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Comment #404 - By efe on 29/05/2017
si xd
Comment #403 - By Lakak12 on 28/05/2017
Jajajaja al final me dio mejor hasta risa xD
Comment #402 - By Toro on 21/04/2017
Los pendejo son todo hustede pinche cabrones qe solo pendejadad comenta
Comment #401 - By POR TU CULO on 01/02/2017
Comment #400 - By Xdxd on 07/01/2017
Me día mas risa el final
Comment #399 - By boogie dayz on 03/01/2017
just fucking horny......
Comment #398 - By Green eggs and ham on 20/12/2016
Not my proudest fap.....but not my worst either
Comment #397 - By anaconda on 22/11/2016
oh my gosh look at her butt
Comment #396 - By @latino on 12/10/2016
Ijho de puta
Comment #395 - By alessio on 02/09/2016
name the film?
Comment #394 - By chut ka deewana on 02/08/2016
lund ki deewani aja me mast chodunga tujhe
Comment #393 - By 8===D on 27/07/2016
What's the girls name
Comment #392 - By jan on 21/07/2016
Where is the camera man I wanna fuck ist the camera man
Comment #391 - By Kingdogging on 13/06/2016
se veen que los europeos y americanos , non son los peores del mundo en terrores

me quedo triste con las personas buenas que viven ainda en oriente médio y son victimas de los fanactcos
Comment #390 - By hhhh on 10/01/2016
This is no real the translation is wrong
and is not real you are like donkey
if you believe it
Comment #389 - By Interista chiaccherone on 15/12/2015
Interista chiaccherone sogni sempre sotto l'ombrellone tricolore coppe varie che quest'anno non vincerai.
Comment #388 - By Xtremo9332 on 22/11/2015
lolll xd
Comment #387 - By Isis on 19/11/2015
Lol 25nov :)
Comment #386 - By Russian man on 19/11/2015
%u041F%u0438%u0437%u0434 %u0438 %u043F%u0440%u043E%u0432
Comment #385 - By LOL on 19/11/2015
Do you all think this kind shit is real
Comment #384 - By IGN on 19/11/2015
Too many arabs - 9/11
Comment #383 - By saSASA on 19/11/2015
Comment #382 - By Dip on 19/11/2015
Comment #381 - By lol on 19/11/2015
this is so dumb hahahahah
Comment #380 - By latino on 19/11/2015
putos musulmanes
Comment #379 - By weong on 17/11/2015
they fuck gotes not womans
Comment #378 - By ..... on 14/08/2015
Vuestra puta madre
Comment #377 - By I really hope... on 20/07/2015
That amerika gets some of it's own medicine -.-
Comment #376 - By Euphoria7 on 17/05/2015
Comment #375 - By Oliverz3469 on 01/05/2015
Por éste tipo de cosas es que secuestrar mujeres voluptuosas en tan genial.
Ésos grupos árabes deben darse auténticos festines con las zorras que capturan.
Comment #374 - By USA on 21/03/2015
God bless that I love...stand beside her, and guide her, through the night with the light from above
Comment #373 - By Theorist on 05/03/2015
Comment #372 - By One on 27/02/2015
Remove this video. It contains religion this video has to be removed. Or I will have to broadcast this. And get the whole company sued. Remove it.
Comment #371 - By jamaica on 21/02/2015
Your Translation dosn't mean what they say and you are facking the tabe
Comment #370 - By Weewee2p on 18/01/2015
great to see the whore treated like the skank she is.
Comment #369 - By Ivan202 on 07/11/2014
Jajajaja.que chistosos
Comment #368 - By lol on 30/10/2014
love this sht
Comment #367 - By Juliohernandezmtz on 29/10/2014
jajaja ya lei algunos comentario, en serio alguien se creyo esto? no mamen
Comment #366 - By Juliohernandezmtz on 29/10/2014
jaja esta con madre
Comment #365 - By @Prophet Muhammad on 14/09/2014
Than go watch so gay poor fag.
Comment #364 - By ElCaddo on 02/09/2014
Comment #363 - By Sheep_humper_4_life on 07/08/2014
Stupid and horrible acting
Comment #362 - By alberto canosa on 29/07/2014
Comment #361 - By Elnicoya on 21/07/2014
jajaja eso es mentiras el departamento de estado nunca se pronuncio sobre el secuestro de ninguna periodista americana en afganistan son 3 come mierdas que se pusieron barbas para paracer talibanes y no son mas actores pornos y la supuesta peridista se que es una experta mamando si uviera sido secuestrada uviera peliado con los supuestos talibanes ala hora de ser culiada y ala hora de mamar pero se ve que es toda una profesional en las mamadas
Comment #360 - By fake on 10/05/2014
fake video
Comment #359 - By u have read this on 30/04/2014
if u think that those fuckers are musilmans then your idiot
Comment #358 - By WowZer on 21/04/2014
That was pretty good but my only concern is with the tech9
Comment #357 - By BAHAHAHAHA on 10/04/2014
Typical white Americunt whore...
Comment #356 - By dcdc on 18/11/2013
nice fuck that BITCH
Comment #355 - By Ibeatfemales on 08/09/2013
If you think this is real then youre a fucking idiot. If youre a Muslim watching porn, Allah aint gonna be happy. This video is hilarious. Im out, bitches.
