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Comment #21 - By Iuke on 09/03/2015
50 cent in da club lol
Comment #20 - By Lovelyred on 24/01/2015
interesante la historia aunque previsible el final
Comment #19 - By Song? on 18/09/2014
What's the name of this song...
Comment #18 - By @ lamont sanford on 14/08/2014
Clearly he gets paid To draw Make a lot of money for it While ur just sitting there whacking off to it do us a favor shut up before you make yourself look stupider than you already have
P.s get a job
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Comment #16 - By Loucom4u2 on 04/07/2014
Comment #15 - By Pino69 on 17/06/2014
good cartoon
Comment #14 - By Blackserve on 14/06/2014
Yes the toons are his, i used to love his website. However, it's hardly worth signing up. The new toons come to the site way to slow.
But loved it for a while.
Comment #13 - By long dick on 24/05/2014
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Comment #12 - By tryvon martin on 05/03/2014
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Comment #11 - By song name on 01/06/2013
in da club by 50 cent
Comment #10 - By what is on 06/05/2013
Comment #9 - By President-pizza on 26/04/2013
This whole comic is a trainwreck
Comment #8 - By Ohhh on 09/04/2013
If only I was a John persons member..
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muy bueno, donde hay mas de estos cartoons???
Comment #3 - By brunitohot on 22/03/2012
suban mas! xD
Comment #2 - By kos1606 on 22/03/2012
nice but i can't read the dialogues
Comment #1 - By Nigga on 22/03/2012
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