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Comment #187 - By Salvis on 31/05/2017
Poor girl she's being gang raped by all these fuck small dick asses!
Pobrecita :(
Comment #186 - By Ramon on 31/05/2017
I cant fucken believe it that's my girlfriend
Comment #185 - By The 1% on 31/05/2017
How the fuck are gonna land on Mars if we fight in porn comment section! Face Palm!!!!!
Comment #184 - By LOL on 31/05/2017
Second best way to get a disease is fucking a latino/latina, second only to blacks....
Comment #183 - By Salvador on 31/05/2017
I wish you guys will stop talking about my children
Comment #182 - By Not MEXICANS on 31/05/2017
Comment #181 - By To Suco 777 on 31/05/2017
I believe what you said.. She was forced to do this..
Comment #180 - By Smh on 31/05/2017
They are from Salvador!..... What i understand she is doing this so she can be part of the MaraSalvatrucha gang... Stupid Salvadorian girl
Comment #179 - By Sucu777 on 31/05/2017
This girl was forced to film this video she was kind of friendly because she was afraid of her life. She was murdered and beheaded after abuse her. Was found in sugar cane land
Comment #178 - By Eastbay on 31/05/2017
Very sad
Comment #177 - By Mike on 29/05/2017
Fuck crackers
Comment #176 - By Jorge on 29/05/2017
No son mexicanos, son salvadoreños. Pareciera que a esa muchacha la estuvieran obligando.
Comment #175 - By Pedazo de mierda on 23/05/2017
Shut the fuck up and jack it off... this ain't no blog you stupid fucks!!... this is porno... who gives a shot where this poor beaner whore is from
Comment #174 - By Faustiniano2 on 07/04/2017
Pero que autentica puta de donde la sacaron
Comment #173 - By Fatalanal17 on 26/03/2017
Are you guys seriously getting triggered from a porn video? Lol
Comment #172 - By Puta que rica esta on 16/02/2017
Una asi me gustaria para acasajar todo el dia
Comment #171 - By John Cena on 26/01/2017
Y'all motherfuckers can't read. The title says "1 mexican GIRL vs 5 GUYS" it didn't say where the guys are from.
Comment #170 - By Meme on 23/01/2017
Those are not mexican they sound salvadorian
Comment #169 - By Migna79 on 21/01/2017
They're from El Salvador.
Comment #168 - By Avalancha on 21/01/2017
Comment #167 - By Eroticlover69 on 15/11/2016
Disrespect of humanity
Comment #166 - By Xpizzapizzax on 01/08/2016
Qué gracioso encontrar una pelea racial en un video porno jajajajajajajaja
Comment #165 - By Sexychicy on 22/07/2016
I wish I could suck dirty beaner trash like that
Comment #164 - By Lisa1996 on 22/07/2016
Well, it's obvious the the idiot who posted this video is probably a white racist piece of shit. The called her a "Maxican." Typical white trash bull shit mentality. Dude, she is not Mexican, she does not speaks Spanish the way Mexicans do. It would be like confusing a person that speaks with a British accent for someone from the US. What a simpleton you are!
Comment #163 - By Little dick on 21/07/2016
Your all stupid mother fuckers if your racist
Comment #162 - By I have a little on 21/07/2016
All of you racist motherfuckers look at my name And that's what you have
Comment #161 - By Really negros on 02/04/2016
A porn site isn't the place to take a stand,and talk about racism
Comment #160 - By Dirk on 23/02/2016
Now isn't that a good whore! A walking dirty fucktoy. I bet she is cheep too ..few dollars
Comment #159 - By mexican scum on 09/02/2016
Stupid spic slut
Comment #158 - By Realest702 on 04/02/2016
Fuck all you mexican piece of shits only talk shit online fgts i hope you all die slow putas viva el salvador
Comment #157 - By Dianamamadora on 30/01/2016
ay sureños, se creen muy chingones pero acá andan sus paisanos en méxico pidiendo limosna, ojala en trando a texas les disparen malditos negros narizones
Comment #156 - By Wtf on 06/01/2016
So much disrespect towards my lovely Mexican race. That shit ain't cool. Pull up on a Mexican & tell them everything y'all niggas saying to they face if not then stfu with y'all pussy asses
Comment #155 - By LISTEN EVERYBODY ! on 06/01/2016
These guys are not Mexican %uD83D%uDEAB they're Salvadorians . Y'all mfs think Mexicans suck but y'all wouldn't be living in yalls homes if it wasn't for Mexicans .
