 17/01/2011
This porno is sick, why the fuck are they slapping her?
Comment #227 - By bull shit on 17/01/2011
This hasn't been banned in the US... who's the idiot that thinks this shit is material worth banning?
Comment #226 - By Stupid women. on 17/01/2011
She deserves it, such as all the women.
Comment #225 - By kjzuj on 17/01/2011
Comment #224 - By adz on 17/01/2011
Comment #223 - By lol on 17/01/2011
she'd 24 years old and a very well paid actress who loves her job, relax
Comment #222 - By pornfan121 on 17/01/2011
good quality, LOVED it, teach the slut a lezzon
Comment #221 - By haha on 17/01/2011
Sluts don't deserve sympathy.
Comment #220 - By she's a bitch on 17/01/2011
they all treating her like a bitch that she is
Comment #219 - By Shit on 17/01/2011
You're sick. Most awful video i've ever seen on XNXX.
Comment #218 - By hahaha on 17/01/2011
she choked herself
Comment #217 - By ... on 17/01/2011
This is why I only want boys... no daughters for me
Comment #216 - By concerned person on 17/01/2011
she was basically being paid to get raped
Comment #215 - By poor girl on 17/01/2011
poor girl, only 19 and in this shit.
Comment #214 - By hornycanadian on 17/01/2011
her yelling and faking it all is annoying..seen nastier..see how she chokes herself at the end....i just dont see what the big deal is...
Comment #213 - By YourDaD on 17/01/2011
hate it
Comment #212 - By elvis on 17/01/2011
is that hulk hogan ???
Comment #211 - By rahman on 17/01/2011
big boobs
Comment #210 - By Gbig on 17/01/2011
so fucking awesome!!!
Comment #209 - By LOL on 17/01/2011
wouldn't it be awesome if her family saw this
Comment #208 - By Rodney on 17/01/2011
It would have been cool if they farted, shat, and pissed on her.
Comment #207 - By this shit is fucked in the a on 17/01/2011
Comment #206 - By WTF on 17/01/2011
this actually a turnoff. porn doesnt have to be agressive. i can see why they banned it
Comment #205 - By not that bad on 17/01/2011
ive given my misses more pleasure than that slut
u can see thats shes enjoying it too
Comment #204 - By Omg on 17/01/2011
Why u slap a chick thats suckin ur cock.... This porno is fuked up
Comment #203 - By Bmac on 17/01/2011
Im sure she was very much aware of what was going to happen in this scene before they shot it....if u dnt like it dnt watch it
Comment #202 - By That was awful on 17/01/2011
I'd rather see the animated Jap girl banging the dog than this sick shit...
Comment #201 - By 2 disgusted on 17/01/2011
fuck off don't watch it then hypocrite!!!!!
Comment #200 - By ThisIS on 17/01/2011
Fake...what BS!! There should also be a disclaimer before or after crap like this. Still fake though. anyways.
Comment #199 - By Disgusted. on 17/01/2011
This is the most disgusting video i've ever seen. Take it off now. You guys are fucking sick, that poor girl.
Comment #198 - By WOW on 17/01/2011
She Fucking loved it... If it were physically possible this cunt would DVDA while someone fisted her throat...
Comment #197 - By What? on 17/01/2011
Why was this banned, i've seen rocco do worse than this
Comment #196 - By violin violence on 17/01/2011
Saquen esto de acá, muchachos.
Get out here, boys!
Comment #195 - By .... on 17/01/2011
shame on you !!!
Comment #194 - By TaZ on 17/01/2011
That's just sick ..
Comment #193 - By ahmeddddddddddd on 17/01/2011
big girl
Comment #192 - By makade mii'engun on 17/01/2011
this is fucked up that guy giving orders i would sure give him a order he he he
Comment #191 - By yoooooo on 17/01/2011
take this off!!!!!
Comment #190 - By yay on 17/01/2011
for humanity
Comment #189 - By trsw on 17/01/2011
Comment #188 - By mydream on 17/01/2011
Comment #187 - By the on 17/01/2011
Comment #186 - By the man who fuck your mum atm on 17/01/2011
AHAHA raped
Comment #185 - By reality... on 17/01/2011
Guys, let us remember how many 19 year old girls would like to fuck with the bearded man?
