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Comment #6 - By ugly on 31/12/2010
man thats a real ugly fat bitch -.-
Comment #5 - By weak on 31/12/2010
it would count if her legs werent as fat as her ass.
Comment #4 - By Damn on 31/12/2010
That was the sexiest thing I've seen better that a girl getting fucked a girl shaking her ass to bomb ass music made me cum after watching it five times so great My girlfriend did a great job in this video hope you guys liked it I was so hard i fucked her right after filling it
Comment #3 - By truth21 on 29/08/2010
ANOTHER white girl gigglin around like she's black..yawn.
Comment #2 - By observant jacker on 23/07/2010
all the baby toys surrounding her make this video super sad.
Comment #1 - By Observer on 19/02/2010
Ha, look at all the kids' toys in the background.
Alt video name: Women in green hotpants grinds & shakes ass!
Video description: Women in green hotpants grinds & shakes ass!