Comment #154 - By '009876 on 05/01/2016
yo me la culeo mejor
Comment #153 - By She's not Mexican on 26/12/2015
She's Nicaraguan or Honduran
Comment #152 - By FutureDictator on 01/11/2015
They could have avoided all this by titling it 'latina'
Comment #151 - By Spike on 30/10/2015
Nothing quite like a Mexican slut in her natural environment.
Comment #150 - By Hornyoregonian27 on 31/08/2015
Nice. Suck my cock to. Bitch. Hot Bitch that is.
Comment #149 - By Mr UK on 24/08/2015
Fucking hell are you all serious? Does it matter if she's from planet Mars ? As long as she as a Pusey that's what counts
Comment #148 - By Huevonazon on 19/08/2015
They're from El Salvador, not Mexico
Comment #147 - By hot on 19/08/2015
This girl is hot, anyone know anymore sites that have her?
Comment #146 - By Sammywammy on 22/05/2015
damn I want her next
Comment #145 - By Sammywammy on 15/05/2015
Need to visit Mexico
Comment #144 - By white trash on 14/05/2015
Sea se donde sea a mi me encantar
Comment #143 - By Sexo2 on 08/04/2015
ay no se pero me encantan estos chicos
Comment #142 - By Zodiac on 04/04/2015
Porque siempre salen unos mamaguevos hablando y asorando a la puta...
Comment #141 - By anyone agree on 30/01/2015
Shes alright her boobs are hotter thoe.
Comment #140 - By Tejanitsexy on 16/01/2015
Pues yo no se pero yo busco 3 hombres vergudo 's para que me Cojan bien rico in en mi culito otro en mi panochita. Y otro en mi Boca mmmmm que rico Quine dice yo hmmmm vivo en Houston Texas esta es mi fantasy
Comment #139 - By Burningdick on 04/01/2015
Comment in English fuckers..BTW I love to make her drink my cum and pee.
Comment #138 - By 10 inches of pure mexican on 22/12/2014
I love racist honkeys they make me laugh especially when they complain about hispanics it makes me feel better knowing i don't waste my life discriminating hahahahahag !!!!!!!
Comment #137 - By She not Mexican on 03/11/2014
She has Chipotle face
Comment #136 - By dumb shits on 06/09/2014
She aint Mexican she's Salvadoran
Comment #135 - By Juan! on 03/03/2014
She's marriage material
Comment #134 - By Lobitofeliz on 28/01/2014
ke rika tetaza
Comment #133 - By Maury587 on 08/03/2013
She's Salvadorean, not mexican
Comment #132 - By Yatin-vashist on 10/02/2013
nyc blowjob
Comment #131 - By Chidakid on 20/05/2012
Wow I think this is a still watched it tho....
Comment #130 - By es hondureña.. on 29/01/2012
es hondureña,pero la verdad que buen trabajo
Comment #129 - By 3metrosdeverga on 26/01/2012
esta vieja no es mexicana, es otra mierda
Comment #128 - By mr zzzzzzz on 24/10/2011
mexcican beaners donkey face?
Comment #127 - By Moreno on 15/08/2011
This is centroamerican people no Mexican
Comment #126 - By de que jodidos hablan on 02/08/2011
esta vieja no es mexicana... ella es salvadorena o guatemalteca no se dan cuenta en el pinche acento de mierda que tienen esos tipos
Comment #125 - By flex on 03/07/2011
esta vieja es la misma ke esta:
mi cuñada me la chupa y saca mi leche
Comment #124 - By bob on 30/06/2011
this is a porn site not a blog just watch the damn clip
Comment #123 - By SGZ on 15/06/2011
Rolling Rock lol
Comment #122 - By SEE on 30/05/2011
Latinos are all dumb!
Comment #121 - By Metalboy on 16/05/2011
Nice blowjob lol
Comment #120 - By Chapin on 16/05/2011
I know that bitch and yes she's slv fucked her b4 lol
Comment #119 - By Chapin on 16/05/2011
Comment #118 - By guatemala on 28/04/2011
malditos maras hijos de puta
Comment #117 - By Mexicano asta la madre on 23/04/2011
Pinches Salvadorenos valen verga puro Mexico chingao
Comment #116 - By mexican wetbacks on 23/03/2011
is? oaxaca aliens?
