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Comment #167 - By Sweetliltwat on 30/05/2017
I think she's cute. My bf has two Chinese teenage sisters living in his neighbourhood. They smile and wave to him on their way to school. He wants to fuck a China girl sooooo bad, I jerk him off while he fantasizes about them. I wouldn't mind if he fucked one, or both, as long as I could watch.
Comment #166 - By reply to bruiser on 01/04/2017
i think you are right
Comment #165 - By Bush_hallo9977 on 17/03/2017
Hao hao hao
Comment #164 - By Rock8285 on 18/12/2016
Comment #163 - By Anime-emina on 26/11/2016
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Comment #162 - By Hjfrank on 17/07/2016
中国 is good !!!
Comment #161 - By 忘れるな on 15/03/2016
Comment #160 - By bruiser on 06/01/2016
HA HA HA HA!! You all are saying that she has a nice pussy and his dick is too small!!! Did you notice how sloppy that pussy is?? My cock is 7 1/2 inches and that pussy would still be sloppy loose.... you're all fucked up about this shit.
Comment #159 - By てぃんこ on 27/10/2015
Comment #158 - By Bigroger69 on 25/08/2015
She's got a cunt like a bucket, far too big for his little dick, but I'd love to give her a good fucking!
Comment #157 - By yyyyyyyyy on 08/07/2015
I fuck your mom
Comment #156 - By Chinesescock on 04/04/2015
Comment #155 - By Mulai-lam on 30/03/2015
if u don't like it . don't comment I love it
Comment #154 - By せこひろし on 18/01/2015
Comment #153 - By dave on 21/12/2014
Nice pussy I need her
Comment #152 - By Ailso on 02/11/2014
Comment #151 - By ... on 16/08/2014
Comment #150 - By dennie on 24/07/2014
she is not bad I wish I was giving it to her
Comment #149 - By Hqled1688-zheng on 26/06/2014
Comment #148 - By Ryanccm on 16/02/2014
In fact if you fuck me with a big dick, the rear half of my tunnel is nothing other than pain. My grunting is basically painful, rather than enjoying. So it is basically a lie to the men who fuck me. Because I am not enjoying, but hurting.
Comment #147 - By Travis4u4u on 14/07/2013
chinese men have small dicks thats why their women have tight pussies then other races
Comment #146 - By soekyisoe on 03/07/2013
i like it
Comment #145 - By american meat on 02/06/2013
sounds like she is in pain .. shut the fuck up girl,, if you can't moan , then dude show her how. his dick is small and if she had american cock she would scream then. in the end she stretched out just fine
Comment #144 - By Chi Com Tang on 01/06/2013
She has a nice Chinese pussy. She was moaning hard with him in her, I'd split her in two...LOL
Comment #143 - By dr.teitnbalz on 22/04/2013
this is a good girl, can't get enough dick
Comment #142 - By あ on 15/03/2013
Comment #141 - By I'm 13 on 30/09/2012
And my dick is 7 inches beats that marble size thing xD
Comment #140 - By lildutch on 29/09/2012
who cares about his dick I want that babe for a fuckin good time, she can suck my cock anytime
Comment #139 - By damn!!! on 29/09/2012
and I thought blacks had small dicks
Comment #138 - By lol on 29/09/2012
bitch please
Comment #137 - By Sucka on 29/09/2012
I'm don't feel sorry for him he asian and supposed to have a little dick
Comment #136 - By dfghk on 29/09/2012
Comment #135 - By andy on 29/09/2012
get her to look him in the eye wen sucking choke her her hole seems too wide
Comment #134 - By LMAO look at her face when she on 28/09/2012
i could rule the great wall of china with that dick!! lol
Comment #133 - By Anon on 28/09/2012
My penis is 5.5 inches, 14cm. I'm a white male 23 living in Europe Finland.
Comment #132 - By Anonymous on 28/09/2012
Comment #131 - By trololo on 28/09/2012
look at his dick :O
Comment #130 - By Hghlfd on 28/09/2012
Comment #129 - By LoL on 27/09/2012
I would rule China with my penis hahaha
Comment #128 - By Damnit on 27/09/2012
Dick to small
Comment #127 - By danporny on 27/09/2012
Small feet...Small....
