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Comment #309 - By Tuscanyboy on 06/05/2017
Orrendo... Sembra il cazzo di un cane!!!
Comment #308 - By Carmen49 on 30/04/2017
Wow mi fantasia
Comment #307 - By Vergaractor on 27/04/2017
Quiero tenerlo en mi boca
Comment #306 - By Adamantium53 on 20/04/2017
Looks like my dogs cock !
Comment #305 - By Leather-1 on 24/01/2017
mm, feed on the sperm
Comment #304 - By Steve4m on 10/01/2017
OMG look at all that sweet cum when she shoots. YUM!
Comment #303 - By Midemon on 30/12/2016
Comment #302 - By Tas on 30/07/2016
I think that's the weirdest porn I've seen. Obviously fake. She had to be careful not to pull it off. Ya looks just like a dog dick
Comment #301 - By Sukumarankumaran on 30/06/2016
Comment #300 - By zorg on 07/01/2016
Might be fake but don't think so. No prostate makes the ejaculation different. Anyway, the black girl is HOT!
Comment #299 - By Mmmm on 19/12/2015
She is the perfect person. Mmmm the things I would do with her.
Comment #298 - By Sweetcocoa69 on 13/12/2015
wow weird but hot
Comment #297 - By Bigbootyhunter19 on 01/12/2015
So fake, what a fraud
Comment #296 - By wow on 29/11/2015
that was hot
Comment #295 - By Wowed on 25/10/2015
Is that real? If so she's really damn hot!! I want to suck on her clit all the way down my throat. I don't know why all the haters but she HOTT!!!!
Comment #294 - By xxx on 29/08/2015
It looks like my dog's dick.
Comment #293 - By Forch on 20/08/2015
never have seen a real hermaphrodite before, always thought they were like unicorns. wow! what locker room does she/he use!? a civil suit lawyers perfect client. could take this case all the way to supreme court arguing client as woman, and then reverse course and take it back again arguing her as a "man". she/he better hope she/he doesn't do prison/jail time cause its gonna be hell no matter what. yeeeooow!
Comment #292 - By Dobbaert on 16/08/2015
anyone knows who is the black girl ? she looks a bit like india
Comment #291 - By herma jew on 20/07/2015
crippled jew cock after it got circumcised
Comment #290 - By Ledzep12 on 09/07/2015
Amei! O pinto é fininho mas solta muita porra!
Comment #289 - By batboy on 19/06/2015
Comment #288 - By Jnarciso on 29/04/2015
wuo so nice aadick and pussy My dick es so hart juices
Comment #287 - By Rebecca. on 03/04/2015
I fucking love this. It got my pussy so wet.
Comment #286 - By Hornygirl1966 on 23/03/2015
Yummy. Made me wet :)
Comment #285 - By Oralpassion23 on 21/03/2015
Nah there are much more out there than 6, and I doubt your qualified to speak for medical science lol. All I wanna know is, why the hell is its dick so pointy and why isnt there any skin on it wtf
Comment #284 - By lol on 20/03/2015
It's a dog penis
Comment #283 - By DaBackBreaker on 03/02/2015
Normally I don't play in the snow, but I would fuck with one if these too. Is it a he or a she? I would have to be with it to find out.
Comment #282 - By WTF on 05/01/2015
What the hell was that?
This is supposed to be exciting?
Comment #281 - By your name : on 04/01/2015
That is one ugly dick.
Comment #280 - By Psychotic07 on 23/12/2014
Wow is all that can be said to this video.
Comment #279 - By Sam on 18/12/2014
Very nice I never seen
Comment #278 - By Tugmyself13 on 05/12/2014
that shit looks fake!!!!!!!!
Comment #277 - By Carl on 27/11/2014
Id take that thing right up my tight juicy asshole and suck on it until she has a red hickey on the tip
Comment #276 - By dicky on 16/11/2014
I need her address so I can suck her cock.
Best ever
Comment #275 - By Damocles on 08/11/2014
A true hermaphrodite has both a penis with testicles, as well as a vagina. Hermaphrodites are extremely rare indeed, medical science is aware of six in the whole world. This girl appears to have just an extremely enlarged clitoris, there is no evidence of an opening through which either semen or urine might pass. Nice clip though.