Comment #115 - By Stupid fucks on 05/03/2011
She wasn't Meccan she was salbadorian
Comment #114 - By los ms 13 tienen que morir tod on 10/02/2011
todos los mienbros de la m.s.13 s.l.s los mierdad seca 13 tiene que morir donde vea un ms lo mato eso es todos hijos de putas los mareros del salvador ojala los maten a todos no hay compasion con ellos la mara muereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Comment #113 - By la fucking mara salvatrucha 13 on 10/02/2011
pobre nena se be que esta asustada estos infelise mareros lo que hacen con una inosente se be que no quiere haser eso pero dice que despues la encontran muerta nose pero si yo encontrara a esos pendejos mareros lo matos pedaasito por pedado lo juro la mara muereeeeeeeeeeeeee
Comment #112 - By hotman on 09/02/2011
esta chica es salvadorena
Comment #111 - By lame ass nigas on 01/02/2011
talkin bout who got the bigest dick, one thin fo sho I GOT THE BIGGEST................. my money long
Comment #110 - By lowest on 01/02/2011
of the lowest, primitive sucka azz chavalas
Comment #109 - By bangman on 18/01/2011
son pinches salvadoreños,pero la nena se dejo cae
Comment #108 - By xxx on 08/01/2011
pretty good!
Comment #107 - By spic 7 inch dick on 30/12/2010
we all know that filthy disgusting HONKEYS have the smallest dicks, thats why cracker bitches go for blacks and latinos, sorry whiteys
Comment #106 - By PATRICIA on 24/12/2010
Comment #105 - By chepe on 23/12/2010
these guys aint mexican. they are salvadorans. i can tell by their accents cause i'm salvadoran.
Comment #104 - By kallis on 09/12/2010
very nice
Comment #103 - By TrueMex on 01/12/2010
Believe me ive been with salvadorean girls here in the East Coast, and even they admit that salvadorean males have small penises. And that's coming from a Salvi girl to a Mex guy.. so Get out of here with that.
Comment #102 - By HonkeyBoi on 10/11/2010
She's hot... but a filthy salvadorian whore... i'd still let her suck my cock.
Comment #101 - By Desibaba on 07/11/2010
Wow She is sexy. I wish she suck my cock while I fondle her boobs. My cock is hard
Comment #100 - By mexicans beaners on 04/11/2010
mexican only fuck to pigs dogs cows donkeys et etc
Comment #99 - By FuckMex on 03/11/2010
TrueMeX mexican people have the small dicks sorry for you
Comment #98 - By stefano on 01/11/2010
esa perra no es mexicana es salvadoreña o panameña por el lenguaje
Comment #97 - By Se ve rico! on 28/10/2010
Comment #96 - By flsir on 25/10/2010
esos no son mexicanos eso son hundurennios oh nicaraguenses...
Comment #95 - By giacomo on 25/10/2010
fuckin' mexicans
Comment #94 - By Real Mexican on 30/09/2010
Esos no son mexicanos, no sean estupidos!! Those are not mexicans, don't be stupid!!
Comment #93 - By White on 30/09/2010
Losser mexican gays
Comment #92 - By Tom Arnold on 30/09/2010
not mexican... but we get the point...
Comment #91 - By Who CARES!?? on 30/09/2010
Comment #90 - By s.raif on 30/09/2010
Comment #89 - By arizonafence on 30/09/2010
Every thing south of the border is a dirty mexican
Comment #88 - By RAJU JADHAV on 30/09/2010
Comment #87 - By bgoe: on 30/09/2010
They're stupid fucking spics either way.
Comment #86 - By bgoe on 30/09/2010
they are not mexican soo dont fuckend confuse mexicans with salvadorenos
Comment #85 - By WOMEN! on 30/09/2010
Have more respect for yurself yung!
Comment #84 - By doitup on 30/09/2010
this bitch probly getting jumped into ms 13 gang
Comment #83 - By stardust on 30/09/2010
These guys were just showing off, they were not even horny, nobody even came.