Porn = art
Comment #184 - By she on 17/01/2011
got owned LOLOLOL
Comment #183 - By :) on 17/01/2011
Comment #182 - By oh lord! on 17/01/2011
this bitch loves it dont worry ur selfs.. enjoy!
Comment #181 - By Fuck man!! on 17/01/2011
This is shit!!
Man i'm sick, after watsching this :SSS
Comment #180 - By lou on 17/01/2011
mommy must be proud of her !
Comment #179 - By Rape on 17/01/2011
Is what this is!
Comment #178 - By Finally on 17/01/2011
Its brutal but its obviously fake.Loved it! Just what i was looking for.
Comment #177 - By im 10 on 17/01/2011
wtf was that
Comment #176 - By Magpie Amy on 17/01/2011
There is rough sex and there is 'this' - I think this crosses the line. Not nice at all...couldnt watch it all
Comment #175 - By I´m 14 on 17/01/2011
Dude then i´m sick xD
Comment #174 - By WoW on 17/01/2011
lol at 21:39 she sounds like a murloc
Comment #173 - By AWESOME on 17/01/2011
I fucking love this vid. I love Cody Lane she such a hot cunt. And seeing her get fucked up like this? It's too awesome.
Comment #172 - By Eddie_Four_Balls on 17/01/2011
I love how you people try to have morals on a porn site you guys and gals are so pretentious
Comment #171 - By Rawrr on 17/01/2011
I jerked it 3 times to this. Lol
If you want BAD: look up MAX HARDCORE. he is SICK
Comment #170 - By wow best ever on 17/01/2011
I barely made it 39 seconds in. the ominous music made it
Comment #169 - By khan on 17/01/2011
Comment #168 - By Venom on 17/01/2011
I liked it.
Comment #167 - By lol on 17/01/2011
this guys are mother faucker
Comment #166 - By jr on 17/01/2011
anyone who needs this is SICK!
Comment #165 - By delboy on 17/01/2011
SO FAKE LOL that why liked it she loved it the guys made me laugh .
Comment #164 - By mido on 17/01/2011
very nice
Comment #163 - By nouna on 17/01/2011
Comment #162 - By Ewwwww on 17/01/2011
Thats fucking GROSS -.- Who the fuck likes this crap?
Comment #161 - By suck on 17/01/2011
Comment #160 - By WhaWhaWha on 17/01/2011
She looked like she was trying to suppress her laughter in the beginning. Those guys were too gentle and politeto that bitch. I would have beat the living shit out of her with a closed fist if she tried to crack smile like that and fuck up my role play vid.
Comment #159 - By Luminousmjade on 17/01/2011
I've seen worse. This is very fake I agree. She was puttin it in herself often.....
Comment #158 - By NormalPerson on 17/01/2011
this is twisted wierd
Comment #157 - By haha on 17/01/2011
what bullshit its not real!
Comment #156 - By Heyyy on 17/01/2011
If you think that this is hardcore, you're just a little bitch.
Comment #155 - By Ya boi on 17/01/2011
Come on guys for real I've never seen anything like that.
Comment #154 - By fake on 17/01/2011
fake as fuck
Comment #153 - By r u kidding on 17/01/2011
you all are a bunch of pussies awww poor girl stfu and dont watch it then go watch your nice neat pitter patter porn I love bitches that let me slap them around cause they love it! got my bitch watching this shit with me damn some ppl are weak thats why ur wifes or girlfriends make u be there bitch man the fuck up!
Comment #152 - By Idiots on 17/01/2011
i love how like half of you are insulting people for thinking its real, then you read the comments and they're all about how fake this is.
Comment #151 - By lol? on 17/01/2011
why would they ban it? if you dont want to watch it...dont watch it. no one is making you jack off to a porn video, let alone on you dont want to watch.
Comment #150 - By Fuck diz shyt on 17/01/2011
Man datz not ku
Comment #149 - By oh man on 17/01/2011
hahah that one dude looks like a pirate!