Comment #274 - By bullshit on 29/10/2014
This is so fake! They have to keep holding the dick. This didnt even get me wet
Comment #273 - By Jaquelin-y-ricardo on 26/10/2014
Hi bby
Comment #272 - By Strapontaker on 19/10/2014
Can you bend me over and fuck me??????????????????????
Comment #271 - By Strapontaker on 16/10/2014
I really need to find one id so let her use it on me everyday and twice on sunday
Comment #270 - By Aliosha69xxx on 22/09/2014
parece un pene de perro... extraño
Comment #269 - By Agustinitarica on 10/09/2014
Oooh que me gusta este video me corro mirando esa verga, que ganas de chuparla toda hasta que me llene de leche por todos lados
Comment #268 - By I just on 09/08/2014
came here for the comments
Comment #267 - By Naughtygirl5 on 23/07/2014
wow could be best of both worlds if real so hot love it
Comment #266 - By mike on 09/07/2014
the best of two worlds indeed,very hot!!!
I would love to suck that beautiful cock..
Comment #265 - By Agustinitarica on 27/06/2014
mmmmmm se la chupo toda
Comment #264 - By cock lover on 22/06/2014
Can you get pregnant off that cockcum?
Comment #263 - By Gwa-zoo on 20/06/2014
good video
Comment #262 - By Odinreis on 25/05/2014
Vish, parece uma rôla de cachorro kkkk
Comment #261 - By Adonis-greek-god on 19/04/2014
looks like a dogs dick stuck there
Comment #260 - By Fred on 19/04/2014
Well gang I say we skedaddle the fuck out of here and never look back.
Comment #259 - By Soares-moreno on 17/04/2014
o melhor e mais real que já vi! perfect
Comment #258 - By NOPE on 17/04/2014
Comment #257 - By Sakagaweava on 09/03/2014
Hermaphrodites can have a penis and a clitoris at the same time...
Comment #256 - By Hottt on 27/02/2014
Id do everything with her, that shit is hot!!
Comment #255 - By mangos on 13/02/2014
its clit-zilla run for your lives
Comment #254 - By ... on 12/02/2014
My wife's is at least twice as large.
Comment #253 - By LostBoner on 11/02/2014
Fake or not. You couldn't pay me enough to even be present in the same room when this went down.
Comment #252 - By fuckers on 11/02/2014
Thats a dogs dick lmao haha
Comment #251 - By FAKE on 10/02/2014
This is obviously bullshit... How is thats alien bitch going to bust a nut with no balls... Ridiculous...
Comment #250 - By smarter perve on 10/02/2014
This is sick n gross.. however it is fake..
A typical hermaphrodite will have a pussy with internal testicals.. and there would b no penus!! Ur actual sex organs consist of testicals n ovaries.. a penus n vagina are simple copulatory structures that aid the testicles n ovaries in uniting sex cells.. dumb fuxx believe this sick fake shit
Comment #249 - By Mr bond on 09/02/2014
Is it me or dose this slut have a dogs dick?
Comment #248 - By hermaphrodite on 09/01/2014
believe this movie is true or not,but the real truth is world is full of sceptics who are afraid to and refuse to accept anything else that is differant, and (that) has been handed down to them by their brain washers and masters
Comment #247 - By smart pervert on 03/01/2014
This actually seems real. In fact it's common for a hermaphrodite penis to look this way
Comment #246 - By uh wow on 12/12/2013
would not do that chick. no
Comment #245 - By Educationpack on 11/11/2013
if this was REAL ,,she ,,would not have a clitoris ......the clitoris would be the huge penis ,, should have put the pretend cock over her clitoris next time you wank its a huge clit ..or you suck a clit your sucking an underdeveloped cock haha
mmmmmmmmmmmm nice ..
Comment #244 - By Devon-york on 03/11/2013
Wtf. Gross ili
Comment #243 - By whats on 13/10/2013
What's the black girls name
Comment #242 - By Dondiego on 12/08/2013
that crap cums, so funny weird !!!
