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Comment #135 - By Wolfman-jenkins on 01/05/2017
I need a redbone black woman to fart in my face hard till she shits
Comment #134 - By Hardblacdick on 28/04/2017
Fkn love it
Comment #133 - By Bigblackpipelayer2412 on 23/03/2017
put that in my face baby
Comment #132 - By Pygmy on 07/03/2017
I want to eat her fucking ass out and then fuck her!
Comment #131 - By Tenfootpole on 16/02/2017
Queen sheeba
Comment #130 - By Tenfootpole on 16/02/2017
Queen Sheena on most sites
Comment #129 - By Wtf on 21/01/2017
He eating her ass while she looking ghetto as hell eating sun flower seeds
Comment #128 - By BDB on 03/01/2017
So fuck'in sexy
Comment #127 - By Canuthroatit on 01/10/2016
bitch turned me out been blitzin my girl ass wit my tongue every since I seen
and she be comin hard as fuck
Comment #126 - By Joejoetheboss on 01/10/2016
2:21 pm
Can someone snother me like this
Comment #125 - By Joejoetheboss on 24/09/2016
Call her on Tumblr as well can somebody tell me where the other ones are I really want to find the other ones I am obsessed with this chick I like her
Comment #124 - By Gherbo on 21/08/2016
Comment #123 - By Giggitygiggitygoo90 on 11/08/2016
not too familiar with ass eating I've only licked it once, but pussy eating I can't do no wrong, I would have been lizard licking that clit and tonguing that pussy hole down something serious. I'm looking to get more experience with that so any ladies that's in the NJ/NY area holla at me I drive and can host.
Comment #122 - By Rimmepegme on 22/07/2016
I need someone to EAT
Comment #121 - By Slick on 20/07/2016
Agreed Franco
Comment #120 - By Shy on 19/07/2016
He went str8 to the ER and they told him blisters
Comment #119 - By Mrgoodjiggly on 12/07/2016
I love nothing more then eating a nice phatty lik that
Comment #118 - By Blackdickstark on 04/07/2016
Can someone snother me like this
Comment #117 - By purple pussy on 20/06/2016
I Love this shit...
Comment #116 - By Joe on 19/06/2016
I wanted to see her face the whole time. I wanna watch her expression when she comes. She fucking pretty af.
Comment #115 - By Lovingcuntkiss on 28/05/2016
Where did you find this powerful. Nubian Queen? If I found an African Goddess like her, She would never be able to pry my loving mouth from her mysterious, provocative, aromatic female sex.....EVER.....
Comment #114 - By Canuthroatit on 27/05/2016
she taught me how to eat ass now I love it cant get my girl into it like I want, but I will eventually
Comment #113 - By Saddlface1 on 30/04/2016
Wow she's got him right where he belongs!
Comment #112 - By Rimmepegme on 04/04/2016
Im looking for a women please just like that
Comment #111 - By nah cuz on 26/03/2016
these two aint breaking up that easily
Comment #110 - By Supafreaky4ya on 09/03/2016
Love this bitch....they have a couple more vids also where she makes him lap up that pussy...great couple....jealous
Comment #109 - By Wetsplaash on 12/02/2016
lmmfbaoooooooooooooo dude is a punk..... I would of had my dick in her ass
Comment #108 - By Spank_mee on 07/02/2016
Someone should definitely come do this to me gawwd
Comment #107 - By Pisces216 on 02/01/2016
she's enjoying a great movie and he's enjoying her sweet ass!!! Loved this video!!!
Comment #106 - By franco on 17/12/2015
Bitch shoulda moved and gave us a better view.
Comment #105 - By wuz good on 13/12/2015
@8:35 tho
Comment #104 - By Mdg1 on 30/11/2015
Man I'd like to eat that ass too!
Comment #103 - By Eatpssyandass on 10/11/2015
every beautiful queen should have a man to eat her ass and worship her
Comment #102 - By Wank on 06/11/2015
She is just great. I would eat her ass out every day. I'd love to smell and swallow her farts. I would be the perfect slave to her.
Comment #101 - By Samdeyking on 28/10/2015
I love eating ass just the way he eat it feed me pls
Comment #100 - By Klongdickstyle on 20/10/2015
any one of you thick booty bitches looking for a young slave in london holla at me im young and ready to be used at your will holla
Comment #99 - By Asslover_09 on 12/10/2015
her ass fat ass hell
Comment #98 - By Millie_millie on 28/09/2015
I need a Man just like that! She lucked out all the way!
Comment #97 - By Mrpuccieater on 25/05/2015
This is pretty good I would have stayed down there the whole time too. She looks like the type that likes to take advantage of dudes and make them eat her. I love eating ass and pussy!!! Any girls in the Jacksonville area or close hit me up. I'll let you ride my face, smother me, and eat your pussy and just like this and even better. I need a Queen to dominate me!
Comment #96 - By Creeper88 on 22/05/2015
after 10 min, i would fuk that b!tch
Comment #95 - By Azzfetishfreak on 20/05/2015
Comment #94 - By dead black women on 12/05/2015
Im a killer
Comment #93 - By ummm on 10/05/2015
Are homeboy's legs ok??