Comment #354 - By Hahaha on 03/08/2013
This just made my morning.
Comment #353 - By fuck everyone on 26/04/2013
Fuck all bitches get the fuck outta here if u wanna discuss politics and's a fucking porno not a discussion video were everyone comments about their views
Comment #352 - By ROOLF on 05/04/2013
Comment #351 - By ilmo on 16/03/2013
Fuck America,fuck west, Islam is the best!!!
Comment #350 - By lol on 15/02/2013
really offensive but funny
Comment #349 - By Kidd2012 on 06/02/2013
Comment #348 - By Joshuaswaffel on 09/06/2012
this movie is so wrong and over the top that i just love it :P
Comment #347 - By abdullah on 13/03/2012
wicked evil character jews propoganda....
Comment #346 - By shit. on 10/03/2012
wat the shit is this
plz delete this videos. this is very disgusting. For god sake delete it.
Comment #345 - By Ali on 09/03/2012
u are cunts and will die soon...hahahahaha
Comment #344 - By fuck u rag heads on 08/03/2012
now that ive read all the cmments i can say this die rag heads
Comment #343 - By aditya on 25/02/2012
masha allah what a scene i hope i can fuck usa woman and make them pregnant
Comment #342 - By fuck all fafir on 09/02/2012
fuck all kafir and munafiq
Comment #341 - By AFG on 30/01/2012
NATO: Fuck You!
Comment #340 - By this is shit on 12/01/2012
Comment #339 - By NATO on 04/01/2012
Afghans the most stupid people are in the world
Comment #338 - By raghead on 28/12/2011
Comment #337 - By Umar on 06/12/2011
this video is fake. made by Americans Mother Fuckers who have nothing to do except thinking abt us.. Assholes just come once here dn will fuck ur holes with Rods. Ur President is licking our balls for opening the supply Line of Nato... Morons stay away from us.
Comment #336 - By fuck USA on 06/12/2011
I like sex but I haet layer pepole
Comment #335 - By well on 27/11/2011
i can arabic and when they put that sounds for that shit heat europian the one that speaking he speaking of fighting and crime idiots you dont even know what kind of sounds ur putting i think u werent even sure u did put arabic.
Comment #334 - By fuck usa on 18/10/2011
yas man whe fucki8ng us girls hahahaha
Comment #333 - By comunist on 25/09/2011
all word exept usa support this china russia latinamerica etc
Comment #332 - By truth on 13/09/2011
its a fake
Comment #331 - By HAHAHAHAHAH on 06/09/2011
ROFLMAO at the subtitles
Comment #330 - By EDL on 29/07/2011
you stupid idiots , you guys bringing religion on a porn website, Basturds. Your guys need a chill pill, this is a porn video not a religious documentary debate.
Comment #329 - By Funny Skeptics on 27/07/2011
So funny that there are allways people who will debunk porn. OF COURSE IT'S FAKE! If it wasn't it would be fucked up and not enjoyable!
Comment #328 - By shahzeb on 23/07/2011
i like this
Comment #327 - By Anti christ on 20/07/2011
Comment #326 - By muslim on 07/07/2011
hahaha take it easy..ots just a funny video haha that make me laughh
Comment #325 - By Mission Accomplished on 22/06/2011
I lol'd.
Comment #324 - By xcvsd on 11/06/2011
this is fucking hilarious......the best porn i ever watched
Comment #323 - By Atheist on 11/06/2011
Haahahaha this shit is actually funny HAAHA
Ok, go take their oil, USA. That's what you want, and go blow yourself in name of another inexistent deity, muslins.
Comment #322 - By OH NO!!!! on 06/06/2011
Comment #321 - By 100% Fake shit on 29/05/2011
This is 100% Fake shit. Those are some retarded, stupid guys and a sick bitch made that shit.
Comment #320 - By ha ha on 27/05/2011
Your dead now mother fucker. USA USA USA USA!
Comment #319 - By americans mom ass hole on 27/05/2011
dont laugh on us your mom fucker
your mom have 3 husband u have 3 fathers your mom ass hole
Comment #318 - By F22 on 27/05/2011
R u fucking laughen about the Islam religion ?
U need to respect it coz we haven't laughen about yours asshole
Comment #317 - By sdadsd on 24/05/2011
Ahaha this is too funny
Comment #316 - By OMG on 24/05/2011
U better be kidding me, This is soo LAME, the subtitles dont even match with what he says.
Comment #315 - By osama bin ladin on 20/05/2011
fuck u you will see the end of America as soon as we can you'll Shout Like sluts
Comment #314 - By osama bin ladin on 15/05/2011
fuck u america now ur all under stand the taliban fucks america girl ahahaha fuck u amrica u seen tht america load her video own self fuck u all bithes america ahhhhhh ahhhhh
Comment #313 - By wrong on 10/05/2011
its not true this is some usa fucking people
Comment #312 - By nevermind_ on 10/05/2011
veronica caine pornstar<<
Comment #311 - By nevermind_ on 10/05/2011
ALL USER BEL%u0130EVE TH%u0130S;) TH%u0130S %u0130S FAKE
Comment #310 - By mupo on 03/05/2011
whos the girl?
Comment #309 - By Meep. on 02/05/2011
Mission Accomplished?