Comment #241 - By Neroblivion on 20/04/2013
Wow, bio. & special effects must not be you simpleton's fortes. The white "girl" is a hermaphrodite by human standards a.k.a intersexual. Her "giant clit" is in fact a residual penis. That's why her "manhood" looks like a K-9 cock. If it were a prosthesis it would look like a normal cock. They're not going to make such an unattractive cock, seriously dumbasses. She is deformed, man. But, she had a pretty face & it was somehow erotic seeing her be pleasured b/c one pities her so.
Comment #240 - By kjjnbnvb on 10/03/2013
Comment #239 - By Mind on 18/02/2013
Comment #238 - By anas robyo on 16/01/2013
emmmm mercii
Comment #237 - By alex on 23/12/2012
of which dog did she cut off this fake dick?
Comment #236 - By to CheshireFox on 19/12/2012
well said.
Comment #235 - By Hardone on 11/11/2012
So fucking HOT!!!
Comment #234 - By Fake on 07/11/2012
Right at the end you can see where the fake dick was coming off....right after the white girls face shot where she is about to cum.. then she covers it and cums.
Comment #233 - By LOL on 14/10/2012
thats a loooooog clit
Comment #232 - By Hmm on 14/10/2012
that is 2 in 1 package deal lol
Comment #231 - By mmmmmmm on 10/10/2012
I'd fuck her-him for sure!
Comment #230 - By holy shitcakes on 07/10/2012
this is fucking disgusting
Comment #229 - By CheshireFox on 01/10/2012
I like how the only people that ever comment are the people who hate on shit. Like it doesn't call into question how much they really like it to sit there and keep the video going long enough to comment on it rather than just leaving and putting it out of their mind.
Comment #228 - By ********* on 29/09/2012
That looks like a dogs dick. That is not human dick lol
Comment #227 - By packers got robbed!!!! on 27/09/2012
packers got robbed!!!!
Comment #226 - By Nick on 22/09/2012
These shits needs to be burned alive '!
Comment #225 - By Oh No!! on 20/09/2012
ThAts JuZ nAsTyyyyyyy!!!.... *vOmItS iN mOuTh*
Comment #224 - By jack on 19/09/2012
ewww omg that is the grossest most disgusting thing i think ive ever seen... and that other chick has a dick
Comment #223 - By WTFdude on 18/09/2012
so thats what that looks like, im scared
Comment #222 - By bob on 15/09/2012
you sinfull non god devil, down with you .god will strike you under,
Comment #221 - By candice on 13/09/2012
disgusting,she think she had a dick dat's a disease that transform her ...
Comment #220 - By chickdicklover on 15/08/2012
I'd suck her dick with my ass!
Comment #219 - By sadie on 07/08/2012
this is soo nasty !!! vomit!
Comment #218 - By This is nasty on 27/07/2012
That is the grosset most disgusting penis i have ever seen
Comment #217 - By stegosaurus on 12/07/2012
thats just nasty
Comment #216 - By Fernando on 20/06/2012
That woman is my ex girlfriend and she does not have a penis that i fake
Comment #215 - By Deadmau5 on 11/06/2012
aaaw yeeah cute dick!! i wish suck it
Comment #214 - By konna on 05/06/2012
dogs horse an other animals cook fuking with girl
Comment #213 - By Kill it with fire! on 29/05/2012
Comment #212 - By oldman on 07/05/2012
love that clit could suck it all day
Comment #211 - By wtf on 02/05/2012
thats ewwww
Comment #210 - By THESE IS on 28/04/2012
Comment #209 - By fake on 28/04/2012
o nooooo i got myself pregnant lol
Comment #208 - By tntk22 on 02/03/2012
I think her body is beautiful, it doesn't really matter what shape the squishy parts are...we all just want to fuck. Good for you, I say!