Comment #126 - By wicky da 6a ninja on 27/09/2012
if you look really really hard you will see a dick
Comment #125 - By hahaha on 27/09/2012
at the beginning she was trying to look at the TV while sucking...
damn that was just too funny
Comment #124 - By sage on 27/09/2012
cute penis
Comment #123 - By pussylover on 27/09/2012
My dick is a lil bigger then his and I make my girl squirt all over my dick and ball so I'm thinkin its good so u don't need a big dick u just need to no how to beat it up
Comment #122 - By Dolly on 27/09/2012
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Comment #121 - By This is... on 27/09/2012
Hurting her...
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Comment #119 - By Five Star on 27/09/2012
You won't see me eatin at that chinese cuisine.
Comment #118 - By ugh on 13/07/2012
idk how she sucks his hairy balls
Comment #117 - By Rute on 13/06/2012
como sou pequena nao me importava nada de ser fodida por este caralho chines intato que tanto gosto de sentir a pele movendo se dentro da minha cona
Comment #116 - By Djisamsoe234 on 11/06/2012
anjing teh videona di hapus wae goblok!!
Comment #115 - By ohfuck on 20/02/2012
man cut that dread locks
Comment #114 - By ddwq on 18/02/2012
asian and gringo dick = small
Comment #113 - By awwwww on 06/02/2012
look at the cute lil penis, i just want to cuddle it!
Comment #112 - By whatttt on 23/01/2012
her pussy is all busted up by this guys 3 inch dick?
Comment #111 - By bitches on 16/01/2012
all you little bitches standing up for this commie's dick are obviously offended because you also have little tick tacks. so shut the fuck up and stop being so fucking gay.
Comment #110 - By lol on 26/12/2011
don't feel sorry for the guy on this video. feel sorry for yourself. you call yourself a "man", when all you do when you watch porn is stare, focus, and rate the dude's dick. what does that make you?
Comment #109 - By lol on 26/12/2011
don't feel sorry for the guy on this video. feel sorry for yourself. you call yourself a "man", when all you do when you watch porn is stare, focus, and rate the dude's penis. what does that make you?
Comment #108 - By ... on 23/12/2011
deep throat seem easy with that puny dick
Comment #107 - By pop on 14/12/2011
hes better off using his finger to fuck her
Comment #106 - By bob on 14/12/2011
my is 12 inch long
Comment #105 - By Hot Black Girls on 07/12/2011
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Comment #104 - By get hot girls on 28/11/2011
what kind of shit is this
Comment #103 - By Dragon on 18/11/2011
That guy is pretty small. I'm Chinese and I'm 7 inch. Chinese girl are lovely and tight. What about white girls? Fist jobs hahaha! Shame on you. White girl can probably take in a football.
Comment #102 - By crayon dick on 13/11/2011
way to reinforce stereotypes...
Comment #101 - By bad ass kansas city smack man on 12/11/2011
dats real gangsta shit bitch
Comment #100 - By loadedBagel on 05/11/2011
imagine if u did hav 1 tht small. best head ever. trololol
Comment #99 - By i swear on 08/10/2011
that guy needs to start eating meat...thats small....
Comment #98 - By mijo on 02/10/2011
jajaj tienen fideo los chinos y aun asi sufre,,,jajaja
Comment #97 - By dam on 25/08/2011
korean dudes have small dicks
Comment #96 - By wtf on 06/08/2011
is her eyes closed?
Comment #95 - By xxx on 27/07/2011
loooooool its smaller than my foot finger
Comment #94 - By Ni bu hao on 08/07/2011
XD The background TV show is most likely %u7EAA%u6653%u5C9A
Comment #93 - By Iceman6061 on 05/07/2011
The gal looks cute
But her pussy is overused
And she don't know what I real cock look like
Comment #92 - By asian on 22/06/2011
hot girl, finally a vid with a chinese girl and not jap, also lolol and i thought my dick was small
Comment #91 - By Ni Hao on 07/06/2011
I feel sorry for these Chinese girls. Not wanted before their born, often aborted so the parents can have a male child. Then add insult to injury, they're denied the very pleasure of sex with all these Chinese baby dicks they get from the grown men. I'm surprised there hasn't been a pink-velvet revolution.
Comment #90 - By Iceman6061 on 07/06/2011
Poor gal....doesn't know what a real dick like.this guy got a pencil dick which is small and lack of performance....she should try mine for a change.