Comment #92 - By Yourpetblue on 07/05/2015
DAMN... that is one lucky motherfucker... I wish that I could tap him out and take his place... I would thoroughly
tongue-fuck her asshole so long and deep..."
Comment #91 - By Pussyfillr on 21/03/2015
by 9:09, that tongue wore her ass down,
Comment #90 - By Fitzy1962 on 09/03/2015
I would be more than happy to worship her pussy and asshole for hours. I adore dominant Black Women!
Comment #89 - By Mr. universe on 23/02/2015
Shit gunna be awkward as hell when they break up.
Comment #88 - By Mr. universe on 23/02/2015
his legs tho.
Comment #87 - By Pervy sage on 23/02/2015
bitches love this shit.
Comment #86 - By Mr. universe on 23/02/2015
That nig was hungry.
Comment #85 - By Thegoddesselite on 22/02/2015
Perfect face ride
Comment #84 - By haha on 19/02/2015
dude looked like meek mill at the end
Comment #83 - By Stevestrokes85 on 04/02/2015
Where do you find girls like this he a lucky dude
Comment #82 - By Golaeldo on 02/02/2015
Lucky guy!!
Comment #81 - By Theladyslayer on 25/01/2015
I ate a bitches ass longer than this before.. She let me. Not the pussy..just the asshole..
Comment #80 - By Jjhyahoo on 24/01/2015
His lower back gotta be hurting the way his legs positioned on that wall for 20 minutes haha
Comment #79 - By prettyboyfloyd on 16/01/2015
I have a black girlfriend and I could eat her ass n pussy (in that position) 4ever.....and a day!!!!!
Comment #78 - By how appetizing on 20/11/2014
she probably tasted like pork rinds and yeast infection.
Comment #77 - By Mumba on 12/11/2014
id slip it in while she wasn't looking
Comment #76 - By Starktii on 23/10/2014
I love this queen bitch. I would love to serve Her.
Comment #75 - By Da_hard_one on 23/10/2014
ill go for that shit
Comment #74 - By Fmbradley on 21/10/2014
he won the bet he get to eat some lovely ass
Comment #73 - By Trick-daddy on 20/10/2014
Man I'd eat dat ass until she came over and over again. Ass is now my favorite snack. Feed me
Comment #72 - By Crayjade on 14/10/2014
i need more of her videos please, any help where i can get it from
Comment #71 - By Bashirk46 on 16/09/2014
This Chica is giving him the business and he is up for the challenge!!!! This Joka is the shit!!! He's the STAR!! He has uber perseverance! He's a Boss! Getting the damn job done and doing it very, very well. He's hot like FIRE! Enjoying what he is doing to her and knowing that he's putting it down. Damn he's a Moors Chief!! They both go hard In the paint!
Comment #70 - By Djtmonnie on 05/09/2014
son she look like she aint never gonna com
Comment #69 - By Dickerdown on 12/08/2014
Why she watching book of Eli ?
Comment #68 - By fuck on 28/07/2014
she nice, would do that all day every day
Comment #67 - By Kris on 30/06/2014
What's her name
Comment #66 - By Yingyangin on 17/04/2014
I wouldn't mind
Comment #65 - By Juicy_lulu35 on 08/01/2014
Comment #64 - By Sitonmeforeternity on 06/01/2014
@Breezy85: i m up for it..
Comment #63 - By nate on 20/12/2013
I want a fine bitch like her to do me like dat when ever she want
Comment #62 - By Buck05 on 04/11/2013
Comment #61 - By Breezy85 on 04/10/2013
mmmm gawd i wished he or anybody was eating my ass....i love it
Comment #60 - By nutk8se on 15/09/2013
She acted bored..poor guy
Comment #59 - By Big-black-wet-anal on 22/08/2013
im next
Comment #58 - By Tru on 14/04/2013
You can get it redbone
Comment #57 - By Wtf on 01/04/2013
Am I the only sane one!! This bitch look dirty ewwwww
Comment #56 - By Nastynegro on 27/03/2013
i love this chic!!
Comment #55 - By she on 17/03/2013
she has amazing soles
Comment #54 - By Cmack007 on 06/03/2013
I bet that ass tastes so good!
Comment #53 - By RedBonee on 07/02/2013
This made my pussy so wet ! I wanna suck on her clit while he lick the ass.mmm
Comment #52 - By Maniac-pervert on 03/02/2013
19:30 of pure excitement!
My extreme dream about fetishism, having a beautiful female ass in face and kiss it for hours!
Comment #51 - By Ass on 09/09/2012
I'd eat her pussy & ass all day, every day
Comment #50 - By Fine on 09/09/2012
She fine as hell
Comment #49 - By 2real on 21/08/2012
if my girl was like that she would always watch whatever the fk she wants to ;)
Comment #48 - By tastethiscream on 22/07/2012
Where the hell did she meet him?... i want one!