Comment #207 - By Shirley on 02/03/2012
Y does it repeat
Comment #206 - By soA on 15/02/2012
what the fuck was tht u hav a dog dick u homo tht was not hot tht made me less horny
Comment #205 - By jay on 13/02/2012
This is soo fake
Comment #204 - By dewayne on 13/02/2012
I would so deep suck that Dick. That is so hot I would suck it as long as she wanted me to. Then I'd let her fuck me in the add
Comment #203 - By it looks on 10/02/2012
like a dog dick
Comment #202 - By big daddy on 05/02/2012
this shit is sexxy as fuck
Comment #201 - By The comedian on 25/01/2012
looks like a kool aid burst
Comment #200 - By Bellboy on 19/01/2012
What the fuck did i just watch ? xD
Comment #199 - By Chops on 16/01/2012
What the fuck?
Comment #198 - By stanubell on 31/12/2011
It quit when getting good
Comment #197 - By strange on 31/12/2011
if i ran into a women like this i think i would still stick my dick in her
Comment #196 - By onepo on 01/12/2011
This is dog dick
Comment #195 - By the dick on 29/11/2011
the dick on the thimbnail looks like a dog dick
Comment #194 - By I hate this version on 24/11/2011
replays most of the damn video. Without the repeated scenes, it would be half the time.
Comment #193 - By euhhhhuhuhuhuh!! on 20/11/2011
CHILLS!! i just had to click on it tho haha
Comment #192 - By abed on 23/10/2011
Comment #191 - By Sugarface on 21/10/2011
Kinda freaky but then she's a lady
Comment #190 - By Jimmy on 15/10/2011
Man what a huge pecker mmmmmmmmmmm I chummed ass well!!!!!
yum yum
Comment #189 - By Tomix on 14/10/2011
I have a bigger dick! And mine looks so much better.
Comment #188 - By HYDRA on 11/10/2011
IT'S A HYDRA! Two heads! Head on a head? lol
Comment #187 - By fappu on 30/09/2011
i came
Comment #186 - By Jugghead on 28/09/2011
Its fake
Comment #185 - By What the Fuck. on 25/09/2011
That is the most disgusting "cock" I have ever seen in my life. I almost barfed.
Comment #184 - By URalldumb on 23/09/2011
i meant to say they werent fully developed yet... not fully integrated
Comment #183 - By URalldumb on 23/09/2011
if any of you knew basic science of human reproduction your dick is anitomicaly identical to a clit and your balls are identical to the ovaries. thats why stem cells are such a big deal. they havent been fully integrated by a specific part of the body. they are neutral
Comment #182 - By acoffman54 on 20/09/2011
id let her do me
Comment #181 - By Idiots on 16/09/2011
That's an enlarged clit. She's a girl becoming a man
Comment #180 - By wtf on 09/09/2011
her cock looks like a dog's dick
Comment #179 - By dawg on 08/09/2011
its an oversized clitoris. thats the case with all hermaphrodites. this is the only real video of the condition on here.
Comment #178 - By Mike on 05/09/2011
Too many instant replays.
Comment #177 - By CUPID on 29/08/2011
Comment #176 - By its just a clit on 19/08/2011
id suck it
Comment #175 - By edy on 16/08/2011
very ugly dick
Comment #174 - By Lol Wow on 16/08/2011
Dru cum is the fluid that carries sperm(the genetic mat)
Comment #173 - By ( . )( . ) on 16/08/2011
no way!!!! if thats not fake then its fucking sick, get it chopped off
Comment #172 - By Dru on 16/08/2011
... Anatomy Lesson Cum is porn slang for sperm or about to ejaculate
Comment #171 - By well if it's fake on 16/08/2011
this spent alot of time making that female dick as real as possible
Comment #170 - By qwwqe on 16/08/2011
looks like a dogs dick lmao fucking disgusting
Comment #169 - By Shorif on 16/08/2011
that is gross man what kind of of fick was that and is disgusting as well
Comment #168 - By Ugly on 16/08/2011
That is a very ugly dick. She or it should cut the thing off.
Comment #167 - By O.O on 15/08/2011
it is REAL guys...lady gaga
Comment #166 - By cazzo duro on 15/08/2011
nonn ho mai visto una cosa del genere!!!!