Comment #89 - By kkkkkkkkkkkk on 01/06/2011
menor pinto do mundo ?
Comment #88 - By woow on 24/05/2011
soo hott
Comment #87 - By LOL on 23/05/2011
im asian and dam i have to say... thats pretty dam small even for an asian
Comment #86 - By korean guy on 16/05/2011
well honestly my dick is 6 inches exact. idk why these asian guys in porn or small.. or maybe this is just a sex tape
Comment #85 - By well on 16/05/2011
at least he is fucking you are jerking off
Comment #84 - By She sucky sucky long time! on 04/05/2011
Pencil Dick
Comment #83 - By kkkkkkkk on 04/05/2011
isso q é minhoca
Comment #82 - By tonino on 01/04/2011
Comment #81 - By well indeed on 12/03/2011
I agree with poster 'well'....I can't get off to porn if I can't imagine myself as the guy.
Comment #80 - By dude on 06/03/2011
all asian bitches r ugly
Comment #79 - By dude on 06/03/2011
what is the biggest asian dick in the world?cause i have never seen 1 bigger than 4 inches honestly
Comment #78 - By fucking chinese on 10/02/2011
shit the girl sound's like a guy getting whipped.
Comment #77 - By hahaha on 08/02/2011
chink gook jap chinaman
this girl is fugly
Comment #76 - By fatguy on 02/02/2011
the guy is fat/chubby hence small penis >.<
Comment #75 - By yanto chiloenx on 13/12/2010
cute girl...and black
Comment #74 - By well on 03/10/2010
a small penis doesn't represent me well enough when i imagine my cock fucking this whore
Comment #73 - By ning on 01/10/2010
small dick, not good
Comment #72 - By Matthew on 24/09/2010
This is the biggest chinaman penis I've ever seen.
Comment #71 - By Wow on 13/09/2010
Deep throat is probably referred as Shallow throat in China.
Comment #70 - By merrybathcelestial on 30/08/2010
...bu? wei shenme?
Comment #69 - By 9 inch white cock on 13/08/2010
im 7 and my dick is 3x bigger than asians
Comment #68 - By heh on 20/07/2010
weird. do all/most asian girls sound retarded when they moan? seriously..
Comment #67 - By Bob on 10/07/2010
Little Chinaman penis.
Comment #66 - By GORDON on 06/07/2010
Comment #65 - By omg on 17/06/2010
She sounds like me puking after 20 beers.
Comment #64 - By Penises on 15/06/2010
Why do so many men come here to watch videos of women fucking... but they pay attention to nothing but penises?
Comment #63 - By nash on 08/06/2010
it was a good show, her pussy looked wide open for a chinese woman, it was still good,
Comment #62 - By lame on 06/05/2010
damn even my limp dick is bigger and im asian
Comment #61 - By wet pussy on 30/04/2010
Comment #60 - By sweet on 21/04/2010
it's call pubic hair
Comment #59 - By suckers on 21/04/2010
whats with the black pussy? weird..
Comment #58 - By niceandhot on 21/04/2010
Nice video, I like it -this cannot compare to my favorite girl on bitchcamZ com Oh f*ck, now I'm being hunted down for spam
Comment #57 - By LOL on 21/04/2010
idc bout wang size or who he fucks or whatever but i have never ever seen NUTS THAT SMALL
Comment #56 - By Ewww on 21/04/2010
WTF is with the black pussy? Such a turn off
Comment #55 - By dick on 21/04/2010
Comment #54 - By passat on 21/04/2010
small dick but a good fuck - she enjoy it.
Comment #53 - By OMG on 21/04/2010
I just farted so hard my bed springs rattled
Comment #52 - By lol on 21/04/2010
stop flaming...about the dick least he is fucking ;) while everyone here are watching or masturbating ^_^ good sex
Comment #51 - By haha on 21/04/2010
tiny dick and black pussy god asians are weird
Comment #50 - By dody10 on 21/04/2010
thanks for u support us
Comment #49 - By tiktikboom69 on 21/04/2010
i love asian girls moanin... n ye pussy is pretty black.. from all the hair
Comment #48 - By The Rabbi on 16/04/2010
Small penis much?
Comment #47 - By liza on 15/04/2010
Comment #46 - By About his dick size on 06/03/2010
who cares? Her pussy is pretty black though... which doesnt seem normal. Ahh well at least they had a good time.