Comment #82 - By kkk on 29/09/2010
burrito pussy yummy
Comment #81 - By Hahaha on 29/09/2010
They are so poor those mexicans they have to share a woman.
Comment #80 - By penisvenus on 29/09/2010
The real losers are the people who are jerking to porn while calling the people on the porn video losers. Atleast they're getting some action.
Comment #79 - By Amamra on 29/09/2010
c'est pour la première fois que je vois ce site et il me parait intéressant!..
Comment #78 - By goddamn beaner on 29/09/2010
who cares where they are from, they are all field working beaner trash.
Comment #77 - By fucker on 29/09/2010
what a fuck
Comment #76 - By kau on 29/09/2010
Comment #75 - By fuck salvadorians on 29/09/2010
they're fuckin salvadorian trash not mexican. mexicans dont have that retarded accent.
Comment #74 - By zmk on 29/09/2010
Comment #73 - By lolz on 29/09/2010
filmed it with a calculator?
Comment #72 - By mooomo on 29/09/2010
Comment #71 - By latin folks on 29/09/2010
get offended when you say they're from a latin country that they arent if you call a puerto rican a mexican, they get pissed
Comment #70 - By cogecerotas on 29/09/2010
esta es salvadoreña si no me equivoco se llama fatima la perra..
Comment #69 - By !!! on 29/09/2010
yup... they're not mexicans...
Comment #68 - By The Bomb on 29/09/2010
Translation please!
Comment #67 - By why the fuck on 29/09/2010
do you people get so damn offended? maybe he just didnt know, jerk off and leave lol wtf
Comment #66 - By ali on 29/09/2010
Comment #65 - By BEST on 29/09/2010
1:19 lmao!
Comment #64 - By placentero on 29/09/2010
estos pinches putos junto con la vieja son centroamericanos, solo con escucharlos hablar te daras cuenta...
Comment #63 - By Dear god on 28/09/2010
There car pooling women!
Comment #62 - By william on 28/09/2010
she's salvadorean from cuidad arce, la libertad
Comment #61 - By Joe Blow on 28/09/2010
Esas putas mexicanas son las mas facil!! Hahaha
Comment #60 - By guero on 28/09/2010
estos son sipotes, not mexican people
Comment #59 - By the one and only... bean on 28/09/2010
this bitches are not mexican you fuckers... mexican spanish sounds better... this people are from el salvador or guatemala... wajajajajajajajajaja lame-ass
Comment #58 - By def. mexican on 28/09/2010
yup mexican.
Comment #57 - By WHO CARES on 28/09/2010
Comment #56 - By beaners on 28/09/2010
Comment #55 - By jjj on 28/09/2010
thai nike
Comment #54 - By why?? on 28/09/2010
Why do you say she is salvadorean???
Comment #53 - By amigo on 28/09/2010
estas mexicanas son tontas? muchas hembras lo haces pero arriesgarse aque las publique aca muy pocas!! sin embargo buen video mis cuates1!! perra
Comment #52 - By jani on 28/09/2010
this very good i like thisvery much
Comment #51 - By mas on 28/09/2010
pero por que no te callas?
Comment #50 - By el mexican on 28/09/2010
this shit is salvadorenos no mexicans hell no !
Comment #49 - By ron on 28/09/2010
mw too budy
Comment #48 - By Ron on 28/09/2010
Hope she gets pregnant.
Comment #47 - By idiots on 28/09/2010
she's salvadorian you idiots !!!!
Comment #46 - By lazy buffalo on 28/09/2010
she work on the lunch truck
Comment #45 - By anand on 28/09/2010
fuck everyboby
Comment #44 - By nutcream on 28/09/2010
Comment #43 - By mikkkk on 28/09/2010
This bitch is salvadorian where the real whores are born....
Comment #42 - By lamasiza on 28/09/2010
shes honduran!
Comment #41 - By not mexican on 28/09/2010
this bitch aint mexican, the accent is central or south american
Comment #40 - By lmao on 28/09/2010
sexy bitch small dicks, now i know y she needs 5
Comment #39 - By tits on 28/09/2010
those are some nice ones
Comment #38 - By reylulo on 28/09/2010
esta bicha es guanaka
Comment #37 - By dumbasses on 28/09/2010
this bitch is salvadorian fuk that
Comment #36 - By Cocho on 28/09/2010
Esta pendeja es mi hermana, nunca la crei tan cooperadora!!