Comment #148 - By hahaha on 17/01/2011
only cody lane would do a vid like this that bitch has no shame!!
Comment #147 - By nahh on 17/01/2011
if it were real they'd be punching her and shit
Comment #146 - By Listed on 17/01/2011
She just looks so high on drugs
Comment #145 - By Ya boy reall on 17/01/2011
This shit isn't even cool? Like what the fuck? She's so scared from the first 10 seconds and she's choking herself turning purple? Like fuck that?
Comment #144 - By IRL Rapist on 17/01/2011
Hot, this bitch needs to get punished
Comment #143 - By rohit jayswal on 17/01/2011
vidieo waching
Comment #142 - By porn seaker on 17/01/2011
sweet! I was looking for the full one
Comment #141 - By Come on on 17/01/2011
stop watching if you dont like it for shit sake you clicked on it its your fault! did it say unicorns and pixies shitting skittles? NO! so you werent tricked it said COdy Lane Gets Destoryed! and she does they delivered their end so stop bitching and it most likely wasnt banned though but thats not the point
Comment #140 - By lol on 17/01/2011
she liked it
Comment #139 - By tex on 17/01/2011
Real talk, yes this is staged, obviously, but it's fucked up. This is what people see, then they go out and try to do it, and that's when people's lives get ruined and people die...
Comment #138 - By sean on 17/01/2011
this is fucked
Comment #137 - By hobo on 17/01/2011
one of them look like some homeless guy they found on the street
Comment #136 - By 24:18ish on 17/01/2011
Taste it i wanna fucking taste it
Comment #135 - By Castro on 17/01/2011
Imma beat me some little fucks for doin this. Fake or not its fucked up
Comment #134 - By rape? on 17/01/2011
she really looks like she doesn't want this. I can't even beat off to this shit.
Comment #133 - By N/A on 17/01/2011
wow a flam war on a porn site
Comment #132 - By Jojo on 17/01/2011
this bitch! the shit people do for money
Comment #131 - By the man on 17/01/2011
fuck up
Comment #130 - By Uhhh on 17/01/2011
I didn't even realize this was a simulated "rape" scene until I turned the volume up and heard her fake screams, LOL
Comment #129 - By l ol on 17/01/2011
you all think its such a huge deal
what kind of a dumb ass bitch gets herself in a situation liek this
i think she just miight haev learned her lesson
Comment #128 - By harie on 17/01/2011
This is nao a rapeeeeeeee
Comment #127 - By lol on 17/01/2011
she just talking then just get choked out of nowhere
Comment #126 - By Nxxxs on 17/01/2011
This is wrong people this video is garbage how can people Luke this shit
Comment #125 - By Burry on 17/01/2011
I came in 3 fucking minutes this was so hot
Comment #124 - By opie on 17/01/2011
# u tear up when u choke. #2 alot of girls like to be play raped, its a FETISH! #3 this is 100% staged and thought out from the fbi warning to the diologue. #4 if ya dont like it, turn it the fuck off all u pussy ass bitches
Comment #123 - By zzz on 17/01/2011
lazy porn.
Comment #122 - By lol on 17/01/2011
you guys are so gullible, when I watch shit like this I think "wow they think ppl will actually believe this shit?"...then I read ur comments and lose hope. obviously acting.
Comment #121 - By Hey on 17/01/2011
acting is wrong guys
Comment #120 - By Paul gg on 17/01/2011
i bet she got paid 2 dollars for this and was happ,.i was
Comment #119 - By Paul gg... on 17/01/2011
The music is what makes this disturbing,.she wants the money then the cock
Comment #118 - By Loads on 17/01/2011
Take it off. TAKE IT OFF! That's not porn
Comment #117 - By Nathan Explosion on 17/01/2011
wow...that's fucking brutal.
Comment #116 - By Paul gg on 17/01/2011
she loved every minute of this
Comment #115 - By Phil on 17/01/2011
Dude...this isn't right
Comment #114 - By Josh on 17/01/2011
Comment #113 - By Lmao on 17/01/2011
Isnt porn demeaning enough as it is? Jesus fucking christ i feel bad for her. She must really have needed that coke money.