Comment #45 - By sactiger on 01/03/2010
Chinese pussy is the best
Comment #44 - By Happier on 09/02/2010
Comment #43 - By amer on 03/02/2010
Comment #42 - By zacky on 19/01/2010
this site wasnt made to look at cocks, so just shut the fuck up about his size and enjoy the goddamn video
Comment #41 - By Wow on 28/12/2009
I like how everyone here is talking about his dick. Insecure of your own much? Need to tell all the other guys on this site that your's is huge? Funny when the average for a male is like 5.5 inches. I'm guessing 99% of you "Big dick" guys are like 3-inchers in real life.
Comment #40 - By Chris on 26/12/2009
You know wat i notice that asian girls dont shave well most asian girls
Comment #39 - By Dumfucks on 25/12/2009
Its funny how everyone is making fun of his dick size... Atleast he gets some pussy cuz of you guys think you are, you should not be on this site...
Comment #38 - By hahaha on 12/12/2009
think about hot it makes her feel she like "yea im a good deepthroater" then again it would be like having your temp taken
Comment #37 - By Mr Porn on 12/12/2009
Maybe we should go to Asia and become porn stars!
Comment #36 - By Errrr.... on 12/12/2009
Thats how you know your girl loves you o-o...accepts you dick and all
Comment #35 - By cut dick on 07/12/2009
what, how come, his dick is uncut..dirty and smelly
Comment #34 - By lol on 02/12/2009
I love this guy, he makes me look huge :p
Comment #33 - By Gross on 31/10/2009
She needs to shave, ill be too scared to stick my pole in that forestated jungle son of a vally
Comment #32 - By lol on 28/10/2009
hahaha is he breast feeding or sucking her nipples?
Comment #31 - By Duck on 27/10/2009
I'd love to make a beautiful asian scream with pleasure.
Comment #30 - By marco on 26/10/2009
shit! the video doesn´t work.
Comment #29 - By wilshire on 25/10/2009
If these asian chics are screaming their heads off now it makes you wonder what would happen if a hung dude banged them.
Comment #28 - By pol on 22/09/2009
wow. what a small dick. feed her something damnit
Comment #27 - By HAHA on 13/09/2009
hahahahahaha tiny
Comment #26 - By TTUOU on 31/08/2009
Comment #25 - By tigga on 28/08/2009
video won't load. anyone got a valid link for this?
Comment #24 - By Irene on 22/08/2009
I can't watch!?
Comment #23 - By same on 07/08/2009
same size dick
Comment #22 - By tutut on 03/08/2009
why her pussy like that??
Comment #21 - By lonely gal on 13/07/2009
Comment #20 - By chunge on 04/07/2009
Comment #19 - By youngpussylover on 21/06/2009
i'm voter 1492 ...only in america...
Comment #18 - By Irony on 20/06/2009
Funny, you're watching him get his dicked suck while you're beating off on XNXX.
Comment #17 - By DeezNuts on 18/06/2009
The dude is chinese not japanese, so is the chick
Comment #16 - By innocent on 15/06/2009
I love the way she blowjob ......she is so pretty ..where can I find her ? I want to meet this girl ..
Comment #15 - By laoye on 30/05/2009
What a nice pussy! This is one of the best pussy. I love it! But the guy's dick is not a match.
Comment #14 - By jimmy on 29/05/2009
i love you long time
Comment #13 - By zzz on 24/05/2009
why i cant watch?
Comment #12 - By wowowoww on 06/05/2009
angry inch. :D
Comment #11 - By chincock on 03/05/2009
Comment #10 - By catguy on 20/04/2009
wat a clit...
Comment #9 - By Gcat on 10/04/2009
Her pussy is all black...
Comment #8 - By dave on 06/04/2009
her pussy is nasty!
Comment #7 - By lim on 04/04/2009
cool 1!!!!!
Comment #6 - By fritza on 31/03/2009
very nice pussy
Comment #5 - By ass on 31/03/2009
Horrid video -10
Comment #4 - By Angry China Man on 31/03/2009
now i know why chinese men always look angry
Comment #3 - By LAWL on 31/03/2009
My finger is bigger then his cock
Comment #2 - By AAAAAAAAAAAAF on 30/03/2009
Comment #1 - By slap dick on 30/03/2009
wow four inch erection! that;s so wrong on many levels
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