Comment #308 - By fuck on 28/04/2011
fake fuck u all
Comment #307 - By webos on 19/04/2011
dandole 3 misiles a la pobre gringa
Comment #306 - By weirdest ending ever on 18/04/2011
Comment #305 - By Dimon on 17/04/2011
who now the music in this video ?
Comment #304 - By Dimon on 17/04/2011
Who now music in video ?
Comment #303 - By mum on 15/04/2011
whos make this video he/he is not grom his father
Comment #302 - By hahahaha on 26/03/2011
osama never got none just got his dick licked but that waz it...
Comment #301 - By meee on 23/03/2011
Fuck to all humans !
Comment #300 - By azizo18 on 10/03/2011
cest bien
Comment #299 - By duh on 10/03/2011
thats why they are so angry at america and what to die for the 72 virgins. they not getting any in the real world.
Comment #298 - By Khan on 28/02/2011
To. Slavic Warrior. first is don't includes religion in any kinds of issues. If you cannot hold urself doing this. Than only one thing is not forbidden in Islam. Is to fuck your sister any hole/ anywhere/ anytime. Whenever you want. Secondly place your religion on the web and see how i will going to smash the head out of ur mothers big hole.
Comment #297 - By I wanna on 18/02/2011
Arabs cant get American. Pussie 2 fkn ugly m
Comment #296 - By khan on 05/02/2011
i fllllllllll fuck vec nd ur mother ur sweet sister ur all familyesss plz u come afghanistan sun of the batch
Comment #295 - By khan on 05/02/2011
i fulllllll fulllllllll fuck USA.. i full fulll any time i fuck USA ......nd usama bin ladin fuck alllllllllllll >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> hahahahahaha nd alllll americanss fuck in afghanistan hahahahahahaha
Comment #294 - By khan on 29/01/2011
america is all fucker
Comment #293 - By Fake on 16/01/2011
the translation is not right...
all of it is fake ..bad directing and fake movie
Comment #292 - By fake on 15/01/2011
Comment #291 - By usa on 15/01/2011
i laughed so hard this if really funny, the way they tried to make it real :p
Comment #290 - By dirp on 11/01/2011
al gaydas are retarted fartknockers that really think they can get 40 virgins by turning their bodies into mince meat with a stick of dynamite lolz
Comment #289 - By fuck pisrael!!!!! on 10/01/2011
bastard jews.
Comment #288 - By sadas on 05/01/2011
Comment #287 - By unlucky by people on 05/01/2011
they are talking about religion in a porn site ,, thats it am out of here
Comment #286 - By ci ci on 05/01/2011
Comment #285 - By damzy on 30/12/2010
Comment #284 - By nkjhy on 25/12/2010
Comment #283 - By beko on 22/12/2010
Comment #282 - By Peace on 21/12/2010
I respect everyone for who they are, and what they believe.
Comment #281 - By ooo on 20/12/2010
islam is the most better religion in all over the world
Comment #280 - By matrix on 17/12/2010
nice vedoio
Comment #279 - By khan on 17/12/2010
who da fuck uplod this vedio = better 2 fuck ur mother sister , u mother fucker
Comment #278 - By mmm on 13/12/2010
ha ha ha this is a joke
Comment #277 - By jenna on 13/12/2010
I wanna fuck arabs
Comment #276 - By Fake on 01/12/2010
Totally Fake. I love American and European bitches to fuck hard and to leave deposit on their faces.
Comment #275 - By meme on 29/11/2010
i went to see it
Comment #274 - By rewtwrtert on 26/11/2010
i wanna join al qaeda now
Comment #273 - By assman on 25/11/2010
I'm a muslim and I love anal sex so much... I love american whores who give their asses like that. God bless America
Comment #272 - By hahaha on 16/11/2010
Taliban fucked america
Comment #271 - By uuuggghhh on 29/09/2010
bitch i look like goku
Comment #270 - By Adeel on 29/09/2010
en molviyoun ki maan ki mari phudi jo es trha k kam kr k musalmano ka nam badnaam kr rhe hen.
Comment #269 - By elham on 25/09/2010
afghans fucked the amirican girls hahaha
Comment #268 - By Sgt. Slaughter on 15/09/2010
I will shit on the koran
then burn it and there is nothing you can do sand nigs. I have a feeling that another terrorist attack is immenant since you all work in 7-11's and pump my gas.
PS: Col. Jacobson is the man
Comment #267 - By The Catholic on 06/09/2010

I am Catholic and I'm Gay, Let Me Suck Your Cocks, That's a Part Of My Religion! Jesus Is So Sexy, I Wanna Suck Him, Too, Cuz, Yeah, I'm Catholic!!!!!
Comment #266 - By shit on 31/08/2010
no way is thos real?
Comment #265 - By lol 'no religion' on 31/08/2010
Comment #264 - By gyhyh on 23/08/2010
m, nn
Comment #263 - By fuck america on 14/08/2010
fuck america
osama he's my heroes
Comment #262 - By The General on 13/08/2010
come on troops lets go save her then fuck her the same and fuck terriost
Comment #261 - By smoothielover on 03/08/2010
Islamic male purity rites. A delight to behold.