Comment #165 - By Too much.. on 15/08/2011
Its real in the fact that her clitoris is enlarged and is the penis, but hermaphadites dont cum from their clitoris, they cum like any normal woman thats why hermaphadites can birth babies, the ovaries dont produce enough to gaureentee a birth but there is that 1 in a million chance to happen. and the babies that are born from a hermaphadite, the female is one, and the male suffers from micro penis and or testes not in normal spot... PRETTY FUCKED IF U ASK ME!
Comment #164 - By dog dick on 15/08/2011
Fake end fuck vídeo
Comment #163 - By Plain Fake! on 15/08/2011
Tital says it all!
Comment #162 - By gnom on 15/08/2011
What the fuck is this shit
Comment #161 - By guesswhat on 15/08/2011
hermaphrodite is an offensive term. the right word is INTERSEX. learn about it.
Comment #160 - By csx99 on 15/08/2011
totally fake, and terrible editing. as for the cum, anyone ever heard of a pump? she's pumping it out by reaching under the base of the fake cock. totally fake and absolutely the worst editing job ever
Comment #159 - By huh on 15/08/2011
Fake,it's a dogs dick. Ieuwww
Comment #158 - By what the??? on 15/08/2011
it looks like a dogs dick !
Comment #157 - By what? on 15/08/2011
totally turn off. is that a dog dick?
Comment #156 - By What?!? on 15/08/2011
No way! This can't be real...
Comment #155 - By pin on 15/08/2011
no it's not a fake it's real
Comment #154 - By THE D1CK on 15/08/2011
awesome! Is it a fake?
Comment #153 - By Anatomy lesson on 15/08/2011
You guys need one. Way to show off your age. Cum comes from the prostate! The only thing that comes from the balls is sperm.
Comment #152 - By Dru on 15/08/2011
Plz take this of homepage
Comment #151 - By wow! on 15/08/2011
Unicorn!! nice.. lol
Comment #150 - By wtf on 15/08/2011
cum with no balls? looks like a fucking dog dick.
Comment #149 - By O.O on 15/08/2011
How did that cum and it got no balls... bleh this is nasty!
Comment #148 - By blabliblubla on 15/08/2011
Fucking curios peoples! HAHAHA, Americans just masturbation! knew this peoples on video is real.
Comment #147 - By Intersexuation on 15/08/2011
does not work that way, but this is still less ridiculous than vids of girls with a fake full-grown penis on top of their vulva :p
Comment #146 - By This shit nasty on 15/08/2011
It had no balls how could it cum???
Comment #145 - By why on 15/08/2011
does this keep getting voted higher its fuckin nasty.
Comment #144 - By amyb7428 on 15/08/2011
I'd hit that.
Comment #143 - By yup on 15/08/2011
what. the. motherfuck is this shit?! fucking gross :///
Comment #142 - By Wat... on 15/08/2011
Wat in the hell! I regret watching this.. Now im gunna have night mares): fckk /:
Comment #141 - By BitchyBiGirl(: on 15/08/2011
this is sexy. i'd love for IT to fuck my tight little pussy ass day
Comment #140 - By Really? on 15/08/2011
Looks like a sex change gone bad to me.
Comment #139 - By ********* on 15/08/2011
This is totally disgusting!!!!
Comment #138 - By thats not a hermaphrodite on 15/08/2011
thats an oversized clit
Comment #137 - By ...... on 15/08/2011
Great, now I can't un-see it"(
Comment #136 - By tod on 15/08/2011
I'd love to Fuck her and suck her off
Comment #135 - By Wtf on 15/08/2011
WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT...ewwww threw up watching this!just when I thought I seen it all :
Comment #134 - By ayooooooooo on 15/08/2011
u imahine u about to fuck and see that shit coming ill probabily would k.o this bitch
Comment #133 - By well on 15/08/2011
I came to this video.
Comment #132 - By derpay on 14/08/2011
cartman's mom
Comment #131 - By guvuyghbuhyb on 14/08/2011
just when i thought i've seen it all
Comment #130 - By ROY! on 14/08/2011
hermaphrodites have their testicles located inside the pelvic area, they aren't contained within a sack outside of the body
Comment #129 - By doctor frankenstein on 14/08/2011
almost thought it was real but a hermaphrodite can´t ejaculate. she hasn´t got eggs at all, just a fucking huge clit. and it really kinda looks like a dog cock ;D
Comment #128 - By ... on 14/08/2011
i was curious and clicked this... i have learned never to be curious again. eww. just eww.
