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Comment #90 - By Poor girl on 05/04/2017
If only if she went to collage, she wouldn't be getting raped by nerds who jack off to anything.... Life, am i right
Comment #89 - By Trone on 15/03/2017
I mean bang!!
Comment #88 - By Trone on 15/03/2017
I've always wanted to hang a Russian babe!!¡
Comment #87 - By Bad Daddy on 27/02/2017
I've tagged my niece in the barn a time or two
Comment #86 - By Mig15 on 24/11/2016
I did this to a girl I met in a park years ago. I still stroke off thinking about it. No guilt feelings at all. Rape with out the unnecessary violence is so intoxicating.
Comment #85 - By Blackpussy1918 on 24/11/2016
I wanna get raped!
Comment #84 - By Killer on 15/10/2016
Omg daddy fuck me im so wet
Comment #83 - By _B____ on 31/01/2016
the porn concept / script on itself is good , but the male actor sucks thats why the female cant show her best. but sure shes kinda good. 6/10
Comment #82 - By athens on 19/10/2015
he sure knows how to fuck better than my ex
Comment #81 - By Found it! on 03/10/2015
I've been looking for this and I finally found it again!!!
Comment #80 - By Slammer2112 on 08/08/2015
Nice hard ass fucking. Wonder if she came. Would be nice to see more of her face while he bones her.
Comment #79 - By Wfk on 10/07/2015
Comment #78 - By Briator on 13/06/2015
I don't understand who still have some doubts. It's a sex role-play. Nice play, too. I would like to play it with Vivianloira ( see her comment ).
Comment #77 - By Slimmmshady on 03/05/2015
This is so fake
Comment #76 - By fake??? on 18/04/2015
All u fucken stupid mofo's on about this is fake or not...are u fucking retarded or is this the first porn clip u have ever seen? Ofcoarse this is fake, everything about porn is fake exept for the actual intercoarse. holy shit! Someone should hit u with a fucking reality shit stick! If something was real it would have been deleted before u would hav watched it trust me.
Comment #75 - By Slap that bitch on 21/03/2015
He shoulda hit her a bit. Made her cry.
Comment #74 - By Letsfuck43 on 09/03/2015
It looks fake
Comment #73 - By amazing on 18/02/2015
i looovveee this. so fukn hot
Comment #72 - By Mustaphah on 22/01/2015
I lik it...
Comment #71 - By Mustaphah on 20/01/2015
nice one.....
Comment #70 - By hmmm on 07/01/2015
Are the people asking if this is real children? You shouldn't be watching. It's all fake. Do your homework!
Comment #69 - By Manavpa on 21/12/2014
i also want ot fuck her.
Comment #68 - By hihihaha on 03/12/2014
fake not russian
Comment #67 - By Sexylordwolf on 19/11/2014
very real not staged at all in my opinion
Comment #66 - By Vivianloira on 30/08/2014
Very good!!! I want this.
Comment #65 - By brad on 04/08/2014
damn thats a nice pussy, i'd love to fuck her hard and cum deep inside her
Comment #64 - By david on 04/08/2014
Comment #63 - By Cassiew199024 on 13/07/2014
Horrible acting an her (!) looked weird af!!! How can anyone possibly think this is real?? Obviously those asking that question has never seen rl rape or hasnt been in that situation in rl. I like the fantasy but thats as far as it goes with me.
Comment #62 - By Baduel00 on 20/05/2014
that's very hot
Comment #61 - By Kamelzinho on 16/04/2014
Estupro delicioso. Com direito a creample anal
Comment #60 - By Audio... on 24/02/2014
Did they record the sound on an 8track from the freakin' 70s? lmfao.
Comment #59 - By My-is-hunger on 18/02/2014
Loved it
Comment #58 - By Dirty-daddy on 08/08/2013
this is how all cum dump should be used to drain our balls dry and they love it
Comment #57 - By Schwing on 04/08/2013
This shit is HOT
Comment #56 - By hotboy77 on 20/07/2013
Her pussy lips look hot ...I would've sucked and licked her pussy for sure...
Comment #55 - By russian on 29/12/2012
it's not russian video
Comment #54 - By koukas on 12/09/2012
ax....exuse i poutsara mou
Comment #53 - By Ronison Lobão on 26/05/2012
Eu queria comer a bunda dela e queria que ela chupasse o meu bilau.
Comment #52 - By hot boy 77 on 23/03/2012
should've cum in her hot pussy to.. i would've...
Comment #51 - By you on 20/03/2012
do,s some one know the name of this porn film ?
Comment #50 - By ligjasljm a on 09/03/2012
she just another slut getting what she wants
Comment #49 - By kitkat on 04/03/2012
I had to rewind when he came on her4 face, too hot!
Comment #48 - By Noor Bukhari on 29/02/2012
my x hubby has always been doing this wd me.