Comment #260 - By EUROPEAN on 29/07/2010
Comment #259 - By ROTFLMAO!!!!! on 21/07/2010
Comment #258 - By fox on 14/07/2010
fuck you theprophet
Comment #257 - By COME ON DUMB ASSES on 11/07/2010
Comment #256 - By Osama Bin Ladin on 09/07/2010
We must plant our seed in the infidel! ALAHU AKBAR!
Comment #255 - By The Catholic on 05/07/2010

I am Catholic and I'm Gay, Let Me Suck Your Cocks, That's a Part Of My Religion! Jesus Is So Sexy, I Wanna Suck Him, Too, Cuz, Yeah, I'm Catholic!!!!!
Comment #254 - By taliban on 05/07/2010
iwould really fuck some Americans girl like that.. thier girls fuck with blacks cuz they cant fuck them.... with pussys
Comment #253 - By america deserved 9/11 on 19/06/2010
hell yeah keep fucking those american whores and keep planting your seeds inside their pussies
Comment #252 - By the prophet on 18/06/2010
which one is mohammed?
Comment #251 - By gotcha ina headlock on 18/06/2010
what ya gonna do?
Comment #250 - By grlsucker on 18/06/2010
i wanna fuck this lady..
she has nice ass..
Comment #249 - By israil ka father on 18/06/2010
yahudi dont fuck off your mother
Comment #248 - By maik on 18/06/2010
tfoo 3likoum awlad le9hab lah yel3enkoum kamlin tfooo
Comment #247 - By omar on 18/06/2010

Comment #246 - By lmao lmao on 17/06/2010
" Be Patient, The Ass Must Be Opened"
Comment #245 - By karim on 17/06/2010
gay de 60ans
Comment #244 - By is this real? on 17/06/2010
it's fucking hilarious
Comment #243 - By khan on 17/06/2010
this is not good please remove this video
Comment #242 - By oh shit on 17/06/2010
oh shit oh shit lol
Comment #241 - By %u0420%u0443%u0441%u0441%u043A on 17/06/2010
%u0411%u0435%u0439 %u0436%u0438%u0434%u043E
Comment #240 - By mbn on 17/06/2010
wtf is this satanic shi.. ot aint iskam... sex is forbidden
Comment #239 - By heart on 17/06/2010
i want to a sexy celeb clips
Comment #238 - By tiffany32 on 17/06/2010
who is this girl? she gets me wet
Comment #237 - By stone on 17/06/2010
vive islam
Comment #236 - By nixon on 17/06/2010
still i did not see
Comment #235 - By carlo on 17/06/2010
very hard
Comment #234 - By Allah on 17/06/2010
Comment #233 - By Fuck Christianity on 17/06/2010
Fuck you christians and jews.Fuck you.!!!America cant defeat talibans xaxa
Comment #232 - By somedude on 17/06/2010
whahaha fucking great xD
Comment #231 - By acab on 17/06/2010
Comment #230 - By ammm on 17/06/2010
fuck this video you will be punish soon
Comment #229 - By FANTUS on 17/06/2010
Comment #228 - By Mike on 17/06/2010
Comment #227 - By MMM on 17/06/2010
Comment #226 - By By Praseo on 17/06/2010
AMERICA IS A COUNTRY OF QUEERS!!!! Anyone who responds to this will only prove my point.
Comment #225 - By indian on 17/06/2010
u r the terrorists ur self u so ignorant and ever think of insulting.who live like fucken pigs having sex with every one u know
Comment #224 - By Joe on 17/06/2010
Aaaahh...this is just wrong! Ill stab all u fken punjabs and spit on your corpses
Comment #223 - By LOL on 17/06/2010
Comment #222 - By fuc on 17/06/2010
fuck this video it's all lie even the arabic lnague tgey tranlate it to another meanings
Comment #221 - By ctxdyik on 17/06/2010
Comment #220 - By anti american on 17/06/2010
u mother fucker who dont have a religeon who live like fucken pigs having sex with every one u know , u fuck ur mothers and sisters ur assholes ur fucken governmet tells u that arabic world spread terrorism and u r the terrorists ur self u so ignorant and ever think of insulting profet mohammed he is the best human came to earth we dont insult jesus and we respect christianety but u r sooo stupid
Comment #219 - By Mike on 17/06/2010
shoot them dead
Comment #218 - By haha on 17/06/2010
oh mr bin laden! haha ha
Comment #217 - By hahaa on 17/06/2010
Round assed infidel That's hilarious
Comment #216 - By LOL on 16/06/2010
epic lulz
Comment #215 - By LMAO HAHAHHA on 16/06/2010
AHHH AMERICAN!!! This shit is funny as hell
Comment #214 - By khan on 16/06/2010
i dont think so
Comment #213 - By amr on 16/06/2010
i dont believe they are not afghan
Comment #212 - By Aryan on 16/06/2010
dont be use the holley arabic words in yours mother and sister pucking movies.. that's will nt be good for urs..
Comment #211 - By Ibrar Khan on 16/06/2010
why the page on which i click but cant open but some open so so slowly .