Comment #47 - By Boliviafunn on 17/07/2012
any girls who want their ass ate out, contact me!
Comment #46 - By SOS on 24/04/2012
Any girls who would like that come get at me
Comment #45 - By Bristol on 05/04/2012
Damn! I wish he was eating my ass like that; I give him anything he wanted! Well...almost (lol)
Comment #44 - By satanswhore on 19/03/2012
good slave eat that arse, best arse lickers are bitch slaves mmm
Comment #43 - By hey on 27/02/2012
damn wish i was him for this vid..would love to eat her ass like that while she watched tv
Comment #42 - By Mnsunny on 16/01/2012
Sombody please slave me like that I luv being told what to do
Comment #41 - By oooooooo on 07/01/2012
i waiting for her to fuck him with a strapon you do c 2 many brothas doing that
Comment #40 - By Hurt on 30/12/2011
Need more black women that's into ass eating
Comment #39 - By They on 18/11/2011
Need an award for this shit. I'm sure people would pay to see more.
Comment #38 - By Ms.Wettt on 02/11/2011
I want a slave like that
Comment #37 - By Big boy on 31/10/2011
I want to see her suck some cock.. I bet she's a pro
Comment #36 - By can i on 19/10/2011
man i wanna eat her ass soo bad,i wanna taste her hole suck her clit
Comment #35 - By Plz on 11/10/2011
Hey assgotbody I'll pay wat ever u want..
Comment #34 - By shebas slave on 07/10/2011
sheb i to eat your shit it would taste good
Comment #33 - By ej50 on 18/08/2011
damn i wanna eat some ass and assgotbody whats good i would eat ur ass if u got a big booty and it stink
Comment #32 - By ricco on 16/07/2011
Legs on the wall...hilarious!
Comment #31 - By guns and gold on 07/07/2011
man im nuts about this honey.she is so so sexy.the due is a great supporting actor
Comment #30 - By allday on 05/07/2011
Assgotbody ill do it for free
Comment #29 - By Marz on 23/06/2011
This is my bitch right here...Im tellin my man to eat my ass the moment he gets home...
Comment #28 - By Lovinit on 14/06/2011
Need more videos they hot where the strapon
Comment #27 - By eater on 05/06/2011
id eat her ass all day
Comment #26 - By Eater on 05/06/2011
i need a woman like this everyday all day. all she would have to do is make me eat her like that!!
Comment #25 - By albertthefag on 04/06/2011
DAMN!!!!! 20 mins of straight out azz eating...luckiest muthafukka n the world!!!!!
Comment #24 - By Drew817 on 08/05/2011
I ned a strong blk woman like tht for this blk man
Comment #23 - By awwsum on 17/04/2011
I want to put my tongue in her ass for the rest of my life
Comment #22 - By Assgotbody on 04/04/2011
Where can I find him at, do he pay to eat ass. I got enough ass to keep him busy for hours.
Comment #21 - By beast on 01/04/2011
me and this bitch would go to war.
Comment #20 - By lmao on 17/03/2011
she look like kima.. the gay chick from the wire ;o;
Comment #19 - By ??? on 05/03/2011
He's tryin to eat ass
Comment #18 - By Rude on 02/03/2011
go to rude. Her name is queensheba68
Comment #17 - By yum on 02/03/2011
ill eat her all
Comment #16 - By sonny on 27/02/2011
who is she and where can she be contacted
Comment #15 - By superdenzel on 25/02/2011
He was blind the whole time.
Comment #14 - By denzelwashingtonlol on 13/02/2011
sounds like she's watching the book of eli
Comment #13 - By long tongue on 07/02/2011
She look like this chick i know
Comment #12 - By Movie on 07/02/2011
She watching Book of Eli
Comment #11 - By old slave on 06/02/2011
Comment #10 - By wtf on 05/02/2011
Stupid bitch left her face out for more than half the video...she nasty tho huh...wonder y her being such a selfish cunt makes her sexy
Comment #9 - By dishrag on 02/02/2011
FINALLY, a black girl that knows wassup.
Comment #8 - By DaKid420 on 31/01/2011
I want her sooooo fuckin bad
Comment #7 - By SleepPolice on 26/01/2011
Comment #6 - By clp on 18/01/2011
Lucky bastard eating a very fine ass.
Comment #5 - By Next on 16/01/2011
Thats nice
Comment #4 - By sissy on 04/01/2011
this is so good...i need a gf like this
Comment #3 - By eat on 14/12/2010
dam, i love the way she was fucking his face. that's the same way my girlfriend fucks my face.. have you got anymore videos like this? please post and tell the name of it..
Comment #2 - By Uncle L on 07/12/2010
Thats what i'm talking about, she just nasty, watching Tv, eating sunflower seeds.
Comment #1 - By mgi on 07/12/2010
i'd fuck this bitch hard eat that pussy and nut on her face!!!
Alt video name: I'll watch, you eat my ass
Video description: Dominant black woman is watching tv and getting her ass licked by her slave, not even paying him any mind