Comment #47 - By hahaha on 23/02/2012
"Does this rag smell like chloroform to you?"
Comment #46 - By Bob on 11/02/2012
Tossing a hose down a hallway.
Comment #45 - By Boof on 04/02/2012
Hey Real? Does stupidity run in your family?
Comment #44 - By Real on 01/02/2012
Yo he a real of he really is about that life
Comment #43 - By Ian Wms on 31/12/2011
nice pussy!!!!!
Comment #42 - By krunklebunker on 21/12/2011
Nice Fire pit!!
Comment #41 - By Russian? on 01/12/2011
The Language is german.
Comment #40 - By hopefully on 09/11/2011
it was rapee at first than she like so wasnt anymore
Comment #39 - By WOW on 06/11/2011
Comment #38 - By Damn German's on 03/11/2011
Germans, Russians and Japanese always rapping someone. That's the only way they getting laid.
Comment #37 - By Uhh on 01/11/2011
they are from germany.
Comment #36 - By Kaitlin on 26/10/2011
When I watch another girl forced to give head it turns me on!
Comment #35 - By MolestHer on 26/10/2011
Who cares about the name of the girl...she's just another cute blonde who has to be taught to suck cock and deserves to be fucked good and hard!
Comment #34 - By kursdi on 06/10/2011
oj t honksha
Comment #33 - By Ann on 02/10/2011
Of course it's fake, just look at the first scene, there would be no reason there would be a recording on the inside of a house in a break-in.
Comment #32 - By Casey on 30/09/2011
Are YOU RETARDED? he was being sarcastic dumbass. Course it's not real. No man would be sick enough to post himself committing a crime on the Internet. Forced sex is hot and purely for our enjoyment thats all
Comment #31 - By Gaz on 26/09/2011
Is this real someone said lmfao aye its real phone the police
Comment #30 - By herbert the pervert on 19/09/2011
Anybody notice the pussy ring?
Comment #29 - By r u retarded? on 25/08/2011
look at the camera angle at the beginning and the way she's acting - it can't be real.
Comment #28 - By lolfail on 23/08/2011
they speak German. nut russian.
Comment #27 - By Is this real? on 01/08/2011
Yea it's real. He's a real rapist and he filmed himself committing a crime and posted it on the internet so he can get caught...
Comment #26 - By amon on 21/07/2011
the name please!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment #25 - By more!!! on 19/07/2011
sure shes smiled short but its great at all , want more of it pleaseeeee
Comment #24 - By master on 16/07/2011
which is the name of the girl ???????????????????????? please
Comment #23 - By FUCK YEAH on 16/07/2011
Got her!
Comment #22 - By Sam on 16/07/2011
Nice fantasy story line! The guy just came in and went for it!!....and
acted upon his horny craving and scored!! Finished his business satisfied!
Comment #21 - By LOLWUT on 15/07/2011
at the beginning she even smiled WTF terrible acting
Comment #20 - By fuck on 11/07/2011
fake and gay!
Comment #19 - By trror9 on 09/07/2011
who is the girl??
Comment #18 - By rapist on 05/07/2011
i hope it is
Comment #17 - By brick on 03/07/2011
This isint real is it?
Comment #16 - By 12YearOldOnHerBrosComp on 30/06/2011
Comment #15 - By C-Man on 27/06/2011
Hell yeah! Forced anal beast the score in every porn!
Comment #14 - By bigdick on 24/06/2011
I wish I could rape that girl
Comment #13 - By Smiling German teen forced and on 10/06/2011
correct tittle :)
Yes, it is German Lang.
And, she smile when she try Gag... look better after you stop wanking 10cm friend
Comment #12 - By Anon on 10/06/2011
I LOVED the nine minute mark, where she just bent over the whatever it was and took it. So hot.
Comment #11 - By oijio on 07/06/2011
the girl is laughing half the time how can it be
Comment #10 - By something on 05/06/2011
what did you think you were going to watch with the title "Russian Teen Forced to Fuck"?
Comment #9 - By Write your name on 02/06/2011
rape / vodka / small penis... welcome in russia.
Comment #8 - By wtf on 01/06/2011
this girl aint russian i can understand them speaking german
Comment #7 - By duh on 31/05/2011
albaxxx got forced by a big black guy
Comment #6 - By -_- on 31/05/2011
Of course not...
Comment #5 - By Uhh on 31/05/2011
Is this real?
Comment #4 - By Sweet! on 31/05/2011
Whats wrong with Forced sex?? I think its HOT!! Besides its only role-playing.
Comment #3 - By albaxxx on 30/05/2011
Forced sex is deeply repulsive
Comment #2 - By t882 on 29/05/2011
Comment #1 - By deedee on 29/05/2011
it's german
Alt video name: Russian Teen Forced to Fuck