Comment #210 - By fuckABD on 16/06/2010
Fuck you Sister ABD
Comment #209 - By osama here on 16/06/2010
he he he its me he he he
Comment #208 - By shafkat on 16/06/2010
Comment #207 - By poul on 16/06/2010
Comment #206 - By LMAO on 16/06/2010
Comment #205 - By col. jacobson on 16/06/2010
im sorry ima whiney little fuck that loves cock
Comment #204 - By ayoub on 16/06/2010
Comment #203 - By talibankiller on 16/06/2010
scheiß video.kleinschwanzträger mit großer fresse
Comment #202 - By sef on 16/06/2010
delete pls this video
Comment #201 - By rahi on 16/06/2010
very good video
Comment #200 - By hahah on 16/06/2010
this video is great haha
Comment #199 - By i know that film on 16/06/2010
hey, it's ass clowns 3 =D
Comment #198 - By Daniel on 16/06/2010
This video is sick!!!!
Comment #197 - By classified on 16/06/2010
this is some bullshit..i would've done shot all 3 of those fuckers. damn sick fucks.
Comment #196 - By Yes this is real on 16/06/2010
I have seen it in TV yesterday live !!!
Comment #195 - By fuck your mouth col.jacobson on 16/06/2010
yes yes yessssss,please bin ladin fuck jacobson and his family.hahahahaaaaaaaaaa
Comment #194 - By jessus penis on 16/06/2010
Comment #193 - By LOL on 16/06/2010
Wow gotta love all the americans who are commenting here thinking this video is for real!! hahahah
I swear americans are the dumbest motherfuckers on the face of the planet!!
Comment #192 - By arbic man on 16/06/2010
this vido0 is so bad and this ur layer very bad layer hy u konwe this
Comment #191 - By haha on 16/06/2010
dont u just love americans?
Comment #190 - By varunv on 16/06/2010
superb video
Comment #189 - By mana on 16/06/2010
Comment #188 - By omg on 16/06/2010
hahaha this is da shit
Comment #187 - By iuuii on 16/06/2010
Comment #186 - By Drake on 16/06/2010
Punah garah ARGGGHHHHH!!!!! This looks soooo dirty nasty. Prolly stinks like curry dick and cow.
Comment #185 - By Ike on 16/06/2010
hahahahahahahahahahahaha this shit is so funny.
Comment #184 - By Gangsta on 16/06/2010
Ppl R losing they minds
Comment #183 - By mami on 16/06/2010
slt c bon
Comment #182 - By sgsgkm on 16/06/2010
Osama bin Sexen?
Comment #181 - By aaa on 16/06/2010
very sexy
Comment #180 - By Zobr on 16/06/2010
Kos Din Omkm .. Fuck U All .. Arab Is Da Best .. Fuck U All
Comment #179 - By appu on 16/06/2010
Comment #178 - By lili on 16/06/2010
Comment #177 - By yer maws a rat on 16/06/2010
thts fkin wrong fkin dirty punjabyrats ill fkin stab u all
Comment #176 - By lolo on 16/06/2010
Comment #175 - By osama on 16/06/2010
hahahahhhahahahahah fuck you you fuckn slutt how doest it feeel to have and afghan dick in ur ass
Comment #174 - By adas abdul on 16/06/2010
i like it
Comment #173 - By haha on 16/06/2010
haha fake but funny hhahaha
Comment #172 - By lol on 16/06/2010
false video
Comment #171 - By fuck on 16/06/2010
I want to see this vedio
Comment #170 - By moh on 16/06/2010
Comment #169 - By ftw on 16/06/2010
of course it's real. Like all porns are
Comment #168 - By key key on 16/06/2010
Yo no creo que este video es realidad. si esta asi los primeros que deben ser ejecutados son ustedes los propietarios de este website, por darle publicidad a esto.
Comment #167 - By Unknown soldier on 16/06/2010
Too bad they didnt die in an explosion during the filming of this idiotic movie
Comment #166 - By rofl waffle on 16/06/2010
i lol'd cuz the guys who were double teaming her were like "URRRGH!" "AHHHHHH!" "URRRGH!" "AHHHHHH!" "URRRGH!" "AHHHHHH!" "URRRGH!" "AHHHHHH!" "URRRGH!" "AHHHHHH!" "URRRGH!" "AHHHHHH!" "URRRGH!" "AHHHHHH!" "URRRGH!" "AHHHHHH!"
Comment #165 - By wtf on 16/06/2010
lol so fake
Comment #164 - By wtf on 16/06/2010
is this real?
Comment #163 - By omg on 16/06/2010
osama is a nasty fucker! the ass to face at the end was uncalled for! I like the guy just sitting next to them like wateva
Comment #162 - By Wow on 16/06/2010
You people are fucking idiots.
Comment #161 - By badjôras on 16/06/2010
I laugh a lot when I see this vid XD XD XD 1 question: where the fuck he takes the dildo out???? XD XD XD
Comment #160 - By AMERICA BITCH! on 16/06/2010
Comment #159 - By huehueh on 16/06/2010
someone like Bin Laden never exist
Comment #158 - By kl;k on 16/06/2010
Comment #157 - By fuck bin ladan hes a idiot on 16/06/2010
he should be fucking shot these are innocent american women fuck him ima shoot that mother fucker in the face
Comment #156 - By people, it's just porn! on 11/06/2010
However, Americans are still silly fucktards.