Comment #35 - By good girl on 28/09/2010
that is a very good girl
Comment #34 - By eddie on 28/09/2010
is she from el salvador?
Comment #33 - By cabron on 28/09/2010
esta vieja y estos batos son cerotes..pendejos
Comment #32 - By Boobies on 28/09/2010
As I stated boobies
Comment #31 - By godo on 28/09/2010
que es puta, y como ella hay muchas xD
Comment #30 - By padrote on 27/09/2010
no son mexicanos, son centroamericanos
Comment #29 - By liberal hacks on 27/09/2010
build the fence already
Comment #28 - By raccxo on 27/09/2010
esa puta parece hondureña
Comment #27 - By TrueMeX on 12/09/2010
iM Mexican.. and i can tell by their accent that they aint Mexican. They Salvadorean, from El Salvador... they got small dicks down in central america.
Comment #26 - By mexican on 11/09/2010
esta rica esa jaina bro suban otro video d ella
Comment #25 - By wow on 04/09/2010
suck dick to join a gang, salvadorian bitches are stupid as fuck
Comment #24 - By ppc on 13/08/2010
esa putita no es mexicana es serota y se ve que solo verga come.
Comment #23 - By el matatan on 12/08/2010
estos hijos de puta son salvadorenos los putos de mierda solo con el hablado indio que tienes mareros come mierdas
Comment #22 - By fucking mexican on 09/08/2010
no yo feo no soy, los feos son los putos mexicanos que son unos abortos de indigenas, verguenzas, criaturas subhumanas
Comment #21 - By kekekke on 06/08/2010
osea la mataron despues de la mamada?? no mames..
Comment #20 - By colombiano cara de mi verga da on 02/08/2010
En colombia todas son perras como tu puta madre, por eso estan tan feo hijo de puta por que no sabes ni quien es tu padre, a la puta de tu madre se la habran cogido hasta por las orejas jajaja
Comment #19 - By mexico serranos on 31/07/2010
Comment #18 - By mexico indio on 31/07/2010
jaja y en mexico acaso no hay indios pa que llames al resto sudaca? que desubicado
Comment #17 - By rodrigo on 29/07/2010
Definitivamente ese no es acento mexicano ese es un acento latino o sudaca.
Comment #16 - By mike on 23/07/2010
very good!!!!!
Comment #15 - By mevale on 15/07/2010
lol pinche colombia vale verga... lol lo unico que son bueno por es... pues... nada haha
Comment #14 - By david on 11/07/2010
esta perra no es colombiana en colombia las mujeres son hermosas le doy gracias a dios de no haber nacido en mexico, que putas viejas tan feas, care indias trepa muros
Comment #13 - By Colombiana on 06/07/2010
Como todos dicen no es mexicana, pero tampoco salvadoreña, es colombiana...
Comment #12 - By RODRY on 04/07/2010
si son del salvador en México no son putas como alla.jeje
Comment #11 - By Rodrigo Avila on 03/07/2010
La chica es salvadoreña y fue asesinada por miembros de la Mara Salvatrucha en El Salvador
Comment #10 - By jjjjj on 02/07/2010
they all have very small dingalings
Comment #9 - By figo343 on 29/06/2010
yeah they aint mexicans if they were there accents would have sounded like a red neck but in spanish kinda like this.. orale huey.. or ke pasa huey!thats how u can tell if they mexican
Comment #8 - By bob on 27/06/2010
que rico , que rico , guapaaaaaaaaaa !!!
Comment #7 - By ms13 on 25/06/2010
gang women initiation
Comment #6 - By yes on 24/06/2010
waste of time
Comment #5 - By night hawk on 24/06/2010
see her with a big dick then them about 17 in hores
Comment #4 - By Salvi on 17/06/2010
Whoever said these were Mexicans is a complete moron.
Comment #3 - By Yeap on 16/06/2010
This are salvadorians
Comment #2 - By backwards on 16/06/2010
salvadorian accent and its the ms13 la marasalvatrucha
Comment #1 - By Hugo on 16/06/2010
Ese acento no es mexicano / That accent is not mexican
Alt video name: 1 mexican girl vs 5 guys