Comment #112 - By fbgrv g on 17/01/2011
Comment #111 - By LOL on 17/01/2011
People think this is real. She's been in so many movies on this site
Comment #110 - By WTF on 17/01/2011
seriously? I mean this a porn site not an abuse site. whoever made this video needs to rot in hell and stay there.
Comment #109 - By fuckin a on 17/01/2011
man thats just wrong. they should take this shit down.
Comment #108 - By nnnnn on 17/01/2011
she is just a good actor
Comment #107 - By Sarah Palin on 17/01/2011
I wish those guys did that to me.
Comment #106 - By bru on 17/01/2011
shes wearing hoop earrings which tells me from my extensive research that shes a ho and enjoys this sick shit
Comment #105 - By Awesome on 17/01/2011
She liked it, you can tell when she starts crying.
Comment #104 - By wow on 17/01/2011
I could finish watchin it i felt so fucking bad they treat hur like sht
Comment #103 - By NO WAY on 17/01/2011
Comment #102 - By FUCK on 17/01/2011
Comment #101 - By Linda on 17/01/2011
I love to get FUCKED like that. My pussy is so fucking wet my man better get home soon my rubber dildo is melting I'm fucking my self so hard watching this
Comment #100 - By lol on 17/01/2011
what a load of bullshit, as staged as every other porn video
Comment #99 - By xxx on 17/01/2011
revenge for feminism.
Comment #98 - By Gtfo on 17/01/2011
Thats what fuckin happens when you leave the kitchen... Bitch!!!!!
Comment #97 - By WHAT on 17/01/2011
I fucking cried dude that was fucked up
Comment #96 - By drdong on 17/01/2011
I kinda like the music.
Comment #95 - By Id beat the shit out of these on 17/01/2011
Those are real tears and shes being analy raped hope she sued those people.
Comment #94 - By Damn on 17/01/2011
This went too far.....
Comment #93 - By damn on 17/01/2011
that's some fucked up shit, I hope she sued the producers, those guys, she isn't acting those tears are real..
Comment #92 - By Hell yeah on 17/01/2011
That's how it's done bitches
Comment #91 - By Heyyy on 17/01/2011
Holy shittttt, disturbing ... if you're a little bitch.
Comment #90 - By some15yearold on 17/01/2011
I live in Louisville,Kentucky. Where this chick is from. I wish all the chicks i know where like this! Hot damn!
Comment #89 - By Did I on 17/01/2011
tell you to stop choking yourself? keep choking your fucking self. hahaha
Comment #88 - By LilTiffany on 17/01/2011
Geeze let it go you fking retard. No ones forcing you to watch and its fucking staged. I LOVE being play raped. If youre not into it dont fking watch it
Comment #87 - By Can you find on 17/01/2011
The ones who either got really screwed over by a woman and/or got their hearts broken. Or been told NO one to many times.
Comment #86 - By Fake...but on 17/01/2011
This guy in my high school raped a friend of mine. He literally still has a speech problem. I knocked out two of his teeth, broken nose and broke a rib. Yes this is fake but real shit like this happens and it pisses me off.
Comment #85 - By Kenzie on 17/01/2011
Really? Don't watch this if you don't like it? Duh. And some people just like it rough :P
No need to freak out about a girl getting fucked the way she likes it -_-
And OMG the music is sooo effing annoying!!! What is the point of the music? Seriously...
Comment #84 - By damn!! on 17/01/2011
no amount of money is worth that, and no one should take advantage of a girl that way either. she is mentally fucked for life.
Comment #83 - By dontlikeit hitpause on 17/01/2011
zzz I seen worst vids, lol calm down ppl, it was stagged. In the beginning you can clearly see her helping to unbutton her shirt xp
Comment #82 - By Date Rapist on 17/01/2011
All these bitches deserve to be treated EXACTLY like this. Humiliate as many bitches as you can. That's the sign of a real man
Comment #81 - By fantastic on 17/01/2011
this videos great
Comment #80 - By anon on 17/01/2011
even in a trade where sex is a performance for money, there has to be a little limit to what you're gonna allow yourself to be subjected to. I just lost all respect for cody lane...