Comment #155 - By raj on 11/06/2010
love sex
Comment #154 - By ALLAH on 11/06/2010
Comment #153 - By uuuuuuuuuuuuuu on 08/06/2010
were he get the dildo
Comment #152 - By talibant on 03/06/2010
all coment
Comment #151 - By naqqeb on 01/06/2010
por las tomas al final del video se ve qe es porno y no una violacion, lo qe me dio risa fue el arrrrrg arrrg arrrrg hahaha
Comment #150 - By Daddy on 09/05/2010
I agree with Sean.
Comment #149 - By lol the sounds on 30/04/2010
arggggggh arrrrrrr arrrr arrrrrrrrrrrrg
Comment #148 - By slut for arabs on 28/04/2010
I wish i get gang-raped by arabs
Comment #147 - By Sean on 28/04/2010
This video is stupid and the positive comments are all from idiots who come to a porn site to watch naked male ass.
It's not cool to make fun other religions
Comment #146 - By The Prophet on 15/04/2010
This movie is horrible, and the only true Allah is Allah Verga! Fuck Muslims and Fuck Al Queerda, their chicks are too ugly for porn or we'd post them fucking for bread and gatorade to feed their family!
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Comment #143 - By khan on 27/03/2010
this not moslim or not talibanes only fak movie
Comment #142 - By Diesel on 20/03/2010
Smart you are right
Comment #141 - By bush on 26/02/2010
Comment #140 - By nononoo on 24/02/2010
esto no deve ser publicado
Comment #139 - By hahahah on 15/02/2010
open the filty hole for "allah" omg loool
Comment #138 - By rrr on 14/02/2010
The weste
Comment #137 - By Blackman on 12/02/2010
DAMN! they fuck white women better than we do lol
Comment #136 - By LOL on 12/02/2010
LOL poor white woman
Comment #135 - By supertaliban on 11/02/2010
hahahaha !
Comment #134 - By AGuy on 06/02/2010
Hey Nee-san, she says "America AND Britain" Good try though
Comment #133 - By ockymofo on 25/01/2010
God bless 'merica
Comment #132 - By haha on 25/01/2010
whatever cunt made this, we all here arguing....should punch him in the neck...there's is ALWAYS people that fuck it up for everyone else...this one in point..the american that made this vid, use your own brain guys, dont follow what others do...otherwise you may as well be a heard of sheep
Comment #131 - By GHON on 25/01/2010
Comment #130 - By amine on 25/01/2010
fuck all pducters of this vedio son of bitch
Comment #129 - By LoooL... on 25/01/2010
what a stupid idea...!!
Comment #128 - By LOL on 25/01/2010
funny how the idiots who made this movie couldn't even find guys with circumsized cocks
Comment #127 - By gilani on 24/01/2010
fouck you win OSAM BIN LADEN
Comment #126 - By hamid chakori on 24/01/2010
je ss d'accord
Comment #125 - By fuck all muslims on 24/01/2010
Comment #124 - By poseidon on 24/01/2010
talib made an excellent point. lmao. i am declaring his comment as the funniest of 2010. And i thought watching porn corrupts mind.
Comment #123 - By VVVVV on 24/01/2010
Comment #122 - By younus on 24/01/2010
i like it
Comment #121 - By dani on 24/01/2010
Comment #120 - By FBI USA on 24/01/2010
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Comment #118 - By aaa on 24/01/2010
Comment #117 - By Nebuchadnezzar The Great on 24/01/2010
Believe me one day All Jews "Who have produced this video" will be fucked more aggressively than this way, in addition to their tails of ignorant cow boys, we will purify the world and the greats Ibrahim, Jacob, David, Solomon form the shit "Their apostate sons", Let's show some mercy Nebuchadnezzar!
Comment #116 - By LOL on 24/01/2010
Comment #115 - By aijaz on 24/01/2010
Comment #114 - By sfghfjioii on 24/01/2010
Comment #113 - By kito on 24/01/2010
Comment #112 - By haha on 24/01/2010
Comment #111 - By mohamed on 24/01/2010
Comment #110 - By war sucks on 24/01/2010
Great, you just gave the Taliban another reason to hate the U.S.
Comment #109 - By delet karo on 24/01/2010
banane wale ki ma ko plz delet
Comment #108 - By rubnuts on 24/01/2010
i cant belive rapes still illegal
Comment #107 - By delet this video on 24/01/2010
its sex video so very bad thing and usama bn laden all know him and mouslems not do as other do ofcourse u know what i mean plz know mouslems first
Comment #106 - By STUPID on 24/01/2010
The most stupidest video I have ever seen here. We dont need this kind of shit here. This is a porn site for enjoyment NOT a porn site for spreading hatred. And a message for Col.Jacobson. Grow up you ignoramous.
Comment #105 - By mother fucker col. jacobson on 24/01/2010
listen mother fucker probably u are a fucked up ignorant radical mother fucker keep talking trash,u dont know anything about history and politics are what u say is from the jackass priest in ur fuckin cynagog.mother fucker bitch
Comment #104 - By sasa on 24/01/2010
fake and stubit
Comment #103 - By asd on 24/01/2010
so bad fake
Comment #102 - By chourjit on 24/01/2010
Comment #101 - By Ignorant FuckWads. on 24/01/2010
Grow the fuck up and realize that when you hate out of ignorance you bring on death, pain, suffering, and ill-will towards yourselves. The "west" isn't against islam or the arab world. When you decide to fucking attack other people be prepared to deal with the consequences. "infidels" in the holy land is no excuse for bloodshed. Prepare for consequences if you fuck with us.