Comment #127 - By bob on 14/08/2011
She is disgusting and deserves to die
Comment #126 - By you guys r twats on 14/08/2011
a Hermaphrodite is a person who has male and female sex organs you fucking idiots
Comment #125 - By hahhah on 14/08/2011
What a fucke joke she got a dog
Comment #124 - By Fake on 14/08/2011
That's a fucking fake !!!
Comment #123 - By wtf on 14/08/2011
i think im watching an x-files episode
Comment #122 - By Gaisgsis on 14/08/2011
Lol at alex jones that really made me laugh lol
Comment #121 - By wtf? on 14/08/2011
WHAT THE FUCK!?!?!?!?!?
Comment #120 - By fflip on 14/08/2011
is that lady gaga?
Comment #119 - By I know what it is! on 14/08/2011
Thats a HUUUUGE Clit
Comment #118 - By wtf on 14/08/2011
WHAT THE FUCK!?!?!?!?!?
Comment #117 - By kum on 14/08/2011
looks real but how come this is possible?
Comment #116 - By Wtf on 14/08/2011
No balls cum= fake
Comment #115 - By Mike on 14/08/2011
I was like wtf ?! Then she put it in her mouth then I was like what fuck?!
Comment #114 - By Yeah on 14/08/2011
I like this
Comment #113 - By Yum on 14/08/2011
Comment #112 - By alex jones on 14/08/2011
this is a new world order conspiracy
Comment #111 - By Jinxy on 14/08/2011
So ... she has a g-spot, a clit *and* a dick? I want to know what her orgasms are like! I'm jealous!
Comment #110 - By da fuck on 14/08/2011
da fuck
Comment #109 - By Gfgyfg on 14/08/2011
Comment #108 - By Pegasa on 14/08/2011
its real guys look it up.
Comment #107 - By liz on 14/08/2011
i feel sorry for that woman i would like to help her thank you
Comment #106 - By Wtf on 14/08/2011
That's fucking gross
Comment #105 - By mlokp on 14/08/2011
omg nasty shit
Comment #104 - By Jake on 14/08/2011
Ill fuck the he'll out the black girl with my 10in dick
Comment #103 - By Husker on 14/08/2011
Omg this is so stupid
Comment #102 - By MSX3 on 14/08/2011
wtf is this shit, fuck the new world !!
Comment #101 - By IQBAL on 14/08/2011
Comment #100 - By Fake on 14/08/2011
Faker than a female orgasm
Comment #99 - By LOLWHUT!? on 14/08/2011
FAKE!? How can she even cum? She has no balls!
Comment #98 - By David on 14/08/2011
Comment #97 - By Hmm. on 14/08/2011
I would of been more interested if the upload was in decent quality...
Comment #96 - By kgp on 14/08/2011
Comment #95 - By ... on 14/08/2011
Comment #94 - By uhhhh on 14/08/2011
pretty gross
Comment #93 - By nizzles on 14/08/2011
Looks like skeletor's middle finger
Comment #92 - By dog pi pi on 14/08/2011
Comment #91 - By disgusted on 14/08/2011
thats what you call a freak of nature
Comment #90 - By ????? on 14/08/2011
ok im a dude an i gay for loving this
Comment #89 - By meh on 14/08/2011
looks like a dog penis
Comment #88 - By whatthe fuck on 14/08/2011
ohh shit thats the clit , it was operate it out and now its a cok wow so nice the women dont need a men ...and she dont sperm it was squirt *_*
Comment #87 - By marc7 on 14/08/2011
i can tell thats fake
Comment #86 - By Clitoris on 14/08/2011
This is great! I would like to fuck her and then get a condom on her clit and let me fuck in my ass!
Comment #85 - By dam on 14/08/2011
bitch got a dog dick
Comment #84 - By WantSum on 14/08/2011
I'd suck that cock and fuck her pussy. I love it.