Comment #79 - By James on 17/01/2011
Christi And Selena me n my guys wld fuck both ur brains out ;-)
Comment #78 - By Holy ffffuck on 17/01/2011
This is almost exactly like something that happened to me..
Comment #77 - By christi on 17/01/2011
I love being treated like that!!
Comment #76 - By maestro on 17/01/2011
video game boss music
Comment #75 - By this world on 17/01/2011
is getting fucked up. Ridiculous how does this shit happen, where the fuck are there enough sick cunts to market this?
Comment #74 - By idiots on 17/01/2011
of course its fake. FBI warning.
Comment #73 - By joe on 17/01/2011
this is not porn and it should be removed
Comment #72 - By Mega Porn Fan on 17/01/2011
I hope she got paid a lot of money for this. Can guest how much she got for doing a scene like this?
Comment #71 - By Fuck white ppl on 17/01/2011
Seriously WTF the girl is dieng u retard guys should be raped by a bunch of mothafucking old ppl
Comment #70 - By seriously? on 17/01/2011
gtfo with this shitty music
Comment #69 - By YES. on 17/01/2011
It's just porn. Some chicks just like to be treated like a sack of potatoes with a vagina. :D Respectable in the streets, but a wild fucking bobcat in the sack.
Comment #68 - By ijkl on 17/01/2011
People think this is fake...?
Comment #67 - By wtf on 17/01/2011
all that for money ?
fuck for my self if i do same for a money three persons for 1 girl dmt
please xnxx hide this movie please
Comment #66 - By No one on 17/01/2011
Make the bad actors go away
Comment #65 - By xyz on 17/01/2011
Comment #64 - By lol on 17/01/2011
shits fake as fuck not like gettin slapped around by these pussys hrts anywhere near as much as gettin it in the ass lol
Comment #63 - By average joe on 17/01/2011
The music was annoying, but the clip wasn't too bad. She's obviously enjoying it, why are all you chumps flipping out?
Comment #62 - By mr asshole on 17/01/2011
Why does it sound like some of you people think this is real? I mean no one could be stupid enough to think this is real
Comment #61 - By hahaaa on 17/01/2011
payed or not noone deserves this. unless of course, it arouses her..... but still totally fake... and yet... epically fucked up.
Comment #60 - By wow on 17/01/2011
this shit makes me feel like crap....I cant even think about beaten it anymore...She is going to be fucked up for a long time..
Comment #59 - By wooow on 17/01/2011
shes hot cant wait to not to this
Comment #58 - By damn on 17/01/2011
a little bit too hardcore
Comment #57 - By no. on 17/01/2011
GEEZUS! I was hoping for this BS to end right after three minutes... then I scroll down and see that its like about 30 minutes long. wtf.
Comment #56 - By haha damn on 17/01/2011
i hope that money was worth losing her dignity
haha w/e i busted
Comment #55 - By ????????? on 17/01/2011
i like the song its like james bond
Comment #54 - By um.... on 17/01/2011
Is this the Ben Roethlisberger evidence?
Comment #53 - By big daddy on 17/01/2011
straight bull shit
Comment #52 - By ew wtf on 17/01/2011
anybody who gets off on THIS, is bloody fucked. sorry, that ain't right at all.
Comment #51 - By What A Retard on 17/01/2011
First, she calls them assholes, then she tells them to choke her... Yeah this was staged.
Comment #50 - By stupid on 17/01/2011
Why did she sign up for this, bet people that care abt her hurts to see this.
Comment #49 - By do not want on 17/01/2011
do not want
Comment #48 - By hard guy on 17/01/2011
worst movie i ever seen
Comment #47 - By 16:56 on 17/01/2011
she said she fucking loves it... if its the money or the abuse. she is all about this shit. Sucks that cock like a savage/
Comment #46 - By Kristy on 17/01/2011
pay her?? i'd pay 3guys for this kinda treatment
Comment #45 - By wow haha on 17/01/2011
Comment #44 - By Lolololol on 17/01/2011
I have... The weirdest boner
Comment #43 - By woah on 17/01/2011
they should find one tht likes it. like my gf! she like me n my friends completely manhandling her. holding her open and shit. i enjoy it too!