Comment #100 - By erwre on 24/01/2010
go first
Comment #99 - By durk on 24/01/2010
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Comment #98 - By Morons watch p0rn on 24/01/2010
Wow you lot are fuck-tards.
Comment #97 - By talibans on 24/01/2010
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Comment #96 - By zezjd on 24/01/2010
Comment #95 - By zeza on 24/01/2010
this is nice
Comment #94 - By Muslims on 24/01/2010
like men.
Comment #93 - By Col. Jacobson on 24/01/2010
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Comment #92 - By USA ny on 24/01/2010
i agree all the way with COL.jacobson
Comment #91 - By wtf on 24/01/2010
5) America has done more good for the world than any other country
That is the stupidest I have ever heard.
Comment #90 - By Dear "the fact" on 24/01/2010
Your on ur own mate with ur perv shit. no1 here is a perv just u mate.
Comment #89 - By turtu on 23/01/2010
this is a fucking bull shit about musulmans i dont like this fucking video
Comment #88 - By xnxx on 23/01/2010
On my openian, the xnxx should delete this video, becouse it rase a lotof tenshane... and I dont enjoy it...
Comment #87 - By asd on 23/01/2010
i likr
Comment #86 - By dear jacobson on 23/01/2010
i cannot express how much of a close minded jackass you are. what you stated is a total lie and i hope you go to hell
Comment #85 - By to "the fact on 23/01/2010
here's another fact: you are a pervert like the rest of us
Comment #84 - By lol on 23/01/2010
Comment #83 - By LOL on 23/01/2010
Comment #82 - By DF!?!? on 23/01/2010
LMFAO WOW! im speachless
Comment #81 - By jaan on 23/01/2010
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Comment #80 - By fuck u on 23/01/2010
yeah we always fuck people who from U.S.A
Comment #79 - By uihyf on 23/01/2010
Comment #78 - By its not real video on 23/01/2010
its not real video
Comment #77 - By Ducklo on 23/01/2010
this is a great video. we need more sexy satire and social commentary.
Comment #76 - By GAYREEK on 23/01/2010
Well its better than watching christians fucking their mothers and sisters!
Comment #75 - By taliban on 23/01/2010
thats what happens with americans in Afhgnistan every day hahahahah
Comment #74 - By haha on 23/01/2010
Comment #73 - By ali on 23/01/2010
i want to see
Comment #72 - By suck it americaaaa on 23/01/2010
the video is designed by some nasty americans..the arabic voice is not translated on da right way in english..america just want to republish a wrong bad idea about arabs and islam..the movie is design by someone and not true..thnx americans
Comment #71 - By issha on 23/01/2010
Comment #70 - By america on 23/01/2010
all Talibans are gay fuckers
Comment #69 - By muslim on 23/01/2010
shame on you america
Comment #68 - By chico on 23/01/2010
Comment #67 - By Europe on 23/01/2010
America will not always be the most powerfulest country in the world! Remember you scums that you were an old colony of Europe, now shut up before we come there and teach you a thing or two!
Comment #66 - By chico on 23/01/2010
Comment #65 - By huh? on 23/01/2010
this is fake or isn´t it? oÓ
Comment #64 - By U.S.A , Muslim Killer on 23/01/2010
Comment #63 - By muslim on 23/01/2010
fuc k u america u r all liers this is not osama and the wards in arabic are being inserted by a dj fuc k u all
Comment #62 - By fuck on 23/01/2010
its too over fuck you america
Comment #61 - By anon on 23/01/2010
I lol'd. Hard.
Comment #60 - By lucky on 07/01/2010
nice fuck
Comment #59 - By wankers on 17/12/2009
what did you morons expect? Osama Bin Laden?
Comment #58 - By anis on 15/12/2009
i condemnt it, osama is a mujahid, dont like u bleddy ads virus ppl,
Comment #57 - By Nee-san on 03/12/2009
Hahaha, "Here from the United States in Britain" did anyone else hear that? Around about 1:40.
Comment #56 - By I LOL'D on 22/11/2009
I watch this at least once a day just for the lol. This is comedy genius. "Americaaaaa Bitch"
Comment #55 - By LOL on 06/11/2009
just lol.
Comment #54 - By muhammed on 06/11/2009
We did it for the lulz.
Comment #53 - By specialoperator on 06/11/2009
You need to get real. The freakin' rag headed-camel jockies use women only for procreation (reproduction), and men are for fun. The skin flicks with Arabs need to be man on man or man on goat.
Comment #52 - By mohammed on 06/11/2009
Me is selling 5 camels on ebay, plees look if interest. Disgrase movie
Comment #51 - By penispete on 05/11/2009
it's more funny than sexy
Comment #50 - By "Muslims should b killed..." on 05/11/2009
:D :D :D
Comment #49 - By gug on 05/11/2009
delete this videos plz
Comment #48 - By amerique on 05/11/2009
haha, this is hilarious
Comment #47 - By noname on 05/11/2009
"oh shit....oh shit....oh shit"
Comment #46 - By Please on 05/11/2009
Please delete those videos
Comment #45 - By LOL on 05/11/2009
Comment #44 - By taliban on 05/11/2009
fuck off afghan pepoll not like this if taliban like this pepoll kii no betting
Comment #43 - By loooooool on 05/11/2009
lmao. an uncircumcised benladen?!!