Comment #83 - By haha on 14/08/2011
her dick is bigger than mine
Comment #82 - By What the hell! on 14/08/2011
Wtf they allow this over beastiality and it's not even tagged bizzare! >:O
(I know most of you must think I'm retarded, but horses got nice looking pussies over this, also normal conditions)
Comment #81 - By sticko on 14/08/2011
brings new meaning to ''go fuck yourself''
Comment #80 - By zep on 14/08/2011
lmaoooo shes a fuckin dog bahahahahaha
Comment #79 - By ?confusselled? on 14/08/2011
So is this real?? I thought there would be no clit, instead that dog wink would be in its place, though this is a first 2c 4 me.
Comment #78 - By ewww on 14/08/2011
i didnt even watch it but the first picture of it makes me want to throw up
Comment #77 - By thats her clit on 14/08/2011
now i hate bitches the are nasty behind closed doors
Comment #76 - By trilla on 14/08/2011
she has a dog penis lmao
Comment #75 - By fake on 13/08/2011
She has a clitoral hood under her "penis clit" and if a penis were to ever get that developed then her vagina couldn't be that deep.
Comment #74 - By omg on 13/08/2011
she is a dog o.O
Comment #73 - By hugobananalamaugu on 13/08/2011
thats a fucked up dick
Comment #72 - By fred on 13/08/2011
thats sick shit
Comment #71 - By Poopy weiner on 13/08/2011
WTF is this
Comment #70 - By the white one on 13/08/2011
this is a glued on peace of shit of a dick,
Comment #69 - By ewww on 13/08/2011
thats beastiality usually shemales would have a nice cock this hermaf shit is nasty
Comment #68 - By Wtf!!! on 13/08/2011
It looks like a dog penis
Comment #67 - By FAKE on 13/08/2011
HOw she cums without balls ?
Comment #66 - By PsyHacker on 13/08/2011
cocks from girl look scary
Comment #65 - By transgender on 13/08/2011
transexual, intersex, genderqueer bodies are beautiful to me.
Comment #64 - By totallyHOT on 13/08/2011
the correct term isn't hermaphrodite, it's Intersex. check out Intersex Society of N America's website.
Comment #63 - By ewwwwww on 13/08/2011
that is disgusting btw everyone has a vagina at first but for boys it closes up and the clit grows out into a penis
Comment #62 - By iwannafockny on 13/08/2011
is that a dick
Comment #61 - By why on 13/08/2011
all the double up of takes? stupid
Comment #60 - By Big cock joe on 13/08/2011
Yes angie i will fuck you
Comment #59 - By xD on 13/08/2011
is that a clit or a cock.....might be a dick not sure lol
Comment #58 - By wohh! on 13/08/2011
Is that thing a cock|!
Comment #57 - By WOW on 13/08/2011
Comment #56 - By REALLY on 13/08/2011
Comment #55 - By wtf fake ass shit on 13/08/2011
shemale with a pussy yah ok
Comment #54 - By aye on 13/08/2011
aye amy give me ur #
Comment #53 - By Hey ;) on 13/08/2011
Any guys out there wanna fuck me my name is Angie I need a big cock ;)
Comment #52 - By ramarao on 13/08/2011
diry world
Comment #51 - By lol on 13/08/2011
look it up, its real you fuckin idiots
Comment #50 - By lols it repeats on 13/08/2011
wheres he ballsack
Comment #49 - By wtf on 13/08/2011
thats was disgusting...
Comment #48 - By what? on 13/08/2011
that shit is not fake thats fuckin real retarts...but i wish that shit was fake thats fuckin gross
Comment #47 - By urgh! on 13/08/2011
it is FAKE...
Comment #46 - By what a fake on 13/08/2011
why she have to hold it when is using it... because it can fall to the floor and have to re-attach it. and no pulsations while cumming??? FAKEEE
Comment #45 - By Greg on 13/08/2011
Basically a chick with a huge clit...kinda sexy
Comment #44 - By Scarecrow on 13/08/2011
i'd be scared as hell, if i would put a girls clothes off and see that! bah, creepy stick!
Comment #43 - By d nut on 13/08/2011
Comment #42 - By where does on 13/08/2011
the cum cum from....she has no balls outside her thy must be inside ;D
Comment #41 - By Man on 13/08/2011
Why are people accusing it of being fake? There are people in the world with both penis and a vagina. Nothing fake about it.