Comment #42 - By Brutal Bitch Krisseh on 17/01/2011
I laughed my ass off. This is so fake
Comment #41 - By Fuckk'd up on 17/01/2011
That was not attractive at all no shit it was banned
Comment #40 - By rollerskate on 17/01/2011
porn these days is more like an action movie. All about violence.
Comment #39 - By Rocker on 17/01/2011
This is a rape. Simple as that.
Comment #38 - By huh on 17/01/2011
fuckd hup
Comment #37 - By stupid. on 17/01/2011
thats not attractive in any way. that was gayer than a gay porn. dumb.
Comment #36 - By Messed up on 17/01/2011
I was both aroused and horrified by this shit
Comment #35 - By Tobiah Sinn on 17/01/2011
Shit was staged until she says different.
Comment #34 - By Hah.. on 17/01/2011
They forgot to add the song "SMACK MY BITCH UP."
Comment #33 - By hmmm on 17/01/2011
i wonder how much they paid her
Comment #32 - By WTF on 17/01/2011
That bitch better have gotten paid a shitload for that
Comment #31 - By Black guy on 17/01/2011
Best Video Ever
Comment #30 - By LOL on 17/01/2011
that is great like that shit
Comment #29 - By pruuf on 17/01/2011
Comment #28 - By Best Vid Ever on 17/01/2011
need more like this
Comment #27 - By LOL on 17/01/2011
Comment #26 - By thebastian on 17/01/2011
u always have to do it like that!
fucking whores!
Comment #25 - By WTF on 17/01/2011
is that thier first time to see a girl!:D
Comment #24 - By Oh boy on 17/01/2011
Lol look how she looks like in the beginning, then skip to the end
Comment #23 - By ugh on 17/01/2011
wtf us this :S
Comment #22 - By lalalololol on 17/01/2011
ridiculous the way he gently takes off her shoes in the beginnin hahaah xD
Comment #21 - By hob on 16/01/2011
this is an exaggered performance of codi lane. screaming too much with no sense...disgusting
Comment #20 - By 50 cent on 12/01/2011
fiffty wanna know how you gonna pay your motherfucking billz, your pussy-ass bichezzz!!
Comment #19 - By King Inc on 12/01/2011
Yeah I agree... This is awesome if only all porn were like this.
Comment #18 - By snoopdog on 10/01/2011
theez bitchez need some proper treatment like dat!
Comment #17 - By jhk on 09/01/2011
thay`s the way whore`s should be treated
Comment #16 - By ice on 02/01/2011
i have filmed worse
Comment #15 - By tam on 28/12/2010
biggest fucking whore ever. pathetic
Comment #14 - By jill on 24/12/2010
so hot. epic background music.
Comment #13 - By poor girl on 24/12/2010
omg that hurts XD
Comment #12 - By Professor Chaos on 19/12/2010
her asshole needs 3 dicks inide her
Comment #11 - By ugly bitch on 19/12/2010
what a whore
Comment #10 - By >.> on 18/12/2010
This is a little overblown... no pun intended. ;-)
Comment #9 - By Lazy Giurls on 15/12/2010
Smart career move...
Comment #8 - By Justin on 14/12/2010
What a dumb bitch... She's really not very sexy in scenes like this... You get Belladonna or Annette Schwarz in there, though, WHEW! Goddamn!
Comment #7 - By brasil é noiz on 14/12/2010
bem feito baita vagabunda
Comment #6 - By mif on 10/12/2010
This scene isn't even that hardcore. She's screaming to whop it up.
Comment #5 - By doucheclick on 06/12/2010
Fucking bitch
Comment #4 - By TheLAW on 06/12/2010
Comment #3 - By Bong Toker on 02/12/2010
Its basically rape. Except that the girl signed a release formed and is getting payed.
Comment #2 - By daro on 02/12/2010
Comment #1 - By yuiop on 02/12/2010
That's pretty fucked up
Video description: Choke-fucking Cody Lane gives you a sense of joy and contentment that many men fail to feel during most of their lives.