Comment #42 - By Osama Binladen on 05/11/2009
o my my thats some fine shit there baby
Comment #41 - By Vitiate on 05/11/2009
Oh those crazy Islamists! So typical, they decry the west yet they long for nothing but a nice blonde pussy, just waiting for their 72 virgins in hell
Comment #40 - By tfo on 05/11/2009
Comment #39 - By gfgfjsd on 05/11/2009
its nice
Comment #38 - By silit on 05/11/2009
Comment #37 - By hossam on 05/11/2009
sexy man
Comment #36 - By binladden on 05/11/2009
is not jesus smart arse
Comment #35 - By Best video ever! on 05/11/2009
Comment #34 - By xnxx on 05/11/2009
that fucking video must be deleted from this site!
Comment #33 - By atal on 05/11/2009
Comment #32 - By "f"'"'fe" on 05/11/2009
hahaha vry nice
Comment #31 - By MUHAMMAD on 05/11/2009
we wont to see you with 4 waifes
Comment #30 - By Leandro on 04/11/2009
Bin laden rulez
Comment #29 - By The Catholic on 27/10/2009
I am Catholic and I'm Gay, Let Me Suck Your Cocks, That's a Part Of My Religion! Jesus Is So Sexy, I Wanna Suck Him, Too, Cuz, Yeah, I'm Catholic!!!!!
Comment #28 - By kaka on 23/09/2009
nice choice
Comment #27 - By Rafa on 13/09/2009
LMAO! Fucking awesome. xD
Although, why so much spitting??? =/
Comment #26 - By EasyE on 27/07/2009
Yo! this shit is so funny I could not jerk off! This is how All White Women should be treated! LOL!
Comment #25 - By The Catholic on 24/07/2009
Says the guy who fucks boys in the church?

Seriously man,this video is just something to make fun of in 4chan. I am maybe an ismlamcritic but I don't tolerate the hate of people in other culture. Those are clearly american since only they are fucktarded enough to make such videos.
Comment #24 - By The Catholic on 08/07/2009
This is, sorry for not calling it a porn movie, a comedy. A parody which is brilliantly executed. It should be nominated for an Oscar. Atleast the funniest movie at the site. And the negative comments here must come from the muslims, yelling to get the movie removed. Hah, and I thought you guys were forbidden the pleasure of watching porn movies. Stop taking the world so seriously, ecspecially if you hanging out at this site.
Comment #23 - By allen brown on 08/07/2009
lol this is funny lol
Comment #22 - By crusader on 07/07/2009
instead of laden if pop is shown than?
Comment #21 - By Abraham on 05/07/2009
My whore is the one who created Muslims while my wife created Jews. Its in the bible, stupid.
Comment #20 - By LOL on 03/07/2009
we shouldnt make fun of the Jizzlamic religion
Comment #19 - By Donatien on 29/06/2009
Larry, Moe and Curly
Comment #18 - By mangokid on 26/06/2009
that y we dont have peace
Comment #17 - By wtf on 26/06/2009
i pray allah bring me a round assed infidel. lololol
Comment #16 - By smart on 26/06/2009
This video is stupid and the positive comments are all from idiots who come to a porn site to watch naked male ass.
Comment #15 - By haha on 25/06/2009
this is funny as hell
Comment #14 - By Bin Laden on 25/06/2009
Allah Akbar is here and I am going to fuck all Western women. This movie is the message for my coming.
Comment #13 - By Osama on 25/06/2009
I am Osama. This is how I will fuck all you biches calling for this video to be removed. Come do an interview with me and I will show you.
Comment #12 - By not on 25/06/2009
thats some funny stuff
Comment #11 - By not pleased on 25/06/2009
this is really ridiculous
Comment #10 - By mohammed on 25/06/2009
I am the prophet Mohammed and I approve this message to all Muslims. So follow this video and go forth.
Comment #9 - By Not so good of you. on 25/06/2009
Some people like roleplaying, but teasing religion is way too much, especially using unpropriate language...
Comment #8 - By adam on 25/06/2009
this video is not thru impossible taliban make this
Comment #7 - By yzyz on 25/06/2009
Comment #6 - By Osama on 25/06/2009
Comment #5 - By Check on 25/06/2009
Help in providing peace among nations rather than helping in spreading violence. Please remove this video right now.
Comment #4 - By hhmm.. on 25/06/2009
err.. It's not funny but its ridiculous. Making jokes at religion is NOT COOL mann
Comment #3 - By mothana on 25/06/2009
this video is broken !
Comment #2 - By The on 25/06/2009
Omg this is soo fukin ridiculous HAHAHAHA
Comment #1 - By mesmeronline on 23/06/2009
this video is broken, fix pls!!!
Alt video name: Sexo de talibanes a una periodista en Afghanistan
Video description: Unos Talibanes secuestran a una periodista yanki y la obligan a mantener relaciones sexuales con ellos. Porno en Afghanistan con Bin Laden