Comment #40 - By johnee on 13/08/2011
Cum seemed awful runny.
Comment #39 - By dassad2 on 13/08/2011
Looks like she is peeing cum. lol
Comment #38 - By shocked on 13/08/2011
this is really something else...
Comment #37 - By At fake on 13/08/2011
the balls are in her body
Comment #36 - By shao kahn on 13/08/2011
That was Pathetic.....
Don't make me laugh
Comment #35 - By Pukes on 13/08/2011
Comment #34 - By fake on 13/08/2011
Comment #33 - By fake on 13/08/2011
where does the cum comes balls..?
Comment #32 - By LOL on 13/08/2011
dog dick?
Comment #31 - By Babw on 13/08/2011
she can get two orgasms at the same time!!!
Comment #30 - By ani on 13/08/2011
nic video
Comment #29 - By HOLD ON on 12/08/2011
hey i call bullhit on this one, come on yall,
Comment #28 - By sexybitch on 12/08/2011
omg imma hermaphrodite and mines is bigger than hers
Comment #27 - By wait on 05/08/2011
does this mean she can get herself pregnant?
Comment #26 - By wat on 04/08/2011
kinda looks like a dog dick
Comment #25 - By oooooooY on 03/08/2011
is that safe it, looks really sensitive and unprotected
Comment #24 - By weird on 19/07/2011
and gross
Comment #23 - By Thatswhatshesaid on 14/07/2011
Hehe looks like a finger
Comment #22 - By biggdude on 13/07/2011
looks more like an unusually huge clit rather than a real cock
Comment #21 - By wtf on 23/06/2011
i mean to say pregnant
Comment #20 - By wtf on 23/06/2011
could she got her pregnany ' dat would be some crazy shiitt :( fake ass
Comment #19 - By Lyn on 11/06/2011
Looks like she's attached a chiplolata!!
Comment #18 - By whoah on 31/05/2011
check out the weirdo who doesn't accept different people as what they are. exactly what's so gross about it. I mean were it possible I'd have my dick look like that (thicker than hers of course) rather than how a normal penis looks like
Comment #17 - By hehehe on 25/05/2011
wanna touch my peginas
Comment #16 - By Rob on 24/05/2011
Fake peepee lol
Comment #15 - By Fuck that on 09/05/2011
I would never go close to that maybe for alot of money but I would have to throw up haha dog dick
Comment #14 - By Lol? on 31/03/2011
What's fake, Ann? That's a tranny. She got no boobz.
Comment #13 - By Ann on 30/03/2011
I was going to say that she could have a super long clit because it could look like that but I see it's attached above her clit. too bad its fake
Comment #12 - By sarah on 26/03/2011
i saw a hermaphrodite at a county fair near Cleveland. Got to stroke his prick and finger her cunt. Amazing!
Comment #11 - By holy shit on 21/03/2011
pretty sure this is real
Comment #10 - By lol on 21/02/2011
parece um pinto desnutrido
Comment #9 - By hasudhuasd on 21/02/2011
dog dick?hauhduashduashdu
Comment #8 - By wombeater on 18/02/2011
bitch got a dog dick!!
Comment #7 - By zoc on 16/02/2011
go to hell,why they make nonsents like this.well its stupid,fuck all ho like this
Comment #6 - By wishes on 15/02/2011
wish it were true but that's pretty fake
Comment #5 - By .... on 15/02/2011
shame it keeps jumping
Comment #4 - By Diego on 15/02/2011
LOOOOOOOOL !!!!!! isso parece pinto de cachorro que nojo vsfff
Comment #3 - By Gross on 15/02/2011
Freaks freaks freaks
Comment #2 - By WTF on 15/02/2011
Cállate neto, puto tarado de los cojones.
Comment #1 - By neto on 15/02/2011
con una verga mas grande y seria perfecto o perfecta, la verdad que cachondo seria tener una pepa y una verga juntas y funcionando
Alt video name: Hermaphrodite
Video description: I think it's a fake but one can dream right.